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1 The Legend of Zelda

some scenes make me cry, even knowing I wanted to kill zelda, because shes annoying

if you are a extremely huge fan, then you know how princess zelda is annoying.

The Legend of Zelda series is universally acclaimed, and boasts timeless and ingenious gameplay/puzzle-play which never gets old. Furthermore, the sheer quality of each and every instalment makes it one of the most consistently high-achieving franchises in existence.

Zelda should top the list.

Best video game series ever mario is nowhere near as great a protagonist as link

2 Mario

Why is sonic better? Mario has more likable characters and a better story (actually has one). Also it has better gameplay and more games in it, let alone more good ones. Also, Super Mario Bros. Basically saved the gaming market and before Wii Sports, was the best selling game of all time. Mario is the most notable video game character due to Mario being the best selling franchise. In fact, a test in the 90s showed that Mario was more notable than Mickey Mouse. This is my favorite franchise and it holds my favorite video game, and it shows. This should be #1 instead of that overrated Call of Duty.

Will you morons stop arguing over Mario and sonic? Both are awesome!

If there was no Mario, I bet you most home console video games wouldn't be a reality. Everyone looks at how good or original a game is and while that is incredibly important, you also must look at the history and their impact on the world. Mario's face is more recognizable than Mickey Mouse's. He has appeared in over 200 games. He defined a generation. He helped build Nintendo's empire that probably won't ever fall. All of his games are at least 8/10s, though his movie leaves much to be desired. He has T.V. shows, comic books, movies, and all other forms of merchandise. He may not have the greatest games, but he certainly has the most recognizable.

This franchise should be number 1. It revolutionized gaming as a whole and we never would have gotten the Xbox, 3d games, cooler graphics, or today's games if Mario was never made.

Why do you put down the Mario Kart Games? They are great! And when did you write this comment? 1985? There are like at least 100 Games with ''Super Mario'' in the title! I do like the ''Super Mario'' Games though better than the Mario spin-offs! Super Mario Galaxy is the best Video Game of all time, and a true masterpiece that never gets old (at least in my opinion)! And who sez Zelda is better than Mario? If you want an open world Wind Waker kind of Mario Game, than try Super Mario Sunshine! Super Mario Odyssey looks to be the same way, as we saw at the Nintendo E3 a month ago! And Mario was the first Video Game to actually be fun, the games before it, like Pong, sucked! Nintendo practically invented the Video Games we know today, with Mario, Zelda, Metroid (which probably inspired Halo and Call of Duty), and others! By the way, why do so many people like Halo, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto? If you want a first person shooter, try Nintendo's non-bloody Metroid Prime Trilogy or ...more

3 Pokemon

Forget the stereotype that this is a "kids" game because regardless its one of the best series ever. Besides dominating the handheld market it has always kept people on their ds' and Gameboys for months trying to get this Pokemon to level 100. Pokémon has the most replay ability I've ever seen in a video game and has always been one of my all time favorites.

I've been playing pokemon since I was 4... I love pokemon I really thought Mario would be first... pokemon second and Zelda third... don't know why..

This is actually the most highest grossing media franchise of all time

Pokemon is very fun with over 800 monsters to collect, different regions to explore and stories ranging in quality Pokemon is great and deserves its title as the highest grossing media franchise of all time.

4 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

Great because Zavok, Infinite, Silver and Sonic, the character, are great.

I'm not gonna even start o this topic but sonic should be in Mario's spot

With amazing, super fast gameplay, intriguing story lines, and a hall full of characters to boot, sonic is one of the most notable franchises for one reason. it is its own type of game, instead of Mario which is a generic plat former/whatever the heck it is these days, and Zelda, a generic adventure game, sonic is its own element, and will forever be my favorite franchise.
Just don't talk to me about sonic 06, I HATE sonic 06.
Luckily we have sonic colours and sonic unleashed.
But still.
Why. just why?
Anyway great series, love it

Yeah, and we also have Generations and Lost World. Both are great.

