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1 Lostface

Blue star only named her this because she was crazy mean and hated starclan. It does make sense though. Even so, poor Brightheart! She only changed the name when Cloudtail pleaded because he wanted her to get to Starclan with a warrior name.

Yes, I agree, Worst name ever, but... Who can honestly blame Bluestar? She has been through a LOT, and at the time she was mad. In Bluestar's Prophecy, it says Bluefur thought White-eye's name was cruel - this surely shows it was not her intending to hurt Brightheart/Lostface, but to show StarClan what she truly thought of them and their ways. In the end, Bluestar sacrificed herself for her Clan (including Lostface/Brightheart) and was forgiven by StarClan. If StarClan forgave her, why not you?

I, Bluestar, leader of Thunderclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn. By the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Brightpaw, from this moment you will be known as Lostface, because of your, ah, lost face. StarClan honors you, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Thunderclan.

2 Maggottail

Maggottail, EW. That's a gross name, but if he was proud of it, I guess it's fine... Wait, was he an evil cat? I remember Bristlefrost meeting him in the Broken Code (I forgot the book!)
Plus Maggots are gross, and DO NOT name your child after them! Except I now know that he wasn't actually called that at first, but at least name him something like Dashtail or Dashleg (because he was running when his tail got bit I think). But all Dark Forest cats have bad names, so I guess it's OK. - Stonepaw

Okay, it's a gross name. But I think it was good for the purpose it served, the name Maggottail makes you think of rot and decay, and he is only mentioned in the dark forest, where everything is rotting and decaying. So it really adds to the effect.

Also, to add to this point, pretty much all cats from the dark forest have dark shadey names Mapleshade, Shredtail. This isn't a coincidence, the Erins did this for a reason. Just think: a kit with white fur is named Lightkit, it turns evil because it's mentor is like, really bad, and teaches it to kill, because of it's fighting skill Lightpaw is named Lightfang. But is sent to the Dark Forest when they die, because they are evil. But you doint see any cats in the dark forest with names like that, why? Because the name "Lightfang" sounds cheery, and LIGHT, so Maggottail, while being a horrible name, serves it's purpose well.

3 Loudbelly

I think at this point Erin Hunter ran out of names. I mean, LOUD BELLY? That means he was called Loudkit, which makes sense, and Loudpae, which doesn't. Don't ask what his leafer was thinking. Poor loudbelly. His name suggests that he's really greedy and eats all the food while lazing around. I mean why couldn't he have had a cool name like Tigerclaw or White storm? Makes no sense.

I, (name), leader of (clan name), call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has worked hard to learn the ways of the warrior code.
Loudpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect your clan even at the cost of your life?

I do

Then by the powers of Starclan I will give you your warrior name. Loudpaw, from this moment on you shall now be known as Loudbelly, because we starve you so much.

4 Deadfoot Deadfoot is a small, lean black tom with an unusable twisted left paw. His mother is Meadowslip and his father was Hickorynose. As a kit, he was called Hopkit. Hopkit was born with a twisted paw so when he got his apprentice name Heatherstar changed it to Deadpaw. He was a WindClan deputy, and now in... read more

This name is just plain cruel. Why would you name an apprentice Deadpaw? That's just depressing. And he was born with a twisted paw, Heathertstar, deal with it! And his parents obviously didn't want him to have an awful name, so they chose a reasonable one and then he still gets a bad name?! What the heck! But this was probably used for realism because mother cats abandon their kits if they are hurt or sick, so it was probably set up that way on purpose. - Stonepaw

This name is a bit cruel! Most cats in the warrior series who got serious injuries that would never heal or scars would sit and be helpless as their parents named them cruel things! It actually mimics a real mother cats behavior, when one of their kittens or more is sick and might die and develops something similar like a horrible scar then the mother cat abandons them or treats them cruelly due to them not being happy with their injured or hurt kitten. It may be cruel but it's how cats live, Erin hunter wanted to show them that. I do feel bad about the poor cats though! D:

5 Sneezekit

Why is this even a name. This soo stupid I hate this. What is wrong with these queens: what should I name this kit he's so cute kit: sneezes I know I'll name him sneezekit because that's totally the best name ever

Eww put snot of a kitten yuck and warriors REALLY needs to learn a difference between kits and kittens.

