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1 Larry the Cucumber

Remember God made you special. He certainly did so with Larry he is so funny.

Funniest character in the Show!

The one character that has been in every Veggietales episode. Hilarious dude!

I have a Larry plush I've had for many years! I might show my VeggieTales collection someday on either YouTube or DA and I used to have more VeggieTales stuff but I lost it. - April96

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2 Bob the Tomato

Bob is amazing, he is like the leader of the 2, my 2 favorites are 1.Bob and 2.Larry.

Have we gotta show for you

He is also a good guy to talk to

I'm loving tomatoes

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3 Petunia Rhubarb

Petunia is a great character in the show, and she's a good character to look up to, because she believes that true beauty comes from the inside instead of the outside, that makes her a good big sister figure for little boys and girls.

Petunia needs to be in the top three

She's the love interest of Larry the Cucumber, she's also a very likeable character, also her and Larry make a cute couple.

4 Junior Asparagus

He is so cute and in the new 2015 series I miss his yellow.cap

5 Mr. Lunt

The best Pirate who don't do anything.

Mr. Lunt is underrated. He's hilarious in Lord of the Beans, and he nails his silly song when he does "His Cheeseburger." Truly, an under- appreciated character who performs admirably in every role.

He is the sickest lad! Everyone in the show is great no doubt ( assuming we’re talking about the originals and not the Netflix series) but Mr Lunt is the best by far. I wake up everyday depressed knowing that there are people in the world that will never know the beauty that is mr Lunt.

6 Archibald Asparagus

Hilarious, sexy, and likeable. I love his monocle and his British accent.

He is the mayor of the town in veggie tales in the house and city

Hilariously silly and funny!

7 Jimmy Gourd

Jimmy is funny

8 Pa Grape

Wise and smart

Great character

He is the smartest ever

9 Mr. Nezzer

Someone throw the Rack Shack & Benny Nezzer in the steamer. - BlueSheepYT

I just put this in for a random reason LOL - Mariomaster63

10 Jerry Gourd

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11 Celery without name

"I've been around since show one, and I still don't have a name! "

Either you're thinking of Frankencelery, who DOES have a name (Phil Winklestein, an actor from Toledo), or you're thinking of the unnamed Scallion, who IS the best character of Veggie Tales.

12 Larry Boy

He's really larry but all I care about who he is in the inside! From Sweetpea Beauty I have known him for 12 1/2 years! He is a really nice guy so he is easy to talk to him about your problems!

13 Madame Blueberry
14 Fib

That my favorite episode

15 Jean Claude
16 Lutfi
17 Alfred Asparagus

He is so kind and loving and easy to talk to also

18 Hope
19 Grandma Nezzer
20 The Rumor Weed
21 Scallion #1
22 Scallion #2
23 Scallion #3
24 Philippe
25 The Bad Apple
26 Dad Asparagus
27 Mom Asparagus
28 Khalil
29 Mirabelle
30 Finnagan J. Beet III
31 Miss Achmetha
32 Scooter
33 Esther
34 Laura Carrot
35 Grandpa George
36 Ichabeezer
37 Motato
38 Greta von Gruesome
39 Awful Alvin
40 Mother Pearl
41 The Alchemist
42 Dr. Arvin Flurry
43 Bacon Bill
44 Tina Celerina
45 The French Peas
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1. Larry the Cucumber
2. Bob the Tomato
3. Mr. Lunt
1. Larry the Cucumber
2. Bob the Tomato
3. Jimmy Gourd
1. Larry the Cucumber
2. Bob the Tomato
3. Archibald Asparagus


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