Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Moves

Here are Nickelodeon's top ten moves that are so bad, that is not right. Here are the worst moves that Nickelodeon.

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1 The Cancellation of Invader Zim

When someone asks you "What's the best show ever put on Nickelodeon? ", I guarantee that Invader ZiM will run right through your head at least once. Invader ZiM was one of, if not, the best shows that Nickelodeon has ever put out, with amazing writing, a cast of loveable characters, that are still adored, even to this day, hell, they are on T-shirts, they are on lunchboxes, they were on a tun of stuff. There are a lot of YouTube videos constantly replaying old clips from the show's history, because they were so iconic. I can't tell you how many times I've walked around my school, and I see girls with shirts and having bags with GIR on it. GIR is probably the most loved character on the show, and for good reason, GIR was awesome, he practically made this show! When you put GIR and ZiM together, with their amazing voice actors, you get an amazing show! It ran on Nickelodeon for YEARS! And then of course, gone! Nickelodeon, I don't understand why you're thinking here, this was ...more

Cancelling Invader ZiM is a total mistake! PLEASE COME BACK, ZIM!

WHY DID THEY HAVE TO CANCEL THIS SHOW SO EARLY!?!?!?! We could've had more and more awesome episodes, an epic series finale, and more GIR! Who even cares if parents feel it's too violent, it's waayyy better than anything we have on television now!

They cancelled Invader Zim because when it was airing, it was really unpopular and it cost about a million dollars to make an episode. But people started watching it in about 2006. They should've rebooted it then - lelennyface

2 Making the Logo Plain and Boring

The logo has no slime on it why change what we grew up with

Where the hell is the slime? - Connor360

The splat was good as it was! That's what Nickelodeon is known for! Boo to Nickelodeon for getting rid of it supposedly because it was too messy.

It's garbage! Just like how every show these days on Nick are. The start of this logo = dark age of Nick

3 Taking Their '90s Nicktoons Off the Air

The great shows that Nickelodeon put out were CatDog, Rocket Power, Rugrats, and Ren & Stimpy.

Remember Rugrats? It was a simply genius show, making a sitcom out of babies. However, the babies would take everyday tasks, like taking a bath, and taking a nap, and would turn it into epic adventures.
For example: If you had to take a bath, and you didn't want to get in the water, there was a dragon in the water.

There's also Rocket Power. It was a clearly different approach, and the characters were early teenagers, and they were skateboarders. However, it was another cartoon sitcom revolving around extreme sports. This show is awesome and had extremely lovable characters, Tito had the best lines in the show's history.

Well, the time has come for me to say that Nickelodeon is dead. The crazy, cool, weird bumpers were replaced with boring CGI crap. The Nicktoons were replaced with horrible, uncreative, stupid cartoons. Acually, most of their "cartoons" are CGI now. The funny live-action shows were replaced with boring, stupid shows, about whiny teenagers. And all of their game shows are gone. They currently have ZERO game shows. Nickelodeon has gone WAY down hill ever since 2004. Congrats Nick, for screwing over all of your fans.

But remember what happened to SpongeBob and The Fairly OddParents? Chances are, if they kept those shows, they would have turned into huge nuisances you want to take off air. Nickelodeon needs to change every once in a while. Well, actually they have, but they should learn from those mistakes. I also have a feeling that kids don't even like Nickelodeon. They only like it because the "Popular kids" like it, while I despise it.

Seriously, Rocko is the best thing I have ever personally seen on Nickelodeon.

4 What the Hell Happened to All the Slime?

The slime was what made Nickelodeon famous. The fact that they would dump slime on people. It first started with "You Can't do that on Television", every time a person says "I don't know", slime would be poured on their head. It was also used on the game shows. The only time the slime comes back is with the Kids' Choice Awards. Don't even get me started on that travesty.

Yeah in 2011 there was slime everywhere and it got kinda. Annoying. Now there is no slime I feel bad. Nick deserves it, having horrible shows like breadwinner, fairy show, Fred and more!

I always dreamed of what it would feel like to get slimed

The newest game shows don't have any slime, what Nick?

5 The Cancellation of All That

All That was a variety show on Nickelodeon back in 1994. It showed great acts like The Amanda Show, Good Burger, and others. It was so great. It had a huge cult following years after its cancellation online, having people petitioning this show to be back on Nickelodeon.

I LOVE all that! Well, at least I did until it went off

All That was awesome.

