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41 Your mum

I hate it when people say this for no reason

Don't bring my mom into this conversation.

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42 Oh, yeah? V 1 Comment
43 He started it V 3 Comments
44 You run like a girl

That's rude for my gender! Who cares about how people run? Also, who cares if they scream like a girl? At least the screaming is funnier than the running.

Lol, so what? Like, why do you care about how I run?

That is so mean.

They are a girl... - mattstat716

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45 Ow yourself people

Sounds like something babies would say because they don't know the word "HURT."

People don't know what hurt, or injure mean.

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46 Poopy face!

Babies could say this to come up with an insult for bullies, this is just stupid.

This one is so babyish, it's funny.

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47 You have aids.

"Only because I got them from you,"

I heard this one from an adult (term used loosely) today.

This isn't something to joke about. - Powerfulgirl10

Who the heck would joke about aids?

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48 Well you're stupid V 1 Comment
49 Whatever V 2 Comments
50 That's what she said

My sister says that all the time

! I hate it! That's what she said? Really? You can't come up with a better comeback? Perverts.
This should be #1

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51 What did you say about my momma?

This is a good comeback. People who insult moms should get a life. Someone who I really hate said he wanted to have sex with my mom. I HATE THAT SO MUCH! IT'S SO GROSS!

I said she's ugly and fat. (Sarcasm.) - Powerfulgirl10

52 Pfft

Spitting isn't actually a comeback...

53 Stop it!
54 Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

This gets old really fast. No one uses it.

Words do hurt... Like sticks and stones being thrown at your face.

Nobody even uses this since it's so old. - Powerfulgirl10

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55 You're just jealous
56 Go jump on a Zamboni V 1 Comment
57 Nobody Cares V 2 Comments
58 Stop it. I don't like it.

I know, I wasn't saying it to make you happy.

Just Like Your Mother When I Did Her

Me: I'm Dora the Dumb Explorer! Darr! Blah!
Kid: Stop it, I don't like it.
Me: I know, I wasn't trying to make you happy, because you LIKE Dora. I was trying to insult the show.

Seriously, the show is dumb.

59 Umm no.. Actually that's you
60 So what if I'm fat?

That's imsulting your self

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