Top Ten Weakest Pokemon Types

According to fully evolved overall stats, these are it!

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1 Bug

Do people even look at every Pokemon of every type? There's Scizor, a Bug/STEEL Pokemon WITH A BASE STAT TOTAL of 500, Heracross, Bug/Fighting AND STILL A best OF 500, Volcarona, Bug and FIRE with A BASE STAT OF 545! THAT'S ALMOST CLOSE TO ARCANINE'S! Before you say a type is weak, go check more of those Pokemon, their types, AND STATS!

There's also Genesect, a Bug/Steel type with 600, 600! That's equal to Deoxys, Darkrai, and Cresselia! - noo7na7

Some bug Pokemon can be very strong, however... most are weak

Did anyone else notice that fighting types aren't on the list I guess finds it weak ( I don't find it weak just making a statement)

I'm with ya bug sucks butt

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2 Normal

Normal isn't that bad because it is only weak against fighting and the only types it doesn't damage as much as usual are steel, rock, and ghost but ghost doesn't even damage normal

It is really weak although it has one weakness it has no advantages over every type and at least bug type can take down the almighty psychic type

Um.. they're not that weak... Arceus... Snorlax and Blissey and Chansey have high HP.. and also some of them are cute.. You forgot eevee and minccino...

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3 Poison

Poison just has too few of applications or favorable match ups to be real powerful, and it's myriad of weaknesses to other types makes it generally the weakest.

There's just nothing good about them... Except beating fairies, which steel does a better job.

Bug is mathematically the weakest, HOWEVER, its nothing compared to Poison suckiness about designs. Plus, Bug is overshadowed by some bad ones, others are awesome! STOP HATING BUG. Hate Poison instead, this type is BAD.

No offense but Poison is weak 95% of the time

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4 Fairy

Poor Dark types, already having disadvantages but they are so cool. Fairy is so overrated. And anyway, there's not many original fairy types. The Jigglypuff family, the Clefairy family (correct me if that is wrong) But still! Fairy types stink!

My opinion is that fairy types are cooler than dark time so ya

Isn't it weak to fire too, one of the more common types?

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5 Ghost

The Creepy Triangle: Ghost, Psychic and Dark. Dark overrides both of them, and Ghost is only good against Psychic and ghost. It's a gamble when you send out a ghost type against ghost type, and you have to pray that you hit first. Also, just because the designs are cool, doesn't mean it gets a free-pass.

Bug is statistically the weakest. However, I find Ghost is quite useless in battle...

Ghost? WEAK? What?! There are many strong ghost types! Like Gengar, Aegislash, Dusknoir, etc... plus, Gengar outspeeds you idiot.

6 Grass

This type contains the Pokemon with the lowest base stat total, which is Sunkern. It's attacks are also not effective against 7 types, even bug type could destroy it for being super effective against grass

Grass just isn't great with too many weaknesses and not much offense. Although you can make undying Pokemon with leech seed and giga drain.

5 weaknesses which are fire, ice, poison, bug, and flying

It has a whole lot of weaknesses

7 Electric

That's no good to have electric in weak Pokemon type I love them see the zapdos your favorite eould be changed

What look at how powerful pikachu if the story didn't want to let pikachu win pikachue woul destroy every Pokemon in his way

8 Dark

What does nobody know darkri legendary strong kickbutt overpowered PLAY Pokemon MAN.

9 Rock

Sounds tough but a lot of weakness and low special defense.

It does nothing really good but the ability sturdy.

10 Dragon Dragon A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.

Dragon is literally only strong against dragon (as a move type). While it may resist a few types, it is weak to ice and fairy which are rather common attacking types. Also many fully evolved dragons have a dual typing which gets rid of the resistances.

Cool picture

Really dragon types or BEASTS


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11 Water

Water type is not a weak type! It is really strong and has great moves like Surf!

They should make it so the surf move makes Pokemon say hang ten.

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12 Ice

What? Ice is awesome! It takes down birds, plants, and even the strongest Dragons with ease! They're rare for a reason, guys! With Freeze-Dry it can take out Water Pokemon too!

For me a ice move is so weak I don't know why but when my Pokemon come a vs one stupid blizzard comes and kills all my Pokemon its, its strrongest move so in conclusion it should not be in the top of the least but quit high for its weak moves

13 Fighting
14 Ground V 1 Comment
15 Fire

How can you say fire types are so weak if they were in the weakest Pokemon list they should be on last number

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16 Psychic

Psychic types rock! Why are they on here? - RiverClanRocks

I can't believe I had to add this! Look at Mewtwo's movies. They are awesome. And if you could use psycich power you could make things move without touching them. And you could teleport and stuff. I COMMAND YOU TO VOTE NOW!

Is this even on here! it's so strong! its weakest Pokemon types not strongest types please everyone if your thinking to vote on this just walk away from your computer please

17 Steel
18 Flying

My favourite type! I'm always using lots of Flying Type pokemon, I am always scared of Electric and Rock moves no matter what pokemon I use. I have 2 Fire-Flyings (Talonflame, Charizard) so Ice isn't a big concern to me.

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