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1 The Legend of Zelda

This franchise is something that has been and will be in most gamers lives and childhoods as they grow up and is enjoyable for all ages with the best soundtracks to each game that are unique every time but also in some games they make references to old soundtracks too and references to other games with different variants of subtleness

Ocarina of time,breath of the wild are the best.

The Legend of Zelda series is universally acclaimed, and boasts timeless and ingenious gameplay/puzzle-play which never gets old. Furthermore, the sheer quality of each and every instalment makes it one of the most consistently high-achieving franchises in existence.

Zelda should top the list.

Just freeeaaakkaay!

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2 Mario

If there was no Mario, I bet you most home console video games wouldn't be a reality. Everyone looks at how good or original a game is and while that is incredibly important, you also must look at the history and their impact on the world. Mario's face is more recognizable than Mickey Mouse's. He has appeared in over 200 games. He defined a generation. He helped build Nintendo's empire that probably won't ever fall. All of his games are at least 8/10s, though his movie leaves much to be desired. He has T.V. shows, comic books, movies, and all other forms of merchandise. He may not have the greatest games, but he certainly has the most recognizable.

I mean, Nintendo would have been NOTHING without Mario. That's pretty much all of it. He's the face of video gaming, and that's it. Period.
Also, just to point out, he's got the best games that have ever existed.

Mario saved the video game industry and gave the possibility for T.L.O.Z to become a reality, and almost every other game, including Sonic, Pokemon, and Halo. Mario is the highest grossing video game franchise, selling 277 million more video game copies than second place (Sonic). With almost every thing you can make into merchandise Mario has it, it is incredibly prominent today that even people who don't know what a video game is know who he is. Let's-a go!

Super cool, what else to say.

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3 Pokemon

I've been playing pokemon since I was 4... I love pokemon I really thought Mario would be first... pokemon second and Zelda third... don't know why..

This is actually the most highest grossing media franchise of all time

Can't decide between pokemon, call of duty and assassin's creed. And I am the only person who always writes assassins as assasin

I choose you!

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4 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

Sonic's games are the best games

With amazing, super fast gameplay, intriguing story lines, and a hall full of characters to boot, sonic is one of the most notable franchises for one reason. it is its own type of game, instead of Mario which is a generic plat former/whatever the heck it is these days, and Zelda, a generic adventure game, sonic is its own element, and will forever be my favorite franchise.
Just don't talk to me about sonic 06, I HATE sonic 06.
Luckily we have sonic colours and sonic unleashed.
But still.
Why. just why?
Anyway great series, love it

Yeah, and we also have Generations and Lost World. Both are great. - DCfnaf

Great video game franchise. But its just too focused on making a big story and adding TONS and TONS of unnesecary characters.

Sonic maybe a struggling franchise with atrocities like sonic 06, sonic forces, sonic unleashed, sonic boom, but we try to look at colors, black knight, generations, and the classics

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5 Grand Theft Auto

Back in the day, if you didn't play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, THEN YOU DIDN'T HAVE A CHILDHOOD.

Love the amount of cuss words in these games even though I have to put on headphones

You get to be a rebel and not even have to face actual consequences.

I can't wait for Grand Theft Auto 6

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6 Super Smash Bros.

Even more ambitious crossover than endgame infinity war

How is Grand Theft Auto above this, this is way better

How is a game filled with little kids with bad parents better than this? this is a great game.

The actual most ambitious crossover in history.

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7 Halo

Halo is better
reasons: bill gates bought the first copy of halo 3
2: Bungie made the whole world go absolutely insane
3: the graphics are cutting edge
4: Bungie made a good story with good gameplay and came out with a polished game
5: the music is awesome and fits to whatever is happening
6: the fps is awesome with open maps and nonlinear storytelling
7: the game is fun with multiplayer being the best
8: it broke many world records on release

O my god its Halo

It's below sonic because sonic is better - GleamingShadow

How is this below sonic the hedjog

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8 Call of Duty

Is this a joke? - myusernameisthis

Because of the upcoming game. Call of Duty mw. It deserves it.

It IS good.

Wow, Call of Duty hate bandwagon is still going... it's not even as popular as it used to be several years ago...

