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1 1941 was a good year

On the one hand, it was a really bad year - millions of Jews were destroyed by the Holocaust, but on the other hand, millions of Nazis and commies died, and the world became a little cleaner.

The only good thing that this year has was the rise in popularity of a certain rabbit who goes by the name "Bugs Bunny".

I disagree. However, this is an extremely unpopular opinion, so this deserves to be on here.

If we go by the title, this is indeed an extremely unpopular opinion so it gets my vote

2 Winter is better than summer

I would like to know if a canadian prefers winter, because if you don't know Canada (or any country with long winters), you don't know winter. Your first Febuary there is mindblowing, because you realize that the snow stays really long and that until mid april, you have to shovel the snow on your terrain again, and again.

People should stop hating summer since there are so many good things about it. I know that people hate it because of the heat but you should still like the summer since you can go swimming, you aren't stuck inside all day, you don't have school, etc.

I prefer winter personally. It's so hot during the summer that I have trouble sleeping, unlike winter where a good fire and warm blankets make for a great night of sleep. Plus, I don't have to go outside too often during winter.

In winter, you can snowboard, ski, sled. Snow falls, which makes everything look beautiful ans white. In summer, there are multiple wildfires. It's way too hot for other great sports like rock climbing.

My point has been made

3 2020 was a good year

For me, personally, January to July was one of the most dreadful moments in my life, with the political drama, COVID-19, and my depression, but August to December were great as I finally overcame my depression.

2020's an average year In my opinion. Also about COVID: You guys brought this trouble upon yourselves. Instead of ignoring it earlier this year, why didn't you try to fix it? God, I can't understand most of you people

If you seriously think 2020 is a good year so far, then you must be a kid who's still too young to understand the coronavirus. Not an insult by the way

January from February were good, but the rest of the months of 2020 were awful. I miss you 2019... I hope 2021 will be like 2019...

4 I prefer movies over books

Both are good. Like movies visualize things and take the work for you and you be like "Wow, this looks fantastic". Books on the other hand will not let your brain be so lazy. They will let you imagine the scenery happening. So both are equally awesome

I love both, but personally I prefer books because I enjoy picturing what the characters might look like in my head. If I have seen the film before a book it is more difficult to do so.

Um, these comments prove otherwise. I prefer books over movies, though I'm not reading as much as I used to. Most movies my parents allow me to watch are super boring.

I prefer movies to books, but there are many good books out there. I just find it hard to picture everything, and movies are usually more dramatic.

5 1939 was a good year

The only good thing about it was having such timeless classics like The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind

6 Mosquitoes are good

I think this item should easily top this list in my opinion.

Imagine thinking mosquitoes are good. All they do is spreading diseases and giving you itch. Mosquitoes aren’t good!

I think this list is a joke

Get this to number one

7 Different opinions suck

I wrote so many comments logged out about this, and now I, Disney1994, am doing that YET AGAIN. Because this opinion is so unpopular that NO ONE seems to agree with it EXCEPT FOR ME! And it HURTS knowing that liking Liv and Maddie is the ONLY unpopular opinion as unpopular as disdaining disagreement. But yes, it DOES suck that no one agrees on everything. Because if we DID agree on everything, we wouldn't even NEED this list, because it's just be listing ALL the worst opinions ever, and every awful opinion would not be an opinion but a LIE. A LIE that life is what we make it when things like COVID-19 and wars exist. I'm always saying I wish I'd never been born at all, but even better would be if I was born WITHOUT the most unpopular opinions ever. Why should I like Liv and Maddie if it's SUPPOSED to be bad? And why should I NOT like things like Spirited Away and Gravity Falls if they ARE supposed to be beautiful and amazing art works? But no, I DO NOT think that shows like Gravity ...more

To all people thinking that, I don't think we're gonna be friends because opinions different or not, are my favorite things on this world. That's why I am a toptenner.

A message to Disney1994, bad does not equal boring. World War II was bad but it sure wasn't boring

If everyone had the same opinions, the world would've been boring as hell.

8 Anime is a cartoon

This is not an opinion, this is a fact that people refuse to believe. Just like Admin refuses to believe that Fanboy and Chum Chum is a cartoon just because it's a CGI show, when cartoons can be CGI like Rabbids Invasion and Jimmy Neutron. Otherwise, the movie of Jimmy Neutron would not be an animated movie, because it's CGI too. But just like animated movies can be CGI, cartoons can be CGI. I WISH Admin would realize this. Anime is always allowed on cartoon lists, so why not CGI shows?

It's not a matter of opinion. It's a fact that anime is just a fancy term for Japanese cartoons. I'll agree that most anime are better than what they show in the west these days, but the truth can hurt.

Anime is animation, and animation is another word for cartoon. It's a fact, but to say Anime is like American cartoons is very very wrong.

I mean... Yeah. Anime is -basically- short for animation, which should signal the obvious; it's a cartoon.

9 Hitler is Actually Good

No. Absolutely not. His brutal actions such as starting World War II and the Holocaust brought a very negative impact to our world.

