Top 10 Ways for Kids to Earn Money

Do you want to earn money, quick? Are you not old enough for a real job yet? Do you need some inspiration? Well, this is the list for you! I was actually inspired to make this list because I am 12 years old and am trying to get some money. I know that I am not the only one out there that needs this list, and I am actually kind of surprised that no one has created this list yet... But that just makes me special, right?

The Top Ten

1 Babysitting

Everyone in my neighborhood has young kids, so this is my most popular other than chores. This may not be the case for everyone, though, but look around, there are little kids EVERYWHERE!

2 Pet Walking

Dog walking is my favorite. But some cats can be walked, too!

3 Pet Sitting

This is kind of like babysitting, but instead of watching kids, you watch pets! This is a good idea if you know your neighbors well, and they trust you. This is definitely the job if you are an animal lover!

I'm gonna do this! - funnyuser

4 Manning a Lemonade Stand

Another classic! However, this only really works in the summer/springtime. But you can still make big bucks if you choose the right place, and make the lemonade tasty!

5 Hosting a Bake Sale

Some schools do this to raise money, so why not you? Grab some friends and start baking! Everyone likes a sweet treat once and a while!

6 Tutoring

Are you a straight-A student? Do you like helping others? Then this is the job for you! Charge $10 per person, and you are sure to rack up some major money!

7 Doing Chores

My parents are so cheap to me that I have to DEMAND them to pay me to go certain chores like shoveling

I know it's the oldest one in the book, but prepare to be surprised at how much money you can make doing a simple task!

I do chores all the time but I never get paid for them :(

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