Kittens- Baby cat usually called kitty
Kits-Either a box or a fennec fox offspring and fennecs Are not cats foxes are canines.

Riverclan needs serious help. If a kit sneezes, its name doesn't have to be Sneezekit. If a kit is loud, well, it's a KIT. It will do that sometimes. Their warrior names make it even worse. SneezeFACE? LoudBELLY? You could hae done something like Loudriver, Loudyowl, Loudspirit, and this could have been a purrfectly normal name.

6 Runningnose

Why would you name a medicine cat after his runny nose? I get it, medicine cats have something to do with runny noses, but really: did his name really have to be Runningnose? In fact, most warriors and medicine cats are named because of their appearance, not of a runny nose

It's funny how that cat can't even cure his own cold, so I guess the Erins named him for that reason. When I told my friend about this cat's name, she was like 'laugh out loud'. The name is weird, but it is funny.

"All of you are fox-hearts! Don't laugh at him! If you were in shadowclan then you wouldn't be laughing about his name because his mother would probably rip your pelt off! ".

7 Egg

Egg?! What kinda name is that?! That's offensive to cats! This is worse than Billystorm! This should be number 1! "Hey dude what's your cats name? "
"Oh yeah his names Egg."
Like WHAT?! If I was called Egg, I would... uh... run away from those sane twolegs and join RiverClan! They have wasaaay better names than EGG.

Egg... You got to be serious EGG isn't that like a kitty pet name, I'm on the second series and please don't tell me out of all names you could have think of is EGG oh my gosh, why would that cat WANT to named EGG

Come on Erin hunter you could have thought of a better name

Egg? What the French toast?!? EGG? Warriors is TERRIFYING with names like that! I bled my eyes from billystorm, loudbelly lostface and sneeze kit but come on erien! EGG? What's wrong with you? Where's your creativity I mean egg is a terrible name!

8 Billystorm Billystorm is a character in the Warriors series. He is from SkyClan, and is mates with Leafstar. He has three kits: Stormheart, Firefern, and Harrybrook. He died when badgers attacked on the mission to find the other Clans.

I don't think people know what the Skyclan names symbolize. I mean, sure, they're kinda weird, but I like them. The badness of the names kinda symbolizes that Skyclan is a new (or newly returned) clan. They don't have much experience with things like names. And with the half kittypet, half warrior names, it symbolizes the daylight warriors having a paw in each world. Half warrior, half kittypet. I kinda like this. The Erins put a lot more thought into this than people realize. Plus, some of them come out pretty adorable!

I believe that Billy was the name of Erin Hunter's cat that ran away while she was writing the first series, so it makes sense for her to want this cat to keep it's prefix as his kitty pet name. I believe that he is supposed to be her lost cat which would explain why he would be the leaders mate and why she would create Skyclan and Daylight Warriors, so the name actually makes sense.

9 Crookedkit

The other names, well they're names, at least. Like Billystorm, you get used to it. And as for Lostface, she got a chance to change her name at least. Poor Crookedkit. Stuck with that name for all of eternity.

Rainflower: Blah. Me hate kits with ugly faces. Don't care 'bout your future, or whatever. ME IS so CRUEL! MWAHAHAAHA!

I think I'll add Rainflower to my hate cat list now.

