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1 I hate pizza

Can we be a bit more general with our unpopular opinions? They seem a bit too complex for us. Plus I've seen the same thing about the Lion King many times here. - yungstirjoey666

I can't stand pizza, the cheese makes me choke, I can't swallow it - AgentofAnarchy

I love pizza - Neonco31

Most pizza is meh, it's rare to find great pizza.

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2 Winter is better than summer

I agree with this opinion. I mean, why would someone want to choose a season where they can be sweaty and hot all day(temperature, not attractiveness) instead of the season where you can have snow days AND get Christmas presents? - QueenJazzy21064

Agreed. I hate heat, and summers get hot here. Winters get cold but you can wear a coat or something. Still, my favorite is fall. - Lucretia

Summer is in my opinion better, you don't have to freeze while waiting for a bus to come. - darthvadern

To be honest my favorite season is spring - yungstirjoey666

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3 I'm a guy who likes shopping

I only like shopping if it isn't with my mom. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Probably all the males voted for this like me

Sorry but what century are we living in?

Depends what type

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4 2016 was an awful year

While 2016 was not as bad as the Middle Ages, the Civil War, World War 1, the Great Depression, or World War 2, it is certainly not as great as many people make it out to be. In fact, 2016 was probably the worst year of the last 2 decades in my opinion. - anonygirl

It wasn't so good of a year; perhaps the worst by far in the 21st century. However, unless if you're a Syrian or something like that, we had much worse. You know, the Black Death, 1918 Spanish Flu, and World War II. - Yungstirjoey

Absolutely atrocious year - PeeledBanana

Um, I wouldn't think this one as "unpopular".

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5 Teen Titans Go is better than the original

You can tell a reboot is terrible when even the kids who grew up with the reboot still think it's a dumpster-fire that can't hold a candle to the original. - Zach808

I don't think it is, but some people might think so. - DCfnaf

This is MY opinion, though I haven't watched the original yet. I'll watch it and see if it's better.


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6 I prefer movies over books

I don't even understand how someone could say "Books are better than movies", I'm seriously just confused how they could say that. Books are great and entertaining and can be better than a lot of movies but overall, movies are far better. - PeeledBanana

Um, these comments prove otherwise. I prefer books over movies, though I'm not reading as much as I used to. Most movies my parents allow me to watch are super boring.

I prefer movies to books, but there are many good books out there. I just find it hard to picture everything, and movies are usually more dramatic. - animallover1


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7 1941 was a good year

How Great Depression going on?

I was born in 2003 so I do not know - Lucretia

No it wasn't Pearl Harbor,WW2?

Guys remember that this list is “most unpopular opinions” not the best ones - MarioNinja101

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8 It's more fun to play outside than to play video games all day long

I think it's a good idea to play outside when there's daylight, and then play video games at night, or if it's raining, or the winter season.

Thank you! At least someone can help me solve my biggest problem - AlphaQ

Yes but when you're playing outside you don't get to run around shooting things in an underwater city, fly in the air and kick the crap out of people as Batman, or cry your eyes out as you watch all of the characters die in a zombie apocalypse. - Leviathan

I think it can depend, I think I enjoy video games more, but playing outside is nostalgia and reminds me of my childhood. - darthvadern

I agree - Randomator

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9 Modern SpongeBob is better than the original

Correct. Very few people would have this opinion. I won't hate you for having this opinion, but I'm just saying it's a popular opinion that the original is considered far better. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I like Modern Mario and Modern Sonic better too. Even if Modern Sonic has had a few bad games. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Some modern SpongeBob episodes are good - HondaCivic

Yeah, I don't have this opinion at all, but I have a friend who doesn't mind it. (Hopefully he still hates A Pal For Gary and One Coarse Meal though). - DCfnaf

Its improving

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10 Trump is better than Hillary

Well considering he won the election this isn't really unpopular. - Jackamalio

They are both clowns. There's no better or worse for this two politicians ( sorry, this two clowns ).

Yeah, if you say this you are going to get disrespected. It's ridiculous. - DCfnaf

Both are horrible but Trump is at least somewhat better. - darthvadern

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? Serena does not deserve this much hate here
? What's "Overrated" and What's "Underrated" are Merely Subjective Terms

Whethe it deserves the praise or not is how you feel, not by factual logic. - yungstirjoey666

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11 The Wall Street Journal's accusations against JonTron and PewDiePie were justified.

