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Fish Hooks is an American animated television series created by Noah Z. Jones which originally aired on Disney Channel from September 3, 2010 to April 4, 2014. Twenty-one episodes were ordered for the first season.


Fishhooks was totally obnoxious and irritating. First off, if they were gonna go through the time/trouble of writing and producing that show, they should have just stolen a SpongeBob DVD and put it on Disney. Except for the fact that SpongeBob was much better then FishHooks. That show wasn't fit for T.V.. They could not put it on Disney Junior because the content was to mature in my opinion and it was animated and too babyish for the rest of the population. I really think they should never have aired this show. The show mentioned dating. I get it that most of Disney Channel's shows mentioned dating and relationships but that was real acting as opposed to doing vocals of a character behind the scenes. And little kids mostly find it boring to watch that sort of thing. I know because when I was little, I used to call them "high school shows" because there were so many high school aged characters that were discussing what seemed like high school aged topics with the only ...more

Fish Hooks is the worst (And most overrated) show Disney has ever produced since Hannah Montana and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! All the characters are annoying and keep acting like idiots all day! The Animation is flash! And plus its from the creators of Gravity Falls! Really? Just turn the T.V. off when this comes on and watch SpongeBob (I agree with most of you this show is a ripoff of SpongeBob) I just really want to put a piranha in their tank, or one thing I'd wanna do more is real these guys in and turn them into sushi!

Basically copying SpongeBob ( sea creatures themed) and Zoey 101. Also, the animation is cheap, they use cut outs of photos. In the intro, HOW CAN FISHES DRIVE CARS? Another thing in the intro, in the high school they have dumb eyes while looking in front. When I saw the ep. 1, the problem was nonsense, Bea's problem was just nonsense, I mean really, wow, she really had to get the picture back ( I only seen about half of it. ) The problems are just weird, I saw one of the characters in love with a milkshake ( another episode)... Is that the funniest part of the script they put in... Too crazy though... ? That DID NOT make me laugh. Fish Hooks has a lot of unfunny jokes. Who would watch this show? This show is almost as dumb as SpongeBob, a Nickelodeon show.

Yes, by far, this is one of Disney's worst show considering they ripped off TeenNick's "Zoey101." Let me explain.

First, there is Milo (however you spell it) who is obviously based off of Michael from Zoey101. That's not just it, Oscar is based off of Chase - a guy who is desperately in love with Bea (or Zoey). Not convinced? Shall I just point out the obvious that Oscar has bushy hair, much like.. no, exactly like Chase from Zoey101.

Then there is Albert Glass, who is based off of Quin - a chemistry genius. Not to forget Principal Stickler, who is based off of Dean Rivers. Not to forget Clamantha, who I'm not too sure is based off of, but I'm guessing it is Stacy or Lola. Here's another big one - Logan Reese is Randy Pincherson. They're rich, and mean to everyone else. By now, it is obvious that Fish Hooks is a dumber version of Zoey101.

This show is by far the worst. My cousin loves Disney. Disney Channel is supposed to be for cartoons. Not live action stuff. What cartoons do we have though? Wonder Over Yonder, Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, and Fish Hooks. Wonder Over Yonder is creepy and boring. Phineas and Ferb is very very repetitive. The only good cartoon is Gravity Falls. Fish Hooks is very stupid. Fish that go to high school and meet hamsters. It's also gross. Halfway through on episode I saw milo's booty. It's not even funny. It's too stereotypical. With the normal bullies and teenage girls. It's copying sponge bob I think.

5 reason why I hate Fish Hooks and Disney:
1. Try to copy SpongeBob
2. Unoriginal Show (That's So Raven and Good Luck Charlie is Original)
3. Same stuff every day
4. This show is a talking 3 Idiot fish

First off, this show expresses now originality whatsoever. Its just another stupid high school story roleplayed by fish. Seriously:

The cute popular girl who's into acting and has no clue that the nerdy kid (or fish in this case) has a crush on her

The nerdy fish who doesn't get around much and loves video games and also has a crush on one of the most popular girls in school

The fish who tries to gain popularity by being "cool" for the sake of being known.

Then there are high school weirdos, loners, and all of the recycled trash this show gives. I give it -100/10 just a high school story all over again!

I just hate this show it is just so pathetic and stupid. I can't explain why I dislike this show but I watched 1 episode and I seriously just turned off the T.V.. Like are you serious, what were the writers thinking when they wrote this! The voices of the actors/actresses are just so ANNOYING!

