Top Ten Weird Things to Say On Your Mat Instead of "Welcome"

The Top Ten

1 "Knock knock jokes not allowed"

But what if you really need to know who's there before you open? - PositronWildhawk

I clearly have a doorbell. - Puga

2 "Could you take your shoes off? I have a foot fetish"

Matt: just as perverted as all of us. - Puga

3 "Tie your laces!"

This made me chuckle :D - Kiteretsunu

4 "Mats don't have to pay bills, na na nee na na!"
5 "Oh God, you're wearing studs"
6 "Welcome to hell"

Wow your company is welcomed - Matt92647

This would be hilarious - ToptenPizza

7 "You're at the wrong house, stalker"
8 "You should really wash those shoes"
9 "T'p o' t' mornin' t' yeh!"
10 "Goodbye"

The Contenders

11 "NO Trespassing"
12 "What's the craic?"
13 "Oh sh** I'm still naked"
14 "Would you like a potahto?"
15 "S*** in a bucket."
16 "I wouldn't ride ya."
17 "I'm on the jacks."
18 "Where'd you find that shoe, a dumpster?"
19 "We're sucking diesel now."
20 "It's Fallin' From Me!"
21 "My name is Matt"
22 "Call round for a céilí"
23 "Giz a bang."
24 "Unwelcome"
25 "Go away!"
26 "I can see your crotch"
27 "We are sleeping"
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