Top 10 Most Underrated The Loud House Episodes

The episodes from the Loud House at least in my honest opinion that I feel are very underrated whether they were good, bad or somewhere in between. Of course, if you don't agree, that's totally fine.

The Top Ten

1 One of The Boys

Almost everyone hated this episode but in my opinion most of them completely missed the point of the episode Lincoln becoming tired of his sisters wishes that he has brothers he gets his wish and at first it starts fine but quickly goes south and yes maybe they didn't execute this episode as well as they could have but Lincoln does learn how fortunate enough to have sisters who actually care about him instead of brothers who are total douches. - egnomac

I honestly think this episode deserves the hate it gets but I respect your opinion - Spongehouse

I personally believe that is a horrid episode, but it is just an opinion - iliekpiez

I find this episode boring because it’s trying too hard to teach a lesson.

2 House Music

Yeah Luna acts like a jerk even firing her own dad from the family band before being kicked out her self but considering that her idol Mick Swagger the reason she wanted to become a rock star was going to be at the family fair of course she would do anything to impress him its not until she tries going solo does she see the errors of her ways and of course with advice from Mick himself in disguise. - egnomac

3 Roughin' It
4 No Laughing Matter

I personally think this episode is underrated with Luan giving up comedy after overhearing her siblings saying how obnoxious and annoying she is with her comedy even giving up doing the comedy show which she was really excited about doing and Lincoln and the other sisters realizing that she overheard their conversation and try everything they can to get her back to doing comedy again. - egnomac

5 Cereal Offender

Personally I didn't think the episode was that bad until the sisters star a fight in the store getting them and Lincoln getting kicked out and him losing his cereal which he worked really hard to get, but at least the sisters really do realize how much they screwed up - egnomac

I like this episode - Gangem

6 Ties That Bind
7 No Guts, No Glori

Lori does act strict and a bossy in this episode but its revealed that its her bossiness that ultimately keeps the house from going into chaos. - egnomac

8 Sleuth or Consequences

This is one of the best episodes of the whole show in my opinion but everyone seems to hate it - Spongehouse

I actually though it was sweet seeing Lincoln taking the fall for clogging the toilet so that Lucy wouldn't be humiliated by the other sisters - egnomac

People hated this episode because the sisters were so mean spirited.

I love this episode why do people not like it

9 The Loudest Yard

This will always be one of the most underrated Loud House episodes in my opinion - Spongehouse

10 Heavy Meddle

This is definitely the funniest episode.

The Contenders

11 Funny Business
12 Overnight Success
13 Snow Bored
14 Picture Perfect

A lot of people hated this episode simply because Lincoln forces his sisters into trying to take a perfect picture together but given the fact that they constantly made fun of his past anniversary gifts for his parents even when they know he was listening to them and even Lori stating after he pitches the idea of a family photo that maybe this is the year where he doesn't disappoint their parents its hard not to blame him for wanting to give his parents a decent gift for once, its only after he takes the perfect picture and after seeing his sisters all being themselves that he actually decides to give his parents the ruined photo of them being themselves. - egnomac

I personally thought it was underrated.

This is my favorite Loud House episode ever!

15 Save the Date

It was nice seeing Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's interaction together especially when Lincoln kissed her after he hurt her feelings again when the boys from Lincoln's school showed up and made fun of him and he insulted her this would have been a great episode if it weren't for Lori and Bobby hogging a lot of the screen time together. - egnomac

This is my favorite episode. Many people hate it. - ElephantEric

16 Two Boys and a Baby

Deserves much more love than it gets - Spongehouse

To be honest, this is really overhated for good reasons, and I feel very sorry for the negative reception this episode gets. Hey, at least this episode is way more tolerable than... My Sister, My Sitter, of course, this is My Sister, My Sitter done right, and it is not even a torture fest on Lincoln once, it's an episode where Lincoln does something wrong by mistake, in that episode, Lincoln and Clyde accidentally left Lily and got themselves the baby that was not Lincoln's sister. It's more likely considered to be an episode that did a lot way better than, you know, My Sister, My Sitter? My Sister, My Sitter was a completely terrible Simpsons episode and it never even once did the "babysitting" plot right at all.

But then again, this episode doesn't deserve the negative reception fans get. So of course I can still respect everyone's opinion on this episode, but I had to defend the episode as I felt bad for the dislikes it gets.

Hugely underrated episode. - egnomac

17 Friend or Faux?
18 The Waiting Game
19 Project Loud House

This should have been the pilot!

20 Out on a Limo

Yeah the episode isn't the best but in the end Lincoln does learn his lesson and makes it up to his sisters by taking them to the Burpin Burger, and the episode does show how when people are put in a position of power they tend to go completely overboard. - egnomac

21 Driving Miss Hazy
22 Read Aloud
23 Linc or Swim
24 Legends
25 Baby Steps
26 Future Tense
27 Cover Girls
28 No Spoilers
29 Cheater by the Dozen

I don't why everyone hates this one, I loved it even of it was extremely predictable - Gangem

30 Brawl in the Family
31 No Such Luck

This episode sucks! - MrComedy

32 Mall of Duty
33 A Fair to Remember
34 Everybody Loves Leni
35 The Whole Picture
36 One Flu Over the Loud House

This episode isn't talked very much

For me was the best of the show

37 Shell Shock
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