Top 10 Most Unpopular Opinions

The Top Ten Most Unpopular Opinions

1 Winter is better than summer

Winter is better than summer you have both Halloween and Christmas, the only thing great about summer is when your a child since it is when school is out, though this goes more with genes as to which you prefer the cold weather or the hot weather - germshep24

Winter is better than summer! I absolutely loath the heat, and I love watching hockey. - TheHabsFan

I prefer winter personally. It's so hot during the summer that I have trouble sleeping, unlike winter where a good fire and warm blankets make for a great night of sleep. Plus, I don't have to go outside too often during winter. - RogerMcBaloney

There's always work to do around a house, especially mine since our property is kinda big and has a bunch of trees. Guess who has to take care of all of that? Plus we always have wood to cord in our garage before winter. I guess you probably live in the city or something if you can always stay inside all the time. - RogerMcBaloney

I would like to know if a canadian prefers winter, because if you don't know Canada (or any country with long winters), you don't know winter. Your first Febuary there is mindblowing, because you realize that the snow stays really long and that until mid april, you have to shovel the snow on your terrain again, and again. - Eclipsmon

I live in Canada and it's not that bad in the winter, so you're probably talking about certain provinces like Yukon or the Northwest Territories. - Marella

2 I prefer movies over books

Personally I think it is rather the opposite that is true, movies are much more easy to make time for than reading a book and during this day an age we want quick pleasure, but who knows that might be an unpopular opinion - germshep24

If your talking about the LOTR, then yes, I actually do prefer the movies. - TheHabsFan

I love both, but personally I prefer books because I enjoy picturing what the characters might look like in my head. If I have seen the film before a book it is more difficult to do so. - kaisietoo

Books are great. It's amazing how you can picture the scenes just by reading them. However, I prefer movies. *shrugs* - Misfire

3 1941 was a good year

I disagree. However, this is an extremely unpopular opinion, so this deserves to be on here.

I really disagree here; now that’s the purpose of an unpopular opinion. - Leafeon

How Great Depression going on?

If we go by the title, this is indeed an extremely unpopular opinion so it gets my vote - YoDa0815

4 I'm a guy who likes shopping

I hate it. Even when I go to buy a video game I dreamed about, let's just say the destination counts more than the travelling if you see what I mean. - Eclipsmon

I like clothes shopping because I like wearing ladies clothes. - AlphaQ

I only like shopping if it isn't with my mom. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Shopping depends in my opinion. If I;m in a store that sells items of my interest, I'd look into it and see what to get for myself. Also, I think its good to go to conventional stores focusing on clothes, conveniences etc for experimentation. - CrimsonShark

5 Teen Titans Go is better than the original

I didn't see the original so I don't know about this. What I will say is that Teen Titans Go, got way too much hate. It's even in my "Unpopular opinions of Eclipsmon" list that I recommand to watch if you're a gamer or a movie lover. - Eclipsmon

I wouldn't say better, but it gets far too much hate. As a show itself, it has some nice humor. - yungstirjoey666

I don't think it is, but some people might think so. - DCfnaf

Yeah... what can I say, the song are catchy?
*covers head*
Don’t kill me

6 Five Nights at Freddy's is not scary

It isn't scary it is just jump scares, though it is a cool simple game concept - germshep24

It really isn't. It's just, we all want to be scared when playing it. - TheHabsFan

It's meant to be scary, and that makes it far less scary as you then know what to expect!

Is this really an unpopular opinion? Even the damn fans don't think the games are scary, aside from the lore. Though it does have a great dreadful game. Finally, Scott Cawthon didn't have any money to create a fantastic horror game so he did the best with what he had. It was pretty good for that. Did you know? The FNAF jumpscares are made up of a bunch of still pictures, not gifs. It is why the animatronic scream goes longer than the jumpscare ever would. - MasterBeef

7 Trump is better than Hillary

This is just factually untrue, though I can understand Trump is certainly much more charismatic than Clinton and that is what matter most to the uninformed - germshep24

I know nothing about politics, but I like Hillary more than Trump because of my family's political opinions. - Luckys

I agree with this, Hilary can go whine of somewhere else. At least Trump is trying to make an effort, Hilary just wants to start a war. - AlphaQ

EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR! Trump is the worst U.S. president of all time!

