Top Ten Ways Gravity Falls Is Better Than Breadwinners

The Top Ten

1 No Toilet Humor

You guys do realize this list is pointless because everyone knows this show is stupid

I hate toilet jokes

Wendy should take an axe to SwaySway's head

*kills SwaySway and Buhdeuce with Bill Cipher*

2 More Interesting
3 Funnier Jokes
4 Dipper Is Better Than Beudeuce

Buhdeuce was annoying, Bill should kill him

5 Animation Is Better

I truly think Gravity Falls is better than most, if not all shows on television. So... - keycha1n

6 Breadwinners Is Annoying

It should‘ve been recalled breadlosers

7 Mabel Is Better Than Swaysway
8 No Miley Cyrus References
9 Better Episodes

Weridmaggeon is better than love loaf

10 Better Role Model
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