Best VeggieTales Characters


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1 Larry the Cucumber

If he was real I would hug and kiss him for the whole day

I really think he is the sweetest character

I lopoopove him so much that I am afraid to eat cucumbers because I think I'm hurting larry!

2 Bob the Tomato

He is also a good guy to talk to

I'm loving tomatoes

He's so awesome

I llok,love him too

3 Jimmy Gourd

Jimmy is funny

4 Junior Asparagus
5 Jerry Gourd
6 Archibald Asparagus

Hilariously silly and funny!

7 Mr. Lunt

Mr. Lunt is underrated. He's hilarious in Lord of the Beans, and he nails his silly song when he does "His Cheeseburger." Truly, an under- appreciated character who performs admirably in every role.

8 Celery without name

Either you're thinking of Frankencelery, who DOES have a name (Phil Winklestein, an actor from Toledo), or you're thinking of the unnamed Scallion, who IS the best character of Veggie Tales.

9 Madame Blueberry
10 Pa Grape

The Contenders

11 Larry Boy

He's really larry but all I care about who he is in the inside! From Sweetpea Beauty I have known him for 12 1/2 years! He is a really nice guy so he is easy to talk to him about your problems!

12 Mr. Nezzer

Someone throw the Rack Shack & Benny Nezzer in the steamer. - BlueSheepYT

I just put this in for a random reason LOL - Mariomaster63

13 Lutfi
14 Alfred Asparagus

He is so kind and loving and easy to talk to also

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