Look at the stats of he is actually one of the best in past few presidents, if you don't like him your either a liberal, Socialist, or just don't understand how government works - ThePursuer78

8 2020 was a good year
9 Mondays are better than Saturdays

I completely disagree. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I absolutely disagree. - 3DG20

Honestly, I Agree. (Because I Despise Saturdays) - Rainbowkid38

Only a school lover would agree - DrayTopTens

10 The Teletubbies are cute, not creepy

Look at the eyes. People who have this opinion haven't looked into their eyes yet. - Luckys

No offense but the Teletubbies look like pedophiles. - AlphaQ

I mean, they are pretty soulless-looking in black-and-white - Garythesnail

Once again, one of my most unpopular opinions EVER! Yet this is only #3 on my remix, while #1 (Different opinions suck) is only #25, and #2 (Liv and Maddie is the greatest show on the face of the Earth) is #20. So, it's SO unpopular to like Liv and Maddie that it's even MORE hated than Teletubbies, meanwhile hating different opinions is even MORE unpopular STILL? Or is it that you actually VOTED for this item, but not the other two? Really, I STILL HATE LIFE! And not only that, LIFE HATES ME! Because if it didn't, I WOULDN'T have such unpopular opinions about everything! Also, I already commented on four other items on here (Barney is a good show, Liv and Maddie is the greatest show on the face of the Earth, Liv Rooney is not the worst character on Liv and Maddie, she's the best, and Different opinions suck). In each one, I wrote MORE about why I HATE having unpopular opinions, and why life DOES NOT work the way it should, because if it did, I wouldn't even be writing this right now! ...more

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? TikTok is awesome

Very unpopular on TheTopTens. - LiamCoasterFan

? Mangle x Chica is a Terrible Ship

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11 2016 was an awful year

I don't know who agree and that's okay because it's your opinion but my parents got divorced so... - Manlypants

At least we got pokemon sun and moon..., yeah this year was bad, especially since it was during my puberty crisis. - Eclipsmon

Not too much although it would've been better if we got someone else instead of Trump or Hillary. - DarkBoi-X

While 2016 was not as bad as the Middle Ages, the Civil War, World War 1, the Great Depression, or World War 2, it is certainly not as great as many people make it out to be. In fact, 2016 was probably the worst year of the last 2 decades in my opinion. - anonygirl

12 The middle seat of an airplane is a better place to sit than the aisle seat and window seat.
13 Rotten Tomatoes Is A Biased And Bland Site

I don't think so, RT is usually pretty good at rating movies, but keep in mind their rating the movie by how good it is not by how entertaining it would be for the average viewer - germshep24

To be honest, yeah. Rotten Tomatoes isn't half of what people give it credit for.

I very much agree. A lot of very great movies have low ratings on that site, which is why, although I may read reviews to see what points they make, I tend not to look on Rotten Tomatoes as most of the time I like the movies that they hate. - kaisietoo

So true. This site is flawed and most of their ratings don't make sense. - RogerMcBaloney

14 Anime is a cartoon

Reading and watching anime makes you more misogynist and violent - billybob111

It's not a matter of opinion. It's a fact that anime is just a fancy term for Japanese cartoons. I'll agree that most anime are better than what they show in the west these days, but the truth can hurt. - yungstirjoey666

Anime is animation, and animation is another word for cartoon. It's a fact, but to say Anime is like American cartoons is very very wrong. - shiftaltkey

Anime IS a cartoon though...

15 Burger King is better than McDonald's

Burger kings tastes faker than Mcdonalds. At Least Mcdonalds tastes good. - 0w0uwu

I rather have McDonald's, at least they give out toy's and others - CatLeena14

Eh! Harveys and A and W are much better than those two, but if I have to choose, I'll choose Burger King. - Eclipsmon

Agreed. I enjoy the hamburgers at Burger King more than at McDonald’s. - Userguy44

16 Modern SpongeBob is better than the original

My opinion. Modern SpongeBob is funner and has better morals. Original is overrated and not even as good. - billybob111

Correct. Very few people would have this opinion. I won't hate you for having this opinion, but I'm just saying it's a popular opinion that the original is considered far better. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I like Modern Mario and Modern Sonic better too. Even if Modern Sonic has had a few bad games. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Some modern SpongeBob episodes are good - HondaCivic

I agree. How can someone hate episodes like "Krusty Towers" and "Plankton's Pet? " Also, season 11 is pretty good. - Solacress

