Ways Know a Girl Likes You

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1 She breaks in your house

Wot I've been in 100+ relationship and none broken into nah house. - AlphaQ

This is weird

Wait what.

2 She always looks at you V 2 Comments
3 She watches you sleep

This is so creepy and weird it made me laugh.

What that's stalkish

That's stalkish

4 She kidnaps you

Don't worry guys I won't kidnap you!

This is too related to Yandere simulator I'm a girl trying to go to these lists giving guys advice and This list isn't even close except for numbers 9, 4 and 1.

V 2 Comments
5 She feeds you her hair

I'm sorry, but seriously! Guys who read this need some REAL ways to tell.

Who ever made this thing really has no sense.

This list is NOT very helpful... - Popsicles

6 She will literally kill for you V 1 Comment
7 She plays with her hair
8 She tries to kill you when you say you don't like her

Whoever made this. Are you okay? Is there literally a psycho

V 1 Comment
9 She keeps her head down
10 She smiles when you're around V 1 Comment

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11 If they make shipping names for you
12 She blushes
13 She makes her eyes big V 1 Comment
14 They force you into sex

That's raping a boy, that's the other way around._. - Fandom_Lover

TEHEHE that would be nice

Uh, if she really cared about you, I don't think she would rape you... - Popsicles

15 She flirts V 1 Comment
16 She doesn't eat or drink

What the?! Is it really that bad? It's a good thing girls hate me then!

17 She follows you everywhere
18 She says so

Straight forward. Glad somebody else thought of this as well. - imataco123

19 She crosses her legs

All the time but that makes no sense cause it doesn't tell you that she likes you are not

20 She flirts with your mate to make you jealous V 1 Comment
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