I don't get renaming a cat because of injuries. Like, did oneeye (the ThunderClan elder, not the other oneeye) want to be called oneeye? Did Halftail want to to be called Halftail? Did Brightheart want to be called Lostface? But Crookeskit's name is the worst. Especially when he became Crookedjaw. It would have been okay if he wasn't hated by his mother because of it. It must have made him upset every time he heard his name

In this case, Rainflower actually exhibited usual cat behaviour; if a mother cat senses that her one of her kits may not survive due to injuries or illness, they will reject their kit. It's sad, but it happens.

10 Foxheart

I saw this while re reading Night whispers at the part where flame tail was saying the names of the warriors he could see and I laughed out loud and spewed milk from my nose. I mean, COME ON!

I think foxheart deserves it. she was just so mean to yellowfang and then she just kisses up to raggedstar and doesn't even correct anyone when they all think brokenkit is her and raggedstars. UGG! and... and... and I'm too mad at her to even type the other horrible things she did to yellowfang! UGG!

So fox-hearted cowards is an insult in warrior cats but she's named Foxheart I mean she wasn't the nicest to Yellowfang but she didn't deserve that name.

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11 Millie

I hate how Millie is always on briarlights side abd doesn't even notice how much she's neglecting her other two kits. I would spend as much time as I could with all my kits I was her. You never know what will happen like in that one Megan trainer song like I'm gonna lose you. I think if I was blossomfall I would have went to train in the dark forest too. Mille is the mother of child neglect. I mean seriously millie, honestly spend time with your mate too and you your three kits together. Sorry for the gigantic rant. Sincerely, Moonglow

Millie is just... Weird. I like the name for a human, because Millie is a human name. But Millie titles herself that, and cats probably don't even know what 'Millie' is! That's means she can either understand human as well as dog, or she's a human in disguise :3 Even though I'm no fan of Billystorm at least it's similar to a warrior name! Like- Milliestripe, or something. Seriously? Millie?!

12 Clawface

If you say Clawpaw over and over again, it starts to sound like "Ca-LAH-pah", which really sounds like some weird musical instrument or a kind of mythical creature. Calahpah, Calahpah! And I'm just saying this in general, but Erin Hunter should take the time to actually LEARN about cats before writing a bunch of books about 'em. I've seen so many mistakes in her books it makes me sick! It's like she can't even see what she's writing! Or THEY, actually. Erin Hunter is more than one person.

Good name for evil cat, but the worst name for a sort of main character in into the wild, then people will just laugh. It's like, the leader could have called him Clawclaw if he/she was stupid enough. If I was called this then I would;
-Politely ask my leader to change my name
- Kick my leader in the butt
-Commit suicide
-Then kill myself because my name is too stupid

When I first heard this name, it made me think of a cat with claws growing out of its face (creepy). After that I thought of a cat whose face was clawed. Ether way it is a terrible name.

13 Frecklewish

Okay... so yeah Freckles don't make wishes -.- Plus cats don't even know what a freckle is, so why name her that. I don't hate the name and all... though it sounds awkward for a warrior cat name. And I agree people, Leafstar is the worst at giving warrior names. Firestar, you get an A at naming warriors. Argh, Leafstar you get a D. Eh, Erin Hunter must have named her after the spots in her legs. by the way, if Echosong named her "Frecklewish" I hope she doesn't get hate, after all Frecklewish is a medicine cat.
I think they should've name her Dapplesfur or Dapplespot/s. If Echosong actually name Frecklwish that, I think Leafpool and Jayfeather are better at giving medicine cat names (they always were) by the way this is my opinion.