Sonic's got something you don't Mario... A personality, an attitude. Mario is such a bland empty character in my opinion. Sonic set out to be everything Mario isn't and was a complete success... Well until the year 2006... But don't worry, he came back to what he's good at in 2010 with Sonic Colours.

Yes I agree with Sonic being a better character than Mario. Sonic Colors is good, Sonic Generations is awesome, and Sonic Lost World was actually a great idea. But now we are in the "Sonic Boom Era".

5 Super Smash Bros.

Favorite game. Great design and over all the best heckin' crossover ever made.

Sakurai did a good job in gathering all Nintendo stars in one stage, until TODAY!

Best. Fighter. EVER. PERIOD. How the hell is Call of Duty above this masterpiece?

How is a game filled with little kids with bad parents better than this? this is a great game.

6 Grand Theft Auto

Back in the day, if you didn't play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, THEN YOU DIDN'T HAVE A CHILDHOOD.

Love the amount of cuss words in these games even though I have to put on headphones

You get to be a rebel and not even have to face actual consequences.

The Big 3 Nintendo franchises are at the top, and will probably stay there, but at leasy keep Grand Theft Auto at 4. It is one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time. The only series more critically acclaimed than this is probably Zelda.

7 Halo

I will not allow this! Halo, below call of duty!? Call of duty releases the same crap every year! With halo there is always something new, halo ce is the classic halo, halo 2 introduced playable elites and online multiplayer, halo 3 had better armor customization, halo 3 ODST introduced firefight, halo reach is by far the most unique of any halo, halo 4 did something entirely new about the campaign, halo 5 introduced the req system( which is actually pretty bad but at least it is new)! Call of duty is the same game every year!

People say xbox sucks because they forgot this was xbox exclusive

By far the best. Halo revolutionized gaming. The others? : They spam the same game mechanics and no new ideas.

Anyone who thinks call of duty is better than halo shall be left behind from the great journey (Call of Duty SUCKS! )

8 Call of Duty

Wow, Call of Duty hate bandwagon is still going... it's not even as popular as it used to be several years ago...

I've played almost ever Call of Duty and whether it's campaign, multiplayer, or even zombies, the Call of Duty franchise is easily one of the best.

A stupid franchise for immature 7 year olds.

The game as a first person shooter is great, but like in every game, there's always the try-hardship that take the fun out of it. The stories are good, and takes place in various time periods.

9 Kirby

Go ahead, foolish feeble-minded souls. Denounce Kirby because it's an "EASY KIDS GAME". Well, there you may be wrong. I believe personally that the franchise was made to be for all, because the true goal was to have something that anyone could enjoy. And the goal was definitely met. Anyone could beat a Kirby game, but if you want MORE out of it, literally every Kirby game has extra content that DOES actually qualify as challenging. You just have to be willing enough to seek out whatever lies beyond... The creators just have to confess already that everything that happens after the game is in fact relevant to the main story, but only if you are strong enough to find the deeper meaning hiding within every Kirby experience. Because yes, Kirby has always been hiding things under its surface. There is just so much to explore, and so much flexibility with Copy Abilities that it's actually fun. That is what I love about Kirby, and also... YOU DON'T HAVE TO DITCH KIRBY JUST BECAUSE YOU ...more

Kirby is not my favorite franchise, but all of the franchises that I like more than Kirby are already in the top 10. Therefore I just had to give my vote to Kirby. It is such an amazing franchise with much to see and do. To all of those who say it is too easy, complete super star or super star ultra. I dare you. As a completionist, I can admit that some Kirby games are in fact quite easy. But it's not just difficulty that makes a franchise great. Kirby games are in my opinion the culmination of fun in its purest form. It is extremely fun to use a variety of items to kill innocent victims. The gameplay, story, bosses, music, and replayability are all great. If you think Kirby is for kids, just give it a chance. I am not a kid and I have loved Kirby games most of my life. Not only are there plenty of classics to play, but there are still amazing installments being released.

