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1 Writing a Diary

I've never been able to keep a consistent journal. - Firemist

I know a friend of my friend who got into deep trouble when his parents found in his diary he lost his virginity at 13 lol... - Ananya

The hobby is there for keeping a track record of what you have done, and there's different types of diaries. I use a dream diary so I can have lucid dreams and do what I want in them.

Well that takes time you have a brain to memorize not a book

2 Gambling

It's probably the least financially-rewarding hobby of the bunch. - BKAllmighty

Waste your money on luck? No!

3 Attending Chicken-Wrestling Contests

This would be fun if it was grown men fighting in chicken costumes...

It is a hobby for men in ancient China. I have seen it in some remote places nowadays.

This is actually a hobby? - cosmo

Christ, people have this for a HOBBY? - Puga

4 Eying People in Shopping Malls

You might as well call this hobby "Asking for jealous boyfriends to punch you in the face". - BKAllmighty

5 Mountain Climbing

Too dangerous

Are you too scared?

6 Bungee Jumping
7 Playing Videogames

Who the hell put this here?

Real life is far more vibrant than a video game.

This is an awesome hobby

Its fun and addictive, who put this here

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8 Hiking

Wow, who do you think you are?

9 Exposing People
10 Skydiving

I do this all the time :) once in Australia once in Africa. Felt like I was a eagle, soaring through the clouds, showing off my dominance. It was amazing. Try it, if your parents let you

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11 Surfing Surfing Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

What's wrong with surfing? Sharks? - Rpemk

12 Smoking

There's just too many people in denial of how terrible smoking is. Not just to the smoker but the others around. Others include any living creature.

Who in their right mind would puff tar into their lungs?

Really? smoking is number 27? I know writing diaries are healthier than smoking. this should be number 1 - wren6

13 Fishing

Fishing is great. I love fishing, it's so fun and such a good time. ;-)

Some people would say it teaches you patience, but a lot would argue that it is a cruel activity since many people tend to kill fishes and throw them for fun. - mood333

I don't throw to fish away for fun I eat them.

Take this off this lis

I LOVE FISHING! - riri_lol

14 Bomb Assembling

HA! This one made me laugh. - BKAllmighty

15 Knife Throwing Knife Throwing

Now that's a costly hobby you know... - Ananya

This is perfectly safe as long as you aren't stupid, I've done it a few times - EliHbk

Which one is harder and needs more focus, this one or darting? I think the knives rotate, so it must be harder, right? - mood333

16 Listening to Pop Music
17 Swimming with Sharks

Nature's way of thinning out the idiot herd.

18 Cyberbullying

How is this here? This is so much fun

19 Shower Singing

That's dumb - Ananya

20 Hunting

Go eat a pineapple steak and leave self-reliant people alone.

21 Picking Your Nose

Worst hobby

How is this a hobby

22 Body Shaming
23 Writing Fanfiction
24 Tattooing

As a tattoo artist I make my bread off of this "hobby" (really tattooing is a job).I grew up in my fathers shop, and there is nothing stupid about this, some people get tattoos because it brings them closer to their lost relatives or friends, some get them to show time in the military and their rank, some get them as words of philosophy or great meaning. Sure, there are people who get them just to be "cool" but it's actually a way to show what you have done and where you have been, and to connect with people such as your relatives or ancestors.

Well If I ever get a tattoo it is definitely name of my Mom on my wrist. - Righteous

Having permanent disfigurations etched into your flesh. Definitely a sign of higher-order intellect.

25 Darting Darting
26 Hoop Rolling
27 Cyber Stalking
28 Photoshopping

Why is this on the list?

29 Sunset Watching
30 Gossiping
31 Dancing
32 Camping
33 Watching/Reading Top 10 Videos/Articles


34 Obituary Tracking
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1. Writing a Diary
2. Eying People in Shopping Malls
3. Attending Chicken-Wrestling Contests
1. Camping
2. Bomb Assembling
3. Knife Throwing
1. Writing a Diary
2. Eying People in Shopping Malls
3. Attending Chicken-Wrestling Contests

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