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21 Zoroark Zoroark

Zoroark would be the pokemon to replace lucario. In melee mewtwo was my main but then lucario so I think we need to get zoroark because he looks cooler and here are some move set.

B Shadow ball
Side B Slash
Up B Aerial ace or bounce
Down B Dug?
Final Smash Dark Pulse

Cool however his effect would just be another kirby face it he's amazing but unless Nintendo replaces kirby not gonna happen

Zoroark's b move could also be changing to look like the person close to them but keeping his same moves

I'd like to see Zoroark in the game. I wonder what his final smash would be?

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22 Dixie Kong Dixie Kong

Some people say that she would just be a clone of Diddy Kong. Those people have not played Donkey Kong Country 2 or 3. She has an great possibility for a moveset involving her hair; her up special could be something similar to Peach & Mr Game & Watch, as she uses her hair like helicopter blades to glide across long gaps, and her side special could be something like ZSS's; she could use her hair as a whip.

She is the greatest Kong around, for some reason people claim she would be a clone of Diddy Kong but that wouldn't happen... Those people seriously need to play the original DKC games to see what she's all about. Her ponytail could make for a great moveset and she was planned for Brawl too! I'm looking forward to see her in Smash 4.

Thank you be here

Dixie because she was supposed to be in brawl

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23 Silver

Mewtwo is many old school's fave pokemon, especially those who don't like the 4th gen and up. Those pokemon, with the exception of Lucario, who is awesome, are horrible.

The Pokemon franchise is a big part of the super smash bros. Series the Pokemon trainer is a good pick because it is 3 characters in one, and johto is one of the best but the evolution would have to be water grass and fire

Silver is boss! He just needs a little more fame... I tried to be him for Halloween but not one costume showed up that looks like him.

Which Silver?

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24 Paper Mario Paper Mario

Paper Mario is a very good choice for the game. I had him on my original 60-character roster, but when making my 50-character roster, Ihad to take him out. I had an empty place after making it, and I filled it with Travis Touchdown, then Dimentio, which is a villain in Adventure Mode. Maybe I will fill that spot with Paper Mario later on.

Paper Mario is the BEST! He is not a "clone" of Mario. (Some people say that) Paper Mario can flip into 3D in Super Paper Mario, In 2 Paper Mario games (I've only played 2 Paper Mario games, and those are Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star) Paper Mario gets a hammer. In Paper Mario: The Thousand Wear Door, Paper Mario gets "assistants". In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Paper Mario gets an album to put in stickers that he can use to defeat his opponents. Paper Mario is WAY different than normal Mario, so never say Paper Mario is just a "clone" of Mario.

This would be the ultimate character for this game! He would have to be creative, well-created with cool moves. He would be so fun, though somewhat similar to Game and Watch.

Anything that isn't Nintendo [Sora, Cloud, Pacman, Master Chief, Optimus Prime, even Megaman (sorry, he is Capcom), and the list could go on] should be taken from this list. A Nintendo game that only (I mean ONLY) puts Nintendo characters would not put non-Nintendo characters in the game. For all the people who voted Cloud, watch Brawl Taunts on YouTube for me. They explain what people want to do with people who vote for Cloud.

Why so low? if you are paper mario, I'm sure you could get like an almost 1st person view of him...FIGHTING!

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25 Rayman

Rayman is a very awesome character. In his games he uses attacks which are perfect for SSB, like helicopte-hair or his fist which can spin like Donkey Kong's fist. But there are also other possibilities. Please bring Rayman into the next Smash Bros!


Rayman needs to be in it, he's awesome.

Who has hair that can be used as a propeller? Who can save all of the teeny wizards? :answer: Rayman

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26 Zero

Zero is amazing! His saber and buster could become an epic combo. Imagine for a smash he could use a cannon level charge shot to wipe out everybody! Get more votes, Zero! We are counting on you.

Already have Megaman, so why not? He could be the Roy to Megaman's Marth, kinda like when the Fire Emblem characters were added to Smash Bros. Also, they'd be different enough from each other that they couldn't be considered "clones", which has upset a lot of SSB fans over the years.
If nothing else, make Zero an alternate skin for Megaman. That would take no time at all, and would look absolutely badass.

He's just badass and can have his moves converted easily into Smash Bros. Adding 2 characters from the same franchise isn't unheard of, as we saw with Marth and Roy.
It would be simply epic!

