Worst Ben 10 Villains

Awful, awful villains from the Ben 10 franchise. (Also no reboot characters because they shouldn't even be considered part of the franchise.

The Top Ten

1 Jonah Melville

In a franchise that has a character as evil as Vilgax, why would they even bother putting an animal abuser in there? (Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) - 445956

2 Will Harangue

Pretty much just a straight up bully. (Voiced by John DiMaggio) - 445956

3 Liam

They named an evil chicken Liam. They named an evil chicken LIAM. THEY NAMED AN EVIL CHICKEN LIAM! (Voiced by Paul Eiding) - 445956

4 Thunderpig

Are you serious Derrick? (Voiced by Eric Bauza) - 445956

5 Sunny

Blackfire rip-off. (Voiced by Ashley Johnson) - 445956

6 Simian

He is secretly friends with Anita Sarkeesian. Both are con artists. (Voiced by Diedrich Bader) - 445956

7 Billy Billions

Excuse for a villain, enough said (Voiced by Aziz Ansari/Gunnar Sizemore) - 445956

8 Nyancy Chan

LOOK! I CAN CONTROL CATS! I'M EVIL NOW! (Voiced by Gwendoline Yeo) - 445956

9 Frightwig Frightwig

She's just boring. Her powers aren't what I'd want. (Voiced by Cree Summer/Jessica DiCicco) - 445956

10 Zed

She barely got enough time as a villain anyways, but when she was a villain, she was awesome. I was running out of things to place anyway. (Voiced by Paul Eiding) - 445956

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