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1 The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda series is universally acclaimed, and boasts timeless and ingenious gameplay/puzzle-play which never gets old. Furthermore, the sheer quality of each and every instalment makes it one of the most consistently high-achieving franchises in existence.

Zelda should top the list.

This is the best franchise by far. I love that most of they games have been quality. All of their games are ridiculously amazing and very hard to put down. I don't see how franchises such as Call of Duty get higher on the rankings than this masterpiece of a series.

Nothing will ever shake this. All y'all talking about how Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim are better, you're welcome for having Zelda CREATE THAT GENRE. Since the 80's, Zelda has been creatin high-quality and critically acclaimed games that have interesting, well-paced stories, fun characters, great dungeons, awesome boss fights, great music, amazing atmosphere, beautiful open worlds... The list goes on. The series has managed to create so many amazing games that one could get lost in forever, exploring for treasure, helping civilians, getting to know the world better, finishing sidequests... There's just so much to do! An amazing series that never gets old and will always keep everyone entertained.

The director of Grand Theft Auto and founder or Rockstar said that they went high thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma and Takashi Tezuka for this Masterpiece of a franchise. The creators of the Witcher and elder scrolls said that Ocarina of Time was the inspiration.

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2 Mario

Why is sonic better? Mario has more likable characters and a better story (actually has one). Also it has better gameplay and more games in it, let alone more good ones. Also, Super Mario Bros. Basically saved the gaming market and before Wii Sports, was the best selling game of all time. Mario is the most notable video game character due to Mario being the best selling franchise. In fact, a test in the 90's showed that Mario was more notable than Mickey Mouse. This is my favorite franchise and it holds my favorite video game, and it shows. This should be #1 instead of that overrated Call of Duty.

Will you morons stop arguing over Mario and sonic? Both are awesome! - DCfnaf

I really like Mario games. But don't you think there are too many spinoffs. The spinoffs have outnumbered the actual Mario games. He has like,8 Mario kart games, 9 Mario party games, and other stuff like Mario tennis, and Mario super sluggers. All this Mario sports, party, and kart games, just aren't cutting in. We need more actual Mario games!

Mario is the best video game character of all time. The Mario Franchise is the best. There are over 250 games, the most games in any franchise. There are AWESOME adventure games, kart racing games, role playing games, sport games, party games and a Dr. Mario games. Mario is better than any other video game character even sonic or link. The Mario Franchise is better than any other franchise even the legend of Zelda, Halo, or sonic the hedgehog franchisees

I prefer it to Zelda even though Zelda games are awesome.

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3 Pokemon

Forget the stereotype that this is a "kids" game because regardless its one of the best series ever. Besides dominating the handheld market it has always kept people on their ds' and Gameboys for months trying to get this Pokemon to level 100. Pokémon has the most replay ability I've ever seen in a video game and has always been one of my all time favorites.

Why do people vote for Call of Duty?

When I play Pokemon, it's like another world I can get lost in.

Pokémon is a fun game where you can have a adventure,over and over again and you take a different path every time with different Pokémon

Don't Forget - Gotta Catch'em all

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4 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

With amazing, super fast gameplay, intriguing story lines, and a hall full of characters to boot, sonic is one of the most notable franchises for one reason. it is its own type of game, instead of Mario which is a generic plat former/whatever the heck it is these days, and Zelda, a generic adventure game, sonic is its own element, and will forever be my favorite franchise.
Just don't talk to me about sonic 06, I HATE sonic 06.
Luckily we have sonic colours and sonic unleashed.
But still.
Why. just why?
Anyway great series, love it

Yeah, and we also have Generations and Lost World. Both are great. - DCfnaf

Sonic's got something you don't Mario... A personality, an attitude. Mario is such a bland empty character in my opinion. Sonic set out to be everything Mario isn't and was a complete success... Well until the year 2006... But don't worry, he came back to what he's good at in 2010 with Sonic Colours. - Cazaam

Yes I agree with Sonic being a better character than Mario. Sonic Colors is good, Sonic Generations is awesome, and Sonic Lost World was actually a great idea. But now we are in the "Sonic Boom Era". - DCfnaf

Sonic is a fast pace game with intense bosses like dark gaia and you can turn into the overpowered super sonic

The Sonic the Hedgehog series, with some flaws in it, has a lot to love and adore. Charming, realistically set characters in a gorgeous world with secrets, lore and exciting things to learn. Sonic himself is a very iconic character, no matter his games. He spreads out to T.V., comics, merchandise and more. Whether or not he's as good as the ol' Genesis hayday, there is no denying the power and popularity of the character and the franchise.
The games themselves, you say? Some of them are a pure delight to play. The classics, the Adventure games, the Modern games, the spin-offs, they all provide detail and joy through graphics, level design and, best of all, music. People remain worried every time a new 3D Sonic game is announced, but each and every single one of them has crazy potential to put Sonic as the next gaming titan. We just have to hope his potential is realised.
The Sonic series is something very unique, and I really hope he doesn't bend to mimic other franchises.