Definitely an unpopular opinion. Nowadays Spongebob does not even compare remotely to the first 5 seasons. - shiftaltkey

17 The Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars

Way better! For quality, there is no comparison here! LOTR are legendary. - TheHabsFan

Lord of the ring is a bit complicated, but if you tell me it's still better I would understand. - Eclipsmon

It probably is, plot-wise, but for some reason I like Star Wars more. Well, the original trilogy, at least. - Misfire

I like both but I have more childhood memories with Star Wars - RawIsgore

18 It's more fun to play outside than to play video games all day long

Well, I think that both are great and that it's good to play video game and when you're tired take a good breath of fresh air. - Eclipsmon

Video games are the source of violence, misogyny, and satanism. - billybob111

Violence: Maybe it actually prevents people to kill other people in real life by satisfying their desire to kill people in real life. Who knows?
Misogyny: Not every games are source of misogyny.
Satanism: Nope. That is if satanism exist anyway.

Plus aren't you that guy that like gen 1 of pokemon? - Eclipsmon

Do something useful with your day, then you can play video games after sunset. - RogerMcBaloney

Do you know what's even more of an unpopular opinion, a kid at my school hates both! So what does she like to do? Sleep all day and do nothing? - DrayTopTens

19 Liv and Maddie is the greatest show on the face of the Earth.

Once again, I have to write another comment logged out, although I first wrote one under "Different opinions suck" and then on the very item below this one (Liv Rooney is not the worst character on Liv and Maddie, she's the best). Anyway, I just have to ask, does ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE (besides me) LIKE Liv and Maddie? And if it's not the best show ever, then what IS? I wrote much more under the other items I mentioned, as well as two more lists (Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Hatedom (Snails) Sucks and Most Disturbing Kids Shows). As always, I STILL hate life and opinions! The saddest part is that we wouldn't even NEED this list if different opinions didn't exist, because THEN there would NO DIFFERENT between Most Unpopular Opinions and WORST Opinions! And there ALSO wouldn't be any difference between BEST and MOST POPULAR opinions! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE SEE THAT?!

I think I know who added this one. - DCfnaf

Not even close. - 3DG20

We get it Disney1994, just please shut up. - Limeyy

20 Liv Rooney is not the worst character on Liv and Maddie, she's the best

She's SERIOUSLY my favorite! The show itself is my favorite. I always HATE how underrated and unpopular this show is. WHY can't people admit it that there ARE worse shows than Liv and Maddie? OR worse shows than Teletubbies? Or ESPECIALLY worse movies than Frozen? Just read what I wrote under "Different opinions suck" for more on what I think about how much I HATE having the awful life I live. Yes, I already admitted it, this is Disney1994 logged out, but another problem is the fact that my opinions are SO unpopular, that I often have to write comments logged out to make it LOOK like people agree with me even when they DON'T! However, MOST of the time, I don't bother to mention who it is, thus making my identity a secret. But lately, I've been riddled with so much guilt that I just HAD to admit it that this is Disney1994 logged out. I've been suspended since October 1, 2019, and am STILL wondering when and even IF it will ever expire. If it doesn't, then you may never see me logged in ...more

Guess who added this. Go on. Just guess. I think you've got it. - DCfnaf

Stop saying Liv and Maddie is the best on every list! - CatLeena14

21 Zootopia is Awful

Am I the only one here that does not like Zootopia? People complain about how hated Zootopia is, but I never met a person that disliked Zootopia.

I like it, it has a good plot, good character, good setting, good message, all around good. - 0w0uwu

I really love that movie, and I tried to see if there was people that could explain me why they hate it, but I didn't find anything interesting. Do reply to me if you have more complex reasonning then furries - Eclipsmon

And no, over-zealous fanboy, it's not "bandwagon-ing" for anyone to think that. Dated references and that oh-so-timely message won't hold up over time, and everything about this movie just reeked of pandering to the Tumblr crowd at the expense of anything else.

At least it's not the wonderful perfect masterpiece everyone (including, sadly, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) makes it out to be.

