Worst Anime Cliches

Is there ever that one cliché in anime that you by no means can understand why they keep doing this because it's so annoying? I'm not saying that the animes that due these clichés are bad, far from it. I like most of them however, these tropes are pretty annoying in my own opinion. I'm sure you can agree on at least one of them and I know there might be some that I missed. However this is just what I think of when I think of annoying clichés in anime. You're free to add one of your own too.

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1 Distracting Fanservice

Fanservice can be done well if it's fun or for comedic purposes. However, sometimes the creators decide to put in way too much fanservice that it becomes very distracting. High School of The Dead is one of them. It's an action packed anime about zombies all over Japan and yet so many times when the action happens, the fanservice gets in the way. It just takes you out of the moment and is overall unnecessary. Or that one female or male lead that's only there for fanservice and doesn't actually have any character development. Their whole existence is just eye candy for the audience and it makes them look like a tool.

Now I'm not against sexy female characters, or those who wear revealing clothing, but at least let them have a personality instead of pure "ooh this is my new girlfriend, time to..." crap that the likes of adult anime is for.

I don't mind fan-service, but if it's too much I'm done with whatever anime I'm watching.

Sadly quite a lot of characters have ridiculously oversized breasts that make the silicone companies look like they're rolling in money, simply to become fodder for fanservice that has little (if any) relevance to the plot. Combined with no personality development in some cases, inclusion of fanservice-only characters is lamentably shallow and ignorant of real emotions people feel. Sometimes we want something more than just having breasts and knickers shoved in our faces - it's as simple as that.

2 Friendship Saves the Day!

Ever liked an anime where everything seems to be perfect? The characters are likable, the action is great and the story is engaging? Then you get to certain point in the anime whether it be the end or not that you realize the writer didn't know how to properly end a fight? So what does the writer do? The power of friendship conquers all! You see this in certain animes like Fairy Tail (especially) and even Soul Eater did. Except they called it 'bravery' but you could replace it with friendship and it would be the same thing. I hate it when that happens. It can ruin the anime for me. Friendship can't solve everything, the world doesn't work like that. You have to be strong in the real way and that doesn't include suddenly becoming powerful because you're thinking about your friends. That's just lazy writing and could fail a show entirely.

Uh, good for Sailor Moon? However, from what you described that could be used with almost any Magical Girl Anime. Plus that ending seems very sappy and unrealistic. - RoseRedFlower

Literally every supposedly important fight in Fairy Tail is about friendship. It's super annoying and it makes me feel more happy I'm alone. I prefer the other stuff in Fairy Tail like the interactions or the other smaller fights.

Just hearing this reminds me of Fairy Tail...

If you want a non anime show about friendship watch my little pony - BoyGenius234

This is just plain lazy writing. Not to mention that if you apply this to the Real World you would be a parasite to people

3 The Protagonist Lacks a Mom and Dad

Now that I think about it, almost every anime I watch, just lack that one parent ( which is mostly the mother ) or have an absent or neglectful parent ( which is father ).

This may seem small but have you ever noticed how the main lead either has one parent or no parents at all? This seems to be in almost every anime you come across. For some reason the main lead doesn't have their mom or dad. Whether they're dead, they abandoned them, a divorce or they are too busy to ever pay attention to their child. Here's a list of main characters with either one parent or none. Pokémon, Attack on Titan, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Kotoura-san, Mirai Nikki, Naruto, Black Butler, Your Lie In April, Say I Love You, Soul Eater, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Clannad, Fullmetal Alchemist and Batman. (Okay, that last one isn't an anime but you get my point.)

You forgot to mention Evangelion. Shinji has a dad but not a mom.

Probably any creators are too lazy to add parents for protagonist, or they only added parents just as background characters or cliche parents like abusive to their kids

Pokemon reeks of this trope. To be fair, the games do to.

