It's so awful, I couldn't finish the show or even watch it for more than 5 minutes because of the god damn voice overs! Why take a spanish show and turn it English? Disney doesn't need anymore crappy shows, but oops looks like they don't know that. Anyway it's the same kind of high school stupid kids show just with horrible voice overs, yep it's the worst. Please take it off the channel. 0-0

Violetta is the best I don't get why you people say these things about the show if you don't like the show then don't watch the Damn show for goodness sake and quit taking bad about this show is the best. It changed my life. - Llamasrock12

I think Violetta is pretty cool. Maybe in English is awful, but I live in Germany and the songs remain in Spanish. Maybe just for England it's awful, but in other shows, it's pretty popular. To be honest in Disney Channel Germany, I find that the show not dubbed well is Austin & Ally. But Violetta is awesome! And it even teaches life-lessons. It shows you how you go through life. And about Jade: it teaches you that there are lots of people in the world that try to show fake love to you, and that you have to watch out for them. The only thing I agree with is that mean girl plot. It's kinda average. In all the movies or T.V. shows, there are mean girl. Other than that, the show is pretty good. I'd put this last on the list, or not even on the list at all!

Bad voice overs, dubbed and not even made for English viewing! This is a Spanish show! Also shows like these are just taking up space when we should be watching the programs we know and love, why is there a need for pointless boring new shows like this?

I personally at the beginning found the dubbing really really annoying but when you get used to it the story line is really good, and some people saying that Angie has no respect for herself, She does and she has respect for the people she loves, and how you say that she has no pride by marrying Herman, She actually does because she loves him, so much that she moved away for him to find himself and what he actually wants. Angie is my favorite character and Clara Alonso is a fantastic, beautiful actress, and she shows emotion when she acts which is a true skill, You may say that she can't show emotion but If you watched when Angie left for France and watch the Germangie wedding you would actually see how she catches viewers feelings and emotions, Yes a lot of people say that it's messed up with it's dubbing and it's pairings when a brother in law marries his sister in law but true love is true love, VIOLETTA FOREVER! - WelshClarinatica

Somebof you guys are really stupid. Why are you even paying attention to her moving her lips? And what annoys me the most is that most of you guys hate the show, because it's originally Spanish. Hypocrite, much? I personally like the show. And if you don't like it, then don't watch it. No one has forced you to. And you can't conclude, that it's the worst show ever after watching only the first episode. After watching the first episode of Every Witch Way, I started to dislike it. But after watching all 3 seasons, it's now even one of my favourite shows. And they are even stuff WORSE than Violetta.

HATE IT SO MUCH! I live in Italy, (am I the only one seeing this), and she is EVERYWHERE! In my local ice cream shop, there is an ice cream flavor of her! Rubber bands, kinder eggs, everything. I guess that's part of the reason why I hate it so much. She is very dramatic, I just say, "Choose the darn boy and get it over with!

Just hate it you can seriously tell that they aren't even talking English the voice overs suck. seriously it's so over dramatic and Disney Channel is even all about comedy not over dramatic shows. after the first 10 minutes I already hated it. I seriously don't recommend this show for anyone to watch because they will die of boredom and will wanna enter the show to kill little ugly stupid violetta and her stupid 700 boyfriends who always run after her and ask to date her also her friends are stupid. but now the main point is that this is such a stupid disgusting awful show that no one should watch, and I feel sorry for the stupid idiots who actually like it. hahaahahaa not funny

Lmao I Remember How Much They Hyped Up This Show. There Was A Trailer At Every Break And I Must Admit, It Didn't Look Half Bad. Then It Aired.

OH MY GOD I Cannot Begin To Explain How Bad This Show Is. It Started Playing For A While With Trailers Regularly And Regular Showings. Then It Kinda Got Lost. I Remember Switching To Disney Channel One Night At Like 9pm Or Something And Seeing It. It Honestly Was So Bad I Honestly Don't Think Many Can Even Remember It Because Disney Sort Of Hid It.

Honestly, The Dubbing. They Never Mentioned It Was Dubbed Or How Bad It Would Be. I Remember Them Advertising A "See Violetta Live" Thing And Thinking "But She Doesn't Speak English..." Then Realising Nobody, Not Even Kids Would Go See Them Garbage. - CiaranSean

Violetta is a great show. love it. I don't know why it is on this list anyway?