Even though I was born in 2007, on the weekends I still get up late till 10 o'clock just to watch all that

6 The Cancellation of Snick

SNICK was a Saturday night block on Nickelodeon that shows such as Ren & Stimpy, CatDog, Kenan & Kel, and All That. It was a lot like Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, except that it was on Nickelodeon, and aired on Saturdays, rather than Fridays. Just like with Toonami, it got kids really excited on a Saturday night, and just like Toonami again, it vanished. The only difference is Toonami has made its triumph in return. But at least TeenNick will bring it back. They kind of did if I'm not mistaken.

Who remembers Taina

When 3LW performed as blue mascara

Pre-cheetah 😆

7 Choosing Fanboy & Chum-Chum over Adventure Time

Oh really! Nick got an very nice offer and didn't take it. Adventure Time is a popular show on Cartoon Network and with Gumball makes Cartoon Network at least watchable. IT SAVED Cartoon Network from being trash loaded to the garbage dump. Nick though took Fan Trash and Chump Chump. That show sucks and that show was the ultimate Nickelodeon Downfall. Nick lost popularity by a lot. Nick, what happend to Old Fairly Odd Parents, Jimmy Neutron, and Doug, Rocko and Invader Zim. Just because some idiots say that's inappropriate doesn't mean you have to replace it with crap and now you gave your special oppurtunity to at least get a watchable show and just pissed it to Cartoon Network.

Nick is now like a dry tree, just barren, which used to flourish and all the birds and animals enjoyed it. Now it is dry, lonely and dull, it is gray with none of the beauty which used to make it enchanted. Now it is ignored by the animals, ignored forever, with no hope.

Which leads ...more

Nickelodeon, HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE?! I knew you were offered AT, but I didn't know that the reason you didn't air it was because you chose ' FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM over it. Adventure Time is one of the best shows ever, and it's certainly my favorite show ever. Now you are airing Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, and other sucky things? Adventure Time could've saved your channel, Nickelodeon, and you blew it!

This should be number one. Rejecting Adventure Time sent Nick back five years. Cartoon Network got the upper hand due to shows being attracted to it due to Adventure Time's popularity. Had Nickelodeon chosen Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, and Steven Universe would all have been on the channel. 2010 is a year that will live in infamy for the channel. Nick's dead and Adventure Time's success killed it.

Well, okay, Adventure Time may not be the best show ever, but at least it's more watchable than Fatbutt and Chump Chump.

8 Sanjay and Craig Sanjay and Craig is an American animated comedy television series that aired on Nickelodeon from May 25, 2013, to July 29, 2016, for three seasons and 60 episodes. The series is about a 12-year-old boy named Sanjay Patel who owns a talking pet snake named Craig.

This show is so rude, the Butt Jokes.

I personally think that whoever who came up with the idea of making this stupid pointless show is an IDIOT! This show sucks and it can be a little to offensive some times. Like all the butt comments and jokes they make in the show. Nickelodeon has REALLY gone down hill the past years!

I hate Sanjay and Craig the most immature humor ever.

This is so bad

9 Closing Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando

Things started to go downhill in mid 2001. The reason was that 2 studios in Southern California opened in 1998 and most of the shows moved production there including All That and Kenan & Kel. Universal Stuidos Florida also expanded around the same time. I can imagine the studio in Orlando being reopened inn 2019 or 2020 and expanded but this time it only hosts sitcoms, sketch comedy's, and future game shows (if we're lucky enough to gat Cyma Zarghami ever gets fired) and the capsule returns to its original spot. Thank You Gerry Laybourne for all the memories (I never went to Nick Studios Orlando but I'm speaking on everyone's behalf). - Kid_ethinederland

Hey American 90s kids are lucky anyway. I would've loved to have gone there when I was kid but they didn't even bother to think about building one in other countries that had the channel.

The reason they closed it was it because they did not have so much money to opperate the studio anymore. By Mid 2005 they started to remove the outdoor props and its now next to a Blue Man Group building. They might bring it back. But it might not happen.

This dates back to 1997-98 where 2 studios in California opened. Most of the shows went there. 2001 was where the studio started to die out. - Kid_ethinederland

Biggest mistake ever! Was a life long dream to go there:.(

10 Cancellation of Nickelodeon Gas

Nickelodeon Gas (Games and Sports), a popular block with games and sports, was cancelled, there are no more game shows at all, Nick has sunk toward the bottom and can't float out.


Well, I have not heard of it, and it sounds like the producers of nick burping and farting! 😷

I love gas so here I am. I ❤💭whewie!

