Top Ten Worst and Most Annoying Things Friends Do

Sometimes our friends are great, but sometimes they're just plain annoying. Here are some of the worst and most annoying things they do

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1 Gossip, spread stupid and untrue rumors about you, embarrass you, and ruin your reputation at school

I hate this.

From a young age I learned to choose my friends wisely. By process of elimination, I now only have two real friends. Those two people I trust with my life. - Britgirl

I've had this but she was never my friend so I took revenge on her online and said she sleeps around, I actually feel bad for what I did but I was angry and hurt.

Doesn't sound like a 'friend' to me. You have a right to be mad. Maybe you should find some new friends. I wouldn't waste my time with someone who sells out a 'friend' like that.

2 Take your jokes seriously and your urgent questions jokingly

True friendship problems are subtle and confusing.

3 If you make 1 mistake, they remind you about it forever

I once was drunk and called my friend fat and dammit he never got over it. fyi he is skinny now

Sounds like my mom.

4 Think they're the boss of you

Yeah, again, a true friend wouldn't do this. They would support you, not try to control you.

Oh my god. There's this freshman at my high school who bosses me and my other friend around (PS: Both me and my other friend are sophmores and are 16 year old girls)

She makes us get stuff for her from the food-choice area and it's really annoying. She thinks she's the one who can get whatever she wants and treats us like maids - Stazemar000

For a while I thought it was helpful advice. Now I realize she is doing everything her way and she thinks she gets to call all the shots. Well I guess I'll just have to stand up for myself! 😆

5 Steal your other friends
6 Force you to tell them your secret and promise to not spread, but once you trust them, they spread it to the whole class

Yeah 2 of my friends always do this and now I am no longer friend of theirs - 0744rose

I tokd my friend who my crush is and regret it

grow up..

I mean class?

7 Betray you

My friends betrayed me. ):< Especially my classmates. - Lucy1402

8 Forget you once they have a new friend

Yup, my "best friend does this all the time. This is literally one of my pet peeves. I hate fake friends so much. Once she gets a chance to sit with the "popular girls" she leaves me and my other friends and forgets like we're even there. Plus the "popular girls" secretly don't even really like her. And then when I'm around her when she's with the "popular girls" and I say something, she looks at me, rolls her eyes and looks at me like I'm the dumbest thing she's ever seen. I used to be her best friend. We had so many inside jokes and now I'm trying to drift apart from her and I don't really think she even realizes... too bad for her I guess.

That's so true, * cries * I have one friend that like me and we become then later she has new friend suddenly she doesn't care and think about me, she just forget me forever, I just realized she is a fake friend the all time, when true friends make new friend they don't forget you

Yes! This happens to me ALL the time at my new school, they ditch you for the more popular ones, and once they do, they think you are so "uncool" -Person

Been there. Done that. Wish life were more fair. I kinda got over it, well except when I see that person she is a popular brat

9 Sing annoying songs
10 Annoy the heck out of you and cry when you get mad

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11 Laugh at you when you get hurt because its "funny" and when they get hurt and you laugh they take it seriously

This is my friend, one time I broke my legs and all she could do was laugh, then one time she fell off the monkey bars and I laughed and she called me a bitch

12 When they are mad they get mad at you

There bitches

13 They ask you what you got on a test just to brag about what they got

Yeah someone has tried to that to me before then I showed them mine I had done extra credit so the 100% wasn't higher than my 105% :/ - Incontrollable9_YT

My sister

14 Send a message at the right time but they never reply for like another hour
15 Say they will wait for you then ditch you

My friend always says she will go up town and I don't go on the bus and then she just walks home

16 They force you to play games you don't like

My brother is always saying NIAMH PLAY MINECRAFT NOW litteratley all the time.I love minecraft but I don't wanna play it all the time

17 Not text you back
18 Exclude you from a group if you don't have something they have or don't like something they like

Yeah, my backyard friend sometimes invites people over from her school, and I'm homeschooled. They talk all about their school and pretty much ignore what I have to say and me in general

19 Friends with benefits don't return the feeling
20 When they find out about a funny YouTube video and keep bugging you to put it on your phone
21 Invite over popular friends and totally ignore you
22 Love things you hate

My brother watches this creeper rap on youtube over and over again.He LOVES it but I HATE it.

23 Overreact if you do something to someone else as a joke
24 Being a hypocrite

Once my friend fund a new friend and always left me out, then when I got a new friend she was so annoyed and was really mean to both of us.

25 Ask for food constantly
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