Alvin and the Chipmunks

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This show is worse than all 4 movies COMBINED. I hate it when companies make spin-off shows that are worse. Some are good, but this one is dreadful. The voice actor for Dave sounds like he wants to kill himself. The animation is too good quality it's bad. The chipmunks look like small children with brown jellies on their heads instead of chipmunks. Also, they try to add memes and trends but it sounds dreadful. You thought the movies were bad... You have been warned... - Ducks661

I saw this show today and I realize that it's a let down from the movies. Dave's voice is different from the movies as the directors chose a different voice actor. This is a new show and it's animated to. It barely has any plot, the chipmunks's voice gets annoying and there wasn't anything enjoyable.

This show is just garbage. I'm forced to watch the episodes, because my brother likes the show, but it just doesn't make sense. Here's a list of problems I have with the show:

- The Chipmunks sing about every little problem they come across.
- They have human like hair.
- They portray every personality as a stereotypical, and racist person/demonic rodent.
- The little details from the movies are not acknowledged, and many major plot points are just made up, to fit the scenario.

Oh god. This show drives me insane. With the annoying intro, and the massive amount of stammering and stuttering in each episode by one of the characters, this show sucks. I also hate Alvin's character, selfish and a douche. Why am I even watching this show? - FlaMeThrOwer9

Okay, Alvin and the Chipmunks is worst show ever, Really? That show made of CGI (like Monster vs Aliens, TMNT and The Penguins of Madagascar), I think I'm going to hate this show! It feels rip off by Gumball (is air on Cartoon Network), THIS SHOW WAS BAD!

They look like humans with weird ears, they are legally allowed to go to school despite being animals. Why? This shows that basically any shows based off of movies besides Penguins Of Madagascar Nickelodeon destroys. - blu263

Where to begin with this? For starters, the chipmunks don't even look like animals anymore, the writing makes me cringe, and the characters are unlikable, especially Alvin. I mean, sure, he could be a jerk, but he did have a nice side, like in A Chipmunk Christmas. Also, the Chipettes are even more of a lazy addition than in the live action movies. I would put this at number 5 or 4. - Astatine the Chipmunks? They look more like humanoid versions of themselves (more so than their designs from the movies). And, you know, I thought they'd stop after making those live action movies (okay, I liked the first one. But the rest were just...blegh. Forgettable). Anyway, why am I surprised that Nickelodeon decided to drag out this dying franchise? They're pretty notorious for that, anyway...(SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents, Kung Fu Panda, Fred...etc). Anyway, this show in my opinion seemed a little...dramatic. I don't know why, but it seems like Alvin always has a bad attitude; like a hormonal preteen. But, maybe he is one. I don't know. But forgetting the characters, did they really have to make up new songs for every episode? Nick took the reason why the Chipmunks were so popular, and stretched it out like a trampoline. What I mean is the Chipmunks got their popularity from their high-pitched song covers, right? And that was great and all, but Nick overused it and ...more

Why is this show getting new episode? The chipmunks look like humans and they try to be hip and modern with the kids by putting selfies and memes. Also Alvin is always dating humans which encourages...something inappropriate which is against the law

Dan Lacey WHAT The HELL I uh I'm crying hear I love them why they are more funny now the the am song alvin Dan Lacey Hart broken

The movies are awesome. Most people don't know about the original show. The original show is the best show ever

This Should Be Number 1 Nickelodeon Just Wont Stop Playing It And They Just Treat They"re Goods Shows Like Crap Eventally They Will Lose All They"Re Ratings And Go All The Way Down The Drain And Get Taken Of The Air My Message To Nick Is Get Yourself Together

This is the worst garbage on Nickelodeon. Terrible voice acting, Even my mom, dad, Grandma, Grandpa hate it. - TheAwesomeFire

To add to the comments, it didn't just ruin a (decent not that good) movie, it ruined the old shows! A LOT

Every time I see this show, I loose more faith in humanity. This show is straight-up cringe.

This isn't proven to be one o the worst, but in your opinion guys, this shall be respected.

Total rip-off of the actual movie by 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises.

I sort of like this show, but it's stupid sometimes. - Powerfulgirl10

This show is very retarded! Its basically just some stupid chipmunks in CGI. With overused songs and singing that literally give me autism! Ecspecially Theodore's fat dumb ass face that makes me want to kill myself! - NoChillPhil

This show is an OK adaptation of the original Chipmunks, much better than the boring, milked movies. But, I do have to admit, why do Alvin, Brittany, and the other chipmunks look like HUMAN kids?! It just seems weird...

Back in 4th grade the teacher made my class watch the movie. It was weird because almost everyone laughed at the dumb childish jokes and bathroom humor. What 10 year old even still likes this show? The voice acting is horrible and it's a stereotypical T.V. show/movie where there are animated animals that can talk and go on adventures together - _Annabel_

Gay show remove it! It ruins what once was a good show from the 60s to 90s

Love the fact that this show is awesome

Nickelodeon didn't create this show

I think nick is running out of ideas