The Contenders

11 Not Listening to Fans

This truly is the biggest mistake they are making. Nick is completely snubbing the advices of all the fans that supported back in the day. And the ones watching Nick now are asking for new and good. It's not like they're enjoying what they're seeing. If you were to ask them what shows they watch now that are airing at the moment, they would most likely say either a show on CTN or DC. At least those programs are listening and putting some effort. And what's really ironic, is if ONLY Nick pays just a little bit of attention to our complaints, that money they crave for would probably come! But nope, they keep denying help, and are in the puddle they are in now, because of bad corporal decisions, stubbornness, and greed.

Yet they decided to make a spin off of SpongeBob SquarePants called Kamp Koral, which shows how much Nickelodeon hates their fans & the creator Stephen Hillenburg. Nickelodeon truly doesn't care about their fans anymore, nothing but $, & they only do worse than better. They're truly sinking to the bottom & heading out of business for that reason. Disney Channel's bad now, but this makes Disney Channel look like a masterpiece. - SamanthaRosie

Seriously, how many times have a large legion of people absolutely BEGGED them to put more effort into helping to bring Rocko back? That show is seriously severely underrated, even if it clearly had the wrong target audience. - xandermartin98

Nick needs to start listening to fans again, what has killed their brains? Money? Well Nick needs to cut it out with the money and start making good shows again, In fact, I read news reports that they are going to reboot some of the classics again as well as some of the good modern shows, You should be happy about that, so lets celebrate.

They are rebooting the classics into one big movie, similar to Looney Tunes: Back in Action. - nelsonerica

12 Getting Rid of Noggin

It is a app

Noggin was childhood I don't care whats for little kids nick jr is now anoying just how it happen to disney jr

You Shouldn't Be Upset About That because Noggin was only for little kids. - kcianciulli

13 Nick Getting a New President

Ever since Nick voted Cyma Zarghami as president, the channel went downhill, Nick needs to learn from their mistakes and fire him.

Why are people giving so much heat to her? She at least has dignity unlike Christina Miller.

Nickelodeon was such a great channel. I grew up with many classics which are probably about a little over 10 years old. Unfortunately, Cyma Zarghami basically ruined everything and made Nickelodeon go downhill.

What Genius Put a Woman in Charge of Nickelodeon?

14 No More Game Shows

The first awesome game show was Double Dare! Double Dare was simply amazing! You get a bunch of families, they do wacky things on stage, you get pied, you get slimed, you have crap always thrown at you, and you're always earning money. Every single game show that Nickelodeon made was amazing. They deserve some reruns.

Getting hit by crap is disgusting compared to getting hit by pie and slime.

It's just not the same without them.

They should remake it.

Yeah! They were amazing especially double dare! But now it's plain and lame and BORING

15 Importing YouTube

FRED was killed by Nickelodeon. And they now have Breadwinners... NO! GET RID OF IT NOW!

It's already bad enough we have Nickelodeon importing YouTube. Cartoon Network can't do the same thing that Nickelodeon is doing.

Even Lucas regretted working for Nickelodeon. - kcianciulli

The creator of Breadwinners thought it was a joke when Nick watned to make a series out of the flash video. - Kid_ethinederland

16 Replacing Good Sitcoms With Bad Sitcoms

The best shows ever put on Nickelodeon are Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. And now they were replaced by iCarly, True Jackson, Victorious, and other boring live-action shows.

Nickelodeon used to make good sitcoms in the 90s, but then Dan Schneider, the fat kid, put sitcoms on the channel that were REALLY BAD, except for Zoey 101, but all the others such as Drake & Josh, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat & Henry Danger were bad, even the ones from another person were bad, like Fred: The Show, Marvin Marvin, Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures, How to Rock, Nicky Ricky Dicky & Dawn & Max & Shred, there is only one good sitcom unlike all the other crap that's on that has one month seasons, Every Witch Way, now THAT one is good, but all of the others are TOTAL BULLCRAP!

Out of all the Dan Schneider shows you think Zoey 101 is the only good one? That was the worst Schneider show. Yeah, icarly, Sam & cat, and Henry danger was bad, but how could you say that drake and josh was bad, that show is hilarious. Victorious was okay but EVERY WITCH WAY is good to you. Everything about that show is bad, especially the acting. The acting is so bad it's funny. Sometimes I cry because of the acting. - zach2246tt

How can Dan Schneider go from the good shows like Drake and Josh and iCarly and turn them into crap like Victorious and Sam and Cat. - Connor360

The only good thing about Drake & Josh is the funny jokes, yet it got popular, but everything else about it was boring, especially the laugh tracks.

