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1 1941 was a good year

Probably the only good thing about 1941 is that it's the year Big Chungus was created.
Other than that, The Nazis declared war on the SOVIETS. Pretty sure the Holocaust began this year too. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, getting the US involved.

On the one hand, it was a really bad year - millions of Jews were destroyed by the Holocaust, but on the other hand, millions of Nazis and commies died, and the world became a little cleaner.

The only good thing that this year has was the rise in popularity of a certain rabbit who goes by the name "Bugs Bunny".

I disagree. However, this is an extremely unpopular opinion, so this deserves to be on here.

2 2020 was a good year

I disagree with this one because 2020 was the worst year of my life. Sure, there were a few good things that happened that year, but it was mostly bad.

Honestly, it's ridiculous that this is in 2nd. It was one of the worst years of the 21st century, but in comparison to pretty much every year before the 1960s? Better. There have been many worse pandemics, and at least we have all these modern things to deal with them and keep us occupied during those times.

Despite the pandemic, I am grateful that I have learned so much last year from being at home and meditation. That eventually, we all die and its not bad. It is our reality. I am grateful despite the pandemic that I have more open and able to let all things come and go for we too will come and go.

For me, personally, January to July was one of the most dreadful moments in my life, with the political drama, COVID-19, and my depression, but August to December were great as I finally overcame my depression.

3 1939 was a good year

Honestly, these year items aren't very interesting.

4 Mosquitoes are good

Yeah, nobody thinks this. They are valuable food for other animals but that does even make it okay at all as to how awful these creatures are.

Imagine thinking mosquitoes are good. All they do is spreading diseases and giving you itch. Mosquitoes aren't good!

This is currently the highest item on this list that isn't related to a year.

I think this item should easily top this list in my opinion.

5 Hitler is actually good

I’d like to meet whoever came up with that theory, so I can give them a nice, hearty, delicious knuckle sandwich. Even if I ruin the timeline a little.

Just why does this opinion even exist? Like, what the Hell?!

How is a demon who started the deadliest conflict in history and a horrific genocide even a good person (if you can even use the word 'person' to describe him)?

No. Absolutely not. His brutal actions such as starting World War II and the Holocaust brought a very negative impact to our world.

Nobody could possibly believe this in today's day and age. He was a menace to society.

6 I prefer movies over books

I think the same thing. Maybe because movies do the whole 'show, don't tell' thing better, or the storytelling flows smoothingly, or the fact that it goes easy on vocabulary and not use a lot of big words (I'm autistic, so I don't know a lot of big words). Don't get me wrong, I like books, heck, I have a couple favorites! In fact, some are just as good as their movie counterparts, if not better! But for the most part, I'd stick with movies.

Really tough, I might say that I prefer movies just because there are so many great movies out there where it's tough to find an amazing book once you've read all the popular and famous ones. However, I don't prefer the movie adaptions of books.

Both are good. Like movies visualize things and take the work for you and you be like "Wow, this looks fantastic". Books on the other hand will not let your brain be so lazy. They will let you imagine the scenery happening. So both are equally awesome

I love both, but personally I prefer books because I enjoy picturing what the characters might look like in my head. If I have seen the film before a book it is more difficult to do so.

7 Mondays are better than Saturdays

I'd be surprised if anyone thinks that Mondays are better than Saturdays. One of the few good items on here.

Disagree. But if you're talking about Mondays during quarantine, it ties up.

Haha, no. Saturdays are less stressful.

I absolutely disagree.

8 A Pal for Gary is a great episode

That's a very unpopular opinion. I disagree though, this episode is disgusting and cancerous.

I don't even know what this is or why it's on here, let alone this high on the list.

Best episode of all time

9 There are more than 2 genders

It's not a unpopular opinion. Its true.

10 Winter is better than summer

As a vampire, winter is my favorite season and summer is absolutely miserable. I love rain, wind, clouds, and snow (even though it sadly doesn't snow where I live). I like cold weather because you can stay under some nice blankets, but being hot in the summer is a nightmare.

