Worst Airbus Airplanes

Some airbus planes are horrible. Vote on which one is the most.

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1 Airbus A380

The B757 is actually more efficient than this fatty.

People call this a technological marvel, but part of technology is design and aesthetics, and the a380 fails in this regard. It's almost offensive how little attention seems to have been paid to aesthetics, even though the airlines may not care.

How would you dare compare this to the glorious 747, The Queen of the Skies! I mean, the 747 is the Queen and the a380 is the foot washer! This beast has a nose that was sanded down WAY too many times and it drinks fuel! I wouldn't want to go on this plane from Miami to Orlando because it will run out of fuel and plummet to its death! Why does Airbus like the ugliness which is their planes? They can't compete with the 747 with that junk! Its like going to war with a straw and spitball against people with atomic bombs!

The airbus a 380 is not ugly, very fuel ifficient and a magnificent baby

2 Airbus A350

HM... Let's see... Looks like airbus copied boeing... AGAIN. The A350 is extremely similar to the B787. They just made it a few inches wider to impress customers. And not only is this aircraft designed to compete with the B787, it is designed to compete with the B777... Pfft. Fat chance. One airbus plane could tackle two boeing planes? Right. The B777 is much wider than the A350, can seat more, travel farther, etc. - boeingrules

I visited the new A350 website just now and the A350 looks just like the Dreamliner! Their first A350 design was a complete failure, so they decided to copy Boeing *yawn*.

This is just funny! As soon as the 787 is made out of carbon materials airbus makes the a350 OUT OF THE SAME THING! THAT SHOWS YOU THAT AIRBUS COPIES BOEING!

The a350 is such a hideous aircraft...I didn't realize that until now...its such a copy to Boeing's 787.. I mean look at that nose...then take a look at the fuselage...stumpy pushed in sharp nose followed by that long fuselage that has wings with terrible 787 attempt winglets and a horrid small tail...Something as ugly as that can never compete with Boeing's graceful planes...I mean when the 777X comes out the a350 program is dead

3 Airbus A330

Too technological. Air France crash too many

The french don't know how to land a plane

Worst plantoo technological

The French don't know how to land a plane. laugh out loud!

4 Airbus A300

Old and why would it still be in use. 32 years in service and still Thai airways and many airlines still operate them. Too old they are although Thai are phasing out their a300's

Isn't this plane 10000 years old and about to fall apart? Oh please boeing is just chilling while the 777 kills the a340 a300 a330 and the 777x will DESTROY the a350!

Dc-10 and MD-11 and L1011 has been retored but not A300. :(

5 Airbus A310

Window seats are designed for dwarfs. Normal sized people are cramped and twisted to conform to the curve of the hull.

Incredibly bloated and shortened A300 with wingtip fences...

This is how the A320 was made...

This is a plane? It looks AWFUL to me!

This and the A318: DEFORMED

6 Airbus A321

If you dare say that this is better than the 757, I will be very angry!

When the Boeing 737 max comes out, NOBODY will want ANYTHING in the A320 family!

Seems like a pointless plane. Just a longer A320.

It is getting refurbished

7 Airbus A320

The nose looks bigger than the body. The wings are too tiny.. The body totally is ugly

Agreed. Nose is bigger than the body, tiny wings and an ugly body. Shocking to see over 4,000 of these bullfrogs being built. - KC-9

There is only one word to describe how this plane looks: RETARDED!

The A320 looks retarded! And even it thinks so seeing that it says retard right before landing!

8 Airbus A340

I don't know what airbus was thinking cause the 777 is killing it! The a340 has 1 deck and 4 engines which makes the plane look really bad. And the wings look awful with the mini winglets.

Lol! Why would you get an a340 which has 4 engines and DRINKS fuel, when I can get a fuel efficient Boeing 777 which has 2 engines and holds the same amount of passengers?

Another hideous design is the central landing gear! Is this airbus saying that the plane is too heavy?

Oh yeah, if we say that "four engines are safer than two" even though it costs more to operate than a 777 (the two engine competitor from Boeing which is much better...) we will get all the orders... not Boeing. It ironically turned out the opposite way around

9 Airbus A390

That’s not even a plane

Airbus can't build one for sure!

Oh Dear God!

A390 is from the future by 2050 or 2080 I don't think so
Looks like fake sometimes - SpencerJC

10 Airbus A319

A319 is really tight on US Airways -- a normal adult can hardly reach under the seat to reach the carryon space. Passengers using the tray table usually find it hitting them in the belly or chest. This plane is acceptable for short hops -- an hour or two. We were recently on a A319 flight from Seattle to Philadelphia and the five-plus hours were torture, especially because our flight was very full.

Hello! Someone forgot to mention the a318! The plane looks like its made for 1 person it's so short!

Worst non commuter plane still in the air. Would prefer a Canadair any day.

The Contenders

11 Airbus A318

Wait till they come up with the A318neo. I'd love to see these micro sized trolls get fitted with those giant engines!

If Walmart Sold Planes... This is what they would look like

Complete trash and illogical

12 Airbus Beluga

The Beluga Says To Airbus: "Thank you For Not Aborting Me"

This is a A380 That deformed...

Yes, the A380 is extremely fugly, but hey, props for being big, sleek, and modern. But the Beluga... its not the ugliest Airbus plane, it's the ugliest plane, period. And since Airbus copies off everything, it wouldn't come as a surprise if they copied the super guppy. Even that looks better, lol. This thing is a disaster with wings.

The a380s little brother what is I used for again?

13 Boeing Dreamlifter

More than airbus beluga - SpencerJC

It copied the Airbus beluga.

AirBus is government Funed they take no risk

14 Airbus A360

Looks like the a350

I don't think Airbus A360 in here
Until future comes in 2030 or 2025 - SpencerJC

15 Airbus A370
16 Short 360

What - SpencerJC

17 Airbus A400
18 Airbus A3
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