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21 Charlie and the Snake
22 Charlie
23 Primal

He gave that up because he wanna grow up and be Stephen curry and blow 3-1 leads

This episode is not the best because even though Grizz barely ate anything he still didn't go primal

Nice computer...

Great fridge...

Cozy bed...

Why would Grizz give THAT up?

24 The Audition

Ice Bear actually spoke in first person... for 3 seconds

25 The Road

Cutest song in the entire series.

26 Bear Cleanse

My personal favorite episode, especially with the seal.

27 Rooms

I really enjoyed this episode. It was quite humorous, especially Grizz's impression of Panda and Ice Bear's private bathroom being revealed.

28 Chicken and Waffles
29 Panda's Sneeze
30 Ranger Tables

Ice bear was so funny in this episode

31 Everyone's Tube

Ice bears video was the best

Agree, Ice Bear is awesome.

32 Hibernation
33 Nom Nom's Entourage V 1 Comment
34 Losing Ice

This was the worst episode so far... Ice Bear deserves better. His "older" brothers pretty much hold him back

35 My Clique

Chloe was watching Adventure Time in this episode!

36 Occupy Bears

I like the "Kick you out! " guy Go occupy bears

Probably the funniest episode of We Bare Bears. Also the most informative, the flash backs of the Bears searching for a house were funny and were heart warming. IceBear, Panda, and Grizz were all at the beat in this episode. Go Occupy Bears for #1!

It's so touching I almost cried

37 The Emergency

Poor Ice. And they never even said his name!

38 Charlie Ball
39 Slumber Party
40 Yard Sale
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