Top 10 Ways to Know if a Girl Likes You

The Top Ten

She always looks at you

Stop stalking me wormface piggy

That's true. Unfortunately girls are never interested in me. - Userguy44

*crying* That'll never happen to me. - TriggerTrashKid

This could be one

She keeps her head down
She plays with her hair

I would like that. - Userguy44

She smiles when you're around

Now this is something nice. - Userguy44

This should be number 2 or 1

She blushes

This is what I would most like about a girl in front of me. If she blushes, my day is refreshed. - Userguy44

She flirts

Yeah - Userguy44


She makes her eyes big

Yes, a big hint if they do that. O.O

Her friends talk about you
She says so

Straight forward. Glad somebody else thought of this as well. - imataco123

She crosses her legs

All the time but that makes no sense cause it doesn't tell you that she likes you are not

The Contenders

She flirts with your friend to make you jealous


Her friends stare at you
She talks to you
She and her friends sit by you
She follows you around

Okay this sounds like stalking. - Userguy44

She bullies you

This list is messed up a bit. - Userguy44

This one is actually true. While most girls won’t bully their crushes, I’ve met some who do. They’ll pretend to completely hate the poor guy and say that he’s a complete jerk, even if he isn’t. They’ll constantly call him stupid and talk behind his back with their friends. Of course then they turn their friends against the guy too.
So yeah, although I and most other girls don’t, some girls do indeed bully their crushes. Also, what’s up with a lot of the items on this list? I was laughing practically the whole time at all the idiotic and creepy signs of a crush!

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