Top Ten Worst Comments to Make at a Funeral

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1 I was there when he died in my hands. Boy, was THAT a wild ride?!?!

My man, if you say this, prepare to be pelted. Then you'll need a funeral yourself, where everyone else will be saying exactly the same thing.

I've read this a dozen times by now but I still love the whole list - one of the best ones in the site, PW! God bless.

I'm gonna need a funeral because I laughed so hard at this list.

That's basically saying his death was good excitement.

2 Ah, who's hungry?

That's horrible! But if something like that happened, I guess I would snicker a little bit but I bet everyone who was close to the late person would be bawling their eyes out!

If he choked or got poisoned then you ought to shut your trap.

Especially bad if they've left the coffin open.

If this actually happened I'd be sad but right now I'm cracking up

3 That's quite a small coffin for quite a fat tub!

Oh this is so bad. I LOVE TUBBY MEN - so cuddly! Please don't let me hear anyone say this in MY earshot or I'll give you one of my stares. You've been warned!

That be hilarious awkward and mean all at the same time.!

4 Who died?

Today (dec. 27 2014) my great grandma died. I never met her and it's strange cause my other great grandma died Christmas Eve! I didn't meet her either

! Anyone who says this is either really drunk, or really high, at a FUNERAL!

So you're just there because you're lost, or a plain idiot. Or both.

That is the rudest thing you can say at a funeral EVER.

5 He looks so peaceful... you'd never know he's burning in Hell right now.

That's what people were saying at Osama Bin Laden's Funeral.

I knew who die I should say this the next time one of my enemies die!

This is what people were saying at Charles Manson's funeral.

On Osama Bin Laden's funeral, people will surely say this.

6 Do You Think He'll Turn into a Zombie and Jump Out of The Casket

That would be so scary if that were to actually happen.

If that happens, everyone will feel happy, right?

I hope someone says this at my funeral.

I see my friend saying this...

7 Now he's dead, I guess I can chat up his wife sometime.

If his wife's there, prepare to watch her rapidly charge at you with a longsword and have your intestines swiftly readjusted.

What if he is a widow, or he wasn't married?

Sorry but I'm cracking up! At this

This list is hilarious!

8 Should I perform an exorcism?

God have mercy, for that comment...

9 At least they went out with a bang

Really inappropriate if that person died in an explosion.

I feel bad laughing at this.

10 I didn't think it would take him that long to die

This is really mean! Who would say this! /

You're waiting for someone to die?

Now that's just wrong.

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11 You're all sad and uptight now, but within a week, you won't notice a thing!

No more like a few months.

Or your whole life

12 He kinda deserved it, really.

I wouldn't mind if this was said at a funeral for Peter Scully because he really does deserve to be dead.

This is what people were saying at John Wilkes Booth's and Lee Harvey Oswald's Funerals.

This is what people were saying at John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald's Funeral.

That has to be the comment to piss off the family as much as possible.

13 Allahu Akbar!

Seriously that's quite racist and we Muslims feel ashamed that terrorists call themselves Muslims.allahuakbar simply means god is the greatest

14 Can we speed this up? I've got jazzercize at three.

Oh, just imagine some obnoxious teen like that at a funeral.

15 "Please don't stop the music!"
16 How much longer is this funeral?
17 Cause you know I'm all about that bass

I actually read this in Meghan Trainor's voice.

No trouble here.

18 I put the fun in funeral!
19 Think about it this way that's one less funeral for you to worry about
20 Nobody Liked Him
21 If you want, I can predict who's next! Or just step right up and I'll speed it up!
22 Where's the food, I thought this funeral was catered
23 Ha that's what you get bitch, I hated you my whole life

Me on Beyonce's funeral.

24 Time to watch some porn
25 Can we go now?
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