I'd like thi actually. And s

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27 Saki Amamiya

Saki has a great arsenal of weapons, including his gun for range and its ability to transform into a beam for melee combos. He can also transform into a giant monster ruffian, which would be awesome as a Final Smash. Not only that, but he was featured as a assist trophy in the last game and his own series has had a sequel on the Wii. Although he remains very Japanese, it would be an awesome addition to the roster, story wise and gameplay wise.

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28 Shulk Shulk Shulk is a fictional character and the protagonist from Monolith Soft's 2010 role-playing video game Xenoblade Chronicles, part of their overarching Xeno series of video games.

Shulk is the star of a franchise. He was the star of one of the best games on the Wii. He will be the star of an upcoming game on the Wii U. He would have an amazing moveset even though he is a swordsman. Shulk's addition would also work as publicity for Xenoblade and X. Star character, great moveset, and a money maker. Shulk will definitely be in the new Smash Bros.

I really enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles and I believe if Shulk is added, the franchise will much more popular and given more respect.

Guess what, he's already in the game

Shulk s beast and he made it go xenoblade

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29 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic

I think he is a boss character and needs more likes with fans

Metal sonic is fast and powerful he is like how bowser is going to be id love to see him in it

The only way I see Metal Sonic being in Super Smash Bros is by being an alternate outfit/uniform for Sonic. Otherwise, no, there isn't much hope in metal sonic being a playable character. But Assist Trophy could be something to look out for.

I'd put in Blaze or somebody before Metal Sonic. Blaze would be really cool...

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30 Banjo Kazooie

Despite the fact Rare Ltd. Is owned by Microsoft, Banjo Kazooie was a huge contributor to the N64s success. With ground pounds, flying, Kazooie's abilities and Banjo's punching, it seems like a good idea. The pair are also very popular with gamers from the early.2000s.

Banjo Kazooie has the perfect move set for a game like super smash bros. Think about it. I think he would be a wonderful compliment to this game.

Banjo Kazooie would be PERFECT for super smash bros! They are two of the best game protagonists of all time and are synonymous with the Nintendo 64. They have access to an amazing array of moves and are just plain likeable and funny! The whole Rare/Microsoft dilemma doesn't mean they can't appear, if anything Microsoft would be smart to allow them to be in SSB to help promote and revive the characters!

I know that Rare Ltd is owned by Microsoft but Rare barely exists cause Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and bolts was Rare's last game. Rare studies kinect.

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31 Amy Rose Amy Rose

Amy Rose is the cutest and a kind great girl ever. She deserves to get more attention and popularity. We need more female characters and Amy Rose has so many great and a lot skills along with her Pico-Pico Hammer. She has magical skills and is an overall-round character. She has many similar things like Mario has. She is an awesome and pretty the cutest character ever. She is something special and has amazing fight skills. It's a surprise that Princess Peach can defense and fight for herself, the girl of Mario so why not Amy Rose the girl of Sonic and Sega.

We need Amy, guys. SSB4 needs more girl characters! I know Rosalina has been confirmed, but still, Amy Rose, kick Peach's ass! All the girls, go kick Peach's ass! Not to mention Amy is kind and also aggressive with her Piko-Piko hammer. And lastly, I ALWAYS use Sonic (and/or Pikachu) so it would be nice for Sonic to have another character. Ps. PLEASE SEGA! MAKE SONIC FALL IN LOVE WITH AMY!

She would be a great character to have. One she is the most liked female sonic character. Two you can't just have sonic.

I want Amy Rose to be in the game so she can be with Sonic.

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32 Knuckles Knuckles

Knuckles would make perfect sense as a fighter. He can do all sorts of awesome punches as his attack. He can use the Master Emerald as his final attack and start gliding everywhere like Super Sonic.

Knuckles will fit in great as a fighter!

Knuckles is supposed to be a fighter, and Shadow is confirmed as an assist trophy, so explain why Knuckles shouldn't be the next Sonic rep. Hard to explain, isn't it?

Unlike Sonic, He Won't Chuckle.

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33 Roxas Roxas

Because he is an awesome character with a great variety of moves. Also he has a great story and a great personality.

Who wouldn't want Roxas in? I want him in so bad as much as I want Sora in. Add him also Nintendo.

