Top 10 Web Directories In the World

In the face of massive global expansion of internet connectivity and constant innovation, it has created a very competitive market for businesses. Getting the all important visibility and exposure to the right audience is very important for any business to survive and even thrive. This is where web directories come into the picture it helps your business website to reach the global audience.

The web directories give you the kind of exposure you need for your business by increasing your site’s visibility. In fact, being listed in top web directories helps your site look trustworthy and reliable. It also helps you to build quality back links to your website, which is an important part of SEO activity and this in turn will help your site’s SERPs (Search Engine Page Result) to rise. So get to know about top 10 web directories in the world which will help your website to reach the right audience

The Top Ten

2 1 Webs Directory is another top web directory in the world where their sole endeavor is to provide business websites an easy access to reach their audience in an effortless manner. They have certainly gained a reputation over the years as the best in the business and provide results which are unparalleled. They only maintain quality websites under them to maximize their presence online with strong links and allow users to access quality websites under one roof. The feedback for 1WebsDirectory is exemplary and they are doing a very fine job in helping business websites reach their true potential.

1WebsDirectory has a unique features where they not only list your websites under appropriate categories but also provide your website an exclusive business listing page which showcases your business logo, description, contact details, address, location map, products and offerings as well. Moreover, they also give 5 links to your business website from the exclusive business page and ...more - vkumar

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4 Ace Web Directory is a leading web directory portal that is helping business websites across the globe to provide the most comprehensive information about business websites. Business websites have ranked better and have reached the right audience through this web directory and it serves an online platform for business owners and online consumers. AceWebDirectory carefully places your business websites under popular categories and sub categories for easy navigation. Every business website is manually reviewed by their experienced editors who make your website Google search friendly and reach out to the right audience.

At AceWebDirectory, they do not take any website under them. They carefully review the website and only take up quality websites which actually needs listing to increase their presence on the worldwide web and in general help internet users finding quality business websites for various purpose. In fact, being listed in AceWebDirectory has its own distinct ...more - vkumar

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5 Jasmine Directory

Good for SEO, maintained.

Jasmine web directory was established in the year 2009. Started as a project of GnetAds KFT, it was developed using the famous Tolra Directory Script module - a simple yet effective piece of code which has helped business websites worldwide.

At, they have added many websites that they appreciate of and in turn have helped their users to find relevant information in a quick and easy fashion. They charge a small nominal fee to keep it going, but they still add websites to their directory which are worth being listed in the first place.

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6 Kadaza

Very nice overview of the best of the web

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10 Joeant Visit Website9

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