Top 10 Ways in Which Certain Classic Cartoons Haven't Actually Aged Very Well

Please calm your nostalgia stiffies for once, I'm begging you

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1 Transformers is nothing but a giant overglorified toy commercial, and can also never be looked at the same way again once you've seen the horribly stereotypical hyper-realistic edge-fest that Michael Bay turned it into
2 Scooby-Doo follows the EXACT same formula in every single episode, throughout every single one of its incarnations

Gee, can't you just say that you don't like classic cartoons? You seem to have a problem with classic cartoons picking and sticking to a certain type of formula. Can you name ONE recent cartoon that doesn't do that? Also, you claimed that He-Man and The Masters of The Universe is largely only worth watching for its homo-eroticism subtext. It's okay if you watch that cartoon for that reason, but many of its fans, which would include kids, would watch it for the story, the action, and the fight scenes. You should of attacked Family Guy, which showed racism, sexism, and anti-semitism on several episodes. You think those are things that any recent cartoon should have? At least when the very old cartoons did that, they had the times that they came out as an excuse. Family Guy don't have that excuse.

3 Ren & Stimpy isn't animated nearly as well as people say it is, over-relies on shock humor to an insufferable degree, is horribly written, and overall isn't very edgy

Or at least, not really that edgy compared to Invader Zim and Courage The Cowardly Dog

(and also certain bits of Rocko's Modern Life too, just for the record)

And yes, the show is ESPECIALLY badly written compared to the FAR less critic-favored Rocko as well - xandermartin98

4 Looney Tunes over-relies on slapstick to the point where it's basically the only type of humor that the show has

It has variety of that... soccer moms are everywhere - Maddox121

5 Beavis & Butthead's depiction of dumb teenagers is considerably less accurate nowadays than it was back in the 1990s; also, the show once again severely over-relies on shock humor and is largely forgettable outside of its "Do America" movie adaptation
6 He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe is most likely the corniest thing IN the universe and is largely only worth watching for its homo-eroticism subtext
7 Rocko's Modern Life is horrifically pretentious with the way that it portrays society, appears to take place four decades before it's supposed to, often tries way too hard to be the next Ren & Stimpy, and features almost every sitcom cliche in the book
8 Dragon Ball Z basically has little to no plot to speak of besides backstories and the fact that its characters become progressively more powerful over time; also, it's probably the single most stereotypical shonen anime to ever non-parodically exist
9 The first three seasons of South Park didn't execute the show's art style nearly as well as later seasons and also severely lacked the wit and sophistication of later seasons
10 Classic Simpsons is basically just a boring, watered-down, slightly less preachy version of South Park

Hell no! - DaWyteNight

The Contenders

11 Rocko's Modern Life horribly under-utilizes many of its characters

It SO should have had an episode where we got to see the insides of Virginia Wolfe's and Dr. Hutchison's heads - xandermartin98

12 Road Runner follows the exact same formula in every single one of its episodes
13 Doug horribly jumped the shark when it became a Disney show
14 SpongeBob SquarePants horribly jumped the shark after the release of its first movie
15 The Pokemon series, while the creatures have spent years in the show, the new ones have been less artistic and more diabolical

Do I hear a Genwunner?

16 Tom & Jerry over-relies on slapstick to the point where it's basically the only type of humor that the show has
17 The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog is only good for memes
18 The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is nothing but a giant over-glorified toy commercial, with a huge amount of "cool kid" pandering thrown in as well
19 1960s Spider-Man is only good for memes
20 Thundercats has an awesome theme song but is just okay as a show
21 Captain Planet is the most pretentious environmental protection program to ever exist
22 The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog is full of weird fetishes that bring back awful memories of Sonic's Deviantart fanart
23 Invader Zim tries too hard to be edgy
24 Ren & Stimpy horribly jumped the shark after John Kricfalusi got fired from its original production staff
25 Doug is about as boring and generic as cartoon sitcoms get
26 Rugrats turned into total rubbish during its later seasons
27 The "adult humor" aspects of Rocko's Modern Life has been done way better, or at least with way more subtlety, by numerous other shows of its ilk
28 Earthworm Jim is largely just a less overrated Freakazoid
29 Ren & Stimpy objectively isn't a quarter as good of an overall series as Rocko's Modern Life, yet critics almost always insist on claiming otherwise simply because it was more "revolutionary" at its time
30 Mega Man has an awesome theme song but is just okay at best as a show
31 Rugrats has one of the ugliest animation styles of its entire decade
32 Rocko's Modern Life, while extremely well-animated, isn't actually terribly well-drawn most of the time
33 Freakazoid is all kinds of "LOL, so random"
34 Invader Zim is all kinds of "LOL, so random"
35 The adult humor aspects of Animaniacs have been done way better by numerous other cartoons, Rocko included
36 Rocko's Modern Life is basically just an extremely high-quality example of what mostly every other cartoon nowadays is, as in a surrealist sitcom
37 Pokemon rewrites the canonical rules of the game series in ridiculously stupid ways
38 Pokemon horribly overuses animation shortcuts
39 A majority of Hanna-Barbera cartoons only lasted 16 episodes
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