22 Barney is a good show

Well, this show is really for kids, rather than for all ages, so maybe if you judge it as a kids show, yes it's good. - Eclipsmon

Really? - CatLeena14

Really, WHY does this show have to be so hated?! It's not worse than Sanjay and Craig OR worse than OTHER terrible TV shows. Barney & Friends is UNDOUBTEDLY the MOST overhated show EVER! Just like Frozen is the most overhated movie ever. Barney & Friends, Dora the Explorer, Caillou, Peppa Pig, and Teletubbies are the top 5 most overhated kids' shows EVER! Well, I forgot a few, actually. I forgot Hannah Montana, Big Time Rush, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Shake It Up (though it's bad), and A.N.T. Farm. Shake It Up is bad, and Hannah Montana isn't good either, and Big Time Rush and A.N.T. Farm are both heavily flawed, but these shows are STILL better than shows like Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon, Mr. Pickles, Boku no Pico, and other terrible TV shows that are underhated or forgotten about. And it seems like NO ONE ever brings up shows like So Random!, Future Worm!, and The Mighty B! when naming worst TV shows, but trust me, they all SUCK! So Random! is EASILY the WORST ...more

23 What's "Overrated" and What's "Underrated" are Merely Subjective Terms

Whethe it deserves the praise or not is how you feel, not by factual logic. - yungstirjoey666


24 Autumn is the best season

There is no rain or pollen every time, unlike spring, there are no car accident because of ice, and no snow to shovel, unlike winter, and you don't have to put sun screen every time and deal with the heat, unlike summer. Plus, autumn is one of the most windy seasons, and I love wind. - Eclipsmon

Popular opinion. Autumn is the best season because most weathers and temperatures are fair and balanced - Leafeon

It's my favorite season.

I prefer spring. - Userguy44

25 There are way better movies than The Lion King

There are! The Lion King is supremely overrated. I can't stand it. - TheHabsFan

True, but if you hate TLK so much than you don't need to focus on it. - RoseWeasley

Not the worst animated film I've seen, but not the absolute greatest. - Vancedapurpleguy

Someone has a grudge against the Lion King. There's like 10 items that have to do with the Lion King. - cjWriter1997

26 Different opinions suck

And the fact that Disney1994 isn't even as bad compared to what I've faced. Cough cough, stupid classic rock fans and kpop fans... - AlphaQ

To all people thinking that, I don't think we gonna be friend because opinions different or not, are my favorite things on this world. That's why I am a toptenner. - Eclipsmon

Not that I won't would like to be your friend, but YOU might not stand me. - Eclipsmon

Actually pretty much everyone has this opinion

Most of YouTube comment sections will agree. - Userguy44

Yeah I know. Like someone will often curse you out and give you a death threat or a disease threat over an opinion. - DrayTopTens

27 Pokemon Go is terrible

Do you guys realise this was one if not first AR game on phone? It brings pokemon lovers together and they just put an update on the game with gives you 30 lures for free - xXIMABEASTXx

That is true, it was a fun concept put overall a bad execution the game didn't work half the time it took over a year to bring in the elements that we actually wanted being able to catch and fight with our pokemon - germshep24

I don't think it's bad. I don't play it because it's not my style, but it's not a bad game. - Eclipsmon

I enjoyed it the first months, then they added all these terrible updates. - darthvadern

28 Stereotypes don't make Liv and Maddie bad

Once again, one of my most unpopular opinions EVER! Enough with ranting and raving repetitively, I've already mentioned MANY THINGS on five other items on this list (The Teletubbies are cute, not creepy, Barney is a good show, Liv and Maddie is the greatest show on the face of the Earth, Liv Rooney is not the worst character on Liv and Maddie, she's the best, and Different opinions suck). Also on two other lists: Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Hatedom (Snails) Sucks, and Most Disturbing Kids Shows. So read those comments and TELL ME that life doesn't suck! You obviously CAN'T, because life DOES suck, and it sucks SO HARD! You think YOU'RE jealous of people who like Liv and Maddie? Well what I'm jealous of the most is that SO MANY PEOPLE have FAR fewer problems than me, and far BETTER problems, because I not ONLY have the MOST problems ever, but also the WORST problems ever! Life is awful, and I KNOW IT! I know it's not really the worst life ever, but it's nowhere NEAR the BEST life ...more

Liv and Maddie is awful. If someone likes it I'll be really jealous - AlphaQ

Here we go again.. - CatLeena14


29 Dil was a great addition to the Rugrats

Even though I thought Rugrats declined in quality over time, I actually liked Tommy's brother, Dil. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because I was like him when I was younger. - anonygirl

30 The Good Dinosaur is a great movie

To me, the only good thing about this movie was the animation

Not great, but I think it's better than what most people tend to make out of it otherwise. - CrimsonShark

This movie hella bland. - AlphaQ

I honestly agree. The movie tries to force all the emotional scenes without making ANY of them effective. - Vancedapurpleguy

Am I the only one who likes both the plot and the animation of The Good Dinosaur? I honestly found the plot to be touching.

