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1 Mario

If there was no Mario, I bet you most home console video games wouldn't be a reality. Everyone looks at how good or original a game is and while that is incredibly important, you also must look at the history and their impact on the world. Mario's face is more recognizable than Mickey Mouse's. He has appeared in over 200 games. He defined a generation. He helped build Nintendo's empire that probably won't ever fall. All of his games are at least 8/10s, though his movie leaves much to be desired. He has T.V. shows, comic books, movies, and all other forms of merchandise. He may not have the greatest games, but he certainly has the most recognizable.

Why is sonic better? Mario has more likable characters and a better story (actually has one). Also it has better gameplay and more games in it, let alone more good ones. Also, Super Mario Bros. Basically saved the gaming market and before Wii Sports, was the best selling game of all time. Mario is the most notable video game character due to Mario being the best selling franchise. In fact, a test in the 90s showed that Mario was more notable than Mickey Mouse. This is my favorite franchise and it holds my favorite video game, and it shows. This should be #1 instead of that overrated Call of Duty.

Will you morons stop arguing over Mario and sonic? Both are awesome!

I love this franchise and find it to be the gold standard for how a platformer should be. (Mario World is one of my favorite games ever.) Also the first game I played, so I do have a soft spot for this franchise. I really cannot think of any bad Mario games besides the spinoffs. Even the “bad” ones are alright. Overall, very good.

Why is this 2? this is the largest video game franchise ever. if mario didn't go up to his pet ape and save his girlfriend, zelda wouldn't exist. if he didn't save the mushroom kingdom, all your CoDs won't exist.

2 The Legend of Zelda

What can I say about these games that hasn’t already been said? Pretty much every game franchise on this list has something to borrow from Zelda. Nearly every shooter has a targeting system. Elder Scrolls and Assassins Creed are Adventure games, which Zelda establishes. And while OOT isn’t my favorite game of all time, it’s importance is incredible.

Nothing will ever shake this. All y'all talking about how Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim are better, you're welcome for having Zelda CREATE THAT GENRE. Since the 80's, Zelda has been creatin high-quality and critically acclaimed games that have interesting, well-paced stories, fun characters, great dungeons, awesome boss fights, great music, amazing atmosphere, beautiful open worlds... The list goes on. The series has managed to create so many amazing games that one could get lost in forever, exploring for treasure, helping civilians, getting to know the world better, finishing sidequests... There's just so much to do! An amazing series that never gets old and will always keep everyone entertained.

Since 1986 the video game industry has been blessed with the legend of Zelda. Aside from being the most famous Nintendo series next to Mario it has made an enormously epic reputation. Epic music amazing stories huge sense of exploration amazing dungeons and boss battles awesome items ANNOYING WATER DUNGEOUNS a princess you actually care about unique themes with each game and ok allies (I didn't mind navi fi was more annoying anyway) and tons of other stuff are what make the legend of Zelda IN MY OPPIINNION the best vioe game franchise ever made!

No other video game franchise in existence has been around as long (since the NES), has had consistent releases (at least once per console and handheld generation), has had consistent quality (no game has been rated lower than 8), has remained fresh (each game has added something new to the formula), and yet never strayed too far from what makes it great (each game is instantly recognizable as Zelda in both visuals and gameplay).

3 Pokemon

Pokemon is for a wide range of audiences, there is a Pokemon for everyone (girls and boys alike).
And adults can also enjoy this game, it has stratergy, story, law, awesome Pokemon etc.
In some ways it has a more mature storyline than many other games considered 'more mature'.
With it exploring meanings like animal rights (Pokemon black and white) and the balance of nature (Pokemon ruby and sapphire and ORAS).

I started on gen 4 and I still play soul silver and some other pokemon games that came out before or after that and I love em all they are my favourite games of all time and I just remembered the struggle I had been through to catch that lugia on whirl islands ( I didn't use any online guides till I beat the elite four for the first time and I wasnt using one when on whirl islnads ) and I also remember how I felt when I caught him..The feellling that I could take over the world...damn good ol' video game has ever given me such a feelling in my whole life and I have played a bunch of em so yeah...If you have never played a pokemon game (on a nitendo console ) its not too late to trry it out cause this franchise will go on for years and I hope it reaches at least gen 30 or sth ( lmao ).

I don't play Pokemon games or watch the anime or play the TCG. But the sheer immensity of this franchise keeps me interested. There are so many Pokemon and Pokemon types. There is also a great fanart and fanfiction community which will keep you interested for a long time. So basically this franchise will keep you interested for as long as possible.

