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202 Dragon Tales Dragon Tales

This was my favorite show when I was little! 7 years after I stopped watching It, I went to a library and saw the DVD fro Dragon Tales. I immediately wanted to rent it because I wanted to see what I thought was so funny when I was like 4. I watched it, and I realized that all the jokes that I thought were hilariously funny, weren't even jokes. "LETS HAVE DESSERT BEFORE BREAKFAST, DESSERT BEFORE LUNCH, DESSERT BEFORE DINNER AND DESSERT BEFORE DESSERT! " I thought that was hilarious! I don't think that was a joke. Great show for little kids!

Whats wrong with you people I loved this show when I was little!

I loved this show when I was little Dragon tales dragon tales it's almost time for dragon tales come along take my hand let's all go to dragon Land

I love Dragon Tales! And, besides, Dragon Tales isn't even a Disney Channel show! - anonygirl

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203 Zig and Sharko

Marina is an annoying brat her voice is so high pitched really that I just wanna put some duck tape or a cork in her mouth I can see why sharko covers his ears her singing is terrible and way too high pitched she always gets everything handed to her I hate that plus she has no personality whatsoever she's such a mary sue and not to mention a slut too I mean how many guys has she let herself dated even though she has a boyfriend and if things don't go her way she'll whine about it the plots are always the same the animation sucks and so do the characters but I really hate marina the most honestly she's a bitchy attention whore

I hate this show, very stupid, annoying and not even funny. Worst show ever

Seriously sharks are supposed to eat mermaids not date them and zig can eat animals on the land but why zig want to eat marina

Zig and Sharko sound like two crackheads.

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204 Mr. Young Mr. Young Mr. Young is a Canadian comedy series that premiered on March 1, 2011 on YTV. The series was filmed in Burnaby, British Columbia. The series was created by Dan Signer (who also worked on shows such as The Suite Life on Deck and A.N.T. Farm), and stars Brendan Meyer, Matreya Fedor and Gig Morton as attendees ...read more.

A kid would never have the ability to teach a class of his peers science. How does he already have a college degree? He didn't go to Hogwarts and get a time-turner...

They're just recycling the same dang characters! Show gets canceled and then they put the actor on another piece of crap show.

The concept is just so horrible.

Okay how are Gravity Falls and Kim Possible ahead of this show. I mean this was was as forgettable as heck and the parts that I do remember were not good at all. - Anonymousxcxc

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205 The Famous Jett Jackson

Never heard of it so no wonder its cancelled

If Jett Jackson is so famous how come none of us have heard of him - Discord

Apparently this came out in like the 1990s or something. - Anonymousxcxc

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206 Jimmy Two-Shoes

I just watch a full episode and forgot what the whole show was even about. But yeah this show was ok.

It's ok but it could use more episodes

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207 Out of the Box


This was good - cartoonfan101

208 Wolfblood

It is NOT a Disney Channel show. It might be ON Disney but just like My Babysitters a vampire it is owned by someone else but Disney was allowed to show it anyways.

I love this show and whoever said British people are stupid is stupid. They are the same as everyone else. I love this show though very much

So great a wonderful show

I love this show, it was interesting and British people ARE NOT STUPID! I love their accent also there was mystery. One of the better Disney shows

This is the best show that ever came to Disney and people do not see the awesomeness in it so they don't understand it. Of course Disney is not making any more or rerunning them and I am mad at them for not making this an all year round show.

The guy above me needs to take a tic tac, it stank down here

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209 What-a-Mess (1996)

"What-a-Mess" indeed! This "mess"fest aired on Toon Disney when it launched and it ruined the British classic!

Should be retitled "What-a-DISASTER" since they Americanized this beloved British classic to death! - bigg3469

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210 Life with Derek

I use to watch this show all the time! I really liked it!

What the heck this show was amazing you have no idea what you are talking about life with derek was my all time favorite show your not really smart if you put all of these shows on here they were all amazing and still are to me because they were the old shows and everyone misses them so its you opinion if you don't like these shows we still love them and you must be slow if you put this show on the list

I didn't care for it but I have to give Disney credit, it was pretty unique.

Never heard of it - cartoonfan101

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211 Dave the Barbarian

I like this show and it has a point!

I hate this show. It's just flat out dumb! There's stupid joke after stupid joke and it happens so much that it becomes painful to watch at times. I Don't like the characters, I don't think the story's that good, it's just not funny. At all.

This show deserves more attention. It is so underrated.

What the f. who put this on here this was probably the last good cartoon Disney ever had

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212 Descendants

It was boring lacking in plot and predictable. It's so overrated and overdone, I hate that it was a musical and a romance. I wish it we're more of an adventure

Same. It would have done better then. Or at least come up with original names for the villains and most of the kids in the movie. I think the character Mal would fit the name Jezebel quite well. I don't know why, but I just do. - Anonymousxcxc

I liked the first fifteen minutes of it (minus the singing) and the long scene where Mal fought Maleficent, the rest of it kinda was mediocre and took away the adventure. Plus I want to punch Audrey's character in the face so bad.

Ben and Jane are awesome, everyone else sucks. Well I kind of like Evie, but still. Also I think that Chad is a zombie disguised as Cinderella's son and kidnapped the real Chad a long time ago prior to the movie. - Anonymousxcxc

Next summer they're releasing a sequel to this stupid movie. I'm gonna be prepared to hide. - Anonymousxcxc

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213 JoJo's Circus

How isn't this on the top ten its awful

I loved this show. This wasn't childhood

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214 Rolie Polie Olie

I am offended about how stupid it is my ears bleed and my eyes burn while I scream make it stop

Gosh I hated how everything was alive. Especially the toilet.

Classic playhouse disney show - cartoonfan101

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215 Stanley

I uss to like watching this when I wa a kid

Wow are you still love this show

What is this show I don't even know

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216 The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.

Even though this is not a Nickelodeon list, Fairly Odd Parents is one of the best on Nickelodeon.

This is a nikalodian show.

This isn't a disney show, but I like it on Nick.

SPARKY? NO. CHLOE IS THE ONE WHO RUINED THE ENTIRE SHOW! *cries* I remember when I used LOVE this show. - kawaiitohru

I've heard stuff about her. Yeah could we just go back to Poof, Wanda, Cosmo, and Timmy. Or better yet just cancel the show so that way no more damage can be done to it. - Anonymousxcxc

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217 Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place is an American fantasy teen sitcom which ran from October 12, 2007 to January 6, 2012 on Disney Channel. The series was created by Todd J. Greenwald, and stars Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin as three wizard siblings with magical abilities competing to win sole ...read more.

Who put this here I love selena gomez. Why isn't so random on the lis that's the worst show on Disney

Selena Gomez went downhill when she retired & made out with Justin Bieber, which also made him go downhill.

How dare you people hate this I love selena is is 1 D who I should kill

This show is awesome. All the shows Disney channel has now are so boring and stupid.

Stupid ripoff of Harry Potter.

Just because it has wizards doesn't mean it ripped off Harry Potter - Yungstirjoey

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