Weirdest Things You Can Do in Japan

The Top Ten
1 Sleep in a tiny capsule hotel
2 Buy a square watermelon
3 Go on game shows about eating noodles in a washing machine or climbing slippery stairs
4 Get a bottled flying fish from a vending machine
5 Pay to have a complete stranger come sleep with you at a "Cuddle Cafe"

Besides the name this is no different from a brothel in the western world.

6 Bathe in a bunch of ramen noodles
7 Meet the man with a white beard on Christmas Eve... Colonel Sanders
8 Go to a festival about... a certain male body part

Yep, you know which one.

9 Visit a maid cafe
10 Visit a cat cafe
The Contenders
11 Visit a robot restaurant

This is getting prevalent nowadays.

12 Play in a real life Mario Kart
13 Get used undergarments from a vending machine

There have been conflicting reports over whether or not you can still do this, or when exactly it ended (again, if it ever really did).

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