WHAT!? POKEMON IS THE MOST AMAZING GFAMING FRANCHISE EVER! It's amazigly original, I mean, how did Satoshi Tajiri come up with it, also it's much more succesful then Zelda. Its much more immersive than Mario, Sonic, Zelda and Call of Duty (Definitely Call of Duty) And I think it should be in the top five at least!

4 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

And then there’s Sonic. I love this little guy. Sonic 3 and Knuckles, although it has some annoying areas and glitches, is one of my favorite if not my favorite game ever. I love the classics to DEATH! Although I may not like the 3D games, I still like a good few of them, and would really like a classic 3D game. Between Mario and Sonic, you’ll find some of the best games ever made. Although I might have liked it in my youth, Pokémon is pretty mediocre all things considered, an it’d be a shame to see Mario fall to it. Overall, between my 2 reviews, I give these franchises 10/10s, although Sonic has some really bad games.-Brian.

Sonic should be in Mario’s place SONIC IS AWESOME also probably no Mario game could make their characters jump as high as the sonic characters can! Tails and Sonic both can jump really high in the mystic cave zone

With amazing, super fast gameplay, intriguing story lines, and a hall full of characters to boot, sonic is one of the most notable franchises for one reason. it is its own type of game, instead of Mario which is a generic plat former/whatever the heck it is these days, and Zelda, a generic adventure game, sonic is its own element, and will forever be my favorite franchise.
Just don't talk to me about sonic 06, I HATE sonic 06.
Luckily we have sonic colours and sonic unleashed.
But still.
Why. just why?
Anyway great series, love it

Yeah, and we also have Generations and Lost World. Both are great.

Awesome gameplay, a movie coming out, 6 animations (OVA is a double ep animation), 25 years worth of comics and over 70 epic games on a variety of consoles (Minus '06 because of "The Scene"), this franchise is a gamer's dream. A charachter to suit everyone from the classic blue blur Sonic, to the dark brooding Shadow, to the time traveling psycokinetic Silver, the adorable Miles "Tails" Prower, the feirce Knuckles and the danerous duo of Eggman and Metal Sonic. The first game I got was unleashed, with colours not long after. I fell in love with the series and it is a joy to play with the colours, music and stages

5 Super Smash Bros.

The best game ever! Complete with a 50+ character roster from different franchises including 3rd party characters and 80+ stages from different franchises (across both the Wii U and 3DS versions.) Great music from all the different games. Up to 8 players locally on Wii U version. Fun multiplayer game modes such as, Smash with time, stock, and coins, Smash Tour, Stadium Games including Home Run Contests, Target Blast, and Multi-Man Smash. Fun single player game modes including Classic, All Star, Events, and Special Orders. Plus a controller option for everybody from beginners to pros with 8 controller options (Sideways Wiimote, Wiimote+Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Clasic Controller Pro, Pro Controller, Gamepad, Gamecube Controller, or wirelessly connecting a 3DS or 2DS.) Overall, It's the best ever!

What happens when you take Nintendo's all stars and put them in a battle to the ages...EPICNESS. This game took Mario, link, samus, and tons of others in a fighting game that's one of a kind. Awesome characters, bonus features and "trophies" that describe Nintendo's history + addicting fighting and great stages and items and you got yourself the greatest fighting game ever

Best Crossover. Second is Marvel Vs Capcom obviously. It has the biggest roster and the gameplay is fun in so many ways. I love the stages, items, and music.

Hell yes, video game with the biggest roster of all time, and amazing gameplay if you really mastered it!

6 Grand Theft Auto

The Big 3 Nintendo franchises are at the top, and will probably stay there, but at leasy keep Grand Theft Auto at 4. It is one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time. The only series more critically acclaimed than this is probably Zelda.

The best of all. Open world games and control your character to nice, normal or criminal. And playing as Trevor its fun in Grand Theft Auto V!

I can understand Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon beating this, but Sonic? Um, hello, the games suck now!

Another Sonic Hater/Nintendo Fan saying that the series went downhill. Listen, Sonic is better in my opinion, but I'll respect yours. Stop saying the series went downhill, it didn't!

Grand Theft Auto games can be played for years without getting bored, can any game do the same?

7 Halo

I will not allow this! Halo, below call of duty!? Call of duty releases the same crap every year! With halo there is always something new, halo ce is the classic halo, halo 2 introduced playable elites and online multiplayer, halo 3 had better armor customization, halo 3 ODST introduced firefight, halo reach is by far the most unique of any halo, halo 4 did something entirely new about the campaign, halo 5 introduced the req system( which is actually pretty bad but at least it is new)! Call of duty is the same game every year!