Because they were racist - PerfectImpulseX

They weren't

12 Zootopia is Awful

And no, over-zealous fanboy, it's not "bandwagon-ing" for anyone to think that. Dated references and that oh-so-timely message won't hold up over time, and everything about this movie just reeked of pandering to the Tumblr crowd at the expense of anything else.

At least it's not the wonderful perfect masterpiece everyone (including, sadly, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) makes it out to be.

Doesn't deserve to be on the "Top 10 Best Theatrical Movies of All Time" list, let alone as high as it sadly is there.

I think I'm the one of the only Zootopia haters on TheTopTens. - darthvadern

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13 Pokemon Go is terrible

I enjoyed it the first months, then they added all these terrible updates. - darthvadern

14 The Good Dinosaur is a great movie

*sigh*... Best animation ever wasted on a bad story and plot - MarioNinja101

I love the movie. - darthvadern

It is. - PeeledBanana

Yea - JosiahDBoss

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15 The Loud House is a bad show

Personally, I don't really have an opinion on The Loud House considering I don't watch it, although I have seen a few clips and I have liked them so far. However, I do know quite a few people on here who dislike the show. But hey, it's their opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

In my opinion it is an amazing show! It feels like I'm watching older Nickelodeon! It reminds me of Fairly Odd Parents with the humor and plot! And there's always a good lesson on every episode too, so it's good you younger kids! It also reminds me of season 3 and 4 spongebob, with the style and the animation! Love it, and I feel so happy when I watch it!

Not bad, but definitely overrated. I think it's decent, but since people are used to Nickelodeon being bad now it gets a lot of praise. - Martinglez

The Loud House is one of the most painfully generic and boring shows I've ever seen since Chowder. - SomePersonYouHate

Chowder is way better than the Loud House, the amount of times they broke the fourth wall was the best - MarioNinja101

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16 Five Nights at Freddy's is not scary

4 and Sister Location are really scary, the rest are, somewhat scary. - darthvadern

Only 3 and 4 were scary. In 3 only Foxy and Ballon Boy was scary. - AlphaQ

I'm a FNaF fan, but I have to admit, most of the appeal comes from the lore.

All of them are scary. I don’t care what people say but I HATE this series. Hate it hate it HATE IT! Too scary and messed up - MarioNinja101

17 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is the best Gundam series
18 Harambe deserved to die

This is more of a taboo opinion than an unpopular opinion. - Cesium

Of course he didn't. - DCfnaf

All the 8 year olds who treat him like a god must be triggered. - BrianScott01


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19 Rotten Tomatoes Is A Biased And Bland Site

They always give Star Wars and Marvel movies the highest score possible even though they don't deserve that high score, and this is coming from a Star Wars and Marvel fan. - darthvadern

I believe that. RT is an awful site. Thanks to whoever added this - AlphaQ

It's because the rating system is garbage. If all of the people they hire think it's an ok movie, but not a great movie, it'll still get 100% because everyone barely liked it. - Sop

20 I hate The Amazing World of Gumball
21 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is one of the worst cartoons of all time

Not bad but not good, kind of annoying but I’d rather watch this over a lot of shows - MarioNinja101

22 Black metal is awful and overrated
23 Back to the Future is Okay but Not Great
24 Call of Duty isn't a bad game series

Call of Duty is overrated AND overhated. Sure it does get too much attention (Well a few years back), but it doesn't deserve to be called "The worst games ever made". Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops are amazing, but I'll be honest its at Ghosts onward where I lost interest in the franchise. - CrimsonShark

About time someone says Black Ops was amazing. The new in-depth zombie mode kinda made it the way it is. Too bad the franchise doesn't add anything new to itself anymore. - cjWriter1997

Call of Duty IS horrible, you go around shooting people and dead people for fun, enough said! Why would you kill people! I know it's a video game but this wil make kids stupid! How can anyone like this trash game? - darthvadern

It is pretty good of a game - pugiscool

25 Windows 10 is overhated

It deserves the hate, feels way too modern. - darthvadern

I actually kinda like Windows 10 so far - yungstirjoey666

26 Sonic And The Secret Rings Is Among The Top 5 Worst Sonic Games Ever
27 Princess Peach Is Not That Bad

She is actually pretty awesomne. - darthvadern

She’s awesome. People just can’t seem to understand that she does have a purpose and she’s not useless - MarioNinja101