31 Anime sucks

I don't watch anime. But I won't say it sucks. It depends on everyone. I just don't watch it cause now I don't like animated things (I don't watch cartoon either). I feel like its not for my age. - zxm

You don't want rabid fans to shred you down when they hear that word.

Not unpopular, but the fanbase is really what sucks. - RogerMcBaloney

It's simply stating the obvious.

32 A birth is something really disgusting

It is disgusting but it being disgusting doesn't make it any less important or take away from its merit.
Something being disgusting doesn't automatically mean bad or wrong - germshep24

Births aren't disgusting since that's how people/animals are born - ElSherlock

Imagine getting offended over someone's birth. That's like getting offended over sex. ~ Userguy44

Yes, but it's worth it. - Cyri

33 The Wall Street Journal's accusations against JonTron and PewDiePie were justified.

Because they were racist - PerfectImpulseX

No, they weren't. They were just jokes (albeit unfunny jokes but jokes nonetheless). - aj2005

They weren't

Definitely an unpopular opinion. - shiftaltkey

34 Babies are better than teenagers

Babies can be generally annoying, teenagers on the other hand... I can certainly agree with this opinion - Leafeon

Teenagers are better because its when you can develop the most. - AlphaQ

Babies are innocent little creatures while most teenagers are bratty and have tantrums just because their parents brought them an Iphone 6 rather than a 6s. - XxembermasterxX

I agree. These days, a lot of teenagers have generic thoughts and personalities and it gets pretty hard to relate at times. Not to mention their demands are frustrating at times. Babies can be annoying, but its justified as they're still in a crucial development phase and are someone who need to be cared and mentored for the betterment of their future. Also, a baby's demands are more straightforward and understandable. - CrimsonShark

Though this probably would be slightly offensive to teenagers, so I can see why it might be unpopular - Marella

35 Caillou is a Good Show

It is if you want tips on how not to raise your child. - 3DG20

It's a mediocre show - ElSherlock

I love Caillou! - Userguy44

I strongly disagree, no it’s not.

36 Cars is severely overhated

Well, it's okay. And that comes from someone who grew up with that movie. - Eclipsmon

People are saying Frozen and TTG are overhated, why can't they say the same about Cars? It's not even a bad movie


37 Rap is better than metal

This really is personal preference they both have their strengths and weaknesses it all come down to musical taste - germshep24

That isn't a fair comparison because why compare music to somethings that isn't music. - XxembermasterxX

I agree, but only the good rap, not the mainstream crap. - 3DG20

To be honest, I don't like metal music. It is too loud. I like 1990's rap music, but not modern rap music. - anonygirl

38 Nickelback is a good band

I can't say I'm a fan but I definitely like several songs. And Nickelback aren't the worst band ever, they are far from that.
Try 'Burn It To the Ground'. What's not to like here? If you like hard rock/metal in general, this song would get your blood pumping. People should stop hating on bands just because many tend to bandwagon and say/repeat Nickelback suck without even knowing their songs. - Metal_Treasure

I disagree with the choice of words, but must agree with the point. (insert GREAT here)

I actually like Nickelback I feel like one of the only users that do so - christangrant

Some of their songs are good in my opinion. - DrayTopTens

39 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is the best Gundam series
40 Sonic And The Secret Rings Is Among The Top 5 Worst Sonic Games Ever

Not unpopular, a lot of people hate this game. - Eclipsmon

It’s way too bland. the gameplay is decent, but not good enough to save it.

41 The Loud House is a bad show

Personally, I don't really have an opinion on The Loud House considering I don't watch it, although I have seen a few clips and I have liked them so far. However, I do know quite a few people on here who dislike the show. But hey, it's their opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

In my opinion it is an amazing show! It feels like I'm watching older Nickelodeon! It reminds me of Fairly Odd Parents with the humor and plot! And there's always a good lesson on every episode too, so it's good you younger kids! It also reminds me of season 3 and 4 spongebob, with the style and the animation! Love it, and I feel so happy when I watch it!