Halo is story that defines adventure and action in a first person shooter. Back in the days when it was young and made by Bungie (before Call of Duty in 2003) was a break through providing the first action multiplayer. Halo might have slowly lost its touch over the years due to online competition, Halo 2 (my personal favorite of the franchise) is what started the definition of online multiplayer and a stunning elaborate story of friendship and betrayal along with a great music composed by martin o'donnell and Michael salvatori. The game is way more user friendly along with not much eight year olds speaking profanity.

Would pick call of duty than this but, it made me realize that the newer ones are just like halo except halo did it right and call of duty should have stayed boots on ground, also how in the new cods you can fly, more customers fly away from buying the game, unless it comes with a remaster witch lets the company activision jack you off from your money.

Since 2001 this has become a grand daddy of shooters everywhere. In every game except reach you play the legendary master chief a super powered soldier out to stop an alien race known as the covenant. While master chief is famous the multiplayer is where halo took its place among the FPS greats.

8 Call of Duty

Many people might think the COD series is overrated, and I might have to agree with them, but the games are still super fun to play.

Well, there is some good ones like Black ops 1 (which is my favorite call of duty game and has the best zombies of any other call of duty game), Black ops 2( Zombies sucks, Campaign is beautiful, Mulitplayer is meh), World at War( good campaign, decent multiplayer, decent zombies), and the modern warfare series( 1 and 2 had good but somewhat boring campaigns, 3 had a terrible campaign, didn't have zombies but spec ops was decent, 2 had amazing multiplayer, 1 is meh, 3 is bad but not terrible). But it went downhill when Advanced warfare, Ifinite Warfare ( question: why is almost all the call of duty games has the word warfare? ), and black ops 3 and 4( exception: 3's freerun was interesting and 4's blackout looks good but I have never played it.). Overall, it's a decent franchise

I really enjoy call of duty. Yes I know it’s full of unloved kids who’s parents bought them the game to get them out of their hair, but I still enjoy the campaign and zombies. I have been a Call of Duty fan a long time and I know the series won’t last forever, but I still enjoy it. I will agree though, it doesn’t take much skill. That’s why I’ve been playing a lot of battlefield and rainbow six siege. But still call of duty is a classic I grew up with and the new MW is really good so I have some hope. But we need to band those stupid kids.

I know Nintendo repeats their franchises but they add something new and interesting each time not to mention they also pretty much invented the action-adventure and platformer genre. Call of Duty is the same thing. LOZ for the win

9 Kirby

Go ahead, foolish feeble-minded souls. Denounce Kirby because it's an "EASY KIDS GAME". Well, there you may be wrong. I believe personally that the franchise was made to be for all, because the true goal was to have something that anyone could enjoy. And the goal was definitely met. Anyone could beat a Kirby game, but if you want MORE out of it, literally every Kirby game has extra content that DOES actually qualify as challenging. You just have to be willing enough to seek out whatever lies beyond... The creators just have to confess already that everything that happens after the game is in fact relevant to the main story, but only if you are strong enough to find the deeper meaning hiding within every Kirby experience. Because yes, Kirby has always been hiding things under its surface. There is just so much to explore, and so much flexibility with Copy Abilities that it's actually fun. That is what I love about Kirby, and also... YOU DON'T HAVE TO DITCH KIRBY JUST BECAUSE YOU ...more

Kirby is not my favorite franchise, but all of the franchises that I like more than Kirby are already in the top 10. Therefore I just had to give my vote to Kirby. It is such an amazing franchise with much to see and do. To all of those who say it is too easy, complete super star or super star ultra. I dare you. As a completionist, I can admit that some Kirby games are in fact quite easy. But it's not just difficulty that makes a franchise great. Kirby games are in my opinion the culmination of fun in its purest form. It is extremely fun to use a variety of items to kill innocent victims. The gameplay, story, bosses, music, and replayability are all great. If you think Kirby is for kids, just give it a chance. I am not a kid and I have loved Kirby games most of my life. Not only are there plenty of classics to play, but there are still amazing installments being released.

A major complaint about this series is the fact that the games are 'Easy'. Well, I can state for a fact that this isn't true. To get a 100 percent completion is quite difficult. You need to collect all of the collectables, beat extra mode, and find the HAL rooms and other secrets is no easy task.

Kirby games are a great choice, be you a hardcore gamer or a newcomer. The characters are cute (mostly), the games are fun, the music is nice and cheerful, and there are so many great games in this series!

Kirby Rules!

