Girl Meets World

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Girl Meets World is an American coming of age television sitcom. The series made its debut on Disney Channel on June 27, 2014.


Why does every Disney Channel actor need to dress so rich and "out there". Out of all my years watching this channel I do not think I have ever seen anyone wear anything "normal". The young kids dress like snobby models that is not their age at all. Seriously Disney no one, and I mean NO one dresses like this. It is so unrealistic that I want to gouge my eyes out. This show is so lame it will never.. NEVER compare to the original. I am really disappointed that Disney decided to carry this title on. I hope it gets cancelled very soon.

I am disappointed in disney because all they make are these stupid shows which no one watches except little girls that actually like this. Take this show down. It sucks and it's lame. The script is like it was written by adults that don't know anything about comedy. The school in this show is stupid. The teacher can't even handle his class so why even let him keep the job. The kids are really untalented because they can't sing and they can't act. I would rather watch a bunch of circus monkeys than watch this horrible show. I am surprised that they casted Rowan Blanchard. She can't sing and her voice annoys me. It's like metal searching a chalkboard. It hurts my ears. I don't know why people like this show!

This show is so stupid! It needs to be like number 1.. So first of all, it's like every other mainstream Disney show, they have two girls one of which is like the bad girl and one is like the good girl, but wats really stupid is riley over reacts to everything, and their dad their history teacher always seems to bring up problems that are happening just for riley and maya into their learning at school. Like what? You can't try and solve your daughters first world problems well you're teaching the rest of the class. This is the worse show on Disney Channel at the moment in my opinion.

This is probably the only show that sucks the least on Disney, but the show has sooo many problems.1. Corey takes NO disciplinary action when the kids are fooling around, talking, etc. in class. 2. August is my LEAST fave character, I hate him so much, he's an annoying brat who needs to find a seat and sit down. 3. They focus on mayas broken life way too much, we get it, her mom is a waitress, she doesn't have a dad, her life is a disaster. And in one episode, maya had a locket and Riley accused her of stealing it. What's that supposed to mean? That because maya has a bad family life she can't have nice things? And sometimes her lines in the show make me cringe. 4. Someone needs to pull Lucas aside and tell him to stop working out! He looks like he's 35! He looks old enough to be someone's dad, maybe maya's since hers is absent. 5. Riley is so annoying, she thinks she's better than everyone, and when there's a problem, she NEEDS to be the one to fix it. Her character is too peppy for ...more

I Used To LOVE Disney but honestly now there coming up with this.Basically all this show is about it's about two spoiled fashion divas. Just like Disney now days it makes me literally cringe about how Disney decided to make a sequel of Boy Meets World and stomp on it. There humor is low and dry and there PLOT makes NO SENSE! Actually it has no plot. The characters are very stupid and all its about is Riley being over obsessed with Lucas and Farkle wishing he had a girl friend. And it definitely doesn't make sense. There is no setting besides a History class or just Middle School and when they are on set they involve no other character beside the main four... I mean come on Disney do you even try anymore?

I HATE Girl meets World. It's so overdramatic for no reason and Riley's voice is so annoying it sounds like she's sick! Farkle is so stupid and looks so much younger than a 12-13 year old! Lucas is not even that handsome and looks like a high school senior. The only people who look their age is Riley and Maya and Auggie is not even cute! This lame show is not even that funny and so boring! Boy meets World is so much better and so much funnier than this stupid show! The characters complain over nothing that nobody ever cares about and are such drama queens. This show is full of drama for no reason! It's just as bad as Austin and Ally.

Every episode takes even the most basic subjects too damn far. The characters are unlikable and they try to make you feel sympathy for them every episode when some misfortune occurs in their daily lives. The show was so bad I honestly thought they were gonna do a crossover with Jessie. This show should have been pitched to Freeform as the plots Disney allows make it seems bland and uninteresting with it going over the top. Disney completely drained out any charm Boy Meets World has collected over the years, there is a reason that it still has praise to this day. There was only one episode I did somewhat like and it was the Christmas special in the first season, and even then the characters took things OVER THE TOP.

Well Debby Ryan did guest star in an episode and unfortunately all of the Disney shows are intertwined to be in the same universe. Ugh there is no way in hell that I am accepting the fact that Boy Meets World is in the same universe as Jessie (the 3-day long Halloween special that brought all of the characters of every single Disney Channel sitcom at the time together *well somewhat* proves that Girl Meets World and Jessie are in the same universe. Of course I forced myself to watch some of it during the days of being really really bored). - Anonymousxcxc

This show is absolutely horrible. For one thing, the acting isn't believable at all. Everything they do seems forced, and the voices seem overly sarcastic. The "jokes" in this show are NEVER funny, and the script is just messed up. I don't care who you are, no eighth graders are just randomly sitting on a bench and suddenly turn to each other and say, "You guys are my best friends, I love all of you, I'll never leave you, bla bla blabbity bla."

