Top Ten Ways Disney Has Gone Downhill

Disney channel used to be great when shows like That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, Wizard's Of Waverdly Place, Lizzy McQuire, Kim Possible, etc was on.

Then time went by, they all got cancelled and were replaced with crap shows like Jessie, Ant Farm, and Good Luck Charlie was the one good show.

Then good luck charlie was cancelled, replaced by Liv and Maddie. At least Gravity Falls and Girl Meets World are good.

The Top Ten

1 The plots are getting old

Characters splitting up at the end of every animated sequel starting with Ralph 2, need I say more?

Yes. - TeamRocket747

Here's the basic plot of a Disney show:
1. Stereotypical kids are all rich
2. Rich kids act like they have problems
3. One of the charecters get teased
4. Teased character is fed up
5. Things are resolved
6. Repeat 4 seasons - ToptenPizza

2 Jokes aren't funny

The writers only know how to make farting jokes and sex jokes and jokes making reference to old singers, T.V. shows, etc so only adults will get it - ToptenPizza

3 Very few shows have a good plot

Gravity Falls is the best, in my opinion - ToptenPizza

4 None of the singers have talent

Laura Morano- her lyrics are slightly better than the average Disney star, but she can't sing, it sounds like heavy breathing.

Ross Lynch- average singer, but if he wasn't cute no one would like him. He is in a crap band that sings crap songs, but hey! Isn't he hot, girls?

Dove Cameron- she's a great singer, but she just has the crappiest songs, but I guess it's Disney's fault.

Zendaya- her songs are all about dancing and having swag, her voice sounds like whining, and her dancing is basically her walking around while moving her hands on her body. - ToptenPizza

5 Few actors can act

They all have very forced acting, pretty emotionless faces, and little overall skill (basically they are all Kristen Stewart) - ToptenPizza

6 Little character development

Every single one of them is one dimensional and static, a great example is A.N.T farm:

China- talented. Nice. Stupid.

Olive- mean. Arrogant. Smart

Fletcher- artistic. Dorky. Nice. Stupid.

Lexy- mean. Arrogant. Pretty.

Paisley- dumb. Nice

Cameron- bad at everything.

And I Didn't Do It:

Lindsey- goody two shoes

Logan- dumb

Delia- weird

Jasmine- dumb, arrogant

Garrot- germaphobic

Those are pretty much the only charecters in the show - ToptenPizza

7 None of the characters are likeable

The old Disney was great because I could relate to one charecter, the other protagonists I liked, and the antagonists I didn't like. Now, they are all either gross dumb arrogant or a combination of the 3 - ToptenPizza

8 They ran out of ideas so they are making live-action remakes

Whats next? A Frozen remake.

The live-action remakes are horrible. - TeamRocket747

9 Canceling Kim Possible

Possibly finishing it?

10 "Twist" Villains

Went as far as a giant Ralph clone in Wreck it Ralph 2 where Ralph fights a cloned giant of himself. This may be the laziest villian yet.

The Contenders

11 Lame jokes
12 Got rid of Toon Disney
13 Mostly live-action
14 Cgi Movies

Their modern animated movies has shrek-tier animation.
And the "shrek-tier" part is not a good thing. Disney needs to go back to 2D animation.

15 Got rid of Playhouse Disney
16 Canceling Samurai Jack
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