4 Generic Male Leads

For clarification, here is what a "generic male lead" is;

For Drama/Comedy/Romance Anime;
- Slightly above average in attractiveness
- Incredibly normal in every way, shape and form; not in any way "special"
- Frequently deliver witty one-liners or "punch lines" to everything
- Over-react in every situation
- Completely hopeless in school, work and social life

For Action/Adventure Anime;
- They're a one-man army that can take on any enemy and any amount of enemies single-handed
- They act clueless even though they've overcome all odds through their actions
- They always act kind to everyone even though their actions show that they're really an @$$

It's not only like this in anime... it's basically like this in every second fantasy or scifi movie. Either they are unrealisticall strong action heroes or your average imperfect big mouths with a good heart that learn a lot along their way. The thing is, when you have a female character that fits this description, it's automatically more interesting because it doesn't fit the stereotype. Plus, female leads often have more developed personalities and background stories. Quite often, the villain will be a whole lot more relatable and interesting, or at least he has more of an attitude. I get that the male leads are often supposed to be a placeholder for YOU, the viewer, but it doesn't change everyone around you is more interesting.

Yesh! That image of Ayato is perfect! He's so generic and is written like how a 13 year old see's himself!

Normally I'd say this is wrong but its true?! Male leads are like "i'm gonna be the best"

5 Filler Episodes

I hate these episodes. There's nothing more annoying when you just want the plot to continue but then you have filler. Whether it's through via flashbacks (Yu-Gi-Oh series) or takes so many episodes to finish a certain arc (Naruto). Or how they fight numerous foes who have nothing to do with the main story before they continue the story (Sailor Moon). It's just and excuse to fill up more slots and gain more viewership. However, it can become distracting if you use it way too much.

And this is why I never picked up on Naruto. I usually like to watch an entire anime series episode by episode without skipping any single one. Surprisingly, I believe there was actually one episode in Blue Exorcist that was a filler episode (the one with the cooking demon). If filler episodes aren't in abundance or if they're fun to watch, I might not mind them. If it's the opposite way around, I have a problem.

This is basically 75% of every Naruto season

Fillers aren't all that bad to be honest. Bleach's fillers are the best example

6 Tsunderes

They are just awful people, why not be nice like in the anime Ore Monogatari (my love story). No Tsunderes there and its one of the best Romance anime's ever made.

They are all basically the same character so must so you can tell what will happen, man dose something (doesn't matter if its good or bad) gets blamed and most likely hurt and end result either proved right or wrong (mainly wrong) but no real sorry after for development.

You know after seeing this character in almost all anime, I think even the fans of this cliche should see by now that it has over stayed its welcome. If the man did something wrong he's Hitler "BUT" if the woman did something wrong then nothing happens (in fact something the man still gets blamed. If you really want "Gender Equality" then both sides should have the same ups and downs.

To be honest I never understood why people like Tsunderes, they are not cute they are just mean people, its not a good role model, ...more

Tsunderes no longer contain the -their, It's all tsun now. Whiny, rude, bossy and insecure. Tsunderes are a whole bunch of unattractive traits rolled into one and they almost never exhibit actual redeeming qualities and if they do they end up ruining the moment with some dumb crap "B-BAKA, HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME FEEL EMBARASSED" *sucker punches the MC*. Yeah that's fun, completely emasculate him and use him as a punching bag. What really ticks me off is that Tsunderes almost always get the MC in the end.

It's kind of stupid. What in the world makes you think that being rude and abusive to the person you like will make you seem more attractive?!

