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1 Caress of Steel

This is actually my favorite Rush album. Shame how people liked it so little that it nearly killed their career. This album just has the right sound, the right mood, the right songs, and some really brilliant works that took Rush to the next level, The Fountain of Lamneth and the Necromancer. - Songsta41

People don't like it cause it has long songs they don't have any patience this is my 5th favorite far from worst

Agreed. Underrated, but not my fave.

2 Hold Your Fire

Second for me (only to A Farewell to Kings), I love every single bit of this album. Whereas most of their later albums have some good AND bad songs, Hold Your Fire nails every track. The best ones are Time Stand Still, Lock and Key, and Mission, I would say. - Knucklewood

3 Power Windows
4 Test for Echo
5 Grace Under Pressure

This album rocks, it's full of energy and spirit

6 Rush
7 Clockwork Angels
8 Vapor Trails
9 Fly By Night

While Carress of Steel certainly gets a lot of undeserved hate, I feel like this one is usually just flat out forgotten, and honestly it shouldn't be. Because this is the album that introduced so many elements that would become staples of Rush albums, and doesn't totally come across as mindless experimentation like certain parts of Carress of Steel. From the mini-epic that is By-Tor and the Snow Dog, to the heavy riffs of Anthem, to the less heavy sounds of Best I Can, and the song that always reminded me of Closer to the Heart, Fly By Night. There are so many elements here that are clearly used to greater extent in later albums. And the best part is that this is a great album in its own right.

10 Hemispheres

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11 Presto
12 Roll the Bones

I seriously don't understand why people do not like this album. Definitely one of the best Rush albums. My personal favorite

Too much undeserved hate

13 A Farewell to Kings
14 Snakes & Arrows
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1. Caress of Steel
2. Test for Echo
3. Power Windows
1. Caress of Steel
2. Power Windows
3. Hold Your Fire



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