Not bad, but definitely overrated. I think it's decent, but since people are used to Nickelodeon being bad now it gets a lot of praise. - Martinglez

That's not an unpopular opinion. EVERYONE on this site hates it but me. I think an unpopular opinion on this site would be TLH is a good show. If you say that, you get attacked with hate comments, and apparently telling the fans to kill themselves is perfectly acceptable.

42 Hillary Clinton is awesome

Isn't this the most unpopular thing ever? - Userguy44

Yes she amazing - Luckys

This is very unpopular - ElSherlock

Very unpopular - ElSherlock

43 Windows 10 is overhated

The only really bad thing is that, especially if you are a Home user like me, they force updates down your throat despite the possibility that they might break things. - allamassal

It deserves the hate, feels way too modern. - darthvadern

Windows 7 is better. - RogerMcBaloney

I actually kinda like Windows 10 so far - yungstirjoey666

44 Princess Peach Is Not That Bad

Yes, princess Peach could have been a much better character (except in the three first paper mario games), but people hates this character waay too much. Don't believe me? See the top 10 reasons why Super Mario Galaxy is bad and you'll understand. My plushie is dead because of that list! - Eclipsmon

She Does nothing in most games - Dvafan2

She is actually pretty awesomne. - darthvadern

Princess Peach is a good character - ElSherlock

45 Cars 2 Is Better Than Ice Age: Collision Course

It's actually true, it may not have a lot of likes from people but it's still much well received than Collision Course - Neonco31

I think both movies are overhated, I loved Cars 2, and I thought Ice Age: Collision Course was enjoyable. - darthvadern

Both Cars and Ice Age movies suck

This is true - ElSherlock

46 Adam Sandler is not funny

Was once a comedic genius of the 90's has lost his magic in this decade alone is amazing how much quality change has been given in his films. - htoutlaws2012

I honestly thought this was a popular one.

This is a popular opinion though but yea I see your pint. - AlphaQ

True - ElSherlock

47 Cats are Better Than Dogs

I prefer dogs because they are more expressive, and energetic. - Eclipsmon

Both are equal - ElSherlock

Dogs are way better than cats. - AlphaQ

Popular opinion. - Userguy44

I think lots of people would disagree with you. But I think both are equal - Marella

48 Harambe deserved to die

For some reason I got a pretty good feeling I know who added this - Yoshidude

Well, seems like nobody in the comments agree with this, so I still don't know why you would think that. - Eclipsmon

That's horrible! Why would you say that about an innocent creature?

Of course he didn't. - DCfnaf

49 Most memes are annoying

They are annoying when overused and in bad ways. You guys have to learn how to use them. - Eclipsmon

I consider myself a meme historian (God, it sounds so cringey) I still make references to memes of all decades. - Stalin

Old and dead memes are, since its getting boring and annoying. example:hit or miss - Panta

The most annoying ones either overstay their welcome or are brand new but get old very quickly. - Nonpointed

50 Call of Duty isn't a bad game series

Overrated? yeah so much, I hate when kids are playing it thinking that it's the greatest game that was ever made, but bad? Nah, I think this game series has some good stuff in it, especially modern warfare 2. - Votebotingsucks

I like this series a lot, it's a guilty pleasure. However, Call of Duty Ghost, Infinite Warfare and WWII kinda blow. - AlphaQ

The single-player mode of Call of Duty is pure gold. The multiplayer is just meh honestly and is the part of those games that most people look at and critique. Plus, the entire "Call of Duty sucks" trend has just been started by Nintendo fanboys who are butthurt that a non-Nintendo franchise is as if not more popular than their beloved Mario games (by the way, I don't hate Mario, I just don't get why so many people believe it's the best thing ever in gaming). - RogerMcBaloney

Call of Duty is overrated AND overhated. Sure it does get too much attention (Well a few years back), but it doesn't deserve to be called "The worst games ever made". Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops are amazing, but I'll be honest its at Ghosts onward where I lost interest in the franchise. - CrimsonShark

About time someone says Black Ops was amazing. The new in-depth zombie mode kinda made it the way it is. Too bad the franchise doesn't add anything new to itself anymore. - cjWriter1997

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