Whiny and annoying it bugs me how they always get the lead there ugly and aggressive. It just ticks me off whole series

7 School!

I'm sure we all saw this one coming. How many animes do you think, take place in a school? So many! Even some of my favorite animes like Code Geass, Angel Beats, Another, Fruits Basket etc. I'm not saying it's bad but it's becoming very obvious that most of them take place in school. There is more to life than school. I watch anime to see an amazing adventure with characters. Not be reminded of why I hated school in the first place. We've all been to school. We all had exams, bullies, clubs and some good memories. Except I don't always want to see that. Especially since some anime is much more interesting if you take the school aspect out of it, like with Code Geass. I wanted to see Lelouch come up with clever ideas to stop his enemies and free Japan. Not him working in the student council room with whatever they were doing. There's plenty of good anime that don't take place in school like Wolf's Rain, Berserk, Attack on Titan etc. So it can be frustrating to see school anime ...more

Here it takes place at school, there it's a school. Here is another school! Anime cliches is fully focused on schools!

There are some shows that work out school fine, but most of the time, it's just done because the developer needs an excuse to add more sailor fuku-wearing adolescents for the purpose of appeal.

Yeah, because we all loved school. Most of the anime that comes out all have schools in them. Whether their regular schools are schools for special students. Schools! Schools! Schools!

8 That Female Character That Thinks That Someone Who Is Looking At Her, Thinks He Is A Pervert

You know that, that gal in the beach episode who hates the men looking at her because of their dirty minds. I can't explain how wrong this is. Firstly, for beach episodes it is expected of you to wear revealing clothing. Secondly, This can be told by the second character's expressions. If that character has a dirty mind, I will pass but if it is not and simply looking at her, then that is problematic

Anime girls! You seriously need to chill! Maybe boys are interested in you, might think you're a good help for homework or whatever, or maybe they just looked at you for only ONCE AND YOU STILL SLAP THEM! Ugh! If anime boys weren't such perverts in so many animes, then this cliche wouldn't have been so annoying!

Just because somebody casually looks at her doesn't mean it's in a 'dirty' way, so this can get a bit annoying if it's blown out of proportion.

This should be #1. Poor gentlemen. They keep on getting abused just for looking at something or being a "pervert" when they are not a pervert. This is a cliche that needs to stop in anime. Take a look at many of the shows that has this cliche. Note: Some to many of these shows are good ones, so if any of you see your favorite in this list, just know that I'm not saying that they are bad. I'm saying that they have this cliche. Here goes: Sword Art Online, Your Lie in April, Akame ga Kill, Guilty Crown, Love Hina, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Soul Eater, Naruto Frachise, and many more.

9 Edgy edgy edgy

Edginess is something you can't just abuse of, especially on characters, I can understand making a dark hero or something alike but sometimes it's just too much, batman, daredevil and red hood are clear example in western comics, while daredevil is somehow better the other 2 are kinda soulless, about videogames there are plenty of examples, half if of the cast of sonic for instance, this trope is kind of annoying, even in manga with characters like sasuke... less popular but annoying

Akame Ga Kill is a perfect example of this! It tries to be dark and mature but it backfires. That was my main problem with the show more than anything else. Besides the violence trying its hardest to shock the audience, the show had the characters have awful pasts and circumstances... and then suddenly it went back to its comedy, as if it never happened.

I agree. If you want funny parts in a dark anime, there can't be so many of them. You can either make an anime funny as possible or at least have funny parts that make sense.

Edgy is dark but cool

10 The Dark Edgy Character with a Dark Past

Ever see that one character who never reveals about themselves because they're afraid to hurt the people they care about? Or when they act cold towards them in order to keep them away or safe from their past? This happens a lot in anime but it normally doesn't bother me. However, I do see this a lot and my tolerance meter can only take so much of it sometimes. Even some of my favorite anime like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama are capable of following this trope.

Fangirls go crazy over these characters.

Possibly the most cringeworthy of the anime tropes. Characters with a dark past and dark demeanor CAN be good (like vegeta and piccolo from DBZ), but when your resident edge-lord gains no development from his dark past, his edginess gets old really fast.

This character is often a douche to EVERYONE! And Fan-girls go cray for them.

The Contenders

11 Beach Episodes

In this anime called Infinite Stratos, the beach episode had no point. It was literally just to show the female characters in Bikinis, and naked at one point. Like the bikinis weren't even for kids, they were like an adult woman's lingerie.