They replaced WITS Academy with The Other Kingdom (a now overused and unoriginal show), Man! Nickelodeon is screwed.

17 Breadwinners Breadwinners is a 2014 animated comedy television series produced by Nickelodeon. It is about the adventures of SwaySway and Buhdeuce, two ducks who drive in a rocket van delivering bread to their customers.

Seriously, Nick, were you even trying with this show?

I know it's the worst

The only thing that's bad about it is all the butt jokes and horrible humor. If they got rid of all that, I would actually like the show.

This should be above Sanjay and Craig

18 Waiting for Steven Hillenburg to die to create a Spongebob spinoff he wouldn't approve of

This is now Nickelodeon's biggest mistake. They don't care about their fans anymore & wanted him to die just to make a spin off he & his fans didn't want. It's a hate crime they're committing & one that'll never lead to charges. - SamanthaRosie

Please vote for this higher. Stephen Hillenburg himself said that he will not tolerate any Spongebob spin-off but after his death, Nickelodeon announced a spin-off called Kamp Koral. This is a huge disgrace to Stephen Hillenburg's grave. It makes me feel that Nickelodeon waited for Hillenburg to die so that they can take advantage and make a spin-off of Spongebob as their new cash cow. If we all love Stephen Hillenburg, we have to boycott Kamp Koral. - Hellohi

Geez. This is so disrespectful! - Misfire

19 Cancelling Shows Like El Tigre, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, Making Fiends, and Edgar and Ellen

These shows were basically my life, I lived and breathed these shows as a kid. Nick is retarded for cancelling these shows and now they're paying for it by making crappy shows that get crappy ratings (but I think that's changing since I just saw el tigre on nicktoons every once in a while)

Even now, I watch these cartoons very often, because the older cartoons could be interesting and funny without being inappropriate and disgusting. That is what makes these cartoons much better than the newer ones! - Elric-san

The reason for Jimmy Neutron's end, was because DNA Productions (the people who make jimmy neutron) filed for bankruptcy.

El Tigre was SUPER underrated. No-one even remembers it in my school!

20 Canceling As Told by Ginger

This was my favorite why did they have to end it?

Mabye they ran out of ideas?

21 Getting Rid of Nick Jr.'s Beloved Mascot, Face

I loved when that came up on Nick Jr or Noggins not so good copy. It's a shame they took it away and it feels like Dora is they're new Mascot

Face was the best of nick jr. - lincolnloudness

Yes, they should bring him back. - anonygirl

He scared me as a child

22 Rejecting Adventure Time

Wether you like it or not you can't deny a lot of people like it. - hurjelert

Even though Adventure Time may suck, it isn't nearly as bad as the stuff that is actually on Nick these days. - xandermartin98

They had a pilot one on nick and moved it to Cartoon Network.

The closest we have to Adventure Time on Nick, is that one Oh Yeah! Cartoons pilot.

23 Firing John Kricfalusi from the production of "The Ren & Stimpy Show"

I don't care if Ren and Stimpy was inappropriate. I still like the show.

The guy who fired him is EVIL & STUPID & the boss needs to get fired as well.

The Ren & Stimpy show was so violent and inappropriate that he had to get fired. - nelsonerico

I wish that boss gives a creator a chance rather than getting fired.
I think it was the writers not the creator himself

Take this off the list please, that was a good decision because it was not appropriate for kids, it was an adult show like Family Guy.

24 Cancelling Catscratch and The X's after only 1 Season

Catscratch was alright but too short and underrated same with The X's

25 The Cancellation of Rugrats

This was a classic for crying out loud, A CLASSIC! - Connor360

Rugrats got cancelled because of spongebob's fault - lincolnloudness

I like this show, but one episode had a bad ending, which made me like it less.


26 Applying the TV-Y7 audience rating to Breadwinners

Breadwinners should have been T.V. -PG or T.V. -14, because it has loads of adult content, such as butts and twerking, it's stupid and Nick has no idea whatsoever. - nelsonerico6

Should be rated N for no one. Nobody should be watching this heap of trash :/

It should've had a T.V. -14 rating, just like Sanjay and Craig, it had too many butt jokes. - nelsonerico6

Should've been PG. - Powerfulgirl10

27 No longer rerunning older Nick cartoons on Nicktoons

I wanna see reruns of Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, Ren and Stimpy, and Rocko's Modern Life again!