A major complaint about this series is the fact that the games are 'Easy'. Well, I can state for a fact that this isn't true. To get a 100 percent completion is quite difficult. You need to collect all of the collectables, beat extra mode, and find the HAL rooms and other secrets is no easy task.

Kirby games are a great choice, be you a hardcore gamer or a newcomer. The characters are cute (mostly), the games are fun, the music is nice and cheerful, and there are so many great games in this series!

Kirby Rules!

What I hear people complain about most is how the game is easy. For the most part yes but when you have awesome final bosses and tough after game that seems to be overshadowed. Unlike other franchises there hasn't been a bad game in the whole series. I'd say it is the best franchise if your going by how good the games are on average

10 Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed Product Image

You Can't Even Know,How Much You Will Feel Amazed And Exciting After Playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Game.

I just LOVE this game... the historical periods, story, and combat is just great. It is undoubtedly one of the best franchises ever, although it's only a decade old. Definitely deserves to be there in the top 5.

Of recent, one of the greatest combat games with the most intriguing story plots deeply tied within great periods and events in history. This game should be at least above the Call of Duty franchise and Pokemon in the top three.

Assassin's creed is better than every other damn franchise..It's lets us play in history itself in the mosttt immersive way possible...The stories can make u cry laugh everything..

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? Super Kirby Clash
? Ultimate Chicken Horse Ultimate Chicken Horse Product Image

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11 Mega Man

The super fighting robot has been revived. Mega Man 11 was a success so Capcom is planning a lot a future titles. Let’s hope that includes Legends 3

Capcom doesn't really appreciate this amazing franchise anymore even though this franchise is the face of the company.

It was, but now Capcom just likes to shove Street Fighter 2 down our throats.

The story's are great and it has great replayability I mean come on he is like amazing and I know a lot of people who knows the franchise in my book this series in #1 Hands down

This is my 2nd most favorite non-nintendo franchise in my opinion right behind Sonic.

12 The Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls Product Image

Listen, I love this series as much as the rest of you TES fans, but I think we all can agree that we don't need anymore Skyrim, that we need The Elder Scrolls 6.

Honestly, I'm surprised that this series didn't crack the top 5. The Elder Scrolls is a series in which anyone can become whoever they want to be, and make whatever decisions that they see fit. These games are extraordinarily extensive, easily allowing players to clock hundreds if not thousands of hours. The Elder Scrolls is my favorite series next to the Legend of Zelda. Come on, this deserves to be in a higher spot.

This is by no means my favorite video game franchise but it is a blast travelling across all of Tamriel and my actual favorite (Zelda) is already on top so my vote goes to Elder Scrolls.

Put this higher! If you see this comment you sister ditbags vote for this. You don't I will come in you anus. VOTE FOR ESO

13 Metroid

In super metroid there was a awesome story with barely any dialouge.

Metroid is a fun original experience with darkness around the corner... but in a positive way! This series is one of the best, if not the best cult classic

Then, there is federation force...

Truly one of the most UNDERRATED franchises ever. It's ranked too low on this list.

I have bad experiences with Metroid. I got it on the Wii, but it was dumb. I don't know who they picked to narrate the events, but I was ready to fall asleep after a couple of minutes. I will say this though. The one on the Super Nintendo that I got from eshop is good so far so I don't know.

14 Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Product Image

Please tell me how Final Fantasy isn't in the top 5?

Only think the franchise of Zelda is better. FF7 my third favorite game, how is this so low?!?

Why is this not in the top 10?!?!? Other then Pokemon final Fantasy is best RPG. I have never played a Final Fantasy game but they look good

The undisputed king of video game music, and the best storytelling franchise. Final Fantasy 6,7,10, and 15 are amazing. Definitely worthy of top 3.

