Top Ten Worst Mobile Apps of 2016


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1 Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

Okay let's get real here. Pokemon sun and moon is WAY BETTER then this pierce of... First of all people are getting killed,KILLED crazy! Right. Anyways this game also isn't great besides people getting killed that trailer made this game so overrated it's ridiculous. How is this popular? It's nothing special I was the only one out of my friends who hated it! Sorry for the harshness

This game has gotten people killed and it's become so overrated. - DCfnaf

So, you mean pretty much the entire world. Yeah, I'd agree with that. - DCfnaf

Ugh, Sorry guys If I Was Harsh There, I Just Don't Know How Is This So Popular, The Game Itself Is Fine But I Just Seriously Dislike The Popularity Of This Game - VideoGamefan5

It's not the app's fault the people got killed, it says:
Remember to be alert at all times.
Stay aware of your surrondings

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2 Rolling Sky

A Bowling Ball Rolling Through Obstacles, Seriously, How Original (Sarcasm) - VideoGamefan5

My brother and I actually love this game. - Powerfulgirl10

3 Finding Dory: Keep Swimming

This App Is Almost like Flappy bird Where You Avoid The Obstacles, Besides This App Costs Money, Never Download It - VideoGamefan5

4 Zootopia: The Crime Files

This Isn't Even a Legit App - VideoGamefan5

It's a Crminal Case ripoff - TwilightKitsune

5 Flappy Golf 2

This is nowhere near flappy bird - Nateawesomeness

Flappy Bird, Enough Said - VideoGamefan5

6 Blue Flying Bird

Flappy Bird Is Trash - VideoGamefan5

7 Batman V Superman: Who Will Win?

Oh No, The Horror Of Endless Runners - VideoGamefan5

8 Super Mario Run

I'm so pissed off about this game. Oh look! Let's slap Mario on a damn runner so people will CLEARLY spend 10$ to pay for the rest of our crap game! Why should I pay $10 for a game that I will be playing for two minutes? - DCfnaf

For me it's too slow and the fact that Toadette is playable and some others are not annoy me. - DaisyandRosalina

Oh Look Another Darn Runner, Does Anybody Give A Crap About Them Anymore? , I Mean Some Of Them Are Good But Do We Need This Many? , - VideoGamefan5

Why is the app free when you need to pay 10 dollars to get all the levels? - 445956

Who ever put this on the list is going INSIDE THE VR WORLD OF ARCADE (1993) from full moon features

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9 MagiMobile - Mighty Magiswords

Ads, Ads - VideoGamefan5

10 Disney Emoji Blitz

This Game is Weird, SO WEIRD! - VideoGamefan5

Best Game Ever - 23windomt

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The most dumbest app ever!

12 Sonic Runners

That stupid roulette wheel and the ridiculous in-app purchases

Basically Sonic Dash In 2D! - VideoGamefan5

13 Clash Royale
14 Instagram
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