Kirby is so hideously underrated that it's a shame. Maybe it's because most of the games are on the average to short side of length, maybe it's the kid friendly [at first] aesthetic, maybe it's people that like to think that Kirby is just a different variation of Mario, or maybe there's some other reason like a lack of story - which I'd argue is far from true, because Kirby does an excellent job at being abstract and giving you very little in the way of direct story but still showing in an indirect way that there is an ABSOLUTE TON of lore connecting everything together. Whatever the case may be, people need to stop overlooking Kirby and give it more appreciation. Amazing lore, lovable vharacters, versatile gameplay, and consistently stellar soundtrack make this series more than just a beat 'em up fighter-platformer hybrid.

10 Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed Product Image

I just LOVE this game... the historical periods, story, and combat is just great. It is undoubtedly one of the best franchises ever, although it's only a decade old. Definitely deserves to be there in the top 5.

Assassin's creed is better than every other damn franchise..It's lets us play in history itself in the mosttt immersive way possible...The stories can make u cry laugh everything..

Of recent, one of the greatest combat games with the most intriguing story plots deeply tied within great periods and events in history. This game should be at least above the Call of Duty franchise and Pokemon in the top three.

A much more immersive story than any other game, the games evolve with progressively more content and should easily be ranked higher than Call of Duty or Halo in my opinion.

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11 Mega Man

The super fighting robot has been revived. Mega Man 11 was a success so Capcom is planning a lot a future titles. Let’s hope that includes Legends 3

Probably the 2nd best sidescroller non-metroidvania game franchise after Mario.
I mean, you can copy other robot's abilities, beat a mad scientist (and never capture him), summon Rush to do shortcuts, try doing buster-only (excluding the mandatory usages on the Wily stages), perfect run on robot masters, etc. This franchise is challenging and fun, and almost never frustrating. (unless you want to do a buster only perfect run on the Doc Robot in MM3)

Best. video Game. Franchise. Ever. It is also a huge influence on modern shooter games today, like Halo and Call of Duty. I will never get tired of the Mega Man games. Of course, the classic series is the best.

Capcom doesn't really appreciate this amazing franchise anymore even though this franchise is the face of the company.

It was, but now Capcom just likes to shove Street Fighter 2 down our throats.

12 The Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls Product Image

Listen, I love this series as much as the rest of you TES fans, but I think we all can agree that we don't need anymore Skyrim, that we need The Elder Scrolls 6.

Honestly, I'm surprised that this series didn't crack the top 5. The Elder Scrolls is a series in which anyone can become whoever they want to be, and make whatever decisions that they see fit. These games are extraordinarily extensive, easily allowing players to clock hundreds if not thousands of hours. The Elder Scrolls is my favorite series next to the Legend of Zelda. Come on, this deserves to be in a higher spot.

This needs to be up by Mario and Zelda! In this game you can customize your character, learn spells, take dangerous quests, and do everything a fantasy based world lets you do. I must not forget the Dragons though! If I go on this will be longer than the page! BEST VIDEO GAME EVER!

This is by no means my favorite video game franchise but it is a blast travelling across all of Tamriel and my actual favorite (Zelda) is already on top so my vote goes to Elder Scrolls.

13 Metroid

I have bad experiences with Metroid. I got it on the Wii, but it was dumb. I don't know who they picked to narrate the events, but I was ready to fall asleep after a couple of minutes. I will say this though. The one on the Super Nintendo that I got from eshop is good so far so I don't know.

Metroid is a fun original experience with darkness around the corner... but in a positive way! This series is one of the best, if not the best cult classic

Then, there is federation force...

This series should be higher on the list! It's immersive, it's dark, it's symbolic, it's mysterious, it's got the most badass female protagonist in history, it''s Metroid!

I wish Metroid sold better. I don't expect massive Mario, Pokemon, Zelda -esque blockbuster hits, but it would be nice to see a Metroid game dish out 5 million units.

14 Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Product Image

The undisputed king of video game music, and the best storytelling franchise. Final Fantasy 6,7,10, and 15 are amazing. Definitely worthy of top 3.

Why is this not in the top 10?!?!? Other then Pokemon final Fantasy is best RPG. I have never played a Final Fantasy game but they look good

Only think the franchise of Zelda is better. FF7 my third favorite game, how is this so low?!?

Sonic should not be above this let alone so high above this

15 Tekken

Best fighting game series ever made.

Best fighting game franchise.

Better than zelda

16 Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat Product Image

The word that explains how you feel during this game is BAD ASS. Your tear out a persons spine? No probably there aren't any cops in this game so be free to tear HEADS OFF. (I am not a terrorist please don't sue me) But to put it simple, this game takes stress out. Have a guy break up with you? Post a pic of him on the screen and GO ALL OUT!

