Within the handheld games, there was the choice of command choices. The attack range is just so wide from there! Of course, the game couldn't implement all of the attacks, but a decent mixture would do great. He can obviously use magic and his forms. His attacks in Smash could range from his basic hits, to his use of magic or command attacks. And since given the choice of costumes, with all his different drive forms and costume choices (man, especially with his new outfit in Kingdom Hearts 3), he's provided quite a bit of costume choice to the player. His Smash actually would be amazing in his Final Form, seeing as how it is his most powerful. I don't think he'd be overpowered. I believe he will be very balanced out and an enjoyment to play as.

I think Sora would be a great addition to SSB4. His fighting style looks pretty good and he is the main character in the kingdom hearts series and is pretty liked among the people who play it. Therefore, he should be the representative from KH to be in Super Smash Bros 4. Also I think most people haven't really made this connection but, Sora could use the skill to switch into his Nobody (Roxas) and wield 2 key blades rather than 1 and have a stronger and more aggressive fighting style. Sora turning into Roxas is like Zelda turning into Sheik. It's a unique and realistic ability for Sora to have, there are many other abilities Sora/Roxas can have but the transformation is my main concern, because I just find that to be really cool.

Sora is an awesome person, wielding the keyblade. Every single one of his attacks is brilliant especially the Trinity Smash. He is also very likely because he is appearing on the 3ds called Dream Drop Distance which I'm looking forward to. So everyone has their saying of if they want Sora in the game by my opinion GO SORA!

Sora is a great choice for this kinds of games. Not only it represents a character from Square Enix, he also represents a character that is original, has ties to Final Fantasy and has made a career in Nintento Handhelds (ok, except one game). In any case, while I think the copyrights would be a pain in the ass to bring him, I still believe in the little guy.

nintindo would prob not add him but should for kigdom hearts game for wii plus all the moves he could have

Sora has so much potential! The map can be Destiny Island! He's perfect with his personality, easy-going always happy and silly and isn't that what Nintendo wants? He's to perfect of a match for this game you'd be an idiot to not chose Sora!

There's almost too many possibilities for a move set that comes with sora too not put him in this game. Off the top of my head I can think of 3 things that could be his FS, and with all of his magic along with his key blade, his skills would make him the perfect addition to the roster

Sora would be amazing in Super Smash Bros. And has so much potential as to making his combos, final smash, etc,. I would also like to see riku in Super Smash Brothers because, he too would be easy to make and fans would love the duo

Who better to add to the Super Smash Bros. Series than Sora? He's agile, well-rounded, and has a lot of potential with dual wield, magic, and his different forms. Who wouldn't want to see some classic Kingdom Hearts summons, such as Simba or Stitch, as assist trophies?

He would fit the game perfectly. His A attacks could be keyblade attacks, his B attacks could be different magic attacks, and there are plently of possibilities for his final smash. It could be trinity, reality shift, drive, etc. I would personally prefer a reaction command one. Do you remember those from KH2? A reaction command popped up on your screen for half a second requesting you select triangle. If you selected triangle, the combat turned all cinematic and Sora did some outrageous attack.

Sora would so fit into smash without changing the an systematic things and visual doesn't take away to the audience either. Sora been wanted in the game for years so putting him in now would make many people happy and want to buy smash bros if they don't have it already

Why is Megaman still on this list? He has already been confirmed.

Please Nintendo please! I want Sora in Smash so, so, so bad! I could make a list of reasons why! Nintendo, please. - mmarkov

The Kingdom hearts games are all great, as they enjoyable for players young and old (just like Nintendo), with a mix of Disney and Final Fantasy characters. If Sora were to be in Super Smash Bros, he would have an almost limitless amount of possible move combinations, which would be easy to incorporate into the game. For example, all of his regular/A attacks would just be him slashing his Keyblade around. His special/B moves could be any of his magic spells. His neutral special might be Fire, down special could be Cure or Thunder, {etc.}. Obviously, though, his Final Smash would be Trinity Limit. Sora also seems like a good answer to Cloud being put into SSB4 as DLC. If Cloud can join, why not Sora?

I totally agree by adding Sora to the game. KH has released enough titles to Nintendo consoles (although portable ones) to earn respect from the company. Sure, they will have to make a way to add the character without exposing links or references to any Disney figures. But I guess they'll work out, and I'm really excited how would his final smash be like

Sora feels empathy in his heart when his friends are around him, when there heart is weighed down with grief and is in pain. His smash power is a unique one that deals with the power of the heart.

Sora is an awesome character and would add a lot to the game. I feel like a ton of people would use him, he could incorporate lightning, fire, wind, and ice attacks and of course use the key blade as a weapon, his fighting style would be similar to Marth's, which is fast and agile, and he would also be able to turn into Roxas by pressing down B, and Roxas could wield the OathKeeper and Oblivion and he could be just as fast as Sora but stronger and more straightforward fighting style like Ike's.

Kingdom Hearts is my favorite series of games. I have wanted Sora in Smash for a while. Now that the players get to decide the final dlc character. There is a chance that Sora could make it in.

Sora is my favorite character ever I don't see why he can't be in it close range attacks with the keyblade his final smash could be him turning into a different form like valor form

I want Sora very badly I want him to be in the next Smash Brothers Game. I really want Sora to be in Super Smash Brothers 4, For Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, I wNt Sora to be in the next Smash Brothers Game and also we know about my ideal is the one defeat the final boss at the end of the game of Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora final smash is called the core of light. We know we seen in the ending game in the part of the ending game where you defeat the boss and also the cut scene in the the beginning of the game. Of course if you skip this scene from the beginning of the game is the final smash for Sora with Soar with him Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, & Aqua. And the Walt Disney Characters when Sora is using his key blade and shoot at other enemies in the game. Same as Samus & MegaMan's final smash. That will be all.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts is a interesting fighter from smash bros because his has cool weapons and magic spells. His move set could be what he could do in Dream Drop Distance, so flying into the walls could be even more fun or Nintendo WILL MAKE VERY VERY SAD. Sora for smash bros crashing is even more fun in 2D (No, not really) - snorter64

Kingdom Hearts has been ranking up in terms of popularity in recent years. With four titles released on Nintendo Hardware (Re:Coded, Days, CoM, DDD) It's not hard to imagine the possibility of his appearance in Super Smash Brothers for Wii you and 3DS.

What the heck Nintendo, why isn't Sora in the SSB series? Sora is cool, awesome, kindhearted, and adorable. He deserves to be part of the series. Please, make it happen. I'm pretty sure he can make it in, Nintendo. I know what it feels like when an awesome character like Sora doesn't make it or doesn't stay in the series, and I don't want to have that feeling again. A lot of people will agree with me about this. Kingdom Hearts needs some kind of reference in the series and not just in Super Mario Galaxy. I saw that Nintendo. If not Sora, then maybe Riku, Ansem, Roxas, Ventus, or even Terra. Just add someone from Kingdom Hearts, please.

Now that cloud's been announced, any character could get into smash. Sky is the limit. (by the way Sora mean sky in Japanese and so... that "joke" was the best ever? )

Sora would fit right in just look at super smash flash 2. Make it happen Nintendo