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41 Portal

An important game in the history of Valve and an utterly incredible puzzle game with a gripping story.

How does Call of Duty beat this?

I love Gladios

42 Shin Megami Tensei
43 Pac-Man

The best franchise ever. Everyone who hate this are stupid people.

I especially love Pac-Man World 1 and 3 on the PlayStation consoles.

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44 Fire Emblem

It's a very fun and challenging franchise. If you love rpgs and never played it then I recommend you go and get awakening for the 3ds. Highly underrated franchise.


45 Forza Motorsport
46 Dragon Age
47 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw

You can hit someone with a chair! Come on People

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48 Soul Calibur
49 Sim City
50 Borderlands

One of the best ever game franchises why the hell is this so low this should be on the first page - XxViperElitexX

51 Jak and Daxter

Platforming bliss, and a shooting system that's surprisingly affective. This game series is amazing, that is all.

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52 Mafia

The ups and downs of being in the Italian-American Mafia.

53 Little Big Planet

This Game allows for endless opportunities

54 Lego

Are you bored with a console by a lego games the levels are fun and coop and when you finish one you can by a character or many with powers and replay them and there ar big hub worlds which get bigger in each game play no and many franchises

Pretty good games, but they feel kind of samey. - DCfnaf

55 Total War
56 Hitman

In my opinion it is the best game franchise I have ever played.

Is it coincidence that hitman is listed at 47?

The franchise is just very entertaining. - LightningBlade

57 Half-Life

While it is becoming more and more outdated as the years go on and HALF LIFE 3 STILL isn't COMING OUT it's still a fun and action packed adventure filled with head raping aliens, admittedly hot female protagonist, and a crowbar wielding silent twenty seven year old bad ass physicist.

Why is it 60 it should be 3 - Dominicmgm

58 Civilization
59 Mount & Blade
60 Conflict Desert Storm
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