They both have their benefits, Christmas is a really good thing but in the end I think that Summer really is better. It's close, though, so I don't think this should be in the top three.

Here's some pros,

Winter has no bugs, and I don't think anybody's talked about that, since obviously, the top comment probably forgot.
It's also the only acceptable season to drink hot choc, and in xmas, you can get gifts. I think it's the only season that has a holiday to give you gifts, other than choc and a card.

People should stop hating summer since there are so many good things about it. I know that people hate it because of the heat but you should still like the summer since you can go swimming, you aren't stuck inside all day, you don't have school, etc.

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? Sleeping with pajamas on is more comfortable than sleeping naked
? James and the Giant Peach is a good movie
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11 Rape is good

As with the opinion on Hitler being a good person, this is another opinion that simply shouldn't even exist.

I usually respect opinions, but I can't respect this one.

Yeah, this crosses the line and then some...

I mostly respect opinions but not this one just no.

12 Burger King is better than McDonald's

I have to agree. Burger King actually makes delicious Chicken Fries, Better Burgers, has the best Oreo Shake ever, and it's actual food. McDonald's has the most Mass-Produced foods ever! It's so gross.

I don't eat much fast food in general, but I do agree with this. I've ate in Burger King before and I did like their food better.

I have disagree with both of these. ... Er... Neither are all that good. Personally, I'm more of a pizza person, but that's just me. Also, McDonalds is gross. : )

I like the burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries at Burger King more than the ones at McDonald's.

13 2012 was a bad year

Here is one year-related opinion that I consider to be unpopular. Most people consider this year to not only be a fabulous year, but many of them also consider it to be the last good year.

14 The Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars

Better than any other trilogy; although there are many other great trilogies out there like the mentioned SW og trilogy and also the Dark knight trilogy, and although there are movies that have a very similar feeling to it (eg Narnia), Lotr is just on a whole different plane of existence from any other movie.

LOTR is so much better than star wars. The original trilogy is VERY close to LOTR don't get me wrong but what Peter Jackson did with LOTR was so remarkable. Best trilogy I've ever watched.

It probably is, plot-wise, but for some reason I like Star Wars more. Well, the original trilogy, at least.

Lord of the ring is a bit complicated, but if you tell me it's still better I would understand.

15 The middle seat of an airplane is a better place to sit than the aisle seat or window seat

I prefer the window seat. I love looking out the windows and I'm an aviation enthusiast, so I like to film the takeoffs and landings from the window.

This is very unpopular. Most people prefer either the aisle seat or the window seat.

Most people prefer the window for the view and the aisle for easy access.

I prefer it over the aisle seat, I like the views on the windows.

16 Trump is better than Hillary

I'm a republican and I agree with this. I feel that not everyone realizes that not all Trump supporters and republicans are bad people. In fact, I love to hear democratic opinions and I'm interested in both sides' views, I'm just more on the republican side myself. I feel like what hurt Trump the most was that he tended to speak without thinking and this put him in bad situations.

I hate Donald Trump, and I agree with this opinion. Hillary can go bawl and whine about losing the presidential battle, and I honestly don't care.

I agree with this, Hilary can go whine of somewhere else. At least Trump is trying to make an effort, Hilary just wants to start a war.

I know nothing about politics, but I like Hillary more than Trump because of my family's political opinions.

17 Anime is a cartoon

I like anime, but yes it is a cartoon. A cartoon refers to anything animated, whether it is made in Japan or America, therefore anime is a cartoon.

This is not an opinion, this is a fact that people refuse to believe. Just like Admin refuses to believe that Fanboy and Chum Chum is a cartoon just because it's a CGI show, when cartoons can be CGI like Rabbids Invasion and Jimmy Neutron. Otherwise, the movie of Jimmy Neutron would not be an animated movie, because it's CGI too. But just like animated movies can be CGI, cartoons can be CGI. I WISH Admin would realize this. Anime is always allowed on cartoon lists, so why not CGI shows?