Seriously quit treating female anime characters as sex objects

Beach episodes can be done well, but popping them in just for filler is a surefire way to ruin the fun of them.

I love beach episodes

12 Fragile Female Lead

This is mostly in Shoujo anime but I've found it in Shounen anime too. It's that one girl in an anime that can't do anything right but always promises to try her best even if she fails. Like how she's always getting bad grades, slowest runner in gym class, can't lift anything heavy, doesn't stand up for herself when being harassed or is very co-dependent on the male. I know we all have our flaws but it's hard to support a female character when she can't do anything by herself and is only there for the lead. Like Yuki Kuran in Vampire Knight or Erika Shinohara in Black Prince & Wolf Girl. Yuki is very dull and was only put in the show so that females can pretend that they're her. So they can imagine themselves as a woman in a love triangle with two handsome leads. Yuki isn't a character herself in my opinion. Erika is a pathetic character in my eyes. She allows Kyouya to call her a dog and forces her to do things to her. Just because she lied to her 'friends' about having a boyfriend. ...more

Just an opinion passing by

They use to be cute, but now their just plain annoying honestly (they're basically in every anime, BASICALLY not literally)

There are some people that do like these kinds of characters because of various reasons, but yeah, some are actually kinda good, some are annoying.

But it's been kind of an image of what anime is to "outsiders"

"Outsiders" view on anime (not accurate!):

-is a Japanese cartoon that has a somewhat massive fan base all around the world, some being triggered if you dare mention a single insult onto their 'favorite' animes (despite them having less knowledge of said 'favorite anime') or even Japan itself (*cough*weaboos*cough*)

- to those that really do hate anime couldn't differentiate between an otaku and a weaboo

I would love to continue on but this isn't the topic to be discussing this.

No wonder Lucy Heartfilia gets more praise than Erza Scarlet (because Lucy Heartfilia is portrayed as a dainty crybaby).

That image of Yui Komori from Diabolik Lovers just HAD to be uploaded. Man, I don't want to see that stoic Mary Sue's face (she's got good looks, but the same can't be said for her characterization). Though it's understandable considering that she is notoriously known for being too weak and fragile around the male vampires that torment her in her respective anime.

13 Bland Harem Leads

Every hot guys needs a harem

14 Becoming The Very Thing You Hate The Most

Eren turning out to be a Titan, Rin turning out to be the son of Satan...

Me turning out to be an anime character

15 Cat Girls

Your mom was lazy when she designed you

You mean abomination?

These are called Neko

You mean a neko?

16 Out-of-Proportion Boobs

I actually added this. Lol, just like that visitor said, cow-sized boobs on a tiny, petite girl. So flipping dumb! Unrealistic. And gross too.

There is no one in existence that can have THAT body! Unless she has plastic surgery but STILL!

Another part where the developer's sauciness leaks onto his work. Seriously, do some research about how anatomy works before characters with big busts. I'm not annoyed if the character has a normal d-cup, but when it's used in younger characters or if they are gainaxed (thanks TVTropes), then you have a problem.

Why is this even necessary? What's even the good of making woman have such huge breasts and guys will obviously grope on. So you can attract perverted men in the world? Well you're doing a great job with this terrible cliche!

17 Whoops! I'm a Pervert Now!

There's always that scene where a guy accidently trips over a girl and somehow either touches her breasts or gets a good view of her panties. She then hits him before he can explain the misunderstanding and she thinks that he is a pervert. While this cliché is very minor it's still frustrating to watch. You can see this ridiculous trope come from a mile away and almost every anime does this! Noragami, Food Wars, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail,

Boku no pico in a nutshell

I think that image of Soul Eater Evans would fit more under the category of the nosebleeds cliche, but whatever.