A dictator who murdered millions of people was never good

He killed 11 million people such as Jews, Gypsies, Disabled, LGBT, Romanians, etc. Obviously he's not a good person.

Why would you think he is good if he were still alive he would deifnitly kill you

10 Mondays are better than Saturdays

Disagree. But if you're talking about Mondays during quarantine, it ties up.

Haha, no. Saturdays are less stressful.

Agreed. Saturdays are overrated.

Only a school lover would agree

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11 Burger King is better than McDonald's

I have disagree with both of these. ... Er... Neither are all that good. Personally, I'm more of a pizza person, but that's just me. Also, McDonalds is gross. : )

I don't eat much fast food in general, but I do agree with this. I've ate in Burger King before and I did like their food better.

I like the burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries at Burger King more than the ones at McDonald's.

Burger kings tastes faker than Mcdonalds. At Least Mcdonalds tastes good.

12 The Teletubbies are cute, not creepy

Once again, one of my most unpopular opinions EVER! Yet this is only #3 on my remix, while #1 (Different opinions suck) is only #25, and #2 (Liv and Maddie is the greatest show on the face of the Earth) is #20. So, it's SO unpopular to like Liv and Maddie that it's even MORE hated than Teletubbies, meanwhile hating different opinions is even MORE unpopular STILL? Or is it that you actually VOTED for this item, but not the other two? Really, I STILL HATE LIFE! And not only that, LIFE HATES ME! Because if it didn't, I WOULDN'T have such unpopular opinions about everything! Also, I already commented on four other items on here (Barney is a good show, Liv and Maddie is the greatest show on the face of the Earth, Liv Rooney is not the worst character on Liv and Maddie, she's the best, and Different opinions suck). In each one, I wrote MORE about why I HATE having unpopular opinions, and why life DOES NOT work the way it should, because if it did, I wouldn't even be writing this right now! ...more

People would think the Teletubbies are cute if they were actual humans or animals and not odd creatures.

Once again, this is Disney1994 logged out again. Since the last time I commented, things have NOT gotten any better for me. I STILL have a horrible life. I STILL love Teletubbies and hate Gravity Falls. I still hate Harvey Beaks, Family Guy, South Park, Dumber and Dumber, different opinions, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. I still love Liv and Maddie, but only for the BEST parts, NOT THE WORST! I actually HATE the worst things that shows like Liv and Maddie always do. Things like being gross and mean-spirited. Gross with all the terrible toilet humor and mean-spirited with bad behavior. I REALLY wish the world was better. If I could, I'd just go back to back when I was baby, BEFORE Teletubbies came. It came in 1997, and I was born on December 5, 1994. I'd just go back to being a baby with my baby body and baby behavior, but with my adult brain. I'd cherish my happy childhood because back then, I never did anything wrong, and therefore NEVER felt guilt at all. I would play outside and ...more

The sun looks like something you would see in those really psychedelic, creepy looking music videos in the 60s.

13 The Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars

It probably is, plot-wise, but for some reason I like Star Wars more. Well, the original trilogy, at least.

Lord of the ring is a bit complicated, but if you tell me it's still better I would understand.

I like both but I have more childhood memories with Star Wars

Way better! For quality, there is no comparison here! LOTR are legendary.

14 Trump is better than Hillary

I’m a republican and I agree with this. I feel that not everyone realizes that not all Trump supporters and republicans are bad people. In fact, I love to hear democratic opinions and I’m interested in both sides’ views, I’m just more on the republican side myself. I feel like what hurt Trump the most was that he tended to speak without thinking and this put him in bad situations.

I hate Donald Trump, and I agree with this opinion. Hillary can go bawl and whine about losing the presidential battle, and I honestly don't care.

I agree with this, Hilary can go whine of somewhere else. At least Trump is trying to make an effort, Hilary just wants to start a war.

I know nothing about politics, but I like Hillary more than Trump because of my family's political opinions.

15 Rape is good

Normally, I would respect opinions. But this one's horrible and I can't respect this opinion.

I wish to beat the living hell out of whoever put this on the list

Usually I try my best to respect opinions, but this can't be tolerated

I respect most opinions but I can't respect this

16 I'm a guy who likes shopping

Depends on the place and what I’m shopping for. GameStop, video stores, record stores, Guitar Center, skateboard stores, comic book stores, or retro game stores? Yes please! Clothes stores? No thank you!

Shopping depends in my opinion. If I;m in a store that sells items of my interest, I'd look into it and see what to get for myself. Also, I think its good to go to conventional stores focusing on clothes, conveniences etc for experimentation.

I hate it. Even when I go to buy a video game I dreamed about, let's just say the destination counts more than the travelling if you see what I mean.

I like shopping for Videogames and merch. So I kinda like it. I prefer doing it online though because I don't have to fight against a mass of people

17 The middle seat of an airplane is a better place to sit than the aisle seat and window seat.

This is very unpopular. Most people prefer either the aisle seat or the window seat.

Most people prefer the window for the view and the aisle for easy access.

I prefer it over the aisle seat, I like the views on the windows.

