Top 10 Weirdest/Dumbest Reasons to Move to Alaska


The Top Ten

1 You Can See Russia From Your House

For all you people who understand, I don't know the rest. Anyway, yes, you probably could. - The_Violist

You can in fact see a part of Russia [an island] from part of Alaska [another island], it is one of the first things they tell tourists when they get off the plane, even if they are in a part of Alaska that is distant from those islands.

2 Because The Magic 8 Ball Told You To

And so magic 8 ball...What shall be my next move? (Shake shake) Ah, yes. Goodbye everybody! I'm off to Alaska! - The_Violist

3 To Be Farther From Where You Used To Live

I just hate that scenery in my backyard, obviously a hot tub isn't enough...I am off to Alaska to experience the cold! Bye warmth! - The_Violist

4 Because Your Parents Said So

Me: Mom I'm bored. What should I do
Mom: Clean your room.
Me: My room is already cleaned.
Mom: Move to Alaska.
Me: Bye mom! - The_Violist

5 To Be An Alaskan War Princess

I want to be the Alaskan princess who lives in Alaska! I'm just moving there for no reason! Bye! - The_Violist

6 To Find A Person Before You Go Named Felicia And Say,"BYE FELICIA!"

I've always wondered who Felicia was. Now I know! - The_Violist

7 You Want To Go Sledding

Nah, I don't wanna go up the hill covered in snow! Its too far! I'll just go to Alaska and sled there! - The_Violist

8 You Want To Be A Loner Who's Alone And Happens To Live In Alaska

I am a loner! I wanna be in Alaska! That's not populated! (Goes to Alaska* many people here...Time to go back to the part nobody lives in! I'm a loner! (Gets lonely) - The_Violist

Ah, yes. I shall be a librarian and own 5-10 cats. I was originally going to move to Canada, but Alaska's close enough. - Merilille

9 So You Can Be An Eskimo

Only some parts of Alaska are cold. Others are hot. But I never knew that! Eh, kinda did. - The_Violist

10 You Only Like To Be In Alaska Because That's Not Surrounded By Americans.

No, no its not! (Hint sarcasm hint hint) - The_Violist

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