Top Ten Weird Things We Wonder About


The Top Ten

1 Why Is There ALWAYS a Teaspoon Left in the Bowl After Emptying the Water?

Always one of these little buggers left in the bowl, grinning up at me. - Britgirl

Yeah, I find this every single time!

2 How Come It's Always MY Shoe That Always Finds The Dog Poo?
3 Why is a New Toilet Roll Hard to Undo?

This is so annoying. You end up covered in tiny threads of paper trying to find the end and then unsticking it.

4 How Come It's Always MY Shoe That Finds The Chewing Gum?
5 Why is it That Things That Come in Plastic Impossible to Get Into?
6 Where The Hell is My Phone?

I get this A LOT. It's just plain frustrating. The more you need it, the harder it is to find. - PositronWildhawk

7 Why Don't Men Put Down the Toilet Seat After Use?

Is this really a man thing or do yot do it on purpose. But I suppose those two are one and the same thing aren't they? - Britgirl

8 Why do Teachers Always Smell of Coffee and Cigarettes?
9 What is My Purpose in This World?
10 What Do I Do Now? (After Exams)

The Contenders

11 Why Do Charity Shops Smell?

Poor people are smelly? Poor smelly people. - MoldySock

12 Why Is It Always Hot In Here?

Half of the time I think this, half of the time it's "Why Is It Always Cold In Here? " - PositronWildhawk

13 Why Does Sex Feel So Great?

I'll admit I've wondered about this - Curti2594

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