Worst Mobile Phone Apps

Is there like an app which is a rip-off of another game. Or the app costs too much? I added 2 items to start this list. Vote and add items here!

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1 I Am Rich

Charges you $1000 just to show a red diamond on the screen that says "I Am Rich". What a complete waste of money. Only 8 people bought it before it got taken down.

Worst way to spend your money. You can buy 200 T-Shirts with that app.

Just like robbing a bank and showing off right in front of a bunch of cops. Utterly useless and will ruin you.

It's bad. But you've gotta admit. This was a really smart method of making easy money - Mycerix

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2 Musical.ly

THANK YOU! I'm not the only one! Almost everyone has it at my school and it's super annoying! All it does is make you lip sync to a trashy song. People get famous of it, it's trashy

This app is tieing with Vine for being the worst thing ever!

Literally filled with a bunch of underage girls looking like they're 18.

And what's even worse is that body development is starting to happen earlier in life. And now we got little girls that look and act like full grown women. - DarkMatter1997

It was basically a pedophile's heaven. Praise Yahweh it's gone now. - Redrocm

Correction: its back under the name Tik Tok. And it's much, MUCH worse. - isaaonrtdmtr

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3 Candy Crush Saga

A stupid rip-off of Bejeweld, that is 100000 times better. WHY IS ANGRY BIRD NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST?

Why is "free to play" even a term anymore? This game certainly ain't free to play in the slightest, what with all the micro transactions. You want to play a game for free? Go outside and play hopscotch.

So overrated, annoying, and keeps bugging you to give it money. - pandagirl

Extremely unoriginal, totally copied off Bejeweld, a game that is so much better and actually makes sense. - MasterCreepy

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4 Flappy Bird

Flapping through pipes... ALL... DAY... LONG. Boring.

The most annoying, boring, stupid hunk of app garbage ever.

Most boring game ever -. -

Some people actually bought new PHONES that already had flappy bird on them when it was taken down. These dummies need to know that you can still get it from other websites as APK files. - Mycerix

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5 Clash of Clans

Raiding is awesome, but being raided is worse. Donating troops and getting troops is awesome, but losing them is terrible as much as getting scarred. I still like this game though.

It was fun, but once you hit TH 8 it becomes such a drag to max out. And if you rush you get humiliated and laughed out of clans. It just becomes such a drag I was hesitant to delete it but once I did it felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

My bff's clan is cool, app is so awesome. I once played for an hour. If you experience as much as him, or me, then you'll have the real fun.

This game is pretty fun I don't know what you guys are talking about. - MasterCreepy

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6 Pokémon Go

This app is insane! I know it's original, but seriously! Pokemon go is fun but it's been taken too far! It has been a month, and it has topped the charts, made people more glued to their screen than ever, and has killed people. People are getting SHOT because they were careless. It's not the app, it's the people who abuse it. I'll probably be hated for this but whatever.

I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to go with this, because this game has caused car accidents by idiots who can't pay attention while they're driving.

Overrated and overhyped, but not bad

I stole your snorlax - B1ueNew

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7 Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University, and developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Inc Snapchat was made in September 2011

Snapchat is so stupid! It's the dumbest app I have ever seen! Pointless, overrated, and just plain dumb, I will never download it and I hate when my friends just sit around and snapchat each other WHILE I'm AROUND AND don't HAVE IT! It's so annoying because it's a waste of the time with my friends and I! Its an app to send pictures to each other. WHAT THE HECK that's WHAT IMESSAGE AND TEXTING IS FOR! Why have an app to send pictures, when you can just text pictures to each other and have lots of space and storge on your phone?!? I just don't get it. Pointless and stupid.

The filters on Snapchat are the main reason I hate that app. - Powerfulgirl10

Overrated and overloaded with obnoxious teenage girls

Huh? , Snapchat is pretty good and fun - B1ueNew

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8 Temple Run

To be honest I actually like this game

Same here, I currently hold a high score of 20 million on Temple Run 2 - Nick-brick8

Actually, I had some fun playing this.

This game is fun - MLPFan

Who put this in here! This game is fun

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9 Instagram

It makes anybody who doesn't have the life of their followers feel depressed. Horrible app.

A lot of people at my school (especially girls) use this app. Meanwhile, I feel so left out and alone. What has technology done to us... - MasterCreepy

I don't have instagram and I live without it - Xicor12

This and YouTube are the GOAT apps - PeeledBanana

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10 Amino

The Newcomers

? Miitomo
? Twitch

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11 Dragon City

It's basically impossible to get every dragon in-game because of all the limited-time events. Just looking at your friends' collections can overcome you with envy.