They over dramatize EVERYTHING! Oh, you too a drink out of my milk? Well, looks like our long lasting friendship is about to fall apart!

I also hate that Rileys father, when he's teaching, always focuses on his daughter and her friends. He never acknowledges the other students. Another thing that has to do with him, is that Riley and her friends SO blatantly disrespect him even though he is her teacher AND father.

The outfits, oh, the outfits. They always seem so ridiculous, and at times just plain ...more

HOW IS THIS SHOW NOT NUMBER ONE? This dumb, preachy show might be the most horrible thing I've ever seen. There are probably about 2 lines per episode that are things people might actually say in real life. The morals aren't even remotely hidden, the characters practically announce them to the audience. This show is too dumb for kids older than 6, and kids younger than 6 probably can't watch it either because the characters are dating and wearing makeup. Disney, I beg you, GET RID OF THIS SHOW!

Stupid show. Boy Meets World was way better. - VictoriaJusticeFan

Girl Meets World is another unfortunate Disney fail. The characters are so bland and lack likability. It is a struggle to watch an entire episode without questioning why Disney chose to do a spin off and had the idea that it would be a successful T.V. show. The daughter, Riley, overreacts at anything and everything. Could be the preteen image Riley tries to portray but with Disney's unrealistic view of life, I doubt they know how a preteen should act. As in every show of theirs, Disney feels compelled to add a little romance in the air, so they give Riley a boy, Lucas, to swoon and drool over. Farkle, the middle school 'player', and Maya, boot camp chick, are somewhat decent characters but that still does not make the show any better. It is rumored that at the end of every show there is a lesson to be learned. If you are not paying attention carefully, the lesson can easily be missed - so always be prepared to learn something that you have already learned or to not learn anything at ...more

I know this particular Disney show has already been on this list, but I cannot just stress how much this show is amazing. I mean, it will probably never surpass boy MEETS WORLD and not have the specific rendezvous points, but GIRL MEETS world is pretty good, I mean if I say so myself it is probably one of the best Disney shows, along with gravity falls. Lets start here, Riley Matthews is a spunky quirky twelve year old girl, the daughter of the previous protagonist of boy meets world Corey Matthews and Topanga matthews, she still has a lot of grooving up to do, but is still a lovable character. Now let's move on, Maya Hart a bad girl who is Riley best friend, she describes herself as broken, her mother pays no attention to her and her father is elsewhere. Maya just shows a little to much drama. But like Riley is still lovable. I am sure I shall not have to describe anymore characters since the first two speak for everyone else, please watch this show

Can't turn to Disney Channel without finding this crap on.

To the first comment reply: I get that you have your own opinion on the show, but could you at least not use all-caps and correct your spelling and grammar in part of your sentence. Using incorrect grammar and all-caps doesn't really help you in terms of people taking your opinion into consideration or at least taking the opinion seriously. - Anonymousxcxc

This show is not good at all. It was supposed to be an amazing spinoff of Boy Meets World, but it ends up being this terrible show in which Riley is super bratty and thinks everything's about her. Maya is such a drama queen she acts like she has a really hard and bad life. The show doesn't even point out anything towards Boy Meets World except for a guest star every once in a while just to remind us that the show IS a spinoff. Anyways Maya and Riley are really annoying friends and they act as though the world is their oyster and it's so annoying. That Farkle kid is so annoying and again, overly dramatic. If the character was removed the show would definitely improve a lot. Lucas is very dumb. It always seems like he is rubbing in the other characters and the audiences faces how supposedly "hot" he is. Also after about half of the First season, Cory and Topanga all of a sudden act like they have no past. Boy Meets World apparently never happened. It is all about Disney now ...more

The show is alright but doesn't hold a candle to boy meets world, doesn't even hold the lighter used to light said candle. The acting is over the top, story lines are over dramatic when really the "issues" can be solved in one day -_-, why is sabrina carpenter's sister getting lines? I mean I get extras sometimes get lines but I feel like its just a cheap way to shove her sister down people's throats. She's lame also, says lame stuff and not even funny. I hated seeing her pop up in the classroom, I doubt they let anyone else's siblings on the show so why is her sis getting a pass? Lucas is boring and stale, the prince charming act is DONE, they can keep this old discount clearance rack cory and topanga storyline they're trying to do with riley and lucas because they don't have chemistry and their acting is boring, I love rowan and I'm saying this. Farkle just happens to be minkus' son? Harley just happens to work at the same school as cory?... Really? Talk about a cheap way ...more