That's just not right, leafstar is probulary that WORST with warrior names... For starts... Freckle.. Freckles are a darkend part of SKIN not FUR.. You could have at least put the prefix as dapple or spotted or something along that line and second... Wish... What kinda Sufix is that, that's just not a natural warrior name I would rather have another stupid and boring suffix like tail, fur, pelt or whatever I don't care,

And why do all the bad names come from sky clan, Erin hunter must hate them

14 Catkit

Better than Medicinekit... I cannot help thinking that Leafstar has a litter of two kits... she names one Warriorkit (later to be named Warriorcat) and she cannot find a name that would fit her other kit. Then... a moon later she finds out the poor unnamed kit has a medicine cat's qualities and she names the unfortunate kit Medicinekit (later to be Medicinecat)

Cat kit. Cat mint. Cat tail. Cat everything. She is a white shecat with black spots I love this name.
Mother: this kit smells like plants.
Kit: Hi I'm vinekit
Friend: you smell like catmint.
Mother: I will name her CAT kit!
Chipmunk Cloud of Cat Clan

If I was called Catkit I'd either
1. Kill myself
2. Run Away
3. Demand a name change
4. Kill my leader
5. Ask medicine cat if leader is still sane

I mean, that's like calling your baby humanbaby.

15 Macgyver

This name just sucks. I couldn't pronounce the name and I think Macgyver is one of ghe WORST Warriors names out there!
Honestly, Cobwebstrap the rouge

MacGyver was a television program. Maybe his owners named him after the main character, who was MacGyver himself, and Macgyver didn't want to change his name.

It sounds like someone accidentally misspelled a word wrong and suddenly decided to name their cat a jumble of letters.
"Macgyver! Come here! "
Poor cat.

16 Daisy

Ok for all you people being negative about these names these cats real didn't care about it! (Well, ok I have to admit that Lostface is cruel but still! )
The Ex-kittypets didn't want to change their names. Egg and Runningnose were named cause of their features. Sneezekit sounds cute. And who actually CARES about Maggottail? (After all he was evil. ) So stop being mean to one of the greatest authors ever and just deal with the names!

Yes, Red and Boulder were the same thing. But Boulder didn't try to be offensive by keeping his name, he was just attached to the name his mother picked for him (true story look it up in the Warriors Ultimate Guide book). But Daisy is... a flower. If I were a meddy cat I'd probably say "I need daisy! " and she'd come running in. what?! Daisy is a FLOWER. DEAL.

The same thing happened with Red and Boulder in Yellowfang's Secret; Red was fine with changing her name to Russetpaw, but Boulder spoke up during the ceremony and sad that he preferred to keep his old name. Cedarstar was fine with it. None of these cats should be forced into changing their names.

17 Sloefur

Yeah I don't know what this is from, but it's weird at the least, I know what a slough is, it's a swampy area and I guess would work for a warrior cat name, but sloe isn't a word, It is unrecognizable for any children that would read the series and even at twelve I'm still confused!

Actually, a sloe is a breed of plum which is black, so this name makes a LOT of sense. Sloefur is a black she-cat.


There is nothing wrong with this name. Sloe is a plant. It's the same as having a cat named hazel- or bracken- or fern-

18 Shredtail

What It sounds like someone has put this cats tail into a paper shredder. If I had this name I would be like "What the hell"

The reason why he has this name is because he has no fur on the end of his tail, some other cat shredded it off...Painful

Queen: Hmm, I'm gonna name my kit Shredkit because I hate it and I'm gonna shred it to peices!

19 Heavystep

Okay this name calls him fat. And didn't this elder cat die from greencough or somethin? Next thing you know I'm on the sight and he is listed as a riverclan elder! Come on Erin hunters! You can do better than that! Horrible typo!
"cough rookie mistake cough"! T_T

"He is not fat! That is just his name! I hate people who think these names are nothing but crap! Don't treat a warrior like that and he is a good warrior and he would probably rip your pelt of for saying that! ".

The warrior name is okay but Heavykit or Heavypaw
"Hay Heavypaw" random cat from Thunderclan.
"Ae you calling him fat? " random cat from Riverclan.
"Yes? " Heavypaw bounding up to them.
"Did you know this cat has been calling you Heavy... Paw" says cat. "Don't woory your not fat"
"What? Are you saying I'm fat? My name is Heavypaw! " yells Heavypaw.