Who thinks that

18 Rotten Tomatoes Is A Biased And Bland Site

They are. They have close relations with corporations in the entertainment industry like Disney, hence they give biased reviews. Other critic sites such as IGN are guilty of this as well.

It's so rigged because they ranked Brave and The Good Dinosaur over Cars. The former 2 should be at the 60s cause they were so mediocre. Also The Last Jedi got positive reviews, and it should be in the 30s. And then Aquaman and Man of Steel have low scores for the DCEU. Home Alone 1 and 2 are so low as well. Finally Infinity War deserves to have a 95% not 85%

I very much agree. A lot of very great movies have low ratings on that site, which is why, although I may read reviews to see what points they make, I tend not to look on Rotten Tomatoes as most of the time I like the movies that they hate.

I wouldn't say that. Rotten Tomatoes also gives an audience score, so you can listen to that as well.
Also, I once saw a rotten review that rated the movie 4.5/5, so people can't say that it a movie can get 100% if critics barely liked it.

19 Liv and Maddie is not annoying, it's charming and lovable

This is only popular with FANS. Otherwise, it's one of the LEAST popular opinions ever. Look how hated this show is everywhere. Another visitor even said "Liv and Maddie is the worst show on then face of the earth." No this is NOT the same as saying it's the BEST show ever, just that they like it or enjoy it. But honestly, nearly NO ONE seems to like Liv and Maddie anymore. It's just as infamous as Austin & Ally, Shake It Up, A.N.T. Farm, I Didn't Do It, Dog with a Blog, Hannah Montana, and even Caillou and Teen Titans Go! How's THAT for an unpopular opinion?

No need to put them on twice, Disney1994. You should check if there's one before putting something on a list on crack. Anyway I've made that mistake before so you not the only one

I don't particularly like Liv and Maddie, but I'm pretty sure this isn't an unpopular opinion.

Most Disney Channel shows are the same cliched obnoxious garbage anyway.

20 The Midwest is a great place to live

The Midwest is often considered the most boring place in the United States as well as the area with the worst weather.

I used to live in Ohio.

Thank you

O_O, I live there, in and

21 Five Nights at Freddy's is not scary

Let's me honest. Does the picture featured look scary? No, it actually looks cute and cuddly. So maybe it IS an unpopular opinion that Five Nights at Freddy's is scary.

Is this really an unpopular opinion? Even the damn fans don't think the games are scary, aside from the lore. Though it does have a great dreadful game. Finally, Scott Cawthon didn't have any money to create a fantastic horror game so he did the best with what he had. It was pretty good for that. Did you know? The FNAF jumpscares are made up of a bunch of still pictures, not gifs. It is why the animatronic scream goes longer than the jumpscare ever would.

It's meant to be scary, and that makes it far less scary as you then know what to expect!

When I saw freddy fazbear at the door when my power is off, I knew he will jumpscare me. So Yeah it's not scary. But Bonnie tricks me

22 Toy Story 3 is a terrible movie

That's actually true because I hear a lot of people saying that the first three Toy Story movies were good but then Toy Story 4 was a disaster which is very agreeable. - IShine&Illuminate

I think I'm the only one who has this opinion. I like the first two Toy Story movies, but I dislike this movie.

It is extremely rare that I find somebody that finds Toy Story 3 to be bad or even just okay.

23 Liv and Maddie is the greatest show on the face of the Earth.

Nobody BUT Disney1994 seems to think this about this show. DEFINITELY one of the least popular opinions ever. Just as unpopular as loving Teletubbies and hating Gravity Falls.

Once again, I have to write another comment logged out, although I first wrote one under "Different opinions suck" and then on the very item below this one (Liv Rooney is not the worst character on Liv and Maddie, she's the best). Anyway, I just have to ask, does ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE (besides me) LIKE Liv and Maddie? And if it's not the best show ever, then what IS? I wrote much more under the other items I mentioned, as well as two more lists (Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Hatedom (Snails) Sucks and Most Disturbing Kids Shows). As always, I STILL hate life and opinions! The saddest part is that we wouldn't even NEED this list if different opinions didn't exist, because THEN there would NO DIFFERENT between Most Unpopular Opinions and WORST Opinions! And there ALSO wouldn't be any difference between BEST and MOST POPULAR opinions! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE SEE THAT?!

Wow, so many Liv and Maddie related things on the list. Lol

I think I know who added this one.

24 Zootopia is Awful

I actually feel really bad for this one and Zootopia isn't awful, but it IS severely overrated. If anything, it's just another basic Disney movie. They're getting more and more bland...

And no, over-zealous fanboy, it's not "bandwagon-ing" for anyone to think that. Dated references and that oh-so-timely message won't hold up over time, and everything about this movie just reeked of pandering to the Tumblr crowd at the expense of anything else.

I really love that movie, and I tried to see if there was people that could explain me why they hate it, but I didn't find anything interesting. Do reply to me if you have more complex reasonning then furries

At least it's not the wonderful perfect masterpiece everyone (including, sadly, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) makes it out to be.

25 Cricket is an awful sport
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