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Most likely, we have all heard about the mythical monster King Kong at least once in our lives. He debuted in a 1933 classic about an ape that steals a girl and climbs up the Empire State Building. Over time, Kong has evolved over time by turning bigger and much more fierce thanks to CGI and new technology. When I heard that Kong: Skull Island was going to be released in theaters, I was really hyped to see it. How could a movie that had an awesome trailer and a crew of men who were talented with monster movies (Godzilla 2014) NOT do a great job with this? Obviously, they did a great job with this and I had a very fun experience at the cinema.

Plot Synopsis

Kong: Skull Island focuses on a team of adventurers who are brought together to explore an uncharted island containing some ancient, yet treacherous organisms and the mighty and mythical gorilla by the name of Kong. Once the scientists and the army plan on how they are going to approach Skull Island, they get on a boat and set sail. Sadly, they hit a very abnormal thunderstorm and so they need to get into helicopters and fly through the storm rather than risk sinking from the violent waves. After passing through the storm, they make it to Skull Island and drop some bombs. Unfortunately, Kong, the monstrous and towering gorilla of the island, got triggered by the bombs and destroyed the helicopters that the men were flying in. After being grounded and temporarily stranded on the island, they continue to explore the island and encounter a series of problems during said exploration.

The movie definitely starts out very slow at the beginning. I felt like the movie really picked up and got interesting once the characters got past the thunderstorm and got to Skull Island. We then got to see Kong and all of the other awesome monsters of the island. As usual, I won't go into further depth about the other monsters you will encounter during your movie experience in fear of spoiling anything. You definitely want the full experience as you watch this.

As for the faces you'll meet, a lot of them felt very cliché and bland, but I personally liked some of the movie's cast of characters. John C. Reilly's character, Hank Marlow, was definitely the best character in the film. (He was played my John C. Reilly, are you really that surprised?) He was the perfect blend of hilarious and well-developed. He had a great backstory that you could sympathize with, but you could also laugh at his silly persona and jokes. Another great character in the movie was Preston Packard, the army general portrayed by Mace Win - uh, I mean Nick Fur - I mean Samuel L. Jackson (Wow, they really got the best actors possible for this, didn't they?) Packard had a very vengeful personality and is really passionate about his army men. When Kong kills some of his men, you could see the fire in his eyes and the seething anger he is feeling and it works so well.


I think this is the most inconsistent CGI I've seen all year. At the beginning, the green screen was quite visible and you could tell it was there. When the tiny segments of Skull Island starting showing up on the screen, they seemed very flat-looking and artificial. However, near the end of the movie they looked much more natural and beautiful than at the beginning. The same could be said about Kong. He looked very fake and very flattened at the start, but looked much more fierce and crisp in design as the movie progressed. I don't know if they got lazy and they animated the early parts of the movie at the end of the process, but it seemed very inconsistent and I was not convinced with the CG very often. Other than that, Kong looked very badass, tough, and...even cute.

Okay, I called the giant monster monkey cute! Sue me!

Final Thoughts/Recommendation

If you're looking for a super deep, highly emotional, and very engaging story, this is not the movie for you. However, if you're looking for an entertaining, action-packed film with a godly gorilla as the titular character and plot device, then I recommend seeing this. This movie will definitely please you and I think you will have a good time.. As for parents who are rushing out and to see this with their kids, please take a moment to make a decision. There are violent scenes with blood and some guts as well as moments where the characters will swear. I heard f**k once and I heard s**t, bitch, and ass a few times during this. If your kids are easily scared, I wouldn't take them to see this either because there are tons of jumpscares, loud roars, and creepy-looking monsters. This movie IS PG-13, you know. If you are okay with your kids seeing that, then please take them and let them have a fun time. Kong: Skull Island is just a fun, action-packed science fiction that can be enjoyed by a vast majority, especially those who enjoyed the classic King Kong movies.

8 -- Great (Kong: Skull Island is an impressive effort with a few noticeable issues holding it back such as the CGI. This probably won't astound EVERYONE, but it is definitely worth your time and cash.)

🍅Rotten Tomatoes Score: 77% (6.5/10), 74% of Audiences Liked It (3.7/5)🍅

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Great review. I thought it was a great movie. Reminded me of Jurassic Park because almost everyone is killed. - LarrytheFairy

My favourite part was when the fire alarm went off in the cinema, and I had to wait 20 minutes outside before I just sneaked in and everybody followed me, and it turned out it was just smoke that caused the alarm and me and the remaining people finished the movie. - DapperPickle

I guess the theater wanted to make sure you were part of the action. - DCfnaf

Another phenomenal movie review well done. All aspects of this review were well-crafted, with the recommendations section being my personal favorite of them all. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My Score
7.5/10 (Good/Great) - JPK

The 1933 one is still my favourite kong movie - visitor

It's weird because I'm sure whenever a movie like this is announced, most people have low expectations for it because, yeah, it's a film that's already been done before in good fashion. In the end though, it comes out impressive, and I think that the film creators who make these kinds of films work deserve a lot of credit. - Mcgillacuddy

This movie was a fun experience, not meant to be anything more. - iliekpiez