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5 Grand Theft Auto

The Big 3 Nintendo franchises are at the top, and will probably stay there, but at leasy keep Grand Theft Auto at 4. It is one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time. The only series more critically acclaimed than this is probably Zelda.

Every single game that comes out, the franchise gets better

I can understand Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon beating this, but Sonic? Um, hello, the games suck now!

Best video Game Franchise Ever made in History

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6 Super Smash Bros.

Sakurai did a good job in gathering all Nintendo stars in one stage, until TODAY!

Hell yes, video game with the biggest roster of all time, and amazing gameplay if you really mastered it!

Best. Fighter. EVER. PERIOD. How the hell is Call of Duty above this masterpiece? - patfelts

Yes, my body is ready! vote for this one!

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7 Halo

Halo is story that defines adventure and action in a first person shooter. Back in the days when it was young and made by Bungie (before Call of Duty in 2003) was a break through providing the first action multiplayer. Halo might have slowly lost its touch over the years due to online competition, Halo 2 (my personal favorite of the franchise) is what started the definition of online multiplayer and a stunning elaborate story of friendship and betrayal along with a great music composed by martin o'donnell and Michael salvatori. The game is way more user friendly along with not much eight year olds speaking profanity.

Would pick call of duty than this but, it made me realize that the newer ones are just like halo except halo did it right and call of duty should have stayed boots on ground, also how in the new cods you can fly, more customers fly away from buying the game, unless it comes with a remaster witch lets the company activision jack you off from your money.

Since 2001 this has become a grand daddy of shooters everywhere. In every game except reach you play the legendary master chief a super powered soldier out to stop an alien race known as the covenant. While master chief is famous the multiplayer is where halo took its place among the FPS greats.

Get this in the top 5 at least!

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8 Call of Duty

This is only on the list because it's popular. This game isn't even good. It requires no skill, unlike the far superior Halo which is below it. Plus, online, there's always an annoying squeaky kid who's saying the F word over and over about how much he sucks at the game.

Its fun when you play with friends in a private match but online is full of annoying little kids who make every one hate the game

Call of Duty's okay... But it's incredibly overrated. - thelegendaries101

Modern Warfare 1, 2 and 3, The perfect trilogy, everything after that just Forget it - VideoGamefan5

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9 Assassin's Creed

Of recent, one of the greatest combat games with the most intriguing story plots deeply tied within great periods and events in history. This game should be at least above the Call of Duty franchise and Pokemon in the top three.

I love this series, the combat is great, there is a massive open world, and a great story line. this should be such higher on the list.

Free roam
Unlimited fighting
Long story

Good games, that's all I'm gonna say.

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10 Final Fantasy

Please tell me how Final Fantasy isn't in the top 5?

Why is this not in the top 10?!?!? Other then Pokemon final Fantasy is best RPG. I have never played a Final Fantasy game but they look good

The undisputed king of video game music, and the best storytelling franchise. Final Fantasy 6,7,10, and 15 are amazing. Definitely worthy of top 3.

Surprised this didn't make the top 5. FFVII is rated as the best RPGs ever made.

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11 Mega Man

The story's are great and it has great replayability I mean come on he is like amazing and I know a lot of people who knows the franchise in my book this series in #1 Hands down

Best. video Game. Franchise. Ever. It is also a huge influence on modern shooter games today, like Halo and Call of Duty. I will never get tired of the Mega Man games. Of course, the classic series is the best.

Probably the 2nd best sidescroller non-metroidvania game franchise after Mario.
I mean, you can copy other robot's abilities, beat a mad scientist (and never capture him), summon Rush to do shortcuts, try doing buster-only (excluding the mandatory usages on the Wily stages), perfect run on robot masters, etc. This franchise is challenging and fun, and almost never frustrating. (unless you want to do a buster only perfect run on the Doc Robot in MM3)

I remember playing megaman,i was like:

MegaMan 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 were one of the bests and I'm talking' bout the snes,ps,ps2 versions ( Megaman 7 sucked a little in my opinion)

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12 Kirby

Kirby is not my favorite franchise, but all of the franchises that I like more than Kirby are already in the top 10. Therefore I just had to give my vote to Kirby. It is such an amazing franchise with much to see and do. To all of those who say it is too easy, complete super star or super star ultra. I dare you. As a completionist, I can admit that some Kirby games are in fact quite easy. But it's not just difficulty that makes a franchise great. Kirby games are in my opinion the culmination of fun in its purest form. It is extremely fun to use a variety of items to kill innocent victims. The gameplay, story, bosses, music, and replayability are all great. If you think Kirby is for kids, just give it a chance. I am not a kid and I have loved Kirby games most of my life. Not only are there plenty of classics to play, but there are still amazing installments being released.

