Top Ten Worst Kids Toys Ever Released


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21 Teddy Ruxpin

That creppy

22 Doggie Doo

A game when you feed a dog and then collect it's poop. If you're obsessed with cleaning after dogs so much, why don't you get a dog? Actually, don't. You aren't trustworthy. - RaccoonCartoon

I actually saw a bunch of T.V. commercials for this product. - Catacorn

23 Water Weenies

Top 10 material. Just watch Matthew Santoro's Top 10 disturbing toys.

24 Barney the Dinosaur Plushie
25 Dora The Explorer Plush Doll
26 Bratz Dolls
27 Monster High Doll

What the heck? These are weird, ugly and stupid. Why would someone think that ugly mutant monsters are attractive? There's also a 2-headed horse thing. Kind of gross. - RaccoonCartoon

I used to have these dolls when I was younger. - Catacorn

28 Mikudayo Nendoroid Figure
29 Talking Galaxy Power Rangers
30 2010 Dino Megazord
31 Pink Lightspeed Cycle
32 Yellow Rangers from "Lost Galaxy", "Lightspeed Rescue", "Time Force" and "Wild Force"
33 Voltron Mighty Lion Force
34 Power Rangers Heroes of Space
35 Battlized Red Space Ranger
36 G.I. Joe "Street Fighter II" Vega
37 Spongebob Balloon

It looks innocent at first. but one one part under his pants LOOKS LIKE a penis

38 Nerf Guns
39 Fuzzy Wonderz
40 Phoebe

I hate bootlegs. - RaccoonCartoon

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