They have the Splat on TeenNick, but there has to be more than just that. I hardly see any of the older shows playing (ex. Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Avatar, etc.). When they do, it's usually at like 3 or 4 in the morning, and no one wakes up that early.

Rocko's mod life, danny phantom, invader zim, jimmy neutron etc they were pretty much the whole reason nick was awesome but the annoying thing is they never show reruns at all! They just replacing all the old shows with stupid, retarted new ones like Henry danger, thundermans, Henry danger, Nicky Ricky dicky and Dawn, haunted hathaways etc instead of rerunning the old awesome ones on nicktoons this is the 1# thing I hate about Nickelodeon. This is one of the worst choices nick has ever made!

Hey, Nicktoons, we want to see reruns of Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and El Tigre, not constant Fairly OddParents marathons! - kcianciulli

28 Canceling The Jungle Movie

They finally released it, but it shouldn't have been cancelled in the first place. - jameshoward

AAHHH! I was so mad at dem people! My favorite show is Hey Arnold! But I head that next year they are going to premiere it!

They just stopped for a while. Left it abandoned. While the pushed out a.. eh ok movie of Hey Arnold! But the staff came back and is now working on the movie. I wonder how the voice actors sound like now. Mabye they need new voice actors?

They changed their mind and it's coming out on T.V. in November 2017 - ConorDooley

29 Forgetting about the Mid and Late 2000s Cartoons
30 Not accepting an action show and saying: “Action shows turn Children into Terrorists”
31 Blaze and the Monster Machines Blaze and the Monster Machines is a CGI interactive educational animated television series with a focus on teaching about Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This show rips off Cars and the Dora franchise. - nelsonerico6

A rip off of Cars and All of the Dora shows, it's basically a horrible piece of crap, why would preschoolers like/watch this, it's so stupid and overrated.

This show is a rip off of Thomas and Friends as well as Dora the Explorer.

This show is on for like 3 hours a day it's so annoying, all I want is to watch sponge bob but now I can't because other shows are taking up space

32 Torturing Squidward

I feel so bad for Squidward...

I feel bad for Squidward.

That's kinda what makes the show funny so

How is that Nickelodeon's fault? - kcianciulli

33 Making the Adventures of Kid Danger, an Animated Version of an Already Horrible Show
34 They added Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks is a popular franchise that has been going on for a long time, starting with the classic cartoons, then with the live action movies, and now this, but it's actually hard to tell whether Nick messed it up, other than make the chipmunks less furry, It started in cartoon style, then live action, and now CGI, but that doesn't matter so much because each version had a different variety in format, and the plot was low on all versions of the franchise, including this one, but what Nick did to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, That was a big setback on the TMNT classic, but Nick still needs to make something more original than incorporating movie franchises.

It would've been better if it was the 1990s-2000s style animation and not CGI. - Kid_ethinederland

I love Alvin and the chipmunks. It is pretty funny I love it

That isn't bad.

35 Keeping Dora the Explorer On TV and Not Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues (Steve version) was ten times better than Dora will ever be - Connor360

Blues Clues was ten times better than Dora will ever be. - Connor360

Blues Clues was way beyond infinity times better than that Dora the Explorer crap.

Why did they have to do this?! Blue's Clues was a classic! - Powerfulgirl10

36 Moving The Legend of Korra online

Putting The Legend of Korra online instead of playing it on Nickelodeon is a dumb thing for Nickelodeon to do, just by dropping ratings during the third season, how stupid of Nick, Korra got ruined.

Killing the series was the worst thing they did.

It is on nicktoons.

37 Continuing SpongeBob After the First Movie
38 Overdone Butt Jokes

Once Again, Nickelodeon has decided to do evil deeds, such as butt jokes on Sanjay & Craig, Marvin Marvin & Breadwinners, CURSE YOU Nickelodeon!

I hate all those disgusting weird animated shows they have on Nickelodeon and especially Cartoon Network these days.

Come on Nick, everyone knows Butt Jokes are disgusting and childish, not funny!

They did few sometimes in power rangers.

39 Putting Live Action Shows on Nicktoons

Nicktoons was a great channel, but it ended up perverted just like Nickelodeon, and worse, it even aired some live action programming, This is NICKTOONS, and they disrespect their name? Cartoon Network did the same thing with their programming.