A major complaint about this series is the fact that the games are 'Easy'. Well, I can state for a fact that this isn't true. To get a 100 percent completion is quite difficult. You need to collect all of the collectables, beat extra mode, and find the HAL rooms and other secrets is no easy task.

Kirby games are a great choice, be you a hardcore gamer or a newcomer. The characters are cute (mostly), the games are fun, the music is nice and cheerful, and there are so many great games in this series!

Kirby Rules!

What I hear people complain about most is how the game is easy. For the most part yes but when you have awesome final bosses and tough after game that seems to be overshadowed. Unlike other franchises there hasn't been a bad game in the whole series. I'd say it is the best franchise if your going by how good the games are on average

At least on this list, it is underrated* - mattstat716

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13 Metal Gear Solid

If you've played a single game in the franchise, you'd vote for this guaranteed. I played Sons of Liberty first, and even not knowing a single thing that was going on, it immediately made me know that the Metal Gear Solid series would be the best franchise I'd ever play. The stories can make you cry in each and every game. They're like movies. - Zeebs

You people have never played Metal gear solid yet otherwise you would Vote this!
I'm sure after release of The Phantom pain it'll gain it's true rank

26? Call of Duty is all the way up? What is this list.

Best video game franchise of all time

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14 Uncharted

These games have been consistently great unlike many of the other higher voted franchises. The trilogy is great, but that 4th game sealed that deal. This is hands down one of the greatest video game franchises of all time and it deserves a spot on the top 10 list.

I was gonna vote of Prince of Persia when I realized how awesome the entire series of Uncharted was. - LightningBlade

Best all round game of all time and no other game tells the story the way it does.

Play this game series!

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15 The Elder Scrolls

Honestly, I'm surprised that this series didn't crack the top 5. The Elder Scrolls is a series in which anyone can become whoever they want to be, and make whatever decisions that they see fit. These games are extraordinarily extensive, easily allowing players to clock hundreds if not thousands of hours. The Elder Scrolls is my favorite series next to the Legend of Zelda. Come on, this deserves to be in a higher spot.

Yeah! The Elder Scrolls and The Legend Of Zelda are the best games EVER! Mario's quality went down after SMG 2.

Can't believe this isn't in top 10, this is THE GREATEST FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME, rather play this than Mario, Pokemon, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto combined.

I'm surprised it's not higher on the list. It should be in the top 5.

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16 Metroid

Truly one of the most UNDERRATED franchises ever. It's ranked too low on this list.

By far the best.

I have bad experiences with Metroid. I got it on the Wii, but it was dumb. I don't know who they picked to narrate the events, but I was ready to fall asleep after a couple of minutes. I will say this though. The one on the Super Nintendo that I got from eshop is good so far so I don't know.

Suvierrly underrated - patfelts

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17 Mortal Kombat

The word that explains how you feel during this game is BAD ASS. Your tear out a persons spine? No probably there aren't any cops in this game so be free to tear HEADS OFF. (I am not a terrorist please don't sue me) But to put it simple, this game takes stress out. Have a guy break up with you? Post a pic of him on the screen and GO ALL OUT!

Definitely the most influential franchise of the 90's but this game is still very popular and addictive. MK rules!
Finish Him! - Magnolia

Sub Zero is the best and all Scorpion fans know deep down that Sub Zero is just way better

Amazing storyline and best graphics

18 Tekken

I'm surprised the game hasn't become as popular yet. - LightningBlade

Best fighting game series ever made.

Best fighting aeries in my opinion. - LightningBlade

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19 Crash Bandicoot

No one really cares about him anymore... No offense Crash fans!

Whoever said that Crash Bandicoot games, you better be referring to the Crash Bandicoot games made by Radical Entertainment! >:(

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20 Resident Evil

This should be way higher than assassin's Creed

Resident evil number 1...

Why is this number 21? It's way better than Sonic and Kirby! what is going on...

I hate Mario and Pokemon

But resident evil is the best franchise I ever played

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