It's not a matter of opinion. It's a fact that anime is just a fancy term for Japanese cartoons. I'll agree that most anime are better than what they show in the west these days, but the truth can hurt.

One of the things I always say is that anime isn't a genre. Anime is Japanese cartoons. Definition from google: "a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children."

18 Autumn is the best season

This isn't unpopular, I know a lot of people who's favorite season is fall. It's a very popular opinion and it's my favorite season because you get to go trick or treating, the leafs are beautiful, the weather is nice, and you can rake leafs and jump into the pile.

Winter: It's FREAKING cold, but you get Christmas, New Year's Day, hot chocolate, and snow in some places.
Spring: Goodbye, cold weather, and HELLO warmth! also new beautiful flowers emerge. But there is the downside of sorts of rain ad pollen
Summer: MY FAVORITE SEASON! School's out, prime time for fishing, beautiful weather, and more! But it's also when hurricane season starts, and I don't like when it gets too hot, but I still love summer!
But Fall?! OK, I do like Halloween and Thanksgiving, and the colorful trees are pretty, but this is FAR from the best season. (in my opinion).

I agree. This season is just beautiful. I mean, look at the picture. The leaves look so wonderful. It's not too cold like winter, it doesn't have as much pollen or insects like spring, and it's not so hot like summer. It also has some of my favorite holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

There is no rain or pollen every time, unlike spring, there are no car accident because of ice, and no snow to shovel, unlike winter, and you don't have to put sun screen every time and deal with the heat, unlike summer. Plus, autumn is one of the most windy seasons, and I love wind.

19 Baby is not a bad song

Yeah! It's a mediocre song. I can name 100 songs worser than this.

Of course it isn't bad, it's the most overhated song of all time. It's not a great song, but the worst song of all time? Not even close, this song is just decent. Wanna hear an unpopular opinion, Baby>>>>>Yummy, there you go. Let's wait for Bieber haters to attack me for an opinion

It's really not, there are way worse songs than that but people are FAR too stuck in the 2010s.

It's really not a bad song.

20 Albert Einstein was not that smart

There was a girl at my school who claimed that.

No, he was a genius

21 Pink Gold Peach is awesome

I don't know anyone at all who has this opinion.

She is indeed

22 Rotten Tomatoes is A biased and bland site

They are. They have close relations with corporations in the entertainment industry like Disney, hence they give biased reviews. Other critic sites such as IGN are guilty of this as well.

It's so rigged because they ranked Brave and The Good Dinosaur over Cars. The former 2 should be at the 60s cause they were so mediocre. Also The Last Jedi got positive reviews, and it should be in the 30s. And then Aquaman and Man of Steel have low scores for the DCEU. Home Alone 1 and 2 are so low as well. Finally Infinity War deserves to have a 95% not 85%

I very much agree. A lot of very great movies have low ratings on that site, which is why, although I may read reviews to see what points they make, I tend not to look on Rotten Tomatoes as most of the time I like the movies that they hate.

I wouldn't say that. Rotten Tomatoes also gives an audience score, so you can listen to that as well.
Also, I once saw a rotten review that rated the movie 4.5/5, so people can't say that it a movie can get 100% if critics barely liked it.

23 Airpods Look Stupid

Popular on this site, but unpopular almost everywhere else.

They are a waste of money.

24 The Midwest is a great place to live

When I'm an adult and have enough money, I'm moving to the midwest so I can enjoy some nice cold weather and very little sun.

The Midwest is often considered the most boring place in the United States as well as the area with the worst weather.

I hate the sun... I lived in Phoenix for a year, I kinda like it here. I actually like the cold...

Yeah this is unpopular I haven't heard much people say they like the Midwest.

25 Toy Story 3 is a terrible movie

That's actually true because I hear a lot of people saying that the first three Toy Story movies were good but then Toy Story 4 was a disaster which is very agreeable. - IShine&Illuminate

I think I'm the only one who has this opinion. I like the first two Toy Story movies, but I dislike this movie.

It is extremely rare that I find somebody that finds Toy Story 3 to be bad or even just okay.

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