15 Tekken

Better than zelda

Best fighting game series ever made.

Best fighting game franchise.

16 Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat Product Image

The word that explains how you feel during this game is BAD ASS. Your tear out a persons spine? No probably there aren't any cops in this game so be free to tear HEADS OFF. (I am not a terrorist please don't sue me) But to put it simple, this game takes stress out. Have a guy break up with you? Post a pic of him on the screen and GO ALL OUT!

Definitely the most influential franchise of the 90's but this game is still very popular and addictive. MK rules!
Finish Him!

Sub Zero is the best and all Scorpion fans know deep down that Sub Zero is just way better

Amazing storyline and best graphics

17 Mario Kart

Amazing games, I love Double Dash, 8, and DS

Should be higher

best tracks are on mk 7. Fight Me!

ehh this franchise is kinda overrated

18 Need for Speed Need for Speed Product Image

It's the best selling racing game franchise. It should be at least in the top ten.

Greatest racing franchise of all time. Should be top 5. Even Most Wanted I still love playing!

Sold as many copies as FIFA and is emense fun

It has cars

19 Battlefield Battlefield Product Image

Developers listen to their fans and have been providing great entertaining games for many years which make the fans extremely happy.

This franchises produce almost ten games already, should replace for Call of Duty!

It's Battlefield, so what can I say, that isn't already said.

This should switch places with Call of Duty

20 Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid Product Image

If you've played a single game in the franchise, you'd vote for this guaranteed. I played Sons of Liberty first, and even not knowing a single thing that was going on, it immediately made me know that the Metal Gear Solid series would be the best franchise I'd ever play. The stories can make you cry in each and every game. They're like movies.

An absolute shame that this is not at least in the top 5. Snake doesn't agree but this game proved that love can bloom on the battlefield.

Solid set a standard that no other game in the genre set: it was the first and the best.

Deserves its place right at the top. Nothing comes even remotely close to this.

21 Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Product Image

Amazing! So much nostalgia and it is all about the power of friendship and love

It has so much emotion and stories that it beats novels, not to mention kickass playing. Plus, it has disney characters and final fantasy characters. I haven't done FF yet, and I know the top two should be Grand Theft Auto under kingdom hearts, mario can be third

For a new game, this is awesome! It really deserves the hype it gets. I wanted to know why everyone was talking about this and I'm glad I checked this game out! It's definitely up there with Zelda and Final Fantasy.

This game is beautyfull...almost made me cry a tear.

22 Uncharted Uncharted Product Image

These games have been consistently great unlike many of the other higher voted franchises. The trilogy is great, but that 4th game sealed that deal. This is hands down one of the greatest video game franchises of all time and it deserves a spot on the top 10 list.

Has one of the greatest lineup of characters and the story line behind each game is fantastic! Deserves to be in the top 10!

Best all round game of all time and no other game tells the story the way it does.

Should be at the top, Actually challenging and has a real story unlike Mario

23 Crash Bandicoot

No one really cares about him anymore... No offense Crash fans!

Crash games suck

Some of my all time favorites!


24 Resident Evil

Still most Speedrunned franchise to this day. No game release in this generation will ever archieve that

A franchise that has arguably the greatest third person shooter of all time RE4
And has the best survival horror game of the 5th generation should be way higher than this

This franchise should be higher. Resident Evil/Remake, Resident Evil 0/Remake, Resident Evil 2/Remake, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Revalation, these are (or some of them are) the best survival horror game ever and already good enough to make this franchise go higher.

This should be way higher than assassin's Creed

25 Fallout Fallout Product Image

Laugh out loud this list is retarded fallout is so much better than the vast majority of franchises

This franchise nearly died, but it brought itself back to life. That is something you don't see at all

It's more common now with franchises like Crash and Spyro making a comeback - kanetheundertaker25

What 140 on a top franchise list. I Don't Want To Live In This Planet AnyMore

How the hell is this so low? Too many peasants.

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