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Winter is better than summer

Winter is better than summer you have both Halloween and Christmas, the only thing great about summer is when your a child since it is when school is out, though this goes more with genes as to which you prefer the cold weather or the hot weather

Winter is better than summer! I absolutely loath the heat, and I love watching hockey.

I prefer winter personally. It's so hot during the summer that I have trouble sleeping, unlike winter where a good fire and warm blankets make for a great night of sleep. Plus, I don't have to go outside too often during winter.

There's always work to do around a house, especially mine since our property is kinda big and has a bunch of trees. Guess who has to take care of all of that? Plus we always have wood to cord in our garage before winter. I guess you probably live in the city or something if you can always stay inside all the time.

I would like to know if a canadian prefers winter, because if you don't know Canada (or any country with long winters), you don't know winter. Your first Febuary there is mindblowing, because you realize that the snow stays really long and that until mid april, you have to shovel the snow on your terrain again, and again.

I live in Canada and it's not that bad in the winter, so you're probably talking about certain provinces like Yukon or the Northwest Territories.

I prefer movies over books

Personally I think it is rather the opposite that is true, movies are much more easy to make time for than reading a book and during this day an age we want quick pleasure, but who knows that might be an unpopular opinion

If your talking about the LOTR, then yes, I actually do prefer the movies.

I love both, but personally I prefer books because I enjoy picturing what the characters might look like in my head. If I have seen the film before a book it is more difficult to do so.

Books are great. It's amazing how you can picture the scenes just by reading them. However, I prefer movies. *shrugs*

1941 was a good year

I disagree. However, this is an extremely unpopular opinion, so this deserves to be on here.

How Great Depression going on?

If we go by the title, this is indeed an extremely unpopular opinion so it gets my vote

This is one of the most unpopular opinions of all time.

2020 was a good year

Whoever thinks that 2020 is a good year is either insane or doesn't know about the corona virus outbreak. Also my country had one of the WORST BUSHFIRES at the very start of the year. 2020 is one of the worst years of my life so far!

This is one of the most unpopular opinions ever, if not the most unpopular.

If you seriously think 2020 is a good year so far, then you must be a kid who's still too young to understand the coronavirus. Not an insult by the way

I disagree. Now this is the purpose of an unpopular opinion.

I'm a guy who likes shopping

I hate it. Even when I go to buy a video game I dreamed about, let's just say the destination counts more than the travelling if you see what I mean.

I like clothes shopping because I like wearing ladies clothes.

I only like shopping if it isn't with my mom.

I'm a girl and I hate shopping.

Five Nights at Freddy's is not scary

It isn't scary it is just jump scares, though it is a cool simple game concept

It really isn't. It's just, we all want to be scared when playing it.

It's meant to be scary, and that makes it far less scary as you then know what to expect!

Is this really an unpopular opinion? Even the damn fans don't think the games are scary, aside from the lore. Though it does have a great dreadful game. Finally, Scott Cawthon didn't have any money to create a fantastic horror game so he did the best with what he had. It was pretty good for that. Did you know? The FNAF jumpscares are made up of a bunch of still pictures, not gifs. It is why the animatronic scream goes longer than the jumpscare ever would.

Burger King is better than McDonald's

I like the burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries at Burger King more than the ones at McDonald's.

Burger kings tastes faker than Mcdonalds. At Least Mcdonalds tastes good.

I rather have McDonald's, at least they give out toy's and others

Eh! Harveys and A and W are much better than those two, but if I have to choose, I'll choose Burger King.

Mondays are better than Saturdays

Disagree. But if you're talking about Mondays during quarantine, it ties up.

nah saturdays are better, mondays are pretty stressful to me

I completely disagree.

I absolutely disagree.

Toy story 3 is a terrible movie

It is extremely rare that I find somebody that finds Toy Story 3 to be bad or even just okay.

I think I'm the only one who has this opinion. I like the first two Toy Story movies, but I hate this movie.

To be honest, I am not fond of Toy Story 3, either. It was too emotional for me. I liked the first two Toy Story movies and Toy Story 4, though.

North Korea is the best country in the world

I'm generally speaking with LiamCoaster on this one, but since it's still a bit of a mystery, so it's hard to fairly judge NOKO

I strongly disagree with this one.

That is unpopular haha.

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? Steven Universe is Trash
? Melanie Martinez is Overrated

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The Teletubbies are cute, not creepy

No offense but the Teletubbies look like pedophiles.

I mean, they are pretty soulless-looking in black-and-white

Look at the eyes. People who have this opinion haven't looked into their eyes yet.

The Teletubbies Are Ugly, Not Cute

Pink Floyd is Terrible

This is incredibly unpopular.

The middle seat of an airplane is a better place to sit than the aisle seat and window seat.

This is very unpopular. Most people prefer either the aisle seat or the window seat.

Wait what?

If you board on a flight, there is usually an aisle seat (the seat that is closest to the aisle), a middle seat (the seat that is in between the aisle and the window seat, and a window seat (the seat that is closest to an airplane window). Most people prefer either the aisle seat or the window seat. However, I have heard of very few people that prefer the middle seat.

Mosquitoes are good

Imagine thinking mosquitoes are good. All they do is spreading diseases and giving you itch. Mosquitoes aren’t good!

I think this item should easily top this list in my opinion.

Do I need to explain...

Teen Titans Go is better than the original

I didn't see the original so I don't know about this. What I will say is that Teen Titans Go, got way too much hate. It's even in my "Unpopular opinions of Eclipsmon" list that I recommand to watch if you're a gamer or a movie lover.