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9 Kirby


Kirby is not my favorite franchise, but all of the franchises that I like more than Kirby are already in the top 10. Therefore I just had to give my vote to Kirby. It is such an amazing franchise with much to see and do. To all of those who say it is too easy, complete super star or super star ultra. I dare you. As a completionist, I can admit that some Kirby games are in fact quite easy. But it's not just difficulty that makes a franchise great. Kirby games are in my opinion the culmination of fun in its purest form. It is extremely fun to use a variety of items to kill innocent victims. The gameplay, story, bosses, music, and replayability are all great. If you think Kirby is for kids, just give it a chance. I am not a kid and I have loved Kirby games most of my life. Not only are there plenty of classics to play, but there are still amazing installments being released.

We need to get kirby in the top 10

A major complaint about this series is the fact that the games are 'Easy'. Well, I can state for a fact that this isn't true. To get a 100 percent completion is quite difficult. You need to collect all of the collectables, beat extra mode, and find the HAL rooms and other secrets is no easy task.

Kirby games are a great choice, be you a hardcore gamer or a newcomer. The characters are cute (mostly), the games are fun, the music is nice and cheerful, and there are so many great games in this series!

Kirby Rules!

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10 Assassin's Creed

I just LOVE this game... the historical periods, story, and combat is just great. It is undoubtedly one of the best franchises ever, although it's only a decade old. Definitely deserves to be there in the top 5.

This game series deserve to be in top 5 at least

What? IT NEEDS TO number 1!

Assassin's creed is better than every other damn franchise..It's lets us play in history itself in the mosttt immersive way possible...The stories can make u cry laugh everything..

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The Newcomers

? Nintendogs
? Rayman

The Contenders

11 Mega Man

The most underrated video game franchise ever!

This is my 2nd most favorite non-nintendo franchise in my opinion right behind Sonic.

Capcom doesn't really appreciate this amazing franchise anymore even though this franchise is the face of the company.

It was, but now Capcom just likes to shove Street Fighter 2 down our throats. - Granton8ter2

The story's are great and it has great replayability I mean come on he is like amazing and I know a lot of people who knows the franchise in my book this series in #1 Hands down

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12 Metroid

Metroid is a fun original experience with darkness around the corner... but in a positive way! This series is one of the best, if not the best cult classic

Then, there is federation force...

Waiting for that top 3!

Truly one of the most UNDERRATED franchises ever. It's ranked too low on this list.

I have bad experiences with Metroid. I got it on the Wii, but it was dumb. I don't know who they picked to narrate the events, but I was ready to fall asleep after a couple of minutes. I will say this though. The one on the Super Nintendo that I got from eshop is good so far so I don't know.

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13 Final Fantasy

This should NOT be below Sonic and Grand Theft Auto.

Only think the franchise of Zelda is better. FF7 my third favorite game, how is this so low?!? - SheWolfCloud

Needs to be top 3. Anyone who loves RPGs in their 30-40s played the first Final Fantasy game. Squaresoft was the best.

Sonic should not be above this let alone so high above this

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14 The Elder Scrolls

Number one

This is by no means my favorite video game franchise but it is a blast travelling across all of Tamriel and my actual favorite (Zelda) is already on top so my vote goes to Elder Scrolls.

This should be number one, smh

Put this higher! If you see this comment you sister ditbags vote for this. You don't I will come in you anus. VOTE FOR ESO

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15 Need for Speed

It has cars

Greatest racing franchise of all time. Should be top 5. Even Most Wanted I still love playing!

It's the best selling racing game franchise. It should be at least in the top ten.

Sold as many copies as FIFA and is emense fun

16 Uncharted

Should be at the top, Actually challenging and has a real story unlike Mario - B1ueNew

Has one of the greatest lineup of characters and the story line behind each game is fantastic! Deserves to be in the top 10!

Absolutely amazing, one of the several reasons why PlayStation is better!

These games have been consistently great unlike many of the other higher voted franchises. The trilogy is great, but that 4th game sealed that deal. This is hands down one of the greatest video game franchises of all time and it deserves a spot on the top 10 list.

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17 Tekken

Better than zelda

Best fighting game series ever made.

Best fighting game franchise.

18 Metal Gear Solid

This needs to be higher dammit!

Solid set a standard that no other game in the genre set: it was the first and the best.