Heroic dragons suck

But the game is still awesome

Its for babies

This game used to be awesome until Social Point became greedy and ruined it with endless back-to-back events and time-limited dragons, VIP dragons that require real money to get, the Piggy Bank gimmick, making the game unfair for players who are not willing to spend tons of money on the game, the Heroic Dragons which are effectively game-breaking for the PvP tournaments unless you have another Heroic Dragon, and removing the daily free Card packs. I play DragonVale nowadays, because at least that game's developer (Backflip Studios) actually cares about their playerbase. - WindWakerFan

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12 Minecraft

Anyone wanna tell a reason? No? Okay.
Don't put really good games in the list then. - MasterCreepy

I like other minecraft. PE sucks. - TeamRocket747

Not an app

13 Subway Surfers

I hate this game but I only use it because everything else I like is for babies - Ihateschool

Of course, Temple Run is better than this dumb game

14 Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies
15 Talking Angela

Annoying, brainless, spoiled, egotistical cat who brags about all her luxuries and never had to work a day in her life.

Listen to her notification sound! Accordion playing the Cancan! Scary! -Enderman

Complete waste of your time. Go outside and play some basketball with your friends instead. - MasterCreepy

Her voice is weird.

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16 Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim kardashian enough said

17 Fortnite

Epic just remove it from the app store already

Epic just make this for android already - B1ueNew

18 Minecraft PE

I prefer Console Edition or Computer Edition over this. It's Minecraft but just very watered down.

It's the same as Xbox One, Windows 10, and Nintendo Switch.
All Bedrock Edition. What can't you guys understand... - MasterCreepy

They ruined it. They ruined Minecraft overall, to be honest. - NotYoursTruly

Mine craft is boring

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19 TikTok

So bad Even the so why do good girls like bad guys I had this question for a really long time - XxMontrealxXRBLX

The advertising. Oh the advertising. - iliekpiez

Once you thought there was a God after Musical.ly dies, this had to be made and your faith in God vanishes yet again. - Redrocm

If Elon Musk can buy Fortnite and delete it to save children from becoming virgins then so can he with Tik-Tok. Seriously, it is just Musical.ly 2.0 but worse. - Bolshoy_Brat

20 Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville

I hate ppg

Better than the boring talking angela.
That cat only repeats what you say in this new version.

21 Finding Dory: Keep Swimming
22 Banana Kong

This is the biggest rip-off ever, it copies everything off Donkey Kong. I hope this app gets removed and the company that made it gets sued by Nintendo

UPDATE: Funny Story - 2 of my friends were playing this and they were shouting about the game and this really strict teacher came in and they didn't recognise for a whole minute... it was so funny because people on the other side of the room were laughing their heads off... And I felt like... Facepalm - Harri666

This is a terrible game, and sadly, it gets a lot of high reviews.

Donkey Kong took gaming a step forward, then people said, “let's make the dumbest game in history and copy the best thing Nintendo made, right after Mario! " And gaming took 890077336389911000009926 steps back.

23 Vine

Never have I seen a bigger gathering of Anti-Humor that only the demographic with the lowest standards ever could enjoy(of course I'm talking about my former middle school)

Kids are obsessed with this and its dumb

YouTube: Low IQ Edition

I actually like it. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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24 Dumb Ways to Die

I'm 9 now, but when I was 5, I bought this game. The cover made it look cool and fun. Like a week later, My mom asked what I was playing on he iPhone. I said a funny dead people game. See ran up and took her phone And tried it to see what the App was all about. I was grounded for a very long time. I had too wait till I was 6 to play or watch T.V.. She said She did not trust me anymore, And whenever I did something T.V., Ipad, Video Game etc. Related, She had too watch me. Well, when I turned 8, Her and my dad got divorced, and she moved to Denver ( Colorado ) I guess what? When I visit her in the summers, She is strict about what I Play or watch. WOW. Also, Why would they make a game about this kind of stuff? - puglover2008

It's not the games fault. It's your mom's fault. What is she a soccer mom? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

This is overrated. It needs to stop. - TeamRocket747

25 Mario Ripoffs

Only except Mario Run created by Nintendo itself.