Definitely the most influential franchise of the 90's but this game is still very popular and addictive. MK rules!
Finish Him!

Sub Zero is the best and all Scorpion fans know deep down that Sub Zero is just way better

Amazing storyline and best graphics

17 Mario Kart

Amazing games, I love Double Dash, 8, and DS

Should be higher


best tracks are on mk 7. Fight Me!

18 Need for Speed Need for Speed Product Image

Greatest racing franchise of all time. Should be top 5. Even Most Wanted I still love playing!

It's the best selling racing game franchise. It should be at least in the top ten.

Sold as many copies as FIFA and is emense fun

19 Battlefield Battlefield Product Image

Developers listen to their fans and have been providing great entertaining games for many years which make the fans extremely happy.

This franchises produce almost ten games already, should replace for Call of Duty!

It's Battlefield, so what can I say, that isn't already said.

This should switch places with Call of Duty

20 Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid Product Image

If you've played a single game in the franchise, you'd vote for this guaranteed. I played Sons of Liberty first, and even not knowing a single thing that was going on, it immediately made me know that the Metal Gear Solid series would be the best franchise I'd ever play. The stories can make you cry in each and every game. They're like movies.

Why is Metal Gear so low! The games are frequently listed as some of the best of all tIme. The stories are great(except MGS5)and somehow still relevant decades after they released. This is an injustice of the highest calibur. Unite fellow MGS fans and let us beat out Call of Duty at least!

An absolute shame that this is not at least in the top 5. Snake doesn't agree but this game proved that love can bloom on the battlefield.

You people have never played Metal gear solid yet otherwise you would Vote this!
I'm sure after release of The Phantom pain it'll gain it's true rank

21 Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Product Image

It has so much emotion and stories that it beats novels, not to mention kickass playing. Plus, it has disney characters and final fantasy characters. I haven't done FF yet, and I know the top two should be Grand Theft Auto under kingdom hearts, mario can be third

For a new game, this is awesome! It really deserves the hype it gets. I wanted to know why everyone was talking about this and I'm glad I checked this game out! It's definitely up there with Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Amazing! So much nostalgia and it is all about the power of friendship and love

This game is beautyfull...almost made me cry a tear.

22 Crash Bandicoot

No one really cares about him anymore... No offense Crash fans!

Whoever said that Crash Bandicoot games, you better be referring to the Crash Bandicoot games made by Radical Entertainment! >:(

Some of my all time favorites!

One of the most difficult PS1 games of all time!

23 Uncharted Uncharted Product Image

This franchise is the definitive action adventure franchise for gaming. Arguably the PlayStations crowned franchise is cinematically unmatched by any other. Metal gear spends most of its time on cut scenes, and its gameplay is noticably uncinematic and frustrating at times. The last of us is also only cinematic in its ctuscenes and characters, whereas uncharted is the holywood playable blockbuster with playable parts un seen in video games. Not to mention its brilliant characters, dialogue music and characters all being one of a kind. Uncharted also has some of the best section/ set pieces ever video games.THE TRAIN SECTION. PLANE CARGO SCENE. CRUISE SHIP SAILING.

These games have been consistently great unlike many of the other higher voted franchises. The trilogy is great, but that 4th game sealed that deal. This is hands down one of the greatest video game franchises of all time and it deserves a spot on the top 10 list.

Has one of the greatest lineup of characters and the story line behind each game is fantastic! Deserves to be in the top 10!

Best all round game of all time and no other game tells the story the way it does.

24 God of War God of War Product Image

The best ever game franchise. The coolest mind blowing games ever. God of War had explained what a real game should be like. The God of War games are the best and should be played. It should be on number 1, but I know players other than PlayStation cannot vote this because it only works on PS systems. To experience the real gaming experience and powerful story and gameplay one should have to buy PlayStations.

This series should be in top ten!

Way better than Zelda

25 Resident Evil

This is the franchise that established survival horror as a genre, later created the 3rd person over the shoulder perspective, becoming the father of modern day shooters, and has reinvented itself again taking inspiration from other games like Silent Hill and Outlast to outshine the horror and survival genre now better than EVER! And still it has a long way to go. If there is a franchise that definitely isn't afraid to try new things out and can make mistakes but learn from them and appeal to its fans it’s RESIDENT EVIL!

This franchise should be higher. Resident Evil/Remake, Resident Evil 0/Remake, Resident Evil 2/Remake, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Revalation, these are (or some of them are) the best survival horror game ever and already good enough to make this franchise go higher.

I hate Mario and Pokemon

But resident evil is the best franchise I ever played

Still most Speedrunned franchise to this day. No game release in this generation will ever archieve that

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