A dead franchise. Impressive but already dead.

"Colonal, Big Burger"

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19 Battlefield

Developers listen to their fans and have been providing great entertaining games for many years which make the fans extremely happy.

This franchises produce almost ten games already, should replace for Call of Duty!

It's Battlefield, so what can I say, that isn't already said.

This should switch places with Call of Duty

20 Kingdom Hearts

Amazing! So much nostalgia and it is all about the power of friendship and love

It has so much emotion and stories that it beats novels, not to mention kickass playing. Plus, it has disney characters and final fantasy characters. I haven't done FF yet, and I know the top two should be Grand Theft Auto under kingdom hearts, mario can be third

For a new game, this is awesome! It really deserves the hype it gets. I wanted to know why everyone was talking about this and I'm glad I checked this game out! It's definitely up there with Zelda and Final Fantasy. - AngryHimouto

This game is beautyfull...almost made me cry a tear.

21 Mario Kart

Should be higher - GleamingShadow

All games from worst to best
9 Mario Kart super curcit
8 Mario Kart 7
7 Super Mario Kart
6 Mario Kart 8
5 Mario Kart ds
4 Mario Kart 64
3 Mario Kart double dash
2 Mario Kart wii
1 Mario Kart 8 deluxe!

This is a part of Mario - TealBoyxx

Amazing games, I love Double Dash, 8, and DS - patfelts

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22 Mortal Kombat

The word that explains how you feel during this game is BAD ASS. Your tear out a persons spine? No probably there aren't any cops in this game so be free to tear HEADS OFF. (I am not a terrorist please don't sue me) But to put it simple, this game takes stress out. Have a guy break up with you? Post a pic of him on the screen and GO ALL OUT!

Definitely the most influential franchise of the 90's but this game is still very popular and addictive. MK rules!
Finish Him! - Magnolia

Sub Zero is the best and all Scorpion fans know deep down that Sub Zero is just way better

Amazing storyline and best graphics

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23 Resident Evil

Still most Speedrunned franchise to this day. No game release in this generation will ever archieve that

A franchise that has arguably the greatest third person shooter of all time RE4
And has the best survival horror game of the 5th generation should be way higher than this

This franchise should be higher. Resident Evil/Remake, Resident Evil 0/Remake, Resident Evil 2/Remake, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Revalation, these are (or some of them are) the best survival horror game ever and already good enough to make this franchise go higher.

This is the franchise that established survival horror as a genre, later created the 3rd person over the shoulder perspective, becoming the father of modern day shooters, and has reinvented itself again taking inspiration from other games like Silent Hill and Outlast to outshine the horror and survival genre now better than EVER! And still it has a long way to go. If there is a franchise that definitely isn't afraid to try new things out and can make mistakes but learn from them and appeal to its fans it’s RESIDENT EVIL!

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24 Crash Bandicoot

Some of my all time favorites!

No one really cares about him anymore... No offense Crash fans!

Crash games suck


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25 Fallout

At least push it to top 5

Laugh out loud this list is retarded fallout is so much better than the vast majority of franchises

This franchise nearly died, but it brought itself back to life. That is something you don't see at all

It's more common now with franchises like Crash and Spyro making a comeback - kanetheundertaker25

What 140 on a top franchise list. I Don't Want To Live In This Planet AnyMore

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26 Mass Effect

27 shouldn't be on top 100 list like what the heck people

Belongs in the top ten number!

18? Mass effect should be at least top ten, contains great storytelling that draws you in and actually gives you decisions to make that affect the galaxy throughout the franchise, it is a must have for all gamers

Mass Effect is the best thing I've ever played, and there is nothing that will change that.

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27 Street Fighter

Uh hello everybody?! You guys should know that this is one of the best fighting games of all time! Heck, it should be at least on the top 5. Also, it should definitely be on top of the other fighting games listed here. Especially virtua fighter.

People! Why is this number 51? It started fighting games. Game that you love like Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Super Smash Bros, and more!

28 Batman Arkham

It feels great to be Batman even if it is in a videogame.

