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61 Ys
62 Dead Space
63 Conflict Desert Storm
64 EarthBound

The most hilarious, revolutionary RPG on the SNES, and one of the best RPGs out there

65 Dark Souls

Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne. Dark Souls 3
Wow this is going to be an awesome franchise by 2016. - 11ahmu

Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne. Dark Souls 3.
This is going to be an awesome franchise by 2016.
If Dark Souls 3 lives up to the hype the franchise could have one of the best video game trilogies of all time as well as the GOTY standalone to show how awesome this franchise really is and will be. - 11ahmu

Edit this to Soulsborne, as it will cover a longer range of games.

But my favorite games of all time are in Soulsborne ranked from worst to best
5. Dark Souls II/Dark Souls II SotFS
4. Dark Souls III
3. Demons' Souls
2. Dark Souls
1. Bloodborne

Demons' Souls
Dark Souls
Dark Souls 2
Dark Souls 3
The Soulsborne series is the best video game series OF ALL TIME (in my opinion).
Haters are basically casuls who:
Can't play the game because it's "too hard"
Say there's no story/lore when there's tons
Just hate on it
Everyone has different opinions, I was talking about haters.

66 King of Fighters
67 Watch Dogs
68 Chrono
69 007
70 Super Monkey Ball
71 Midnight Club
72 Plants vs. Zombies

This should be three after Mario and Pokemon screw assassins creed screw midnight club screw all the dumb crap grand theft auto rip offs because at least this games addicting and different

73 Destiny

Its not the best but its pretty popular

74 Wario V 1 Comment
75 Far Cry

Honestly, it's so underrated. It should be in the top 20. Far Cry 1 and 3 are awesome. We'll have to know just how awesome Primal Fear is. - LightningBlade

V 1 Comment
76 Saints Row
77 Twisted Metal
78 Marvel vs Capcom
79 EA Sports EA Sports

Should be higher! This is the best sports franchise!

80 Metal Slug
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