HOW DARE THEY SHOW THIS CRAP ON OUR SCREENS!, Here Are My Reasons: 1. The Show Is Italian Or Something, (God Knows What! ), And They Put English Dubovers On Which Looks so Crap That The Singing In High School Musical Looks More Realistic Than These People Talking, 2. The People They Dub It Over's Voices With Don't Go With The Actors And Actresses Saying It And It Just Looks Ridiculous And It Makes People Feel Sick Watching It. My Mum Can't Even Watch It Without It Really Getting To Her And I Can See Why, I've Never Been Able To Watch ONE Episode Of This Crap Because It Sickens Me! 3. The Disney Channel Only Put This Crap On Which They Imported From Another Country On Because They Couldn't Think Of Anything Else, Fresh Out Of Ideas, You See, I Mean, You Don't See Nickelodeon Put This Kinda Italian Cray On, Do You!, Thank You! Xx.

I don't watch this show cause its just not what I'm into but I don't say horrible things about it

It's from Argentina, IDIOT! The only thing that makes people feel sick are your stupid words! This show is MUCH better that all the things people like you could ever make.

It's just plain stupid and babyish.

At least violetta keeps you interested-quite a lot of people like it and as soon as you get over the voices it's actually really good! So it is definitely one of the best shows on Disney channel!

I Hate this show so much!, It's not even funny all, its all about drama.. The voices are terrible I get a headache every time anyone sings.. Its trying to copy High School Musical.. I'm not really a big fan of high school musical but the singers are WAY better.. Same thing for the dancers, I really hate this show!

Why is this even on Disney Channel? It's a pointless idea to take a Spanish show and dub it so it's English when Disney Channel could be coming up with new shows that aren't as bad as Ant Farm, Shake It Up, Jessie, Dog with a Blog, and, of course, Violetta, to name a few. The plot is irrelevant, there are too many characters and storylines and the voices they used for the dubbing are pretty annoying too. Don't watch it.

I think it's a great show it doesn't bother me with the dubbing everyone has an opinion and this is mine and you have just listed every show on Disney you don't like and it doesn't show anything of what you have just said because if u truly watched it and got really into it you would see that its not true and they are so popular all around the world in Spain Italy Argentina and some other countries they 20 million views more than katy perry and lady ga ga they are a very successful show and I get you opinion and this is mine I do not want to be judged for liking this o websites like these

Violetta should not be kicked off the channel it should stay on. Violetta is a very good singer and she has very nice friends to hang out with. I wish that I saw violetta in real live

This show is BAD, not only is the acting awful and overboard but the story doesn't make any progress whatsoever : almost every episode one of the secrets is about to be revealed but the next episode they come up with a bad excuse that the other characters believe. The worst thing is probably the characters, only Leon and Tomas aren't crazy : Violetta is obsessed with love and all the guys like her (which I don't understand because she's ugly and can't dance) but she screws every relationship up and blames the guys for it, Ludmilla is egocentric and annoying but people are still friends with her even though she backstabs them three times a day, Gregorio should be in a mental hospital and everyone else is just so stupid

I looked up the plot of all of the seasons and yeah it's stupid, which is why I'm never watching it ever. It's just not what my preferred genre(s) is. Though apparently the dubs are worse, hearing all of the dub complaints. - Anonymousxcxc

Violetta is the best I don't get why you people say these things about the show if you don't like the show then don't watch the Damn show for goodness sake and quit taking crap about this show is the best. - Llamasrock12

I love violetta the people that don't like is bad because violetta is the best in the entire world and I always wish to see her.

My sisters was watched that, and then one (8YO) beats another one (6YO), and then mother said is she would not see Violetta anymore. If you still asking why it's so bad, there is a proof

You know people hate good show and you are one of them violetta is great.


Very poor English dubbing makes it horrific to watch.

Story lines cheesy and cliched.

Buck up disney

I do really agree! I mean almost everyone in show lies to each other! And the starring in the show is really boring and her clothes are a little bit to young. Her clothes fits better on a six year old child! The worst thing about this show is that Violetta can�'t sing, but everyone in the show thinks that she has one of the best voices in the world. But she hasn�'t. This should not be send on Disney Channel!

Some people might like it and at least it's more aimed at older viewers so that we don't have to watch really stupid stuff like fish hooks! Ok so the voice overs aren't the best but it does keep you interested! At the moment it's the best show on Disney!