Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity more.


Baffled as to why this is even on the list. Disney has found really good show. I know how much T.V. character have affected me in real life, and all of these characters are astounding role models, with original characters yet feel so real. I can't oversell this show, it has amazing writing, animation, music (the theme, oh man, one of the best things I've ever heard in my life), casting, voice acting, and general execution of the idea. By creating shallow, teeny bopper characters, I felt under the impression that I wouldn't fit in if I wasn't like that too, making most Disney shows a horrible example for me that I unfortunately looked up to anyways. But here is a diamond in the rough, I love this show more than anything on T.V. , probably ever. It doesn't fall into stereotypes or normalize mean sibling behavior (growing up, my sisters and I honestly believed siblings were supposed to be vicious to each other, making my childhood pretty emotionally scarring). Its in depth, from secret ...more

I don't really understand why Gravity falls is on the list? It's a mature, but humorous show that involves mystery and funny and enjoyable characters. The plot is pretty good. The twins are mature and NOT stereotypical. The shows has hidden clues around that leaves you to some conclusions. It's a great show for kids and teens because it has the monsters and action for the kids and humorous jokes that keep teens loving it. I personally like Stan because he is a great comic relief along with Soos. He gets into horrible situations and gets through them easier than a normal person. The twins are definitely likable. Dipper isn't some weird and cheesy dork. He's smart, but also knows how to have fun. Mabel is also a nice comic relief. She stands up for what she believes for and does it kindly. Wendy is probably the typical teenager which makes her the only stereotypical character. Although she is like that she unique and has a lot more funny moments than the average teenage. I think Gravity ...more

I just went through the comments and it's just so funny how people feel the need to destructively critisize something that they simply do not care to understand. The show is currently at its definite best (Not What He Seems and forward) and only its true fans that gave it a chance and understand the quality of a good cartoon are allowed to see Gravity Falls at its ultimate best. All the characters have received so much development at this point, especially Stan. One of these comments said he cares more about money than his family, which made me so disgusted. His family is literally his reason for living and in Tale of Two Stans, the origin of his desire for money is revealed, which involves how he has gone though terrible hardships in his life. Gravity Falls is now at a point that only its truest fans experience, while petty haters continue to complain about inaccuracies in the first few episodes. What about Steven Universe? That show is astounding, but it's also very different from ...more

I don't understand why Gravity Falls is on this list! At least it's not another teenage female singer with a laugh track every three seconds. Gravity Falls has a genius storyline and complex principals that keeps most viewers intrigued. The characters possess fun and interesting traits that makes us laugh from the very start of an episode. Most shows on Disney Channel is mindless slapstick that just keeps repeating. Gravity Falls just makes sense. It should not even be considered "Sort of bad". But, I see that everyone has their own opinion, but please build up a decent argument before posting a hateful comment. Watch an episode or two. Then see what you think. - GravityFalls1101

There are two types of people who hate gravity falls. People who don't get its more mature humor, and people who are offended by it and think it should be taken off disney because of it. But to be honest, all of the material is stuff that 12 year olds and older will probably get and already be exposed to. Season 2 seems to have been moved to disney, but nonetheless it is still the best show on Disney Channel. It's funny, has tense situations, and plenty of hidden tidbits and secrets to please the internet people who love finding that stuff.


At least it peaked at 91.

This is the best show I have ever seen on Disney. nit only is it funny written nicely and and its full of mysteries. This is the actual show that adults will actually watch and lots of people do research on it and there is a lot of fanfictions about it... just saying. if gravity falls ever stopped I would kill myself. you don't know how much of my summer I spent trying to find out the mysteries hidden secrets and hidden messages in the show! Yes! That's how good this show is. and if you like gravity falls I would recommend watching a show called Over The Garden Wall the writer of gravity falls has twitted that over the garden wall is a really good show and gravity falls is really similar to it so if your to gravity falls look it up... THAT IS WHY GRAVITY shouldn't EVEN BE ON THIS LIST I RECORD THE SHOW ON EVER T.V. iN MY HOUSE AND It's THE ONLY SHOW I WATCH ON Disney Channel... besides star vs the forces of evil.. PLUS THE CHARACTERS ARE GREAT. my favorite are. Dipper. Bill cipher. ...more

What? Heh, I bet 6 year olds voted this. The show's basically 10+ where those kids get the jokes and get excited about the episodes. This should NOT be on the list. This is Disney's only good show, but they moved it to Disney.

