Top Ten Best Workouts to Do in a Weight Room

The best workouts to do in a weight room or in a gym.

The Top Ten

1 Pull Ups

My personal favorite and is probably one of the hardest to do. It is probably the best way to get muscle - 2storm

2 Full Clean

A Full Clean works your entire body and helps you in normal life. - 2storm

3 Back Squat

Works your back and leg strength - 2storm

4 Bench Press

Bench Press helps your arm strength. ALWAYS HAVE A SPOTTER ON THIS ONE! - 2storm

5 Weighted Plank

It really helps back strength never put to much weight on your back. - 2storm

6 Weighted Push-ups

Again put too much weight on your back - 2storm

7 Front Squat

Remember to keep and back straight or this will not help you at all. - 2storm

8 Band Stretch
9 Hang Clean

This one is pretty much a easier version of a full clean. - 2storm

10 Military Press

The Contenders

11 Dumbbell Curl
12 Bent-Over Row

It's essentially a deadlift, but upper body focused. instead of lifting with your hips and legs with your back stabilizing, you're lifting with your back while your hips and legs stabilize. People seem to forget that we need to pull our shoulders back too, not just down. This exercise and all its variations are severely underrated.

13 Bicep Curls
14 Tricep Extension
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