34 Masked Man

As a major bad guy in the mother games, the Masked man deserves to at least be an assist trophy. Armed with a sword, an arm cannon, and a deadly assortment of PSI techniques, this kid would feel right at home in the smash brothers world.

He's a super badass Mother 3 character with weapons, PSI power, and even mechanical wings (for a recovery move, maybe? ) He definitely deserves to be in the next smash bros, because then the Mother series could have a representative who is a villain, and who also wouldn't be a clone.

There are 3 ways I can see Nintendo doing him:

One: Transformation between Claus & MM.
Two: Duo with Lucas as Claus (WE NEED MORE DUOS! )
Three: Masked Man

He would also help event matches, (Lucas vs, ) and in the next subspace he'd be excellent (something with Lucas eventually)

Geez, I'm surprised he hasn't been revealed yet.

Which Masked Man? The one in the Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal manga?

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35 Cloud Cloud

Wait Wait WAIT you don't think he should be in? If you have played any of the final fantasy games or even dissdia you know cloud is a boss. His final smash could easily have been omnislash ex mode etc he looks awesome in his advent children outfit too. Why Ike but not cloud they are almost the same but cloud is EPIC. If not at least add one final fantasy character They all have potential.

To all the people who want him now he's in the game as dlc - ikerevievs

Cloud is an awesome character hands down from his moves to the game he's in.

I know that Final Fantasy VII was on PlayStation but seriously now that Cloud has been in both Theatrhythm games they need to add him to SSB4 at least as a DLC character. I would hate it if he were a DLC because then I would never get him, but if it's the only way to get Nintendo to add him, fine, whatever. His Smash Ball could be Omnislash or summoning Bahamut, his special moves could be magic like Firaga, Thundaga, etc, his smash moves would be uber powerful. We need Cloud added just to show that Death Battle is wrong and that he would beat Link.

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36 Fire Emblem: Awakening Avatar

An awesome character. Much better then the poster children of this game. He could bring Magic and swordplay to the field. I also love his cloak. Hopefully we will be given the choice of a male and female variant.

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37 Sceptile Sceptile

One of my favorite starters to date. Sceptile has to make it - Mewbosses

Sceptile for the win! All of the starters in the game are lizard or amphibian so is sceptile. And we don't have a grass type Pokemon yet!

All starters are lizard or amphibian so is sceptile which would be the ONLY grass type if it was become a dlc

There's no grass type and we need the main starter types excluding pikachu because 1. he's cute and 2. he's the mascott of pokemon, mewtwo makes sense bacuz no other legendary would fit perfectly unlike him, but lucario, needs replacement by sceptil, and his moveset is a copy of mewtwo, like legit, kick that unwated mouse/dog out of ssb4. we have greninja charizard and now sceptile would be the missing piece. Also how can kirby and metaknight fly/jump 6 times with no/small wings and charizard has hella huge wings but can't do even do 4 jumps?!

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38 Issac

Golden Sun is a great Nintendo's franchise, it needs to be included in the next Smash before any third-party franchise. It may not have the popularity of other franchises but it has a great potential and lot of fans that will like it to happen.

Isaac would be one of the most unique characters in the game, being a swordsman with magic abilities (called Psynergy). He also has Djinn and has been represented in the Smash Bros Franchise already (Assist trophy in Brawl). definitely deserves it more than Wii Fit Trainer...

Nintendo had him as a assist trophy last time. He could pull a Little Mac and be a playable character.

He needs to be in

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39 Pokemon Trainer 2

Should have an updated trainer obviously because it is a newer game

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40 Vaati

I think vaati deserves more attention! We need another Zelda villain in the game and vaati has a place for it! He can be a toon character and there is almost no mages in the game and vaati would be perfect for the job!

He is one of my favorite boss in the series since my first zelda game was Minish Camp. He is very important to the toon series and better be placed in as a new toon character than toon zelda and we need a toon enemy when toon legend of zelda characters will be cotinued. It would be nice if there is a trophy reference of the original Ganandorf: the blue giant pig ganandorf (play the first game when you don't know him)

Vaati is the most recurring villain after ganondorf. Makes sense to put him in

Vaati has been in 3 Zelda games, and I think the game could use some more magic wielders instead of just guys with swords. I think he's more deserving than girahim or even shiek, who were only in 1 Zelda game

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