Top Ten We Bare Bears Episodes

This show is amazing and deserves recognition. Can't wait for more episodes from this series!

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1 Everyday Bears

The I hate babies scene killed me - DubstepLover

I saw this one and it was so fun. Please put this at 1#.

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2 Burrito

This episode was "To Love a Patty" done RIGHT. The ending honestly placed the final touch on the greatness of this episode- it managed to bring out the genuine feels.

The ending is so sad but so adorable at the same time.

A heartfelt take on a normally horrible type of episode

The ending was so beautiful and adorable... the feels :3

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3 Icy Nights

The darker the show gets the better.

This episode was awesome!

I love dark episodes

Great episode.

4 Viral Video

Grizz was a little selfish in this episode.. But eventually he came around.

5 Our Stuff

For being the first episode, it started off really good, even though it isn't the best episode.

6 Chloe

"Are bears dogs? "

LOL - blst0033

My favorite, personally

The bears were naughty

Chloe is my favorite character, and seeing an episode about her is awesome! favorite episode

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7 Panda's Date V 3 Comments
8 Tote Life V 2 Comments
9 Yuri and the Bear

This episode explains why Ice Bear speaks in third person always.

Best episode by far. Actually teared up!

I cried during this episode.


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10 Jean Jacket

The Ed Hardy jacket that fulfilled individual dreams but wrecked the collective was brilliant.

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11 Shush Ninjas

This just shows how much the creators love cinemas and also tackle a very important issue in today's society

The Twilight Reference, man.


12 Chloe and Ice Bear

This episode is done real well, they allowed 2 secondary characters (ice bear, and chloe) to kinda have the spot light, at first I was worried but it turned out amazing, I thought they did a food job of showing a new side of ice bear. Chloe was also a ton of fun, she was cute and funny as always. The friendship and interactions between ice bear and chloe was great. the episode is fun and pure enjoyment, definitely my favorite

How is ice bear a secondary character? He's one of the main characters...

I think you meant to say that they did a GOOD job of showing a new side of Ice Bear,not a food job

13 Food Truck

Allow me to disguise as an animal and try a Cal-Zone. - EpicJake

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14 Fashion Bears V 1 Comment
15 Cupcake Job V 2 Comments
16 Nom Nom

Ice was so under-appreciated in this episode.. But he's still a good brother.

Great episode!

I like nom nom

17 Brother Up

I loved this episode! Especially the Korean part and the montage with them at the mall

18 Captain Craboo

The saucy craboo,
Save Ice Bear

19 Video Date

This one had a dirty joke in it

20 Pet Shop

It was a cute episode; their brotherly bond!

The only thing I didn't like was how the owner just threw away the bears into the dumpster. Although, they kinda deserved it after how they treated the other animals.

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