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81 Saints Row
82 Twisted Metal
83 Metal Slug
84 Castlevania
85 Sly Cooper

SO close to making first. I still love this franchise as much as LoZ but a lot of people love LoZ but to me personally it's a tie. So it really "stole" my expectations. Ehh? Eh? Bad pun, sorry... ;( ANYWAY I LOVE this game and anyone with common sense would like it to. You play as a super agile thief who steals back the Thevius Racconus, the Clockwork parts, his family treasure. He also rewrites history I want you to check it out!

86 Bioshock

The characters are full of personality, the combat is deadly, and Rapture and Columbia never fail to amaze me.

Complex storylines, awesome twists, and amazing graphics, this is my #1

One of the best games I've ever played!

87 Rock Band
88 Five Nights at Freddy's

Favriot horror game

It's overrated but it has an original concept, a ton of deep (and confusing) lore, and a ton of charm to it.

The best game was Sister Location because you could actually "Move" and there was an actual story instead of just lore. - DCfnaf

89 Red Alert
90 Age of Empires

My favorite franchise of all. How could I forget them?! They're just best at strategy games and they've produced four of the most significant game in the history of strategy gaming. - LightningBlade

91 Undertale

I think the haters and fans just came from the FNaF fandom. This game is so great. The story is amazing, the characters are all fleshed out and all have dreams, and the dialogue is great. The idea is interesting as well. Sure the graphics are 8 bit but that doesn't change anything.

The characters and story is really entertaining! The tutorial, though, is kinda boring until you get to Toriel's house. Except for the rock! Everything in this game has character!

92 Guilty Gear
93 Touhou Project
94 Mario Party

This is a part of Mario - TealBoyxx

95 Pikmin

Very underrated, but it can be very fun.

99? Really? This games awesome

The best game ever!

96 Doom
97 EA Sports EA Sports

Should be higher! This is the best sports franchise!

98 Metal Gear

The only franchise so great it appeared twice! - Dominicmgm

Best video game franchise of all time!

99 Rival Schools
100 F-Zero
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