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41 Fire Emblem

It's a very fun and challenging franchise. If you love rpgs and never played it then I recommend you go and get awakening for the 3ds. Highly underrated franchise.

42 Jak and Daxter

Platforming bliss, and a shooting system that's surprisingly affective. This game series is amazing, that is all.

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43 Mafia

The ups and downs of being in the Italian-American Mafia.

44 Red Dead Redemption V 1 Comment
45 Soul Calibur
46 Hitman

In my opinion it is the best game franchise I have ever played.

Is it coincidence that hitman is listed at 47?

The franchise is just very entertaining. - LightningBlade

47 Civilization
48 Watch Dogs
49 Star Wars
50 Half-Life

While it is becoming more and more outdated as the years go on and HALF LIFE 3 STILL isn't COMING OUT it's still a fun and action packed adventure filled with head raping aliens, admittedly hot female protagonist, and a crowbar wielding silent twenty seven year old bad ass physicist.

51 Forza Motorsport
52 Donkey Kong Country
53 Donkey Kong
54 Dead Space
55 Shin Megami Tensei
56 Medal of Honor

One of the best franchises better than Call of Duty

57 Burnout

Burnout is an awesome videogame franchise that has been going for 13 years

58 Dragon Age
59 Ys
60 EarthBound

The most hilarious, revolutionary RPG on the SNES, and one of the best RPGs out there

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