This needs to be higher

Some of the best video games of all time
Arkham City is one of the best games ever made and Arkham Asylum is on par as one of the best of the generation. Arkham Knight is arguably better than its predecessors for the complete batman experience. The whole game series has revolutionized the superhero genre much in the way the Dark Knight trilogy has. It is one of the few franchises where all the games are of excellent quality like Uncharted. - 11ahmu


29 Watch Dogs
30 Lord of The Rings

Um this isn't a game...

This franchise is brilliant.
The Lord of the Rings Online
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Battle for Middle Earth
Battle for Middle Earth II
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

So many brilliant games all set in the universe of MIDDLE EARTH - 11ahmu

This franchise is great. So many awesome games and experiences within middle earth.
Lord of the Rings Online
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Battle for Middle Earth
Battle for Middle Earth II
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North - 11ahmu

31 God of War

Way better than Zelda

The best ever game franchise. The coolest mind blowing games ever. God of war had explained what a real game should be like. The god of war games are the best and should be played. It should be on number 1.but I knew players other than play station cannot vote this because it only works on ps systems. To experience the real gaming experience and powerful story and gameplay one should have to buy play stations

This series should be in top ten!

32 Ratchet & Clank

67th? Wow this series is underrated. - Garythesnail

It should be top 10

The best

THEY ARE THE BEST! The others are just NOOBS and LOSERS!

33 Shin Megami Tensei

FIFA can be great, but the issue with it, is that EA Sports mostly care about FUT instead of heavier played game modes, like career mode, because EA Sports gets more money out of FUT. That's only one of the problems. If EA Sports would listen more to it's community, it would be even better.

FIFA is very fun and interesting to play. It gets better every year. It also has great graphics and can get tense. It will give you a interest in soccer.

Gif as great but the only problem is theirs really know change in the game no new players just the graphics changed slightly but it's still ok


35 Gran Turismo

Hell yes! This needs to be higher!

36 Spyro the Dragon

Innovative, fun, original, and honestly better than crash in many cases. Spyro has open world exploration, a great collectathon that ties with Banjo&Kazooie, and a purple dragon. Who doesn't love purple dragons?

I love this franchise and... I don't have anything left to say really. Plus dragons are BADASS!

The franchise helped make Insomniac one of the better-known devs in the gaming industry.

This should be #1 it is the best platformer franchise

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37 Sim City
38 EarthBound

Good game.

The most hilarious, revolutionary RPG on the SNES, and one of the best RPGs out there

39 Banjo-Kazooie

O yes - myusernameisthis

40 Team Fortress

How is this 41

Team Fortress two is, in my opinion, the best shooter ever. It has a stylistic and beautiful art style and runs very well. It has genius writing and voice acting that add to the atmosphere and creates a great sense of humor. It has fast-paced gameplay with nine diverse classes that make this game great.

With 9 entertaining classes at your disposal team fortress 2 is easily one of the best shooters, pc games, and free games by far. Whether you want to play as the fast moving loud mouthing scout or the sandvich loving minigun wielding Russian the heavy its a fun and wildly entertaining game that will have you never leaving the computer screen.

41 Conflict Desert Storm
42 Tales

The Tales games do more than provide you with hours of entertainment, they teach you about perspective, responsibility, consequences and morals. Growing up playing Tales games has taught me so much about the real world to the point where I'd say I wouldn't be who I am today without their guidance.

I'm actually surprised this isn't higher! The Tales franchise is great! - RaineSage

43 EA Sports EA Sports

Should be higher! This is the best sports franchise!

44 Pac-Man

Yokai watch should be on here are 10 5 2 or 1

The best franchise ever. Everyone who hate this are stupid people.

I especially love Pac-Man World 1 and 3 on the PlayStation consoles.

This should be in the top 3

45 Castlevania

Come on! The classic games Castlevania has brought us makes it deserve a higher place in this list! Most of them are extremely great and fun games, when not genre-defining.

46 Portal

super cool

An important game in the history of Valve and an utterly incredible puzzle game with a gripping story.

How does Call of Duty beat this?

I love Gladios

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47 Soul Calibur

Main issue with this series is that the PvP is dead, it doesn't exist anymore.

48 Forza Motorsport

Forza "No Pitstop" Motorsport

49 Donkey Kong Country
50 Fire Emblem

It's a very fun and challenging franchise. If you love rpgs and never played it then I recommend you go and get awakening for the 3ds. Highly underrated franchise.


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