I've played a few Mario ripoff and they are cringed. None of them have an actual story, just dumb, repetitive levels that bore you after a while. Some aren't even related to maeuo!

26 Pocket Heat
27 Five Nights at Freddy's

There some 5 year olds but there other people playing that teens or adults and The fanbase horrible but someone said I need to get out of the fanbase but I was not even in the stupid fanbase I just listen to song and gameplay with no commertary so I am not in the fanbase -_-

Why can't I move? Why can't I board the doors? Why can't I shoot the robots? Why can't I shoot myself?

When I was in Middle School, one of my friends was playing it. And it looked really hard. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Not scary - iliekpiez

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28 Panda Pop
29 Zootopia: Crime Files
30 Star Legends
31 War Robots
32 Bubble Witch Saga 2
33 Game of War: Fire Age

Cat advertisement is so insulting, I hate it. Long time to load, insulting players, I'd rather play Clash of clans, or Minecraft instead.

Sitting and waiting. That's what you do. In clash of clans you can at least see fights and have control over your attack.

They will try anything to make you get the app and has nothing to do with war whatsoever

It may not seem that way, but this and Mobile Strike are made by the same company. Both do an insane amount of false advertisements. Google it.

Game of War and Mobile Strike both exist for the same reason: to get your money. It's literally impossible to get far in this game without spending money. The developers purposely make it so that you will become addicted and unconsciously end up spending hundreds of $$$. You could save a lot of money if you don't download either of those games. - thunderstar1124

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34 Super Mario Run

It's really boring.

This app is one of the reasons why nintendo need money nowdays - Xicor12

35 My Singing Monsters

Most annoying marketing possible and pointless game. Appears whenever I play "smash the office"

How dare you insult my favorite game! The monsters will stab you and dance on your corpse! - Officialpen

Shut up you haters! This game is the best game ever!

This game is for idiots like powerful girl,and official pen. And shut up likers!

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36 Frozen Free Fall
37 Arcane Legends
38 Dark Legends
39 Boom Beach

This was bad because there was no chat.

This is a ripoff clash of clans.

Too expensive can't upgrage HQ deeds better options

40 iFunny iFunny

Unfunny Jokes, Bad Community

Oh Boy, This is self-explanitory if youve had the app for over 1 month. - hy89045

If you don't like this or that, people come to your profile, yelling at you and saying stuff like " KYS ! 1! " "Dumb*** 12 year old! 1! " "your profile is CANCER! " God, how I HATE these rude people! - HyenaLover

41 Pou

Are we actually taking care of an escaped pile of poop? Sombody must have pooped him out and he suvived the sewer and from drowning. Did he swim to a house? Is he an anthropomorphic piece of poop? Who knows? Is he an alien or cosmic entity? Has he came to get revenge on humans? Has he came from The Devil's butt and has risen? Creepy.

This app is fun at first, but it gets tedious and boring after a while. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

Gross and boring!

Go die, you pile of poop pou!

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42 Spermy's Journey

The name itself sounds wrong... - Powerfulgirl10

We'll never know how this came the most downloaded for android... - Harri666

Uh... We don't wanna know where 'spermy' is going... - astroshark

43 MamaBear Family Safety
44 Teeny Titans
45 Slither.io

Sometimes it's really frustrating when you die, but I admit it's still quite fun.

Better to play it on the website, the mobile controls suck to be honest. - MasterCreepy

Fun to play but so slow you can't even play

46 Mobile Strike

It may not seem that way, but this and Game of War: Fire Age are made by the same company. Both do an insane amount of false advertisements. Google it.

Game of War and Mobile Strike both exist for the same reason: to get your money. It's literally impossible to get far in this game without spending money. The developers purposely make it so that you will become addicted and unconsciously end up spending hundreds of $$$. You could save a lot of money if you don't download either of those games. - thunderstar1124

47 Waze

Very annoying Trolls that Put fires at places that don't Even Have fires - BraixenBreak

48 Lep's World

Look out nerByte GmbH, Nintendo's comin' for ya! - Drewsky1211

49 Cartoon Network Anything

Haunted by Teen Titans Go... - Granton8ter05

Sucks stupid kids

Nooo... gumball,K.O.,Adventure time,regular show,we bare bears game are good but TTGO! PPG,CLARENCE,UNCLE GRANDPA,UNIKITTY, AND ALL CRAP LEGO SERIES GAMES SUCK!

50 Pet Rescue Saga

Sucks stupid adults - Officialpen

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