Lol, I was going to. I don't know how this one ended up with this selection but I don't feel like changing it now. - RoseRedFlower

I absolutely hate this. I remember watching an anime called Demon King Daimo, and it looked really cool. In the first or second episode, a girl made some AWESOME magic that was well-animated. I wanted to watch the main character learn this at the magic school, but unfortunately the entire thing was this cliche. The next few episodes consisted of dumb side plots, like a girl he accidentally violated chasing him with a wooden katana in nothing but a white button up shirt. Or when he (main character) was forced to stay in some enclosed box that wouldn't open until morning because of some sort of punishment. And the constant explosions that left the above girl with tattered clothes. Not to mention this idiotic girl that was bad at magic and whose only strength was invisibility...and she had to take off her clothes to be invisible.
I hate it when an anime has a promisable storyline and instead shoves this perverted crap onto me.

18 The Indecisive Boy Has a Harem

You mostly see it in a harem that the boy has a whole bunch of girls who like him, but he doesn't decide who he wants to be with, and just ends up with all of them. The girls are pretty much just eye candy to look at, don't really have much of a personality, and their only interest and goal is to please their indecisive love interest.

Now, I haven't watched a lot of animes, but I know enough that anime that have harems are just to please horny boys. They usually have no plot or character development except to take the viewer to the next sexual scene.

This is an example of poor writing. Many harem animes focus on developing a harem for a male who has next to no interest in a harem, and eventually cannot pick between a harem and one or two of the girls, so he ends up with no one.

Harems are fine but the only thing that will make or break a harem is consequence. Let's say on valentine's day, you chose someone then the other girl finds out about this then breaks up with the guy or beats him up.

19 Perverted Leads

They're annoying, nobody likes them and every girl wants to rip their eyeballs out. Could a character get much worse?

I like it in Gantz when for the protag his hornyness was the only motive to act his part at first, but then he started thinking about human lives, their feelings and stuff.
For the sake of contrast it was even nice

It's fine when it's a recurring character. but if you've got a main character like that it's a problem

GTO is comedy and it is all about pervert jokes. I hate all that in a regular show. But in its own show it made sense. It was hilarious and showed how ridicuously all that is. And iirc Onizuka transforms into a half-way normal person in the end.

20 Awkward falling positions

I walked in on that?!

21 Main Character is the Younger of 2 Brothers

"Fatal Fury" ("Garou Densetsu" if you're in Japan) is an exception. There the protagonist is the ELDER brother, though the fanservice-y female lead is more interested in the younger one.

In a plethora of animes, the protagonist or another central character is a younger brother. He has an older brother who has either gone bad, is mysterious, or has disappeared. (An exception occurs in Yu-Gi-Oh, where older brother Seto Kaiba is one of the central characters, and Mokuba is his younger brother.)

Some examples: Speed Racer, Star Blazers, Dragon Ball, Inuyasha, Beyblade, Naruto, One Piece. - Crwth

Pokemon don't have this either

22 Main Character Has Nothing Unique

Almost every anime harem scene in which the male lead has NOTHING unique about them.

Yui from Diabolik Lover is one of them...

Here’s how it goes, THE GENERIC MALE LEAD:
-always has brown or black hair
-Does not seem to have a personality or any skills or interests
-lacks a family
-just plain bland

Every Digimon Main male as Tai,Davis and the others.
Typical all shounen Characters!

23 Wish Fulfillment Lead Protagonist

I want to be hokage pirate king

24 Shouting Out Names of Attacks

I am very, very sad to say this, but Code Grass is guilty of this. Occasionally Kallen or someone else in a Knightmare will yell out their attack. Why though? It might give enough time for the enemy to counterattack. It's annoying as well as pointless.

Imagine a character shouting "ICE ATTACK" then getting shocked when the opponent blocked it using fire. That is the most stupidest things in the world

Well in Naruto, you have to say it. Like, you can't undo a jutsu if you don't say release.

It sounded so lame in The Seven Deadly Sins. But it was actually good in case of Dragon Ball Z though.

25 Characters Get Naked

School days,

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