Top 10 Worst Animated TV Episodes of the 90s

The absolute worst cartoon and anime episodes of the 90's from either good or bad show.

The Top Ten

1 It's a Dog's Life - The Ren and Stimpy Show

Its amazing that they banned "Man's Best Friend" which was banned for extreme violence and yet this episode about Ren and Stimpy being saved by an old woman from being gassed at the pound only to be abused throughout the episode and are killed and stuffed after the old lady dies or rather is murdered by the butler all according to her will was not banned at all really makes you question Nickelodeon's in allowing such an awful episode and banning an episode that is nowhere near as bad this episode. - egnomac

2 Arnold Betrays Iggy - Hey Arnold

Such a mean spirited episode Arnold being punished for what Stinky and Sid did telling Iggy that Arnold told them that he wears bunny pajamas despite that he never told them and they just happened to guess and they don't feel bad for Arnold until after Iggy orders him to go out in public while wearing bunny pajamas and be laughed at by everyone even the creator of this episode regretted ever making this episode. - egnomac

3 D.W.'s Very Bad Mood - Arthur

All this episode is, is D.W. being a jerk to everyone and throwing tantrums and her parents do nothing about it while Arthur and Francine doing what her parents should be doing trying to find out why she's being such a jerk which turns out she wasn't invited to a Birthday party to a kid she doesn't even like an the episode expects us to sympathies with D.W. and the episode ends with Francine sending an invitation to D.W. to her Birthday party and D.W. receiving no punishment what so ever and the episode teaches little kids to throw tantrums until they get what they want. - egnomac

This episode is the reason I hate D.W. - TwilightKitsune

4 Dexter vs Santa Claws - Dexters Lab

Dexter literally tries to murder Santa Clause fro no real reason. - egnomac

5 The Principal and the Pauper - The Simpsons

The worst Simpsons episode EVER if you ask me! Totally pointless and pathetic!

This whole episode was a complete waste of time. - egnomac

Cry babies sure it's far fetched and I would never call him Armin Tamzarian and the "other Skinner" is gone for good. I doubt he would ever return.
But it has good jokes.
Miss Hoover, which one is "oral"?
Out of your mouth, Ralph.
Thank you, Lisa.
No, Miss Hoover. I'm Ralph.
My theory is Skinner likes dog food.
Ooh! A fresh batch of America balls!
When I grow up, I wanna be a principal or a caterpillar.
Bart bursting out laughing when he hears the name Armin Tamzarian.
A dagger! A dagger through my heart!
Here, Mother. Let me help you.
Get your hands off me!
Please, Mom.
You too, stranger!
I'm your son.
I have no son.
Look, lady, you obviously have at least one son.
No! I have one stranger and one fraud.
Take it easy, Mom.
I said, back off! You better do as she says. She's quick with a hatpin.
Armin Tamzariars reign of terror is over. Now let us welcome our new Principal Skinner, ...more

6 Sexual Harassment Panda - South Park

A guy in a panda suit named Sexual Harassment Panda educate the kids of South Park about sexual harassment which ends up leading to a series of sexual harassment lawsuits which Kyle's dad Gerald takes full advantage of and the boys have to get Sexual Harassment Panda to change his cause to get everyone to stop with the lawsuits. - egnomac

7 Buffalo Gals - Cow and Chicken

This episode really goes out of its way to portray the Buffalo Gals as stereotypical lesbians almost like they were purposely trying to get the show cancelled. - egnomac

8 Doug's Christmas Story - Doug

This episode barely has anything to do with Christmas and is all about Mr. Bluff vilifying Doug's dog Porkchop for allegedly attacking his daughter Bebe even though he was actually trying to save her from falling into the ice. - egnomac

9 All Singing, All Dancing - The Simpsons
10 Junkie Business - King of The Hill

Hank passes on hiring a woman who is more qualified for the job all because she's unfamiliar with Troy Aikman over hiring a guy Leon simply because of his familiarity with the Dallas Cowboys and his love for all things propane only for Hank to find out that he's drug addict who uses a legal loophole that prevents him from being held responsible or being fired. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 A Very Special Blossom - The PowerPuff Girls

Blossom ends up stealing a set of special golf cubs which the Professor really wants for Father's Day, the professor becomes super excited when she gives them to him on Father's Day which he takes to go play golf with the Mayor and Bubbles and Buttercup ask her where she got them and she lies and says she found them, later the professor is arrested and Blossom tries to convince everyone that Mojo Jojo was the one who sold her the golf clubs but Bubbles and Buttercup don't buy it remembering that she told them that she just found the clubs they chase after her until she confesses and is sentenced to community service. - egnomac

12 Goku's Next Journey - Dragonball Z

The most insulting finale to such a great Anime series. - egnomac

13 Arthur's Big Hit - Arthur

Awful episode that tries to portray Arthur of being in the wrong for hitting D.W. despite making D.W. to being in the wrong for breaking his model plane and not feeling bad about it and it gets worst when Binky is pressured to hit Arthur which he does only for nobody to show Arthur any sympathy. - egnomac

14 Angelica's Worst Nightmare - Rugrats
15 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost - Spongebob Squarepants
16 Poop Doggy Dogg - Mega Babies

This episode is actually from 2000, that aside the episode is repulsive. - egnomac

17 What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Bubsy Cartoon

When the pilot of your episode is entitled "What could Possibly Go Wrong? " its already telling you its going to be a bad episode. - egnomac

18 Ren's Retirement - The Ren and Stimpy Show
19 Homer's Night Out - The Simpsons
20 Another Simpsons Clip Show - The Simpsons

The name of the episode says it all another Simpsons clip show. - egnomac

21 Total Luger - Rocket Power
22 Zine Dreams - Rocket Power
23 Bunch of Trouble - The Brothers Flub

Almost every episode of this show sucks. Avoid it at all costs.

24 The Ceremony - The Brothers Grunt
25 Aloha Hoek - The Ren & Stimpy Show
26 Friend and Foe Alike - Pokemon
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