K.C. Undercover

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K.C. Undercover is an American sitcom developed for Disney Channel, created by Corinne Marshall and executive produced by Rob Lotterstein.


I have seen a few episodes and a few tidbits of this show only because a) I was really bored or b) My sister put it on because there was nothing else to watch, so I have seen enough to form an opinion. It has that 2006+ style of bad humor and dumb plots and bad characters. Here's my opinion on the characters.

K.C.: A huge Mary Sue. She's smart, cool (she's a spy for goodness sake), pretty, and she basically gets like everything she wants.

Judy: She's basically Zuri 2.0 and I don't like Zuri at all. Judy is a huge brat and is mean to Ernie all the time (like the rest of the family). I get that she's a robot, but she's mean to everyone from some local neighborhood kids to her assigned family.

Craig: I don't like him because he basically verbally abuses Ernie and shows obvious favoritism towards K.C. Also he is basically like every other stereotypical 2006+ Disney Channel sitcom dad only he's smarter than those stereotypical dads.

Kira: She's actually not a ...more - Anonymousxcxc

I also think that their one hour specials are somewhat interesting (even though the ones that involved Brett were so annoying. I was into the ones about Kira's sister). Like I said before I only watch it when I'm bored. My real test to see if Zendaya is what she's cracked up to be on something more professional which will be Spiderman: Homecoming. - Anonymousxcxc

Does anyone in that house even give a crap about Ernie? He is neglected on the daily and his own father doesn't love him as much as his sister. They should really give him some respect in the show instead of what they are doing now. It almost pisses me off how poorly they treat him, who does that to their own kid?

This show is terrible. The parents neglect their only son, children disrespect their parents (great lesson for kids by the way...), horrible action scenes and martial arts, stereotypical, horrible jokes, unrealistic plot. This is one of the crappiest shows on Disney next to Dog With a Blog, Jessie, and Liv and Maddie.

I kinda like the show and it's theme. It's different from most Disney Channel shows where its "bratty kids", "dating", "flirting", "stupidness", etc. But, the theme and lesson is kinda the same thing in every episode. For example, Marisa picks a some type of fight with K.C and get mad at each other. Then at the very end of the episode, they apologize and get along like best friends. And I the spy missions, that's the theme of the show sonI won't say anything about that.

K.C is a spoiled brat who can't act or sing and makes horrible jokes the only Pearson I like on this show is Ernie because he is funny and sweet and I think if the show was based on him it would be ok and don't even get me started on marissa she is another dumb blonde cheerleader who can't think for herself and expects everyone to think for her and she can't act at all I wish this show never Aired in the first place

Honestly, I don't like this show. The theme song is really cheesy, the acting is very poor, and the jokes aren't even funny. I also find it pretty unrealistic that the daughter is taller than her father. The little robot girl wasn't even in the first episode.

It makes me sick how poorly the family in this show treats each other. Honestly Disney Channel has no moral values anymore!

Another unrealistic show, firstly the main character is perfect, she's pretty, smart, confident, sociable, a good fighter - they make them too perfect that it doesn't work.

I don't really understand what so bad about this show (well, expect the fact that Ernie is made the black sheep of his family). I think it's enjoyable to watch. Plus, I love the fact that they made Judy a robot.

When I saw the premiere I was sick with the flu so I thought it was just me when it was boring and stupid but then I watched it later and it was still boring. Even now it's still not good. Humor especially

Why is Zendaya playing a teenage spy/detective? Someone please tell me!

I saw this show only once and it's horrible! It's like a live action version of Disney's Kim Possible with confusing story plots, corny jokes, unfunny characters and poor acting. This is one of the worst Disney sitcom ever made why can't they just take it off air already?!

When I first saw this I thought that it was a cheesier live-action version of Kim Possible. Please forgive me for comparing Christy Carlson Romano to this show. Though I kind of liked it for the spy missions, that's about it.

Kasey acts like a total show off brat in this show

There's absolutely no reason for this show! I feel like all Disney Channel wanted was another show with Zendaya...

Another show about children treating their parents poorly? You know what it. I'm not even going to bother. - kawaiitohru

I don't know why this isn't number 1. This is the most annoying show on Disney Channel and I pray to every god that it gets cancelled. IT'S AWFUL.

I find this pretty stupid, but it's nothing compared to Jessie or Liv and Maddie.

I'm white and I find this show's racial undertones offensive as hell. I feel like the show stereotypes black people and white people and shames white people as well. Some may argue that shows like Jessie and Stuck In The Middle have horrible racial undertones, and while I do dislike Jessie's racial stereotyping, it bothers me far less than KC Undercover. And at least on Stuck In The Middle, *for the most part* the family seems to care for each other, and I don't see any racial stereotyping with SITM.

Just another show that Disney shouldn't have made...

Horrible show evan though every body likes it

Repetitive. Every episode one of the members of the family get stuck in a spy mission and then saved at the last moment. Every episode is the same.

Okay whoever says that K. C cut class your wrong. School was out okay. And at first I didn't like this show but it's warming up to me. Sorta

I feel like Disney made this second Zendaya show so that they could prevent her from becoming the next "Miley Cyrus"

Why did Disney make a African-American centric Disney show. Kids aren't gonna care about race all they care about is a good show for them - ThePopCulturePhenomenon96