It's just so stupid. Also people are right when they say it totally copy's SpongeBob. Disney is just copying a very funny show to make them look better. And seriously, the idea of living in tanks. I mean under the sea I get. But, how can you travel tank to tank. That doesn't even make sense. I usually like shows on Disney. Not Disney though. But the point is I can't believe they ruined my liking all Disney shows streak. UUGGHH! Disney really taught us a lesson. You better think multiple times before you do something. Disney really should have thought multiple times before they put the show on Disney.

I personally believe that this is the worst show on Disney Channel. It lasted for a while now, and I don't even know how that is possible. Ever since it came on, it has been overshadowed by all the other shows. Nothing in this show was ever funny and the plot and characters are just plain stupid. It has never had anything good about it. Nobody really has ever payed much attention to the show. And it has kind of been shunned.

Hate it. Stupid desensitizing propaganda. Don't watch 'Fish Hooks' if you value your brain cells. I'm thirteen years old and I cringe whenever I go over to a relative's and they're watching this. Even the T.V. commercials make me see red. Wake up! It's desensitization, people. I hate Sponge Bob, too, but trust me this is way worse.

I find this show annoying and it has just no kind of story in it. It is OBVIOUSLY copying Spongebob because Spongebob had had a big hit, but this?!
Seriously?! Gosh, it's stupid, crazy, and utterly retarded.
Don't get me started with the characters

Fish Hooks is the stupidest and weirdest to to ever be aired! The writers probably tried to make it like Spongebob, but I guess the writers never watched any good cartoons. I can't even explain my dislike for this show. Fish Hooks is a completely unnecessary show that I wish never existed.

I honestly have no idea what the guy who made this was thinking. He was probably watching SpongeBob and said "Wow. I could rip this off and make a lot of money! " I'm surprised that this show lasted longer than a year. I want to punch the main character s in the face! If you want to watch this show, clear your intelligence out of your mind.

It's so annoying! I'm glad they ended it but I don't want it to be on Disney Channel any more and maybe it should be on disney because less people watch that channel than disney so please if anyone that can control that please make it happen I love all of the shows but just not this one

Yeah. I don't want to come off as too much of a hater but this show is disgusting and deserved to be canceled. It had terrible morals and lessons and was a terrible example for children everywhere. I'm sorry disney but this was... I have no words for this show.

FISH HOOKS COPIED SpongeBob! All they did was make s0me tweaks in SpongeBob and the producers think they made the best show ever! ITS TERRIBLE AND REALLY INAPPROPRIATE! They shouldn't introduce that stuff to eight year olds

One of the worst shows Disney came up with, other than 'Wonder Over Yonder'. Can't Disney come up with shows that appeal to kids and adults. Shows like 'Even Steven', 'Kim Possible', these shows were interesting and entertaining.

I hate Fish Hooks with a burning passion! The three main characters are so annoying and some of my most hated cartoon characters of all time! The live action shots on this show are disgusting! It seemed as if this was Disney's attempt to make a show that could compete with SpongeBob, and it failed miserably! Also, Noah Z. Jones is a terrible cartoonist and should be banned from making garbage cartoons like this, Almost Naked Animals, and Pickle & Peanut EVER AGAIN!

It is so stupid, it makes 0 percent sense and more weirdness. When you watch it you get distracted so easily, it's just like staring at a screen where annoying fish talk!

This is the worst show Disney had aired, I hate this show because of crappy animation and behaving like Yin Yang Yo, but Fish Hooks has writers that I recognized like Maxwell Atoms, I hope this show would get cancelled-Aaron Seltzer

This is horribly trashy rip off of SpongeBob. The animation style is honestly horrible to me, as they fail to combine fully cartoony characters unto a more realistic setting. The plot is also completely nonexistent, too. What was the point of this show?

Who approved of this show. It is stupid and the characters are just terrible. I can't watch this show for one episode. I can't think of one person who would ever watch this stupid show.

I stopped watching it the first 1 and half episodes. The jokes are lame, the voice acting is terrible, and it's just flat out weird and doesn't make any sense. Probably my least favorite show and I'm glad it's finished. THE END.

I wouldn't exactly say this is a ripoff of Spongebob. I mean sure, the characters are fish, but that doesn't exactly make it a ripoff. But I'm not saying it's a good show or anything - it really is crappy.