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81 Rock Band
82 Bomberman
83 Age of Empires

My favorite franchise of all. How could I forget them?! They're just best at strategy games and they've produced four of the most significant game in the history of strategy gaming. - LightningBlade

84 Undertale

I think the haters and fans just came from the FNaF fandom. This game is so great. The story is amazing, the characters are all fleshed out and all have dreams, and the dialogue is great. The idea is interesting as well. Sure the graphics are 8 bit but that doesn't change anything.

The characters and story is really entertaining! The tutorial, though, is kinda boring until you get to Toriel's house. Except for the rock! Everything in this game has character!

85 Skylanders

I like skylanders so much, I have 117 and I have 2 more coming in the mail.

86 Guilty Gear
87 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw

You can hit someone with a chair! Come on People

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88 Doom
89 Mario Party V 1 Comment
90 Metal Gear

Best video game franchise of all time!

91 Dark Souls

Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne. Dark Souls 3
Wow this is going to be an awesome franchise by 2016. - 11ahmu

Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne. Dark Souls 3.
This is going to be an awesome franchise by 2016.
If Dark Souls 3 lives up to the hype the franchise could have one of the best video game trilogies of all time as well as the GOTY standalone to show how awesome this franchise really is and will be. - 11ahmu

Edit this to Soulsborne, as it will cover a longer range of games.

But my favorite games of all time are in Soulsborne ranked from worst to best
5. Dark Souls II/Dark Souls II SotFS
4. Dark Souls III
3. Demons' Souls
2. Dark Souls
1. Bloodborne

Demons' Souls
Dark Souls
Dark Souls 2
Dark Souls 3
The Soulsborne series is the best video game series OF ALL TIME (in my opinion).
Haters are basically casuls who:
Can't play the game because it's "too hard"
Say there's no story/lore when there's tons
Just hate on it
Everyone has different opinions, I was talking about haters.

92 Castlevania
93 Rival Schools
94 F-Zero
95 Total War
96 Minecraft

Hats to say about minecraft that already hasn't been said. It's a giant ass sandbox game that has 30 million results on youtube, and has become one of the most undoubtedly influential games for a while now. The game is crammed with content and the only limit is the imagination of the player and spanned a computer, an ipod, an xbox360, and very likely the xbox one eventually.

Oh come on only 56 for millions of results if Call of Duty is higher than this then this list is kind of false

It's a great game but its not a franchise

But Minecraft is even a franchie?

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97 Pikmin

Very underrated, but it can be very fun.

98 Dead Rising
99 Crysis
100 Resistance
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