If they wanna keep doing that, then get rid of Nicktoons altogether! Either that or change the name of the channel to something else.

At least cn's live-action shows dind't last so long

Airing are you afraid of the dark on nicktoons network was so stupid from viacom
even thought are you afraid of the dark is a good show - lincolnloudness

40 Putting Out Live-action Shows That Sucked So Much

Icarly didn't get CANCELLED it ended with a good seres finale: Carly moving to England with her dad

In my opinion, the live-action shows aren't as bad as the cartoons. But they still have very gross things in them, such as that one episode of Henry Danger where Piper eats hair soup, and that episode of Game Shakers where they show the insides of gross ear canals close up. Those moment just about made me want to vomit.

True Jackson, VP, iCarly, and Victorious sucked. I was just glad True Jackson, VP was cancelled in 2011, but now we had iCarly, Victorious, Fred: The Show, Big Time Rush, Supah Ninjas, Bucket & Skinner, and Marvin Marvin. I'm glad those show got cancelled.

Nearly all live shows sucked, but one turned the other way around, a special one that put a spell on you, Every Witch Way.

Agreed. And I don't get why the nicktoons channel plays live action shows on their network if it's nickTOONS (meaning the cartoons created by Nickelodeon)?

41 Fred: The Movie

AGH! Fred has the MOST annoying chipmunk-like voice in the world! I absolutely hate Fred Figglehorn. I hate this film as well! But "Night of the Living Fred" and "Camp Fred" are even worse. I know Kevin hates Fred, but all he ever cares about is himself an being superior.

Night of the Living Fred wasn't as bad as the others, it was more exciting in comparison to the other movies & the show.

I somewhat like how Fred screams, and his dad is John Cena! Duh duh duh duh! His mom, I don't really know... I don't like Fred that much. His voice is so annoying. Even more than Alvin, which I like.

Fred Figglehorn + Coffee = WE'RE ALL SCREWED!

I am very sorry to say that I actually love all the Fred movies. I can make a loud chipmunk voice just like him!

42 The Cancellation of Danny Phantom

Such genius.. Destroyed... and replaced with absolute TRASH! :(

This show was awesome why was it cancelled

I miss this show so much! :(

I loved this show, I was never into it much, but I loved it. The idea was great, using some old clichés but never too much and always staying original. Don't you miss shows like this? Every good thing they have is replaced by an idea that isn't half as good but will still give them a ton more money...

43 SpongeBob Continuing After the Movie

Having Steven Hillenburg retiring was bad, but it has been reported that he will return this year, that will bring the old SpongeBob back to life.

I don't want SpongeBob to get cancelled. I want the episodes to get BETTER!

So what? They can do that if they want!

Season 10 is running out of ideas! I love spongebob, but they should cancel the show after the third movie.

44 Removing the Favorite Books Section from Kids Choice Awards
45 Replacing Jimmy Neutron with Planet Sheen

What were they thinking...

When Planet Sheen got announced everyone got kinda exicted. But the results we got was horrible.

I can't believe I actually liked Planet Sheen! What was my 13 year old self thinking!? - kcianciulli

46 The Cancellation of Avatar

At least the show had a a good or bad ending?

It wasn't cancelled, it ended. - kcianciulli

47 Creating Every Witch Way

That was a great show, though not like the 90's, but great, put this off the list!

Ugh, This show is so awful. - kcianciulli

48 The Cancellation of SpongeBob SquarePants

Well they are planning on making a spin off, so this is a way to end the original show as disrespect to its original creator Stephen Hillenburg. - SamanthaRosie

Hoax, the site was a satire site, take this off the list please.

Steven Hillenburg just needs to return in order to make the show good again like it once was during the 1st 4 seasons, if it gets cancelled, then Nickelodeon wouldn't even be popular anymore, it would be gone forever and we wouldn't have anymore family & kids' channels, also Disney Channel is falling apart and soon Gravity Falls will be cancelled because the Disney Channel workers are greedy and so is our society.

Umm... SpongeBob SquarePants Didn't Get Cancelled! I Have No Idea What You Guys Are Talking About.

49 The Cancellation of All Their 90s and Early 2000s Shows

This is already on the list.

If the shows from the 90's and early 2000's never ended got cancelled, then they would probably go downhill and lose their charm (like SpongeBob and the Simpsons did). - anonygirl

50 Moving Harvey Beaks to Nicktoons

I know Cyma Zarghami is just doing her job, but this was a very evil move she did. - kcianciulli

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