I wouldn't say better, but it gets far too much hate. As a show itself, it has some nice humor.

I don't think it is, but some people might think so.

Overhated, but definitely not better in my opinion.

Liv and Maddie is not annoying, it's charming and lovable

I don't particularly like Liv and Maddie, but I'm pretty sure this isn't an unpopular opinion.

No need to put them on twice, Disney1994. You should check if there's one before putting something on a list on crack. Anyway I've made that mistake before so you not the only one

Sorry Disney1994, but I'll never agree with this.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of Liv and Maddie.

1939 was a good year
Anime is a cartoon

Reading and watching anime makes you more misogynist and violent

It's not a matter of opinion. It's a fact that anime is just a fancy term for Japanese cartoons. I'll agree that most anime are better than what they show in the west these days, but the truth can hurt.

Anime is animation, and animation is another word for cartoon. It's a fact, but to say Anime is like American cartoons is very very wrong.

Anime IS a cartoon though...

Trump is better than Hillary

This isn't unpopular. An unpopular opinion would be "Hillary is better than Trump".

This is just factually untrue, though I can understand Trump is certainly much more charismatic than Clinton and that is what matter most to the uninformed

I know nothing about politics, but I like Hillary more than Trump because of my family's political opinions.

Well considering he won the election this isn't really unpopular.

Rotten Tomatoes Is A Biased And Bland Site

I don't think so, RT is usually pretty good at rating movies, but keep in mind their rating the movie by how good it is not by how entertaining it would be for the average viewer

To be honest, yeah. Rotten Tomatoes isn't half of what people give it credit for.

I very much agree. A lot of very great movies have low ratings on that site, which is why, although I may read reviews to see what points they make, I tend not to look on Rotten Tomatoes as most of the time I like the movies that they hate.

So true. This site is flawed and most of their ratings don't make sense.

Liv and Maddie is the greatest show on the face of the Earth.

Once again, I have to write another comment logged out, although I first wrote one under "Different opinions suck" and then on the very item below this one (Liv Rooney is not the worst character on Liv and Maddie, she's the best). Anyway, I just have to ask, does ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE (besides me) LIKE Liv and Maddie? And if it's not the best show ever, then what IS? I wrote much more under the other items I mentioned, as well as two more lists (Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Hatedom (Snails) Sucks and Most Disturbing Kids Shows). As always, I STILL hate life and opinions! The saddest part is that we wouldn't even NEED this list if different opinions didn't exist, because THEN there would NO DIFFERENT between Most Unpopular Opinions and WORST Opinions! And there ALSO wouldn't be any difference between BEST and MOST POPULAR opinions! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE SEE THAT?!

I think I know who added this one.

Not even close.

Lol I know who added this.

The Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars

Way better! For quality, there is no comparison here! LOTR are legendary.

Lord of the ring is a bit complicated, but if you tell me it's still better I would understand.

It probably is, plot-wise, but for some reason I like Star Wars more. Well, the original trilogy, at least.

I like both but I have more childhood memories with Star Wars

Liv Rooney is not the worst character on Liv and Maddie, she's the best

She's SERIOUSLY my favorite! The show itself is my favorite. I always HATE how underrated and unpopular this show is. WHY can't people admit it that there ARE worse shows than Liv and Maddie? OR worse shows than Teletubbies? Or ESPECIALLY worse movies than Frozen? Just read what I wrote under "Different opinions suck" for more on what I think about how much I HATE having the awful life I live. Yes, I already admitted it, this is Disney1994 logged out, but another problem is the fact that my opinions are SO unpopular, that I often have to write comments logged out to make it LOOK like people agree with me even when they DON'T! However, MOST of the time, I don't bother to mention who it is, thus making my identity a secret. But lately, I've been riddled with so much guilt that I just HAD to admit it that this is Disney1994 logged out. I've been suspended since October 1, 2019, and am STILL wondering when and even IF it will ever expire. If it doesn't, then you may never see me logged in ...more

I LOVE HER #maddieSucksLivRules I hate how overhated she is she is better than maddie like why is she hated so much

Guess who added this. Go on. Just guess. I think you've got it.

Stop saying Liv and Maddie is the best on every list!

Modern SpongeBob is better than the original

My opinion. Modern SpongeBob is funner and has better morals. Original is overrated and not even as good.

Correct. Very few people would have this opinion. I won't hate you for having this opinion, but I'm just saying it's a popular opinion that the original is considered far better.

I like Modern Mario and Modern Sonic better too. Even if Modern Sonic has had a few bad games.

Some modern SpongeBob episodes are good

I agree. How can someone hate episodes like "Krusty Towers" and "Plankton's Pet? " Also, season 11 is pretty good.

Yeah, I don't have this opinion at all, but I have a friend who doesn't mind it. (Hopefully he still hates A Pal For Gary and One Coarse Meal though).

Zootopia is Awful

Am I the only one here that does not like Zootopia? People complain about how hated Zootopia is, but I never met a person that disliked Zootopia.

I like it, it has a good plot, good character, good setting, good message, all around good. - 0w0uwu

I really love that movie, and I tried to see if there was people that could explain me why they hate it, but I didn't find anything interesting. Do reply to me if you have more complex reasonning then furries

And no, over-zealous fanboy, it's not "bandwagon-ing" for anyone to think that. Dated references and that oh-so-timely message won't hold up over time, and everything about this movie just reeked of pandering to the Tumblr crowd at the expense of anything else.

At least it's not the wonderful perfect masterpiece everyone (including, sadly, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) makes it out to be.

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