20 Daisytoe

Daisypaw: Ima happy little fluffy apprentice bouncing around mah clans territory! Oh hullo there's a flower by my foot it must be an omen!
*runs to tell clan leader*
Clan leader: Lets name this fat fluffy apprentice Daisytoe because she stepped on a daisy and killed it! Oh wait, that's kinda a evil omen... Daisytoe you're gonna die of being squashed.

This name IS mildly ridiculous, but I don't see the prefix and suffix as being connected all the time, so I guess it could work...? It still sounds weird, though.

Toe?! What the heck? Goosefeather's mother has a weird name, I have to admit. I mean, seriously. "Hey everyone, Daisytoe is pregnant with my kits! " I absolutely love Rooktail's name but Daisytoe? Just no.

21 Hollowbelly

Hey Hollowbelly? I know a tall cliff you can come jump off if you want to escape the horrifyingness of your name. Maybe if you go to the dark forest you'll be buddies with Maggottail! You two could start a bad name club...

If I were him, I would run away forever, cover my scent, and pretend to be a rogue and name myself a diffrent name. I don't know how this cat would look like at ALL. I'm guessing pale ginger since hollow's are a pale simaler color, so I'd name myself Dessertfur or Sandfur. just my opinion...

It sounds like a very big and empty belly. I would demand a change of my name or runaway forever!

22 Whiskernose

I honestly like this name; it is completely fine. But its just obvious, and I respect that people want to put it on this list for this reason. It is just like Firestar but everyone loves that name. (I'm not saying that stars are made out of fire, I'm saying that fires are very hot and stars are very hot. I'm not talking about movie stars.)

I name you Whiskernose after the Whiskers on your nose.

I don't think this name is bad, just unique.

23 Bouncefire

Seriously?! Bouncefire is my favorite warrior name! I have to admit that I have never liked verb prefixes like Running- or Sneeze- (Ugh, sneeze- is the worst. Seriously I hate sneeze- with a burning passion) but I feel like Bouncefire is amazing. Bounce is THE BEST prefix for fire. I feel the need to go all 1st grade teacher on everyone saying things like "fire doesn't bounce" or "since when has fire bounced". Let's take a look at a fire. Now, what do you notice it doing? Moving, yes indeed, fire does in fact move. How would you describe the fire's movements? Maybe waving, flickering, or even...oh I don't know BOUNCING! So yeah, I'm pretty unhappy about how high the name bounce fire is on this list.

You do know that the names the Erins gave the SkyClan cats were fan made right? They didn't think of it, they asked their fans on one of their blogs to send them mail of ideas or good cat names. It's not the Erins fault because Leafstar was the leader and it's not like Leafstar was born a warrior or was in a clan. Did you guys even read Firestars Quest? Honestly, what kind of Warrior cats fans are you?

24 Starstar

Impossible in the Warriors world as naming a kit Moonkit, Starkit and Pawkit is against the law/code. Moon is not allowed because of the Moonstone and Moonpool. Moonflower was simply a mistake. Pawpaw is a plant but it won't work as a cat's name right? Starstar the leader of nothing. Starstar is not a real name. It just really does not make sense.

I know call you StarStar, leader of ClanClan. May you lead the Clan into great destruction. -BrambleStar 2020

I ship Macgyver and StarStar.

It goes against Warriors logic. This is why no cat in the history of Warriors has ever had the word 'star' as their first prefix.

Except Starflower.

25 One-eye

Oh God, you people are so sensitive. It's another name-change name, of which she was honored for her old age, of which she survived and given the new name.And why would you think she cared about her new name? There was no indication of her flinching or wincing at the sound of her name. In fact, she doesn't give a crap.

I know she can see out of one eye, but seriously! People? Do you think she loves it when every time someone talks to her she gets reminded of her poor disability?

One-eye actually said it before "I don't care what they call me, as long as they give me fresh-kill." Or something amongst those lines.

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