28 Babies are better than teenagers

I'm not talking romantically. I am talking about being able to relate to babies and small children better than teenagers. - anonygirl

I am a teenager and babies are annoying, they always cry and scream. - Lucretia

Hopefully you don't mean it as in a romantic way. - Yungstirjoey

To be honest, I’m a teen myself and I love babies way better. They don’t judge you, they have the cutest smiles, and they can’t talk. Most teens are all about hip, stupidity, and hashtags. They judge you and pressure you to do things. Not to mention that they also date a lot and complaim too much when their life isn’t bad at all. And this doesn’t apply to every single teen just majority of them, so please don’t think that I hate all of them because i don’t - MarioNinja101

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29 The Fairy Dance Arc from Sword Art Online was good

It's the worst arc because of episode 24 - ikerevievs

I rarely hear fans of the show say that Fairy Dance was good. Now while I do prefer Aincrad, aside from Sugou Nobuyuki becoming not only my least favorite anime character, but also my least favorite fictional character of all time, I thought Fairy Dance was still good despite its flaws. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Eeew no. - TwilightKitsune

30 Most memes are annoying

The most annoying ones either overstay their welcome or are brand new but get old very quickly. - Nonpointed

The most annoying meme would be WHATEVER HAPPENED TO DORCAS!?

Seriously, putting poison on meat is not funny.

PPAP anyone? - Neonco31

31 Creed is a good band

Not sure about good, but I'd say underrated since they are semi-hated, but not Nickelback heat though. - htoutlaws2012

32 Death metal is awful and overrated
33 Windows XP is overrated

I kinda agree, but I have nostalgia memories for it. - darthvadern

So many crashes... - Zach808

34 Netflix sucks
35 Barney is a good show
36 The Mega Man Legends series has to be the worst Mega Man series
37 Crossover shippings NEVER MAKE SENSE, no matter how much you try.

It is so true that is nonsensical, I wish more people would realize that.

This is actually true, they do make no sense because majority of characters don’t even know each other or don’t know each other that well anyway. Just leave the characters alone! What if someone came up to you, pushed he most annoying person next to you and said “This is your soulmate now for the rest of your life.” That would be annoying and rude wouldn’t it? - MarioNinja101

38 Titanic is awful

Of course, it is among one of the worst animated features of all time. Why the heck would a movie that takes place in 1912 have a rapping dog and a bunch of ripoff characters?

Yes the film is way too predictable, and incredible dull to even try to rewatch you can't do it. - htoutlaws2012

39 I hate Blue's Clues

Not because it's for kids. For some other reason(s). - ChroniclerMan5

40 Shinn Asuka is not annoying at all.
41 Nu Metal is great

Hey, Nu Metal can be enjoyable. Linkin Park and Slipknot are among my favorite bands alongside many others, they've attracted a large fanbase and good critical reception and they are Nu Metal. Also lets not forget Korn and Deftones. - CrimsonShark

42 Drake and Josh isn't really that funny of a sitcom
43 Socs are better than Greasers

Lol, I reread this book just minutes ago. - ProPanda

The Outsiders is the best! And it IS unpopular opinion that the Socs are better. Ponyboy is bae.

This is a good book. Greasers are awesome. Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy are the best. I enjoyed reading this awesome book. - AnimeDrawer


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44 Cars 2 Is Better Than Ice Age: Collision Course

It's actually true, it may not have a lot of likes from people but it's still much well received than Collision Course - Neonco31

I think both movies are overhated, I loved Cars 2, and I thought Ice Age: Collision Course was enjoyable. - darthvadern

Both Cars and Ice Age movies suck - MarioNinja101

That's true - AlphaQ

45 Ed Sheeran is a terrible singer
46 Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is more overrated than Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
47 Elise kissing Sonic is not sexual at all and she only kissed him to bring him back to life

Pretty sure I don't remember her saying she had to kiss him because it was the only way Sonic could be resurrected. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That's bs.

48 People should stop abusing Furbies
49 I hate ketchup

I actually hate Ketchup... - TwilightKitsune

To be honest, not my favorite - Vegeta40049

Ketchup is gross. - lovefrombadlands

50 The Lego Batman Movie Looks Awful

It's an ok movie, but EXTREMLY overrated. - darthvadern

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