Only two words to describe this show HOLY CRAP if you can watch this show without shooting your self your 1 in a million they don't learn anything but TRASH they have no respect for no one Riley is dumb as a rock her favorite planet is Pluto and she is upset that is not it's a dog from Disney like do u you have common sense the definition of stupid is this show you guys can't think of anything else then this show like bring back something else I could make a show called trash and I would be better than this show

Yeah like fictional or not she's the only teenager that didn't know that Pluto wasn't a planet anymore after 2006. That's just messed up. (Not trying to make an offense, but I'm pretty sure literally 99.99 repeating% of the population in a developed country and/or the less fortunate countries learning more about astronomy and stuff knows or has learned by now that Pluto is no longer a planet). - Anonymousxcxc

I have only seen one episode of Boy Meets World, not even the whole episode, and it is better than this show in every possible way. That show was one of the few that actually made me laugh out loud.
Girl Meets World is just... Sad, compared to it. The actors are extremely bad, and on top of that they are playing extremely unlikable characters. Even though the parents are from Boy Meets World, they all seem like they are trying to hard. Especially that Farkle kid and Riley.
I get that what the show is trying to teach is good (being responsible with money, being a good leader, etc.), but it just tries to hard. The whole lesson seems heavy, if that makes any sense.

I made an account just to point out that I HATE this show. I swear if it gets a second season or a movie, I am just going to stop watching Disney shows forever. - ApocalypseArisen

I don't see why so many people are already complaining. Only 4 episodes have aired. Compared to other Disney shows today like Austin & Ally, and I Didn't Do It, this show is actually good. It may not live up to be as excellent as Boy Meets World, but it's on Disney Channel... So they really can't have some important lessons about sex or alcohol and things like that. But this show still has nice moments. I mostly like Cory and Topanga as parents. Yeah, some of the humor is like the rest of Disney shows but I have seen a lot WORSE on Disney. This show is meant to be a Boy Meets World for this generation, although I think they would have done better by putting this show on ABC Family, since Disney censors so many things.

Literally so annoying. None of them can act and its not funny at all.

Another fail from Disney... Honestly, none of them can act. Or they act like they can't Riley 95% of the time, sounds like she's trying too hard or she's just reading it off a script. I would expect Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel to do a better job than the kids, But unfortunately, I was wrong, They're trying too hard as well. I had thought it would be more like Boy Meets World, This is just stupid. It's all serious and only funny like 2% of the time. Enough with the laugh track every like 5-7 seconds. I absolutely HATE that farkle kid, He's too damn annoying, Not even funny, half of the time I just want to drive to the studio rip his head off and burn it. Disney is getting as bad as Nickelodeon and CN. I'm absolutely ready to destroy my T.V. just because of Disney and Nickelodeon. - kyle_ir00

Boring. Boring characters boring life lessons, it try's way too hard to be boy meets world, not to mention it takes the cast of BMW and drags them into this mess. THE ACTING IS GOD AWFUL, now I'll say what's wrong with the main characters

Riley: bland, boring, and acts way to weird at times and like random weird.

Mia: not tough/bad enough she has to be a total bad influence, and act a bit tougher.

Lucas: no personality, he often jumps back and fourth through personalitys never has a distinct one.

That new black guy (not trying to sound racist I can't remember his name): nothing he's totally fine personally my favourite character, I should try to remember his name then.

Farkle: not weird enough! And should try way harder to get Riely or Mia.

God this shows boring.

The show sucks to start with. First of all, Sabrina Carpenter (The girl who portrays Maya Hart) has been in WAY too many 12 or 15+ movies and downgrades herself to Disney Channel Level? Unbelievable! She was also in JUST DANCE KINDS 2 (Crappiest game I've ever played)! And Rowan Blanchard was merely a Disney Kid if you leave out that shyte of a show DANCE A LOT ROBOT! She can't sing for toffee! Lucas is some 16 year old who thinks he's a pretty boy with his big ass nose. I don't even know who that Farkle kid is! Auggie is annoying and has learnt way too much for his age from his surroundings.

I absolutely detest this show. The characters are all terrible, especially Maya. She is a bad influence, a mediocre singer, full of herself, bratty and most of all, she is not supposed to have taken over the show! She was supposed to be the best friend not the min character! Now she has more followers on anything than her much more talented co workers (That was really hard to type they all suck) Riley is gullible, spoiled, less full of herself but still pretty full of herself, and just overall bratty. She thinks she can do whatever she wants, but in reality, all this show is doing, is teaching impressionable young people to be little pieces of spoiled crap.




I find this show annoying and hard to understand. I also think that peyton meyer (lucas) is a bad actor everything he says is boring, unnatural and monotone. He needs to add more facial expressions. I also find it disturbing that Riley's little brother has a girlfriend. I know people find it cute when a five year old is dating but I think it's wrong. Were teaching kindergartners that they need some one else to be happy and to be worth something. No wonder there are so many teen pregnancies.