Gravity falls is one of the best shows on family and will always be

Gravity Falls is amazing! It's the only show with a story line, and the characters are so amazing! There is no match for Dipper and Mabel's sibling love, or Stan's love for the kids, or his love for his brother. This is the only show I've ever witnessed that made me wish the characters were real, the only one that still gives me shivers in certain episodes, the only one that made me feel for the characters, the only one where I "got to know" the characters, the only one that made me want to have deep conversations about characters, the only one that made me stop and think. This is the only show I ever truly loved and enjoyed. It pains me greatly to see people so ignorant that they would put such a heart-warming and truly awesome show on a list like this.

Seriously? This is one of the few shows ever on Disney without stereotypical brats that get whatever they want because of idiotic parents that look like they can be on the cover of a magazine. This shouldn't even be on the list.

Only good show on Disney Channel. Should be number 1! All these sitcoms are garbage. Really, Shake it up. Gravity Falls for life. BILL IS WATCHING

This is the worst disney show list but gravity falls is the BEST SHOW! And yes bill is

Why is Gravity Falls on the list?!?! Best show ever!

GET THIS OFF THE LIST RIGHT NOW! This is one of the only good shows on disney! Nowadays disney has gotten worse, I mean look at these dumb shows, live and maddie, it's stupid, I didn't do it. Terrible, girl meets world, ruined the boy meets world franchise, disney is stupid and dumb nowadays. Gravity falls is one f the only good shows there.

This is the ONLY GOOD show on Disney Channel.

The good thing about it is that when it is between seasons they do a bunch of shorts that are just as good as the T.V. Show.

I love gravity falls and the people who got this show of great beauty on this putrefied list are some kind of imbeciles that were raised in forests by monkeys and were then released by their primate elders to cause havoc and destruction in our human world.

Why is this on the list it is perfect

What? This I probably the only reasonable show on Disney, that doesn't have over repeated horrible jokes, laugh tracks that don't go off every 5-7 seconds, and bad acting! Take this show off!

What idiot decided to put this on the list? This show is WAY better than: "wonder over yonder" A "fish hooks" Mabel is my favorite and it actually makes me laugh.

Great show, doesn't deserve to be on the list. It's actually funny, too, unlike most of Disney Channel's sitcoms. The only reason I think people don't like the show is because of the stuff hidden throughout the show, or they haven't seen it, or hate it because it's a cartoon.

Let me just say that whoever put this on the list has no taste whatsoever in television. This show has a good-sorry amazing blend of humor, action and suspense. This show is so good that you experience possibly every emotion there is. Do not even get me started on the codes and secrets.

Okay, why is this show on the worst list. I guess haters are entitled to their opinions, but from what I know, there's a large fanbase on it and a lot of people familiar with it at my high school like this show, even if it derives from a pretty bad channel if I do say so myself.

Yes, some of the jokes are stupid. Maybe the show has overdone something, like all shows have done. It's definitely not my favorite show of all time. But this still doesn't make this show bad. The fact that these characters aren't your ordinary Disney Channel stereotypes already tells you something. And here's another shocker: this show actually has a plot. Omaigah, right.

I in fact love this show because of those two factors. It's not at all realistic in one sense, but it's relatable. Following these preteens who actually can have a mind and character development, I mean... doesn't that also tell you something? Wake up guys, this show is great and it's one of Disney Channel's only good shows.

Gravity Falls is the ONLY I repeat ONLY good Disney character that Disney has left. It actually HAS a plot. I love this show and Girl Meets World. They are both the ONLY good shows that Disney has left.

This actually a fantastic show, it's the only show where siblings aren't always trying to bring each other down and make each other look and feel bad. Yes they have their petty arguments, but the first ever argument they had on the show Dipper was trying to protect Mabel.

This show is amazing. The jokes are actually funny and I like all of the monster mystery stuff. oh and I love Waddles, he is adorable.