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Every Witch Way is an American telenovela-formatted teen sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from January 1, 2014, to July 30, 2015. It is the American version of the Nickelodeon Latin American show Grachi.


Every Witch Way is one of those shows that's very good, but received lots of bad reviews, first of all, people find the most hated part the acting, technically from what many people and I heard, they started taking acting classes when they were very young, also Maddie is nice in real life, it wasn't bad acting, just bad character, which is completely different, also their character is getting better and better, which doesn't happen in the other shows playing, if you watched season 1 and compared it to season 3 and maybe season 2, you will definitely tell a BIG difference, one example along with many other examples is Maddie's behavior, she was very annoying in season 1, with her constant screaming, but in season 3 and maybe season 2, she is acting a lot calmer now, also, the drama on it is not your typical annoying drama that you usually see on teen sitcoms, this has lots of good lessons and the ideas are not overdone or bad, they do lots of things on it, which is what Nick fans want ...more

It's true, it's a good show and they're progressing with their acting. - nelsonerico

My little sister made me sit through the first two seasons. I can safely say that this is one of the most boring, poorly acted shows I have ever seen. I don't care if it's improving. If the first two seasons of this show make me want to go and watch grass grow, rethink its existence. Here are just a few of the problems I found while watching it.

Horrible actors. I do NOT believe a word that they are stating. They bring nothing special to their characters. They might as well have been replaced by wooden statues and given Stephen Hawking's voice box. At least then it would be funny.

The humor makes me want to cringe. A good show can make humor for both kids and adults. This one doesn't. Blah blah blah it's a kids show. That doesn't matter. Even lots of parents want to know what their kids are watching, and will then watch it with them. My dad works on the table that has a clear view of the T.V.. So he got to sit through this too. He hates it almost as much as I ...more

I totally disagree with that main comment, before you move on, Please click on the See More button below this comment and you'll see the full comment because it's long and true, it's an awesome show with a real plot and magic on a different level, and Emma is not trying to be Jesus Christ, no character will ever be like him because he's one of a kind and the most powerful being in existence, infinity times more powerful and worshipped than even Emma, She's the main protagonist" and if a main protagonist dies, then the show ends with tragedy and gets ruined, This is a different show from the typical ones that we currently have and there are good plot twists and we never saw magic come from hands in a live-action series, all of the other shows with magic in it have magic coming from magic wands or scepters, but this is different, and the lack of a laugh track makes shows better, and the camera quality also does, it makes it feel more high quality and almost real, which is good, and the ...more - nelsonerico

Well it is not nearly as bad as some of the other shows on Nick, like iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Fred: The Show, Marvin Marvin, Fanboy & Chum Chum, Sanjay & Craig, Henry Danger, Breadwinners and Max & Shred, I saw all of those shows and Every Witch Way, and as a fact, Every Witch Way is not that bad, so if you seen those other shows, you will just realize how much worse they are compared to Every Witch Way, the actors of the other new shows are also worse than those of Every Witch Way, it's true.

This show makes every other new show look like crap, first the quality doesn't have that in-person look & feel, and second, it hardly has that crap that the other shows have, there are no butt jokes or farting, there's more comedy, and yet drama, it beats the heck off of Nick's other shows these days.

This is a show that MUST NOT be on the "worst" list, it is way different from what you call a bad show, if you think the acting is bad, then you need to have your eyes & ears checked, or stop taking drugs, it is a very great show and it's proof that Nickelodeon can try doing better in the future, you hate on a new show after a new and good one comes up, and you need to stop it, it even has a format that is addicting, it leaves you waiting every day (Except the weekends) for another episode, not exactly a soap opera (it won't run long enough to be one, nor is it planned to run that long, and doesn't often have slow, sexual content, it's actually more of a television novel instead, due to it being an adaptation of Grachi, which is a telenovela, which, like television novels, except in Spanish, originated in Nickelodeon Latin America, don't run very long), but close, it is a major achievement for Nickelodeon since the golden days, people need to stop voting down sincere ...more

It's the best show we have right now and nothing will ever be this good again after it ends.

Every Witch Way is, without a doubt, a change in Nickelodeon's attitude, Nickelodeon has been making horrible shows for years and years after the end of the Golden Age, when SpongeBob's first movie came out, it turned into a disaster and train wreck, then the horrible shows started, First was The Might B, Next was iCarly, but one good show Victorious came, but sadly it lasted 58 episodes and got cancelled, iCarly was horrible and ran way longer, Nobody ever wants to watch bad shows, Then House of Anubis came, which turned out to be an awesome show, until it was revealed to be a soap opera, televovelas are better and safer to watch, but like Victorious, it got cancelled very soon after it aired, then Nickelodeon went down further, starting with Sam & Cat, a horrible abomination that fortunately got cancelled after 35 episodes, then next The Haunted Hathaways and The Thundermans, but then Every Witch Way came and to be honest, it's better than any of those new shows we have except the ...more - nelsonerico6

Every Witch Way does NOT suck like haters said, It is a very decent Nick show, but I know that Nick needs to start balancing more between live action and cartoons, Nick was great back then, it had a perfect balance, but in the newer generation, it all went downhill, it even got re-branded in the bad side, yet it lost 30% of it's viewers since Nick Studio 10, But it got a little bit better in 2014 and later, starting with this show, The Legend of Korra was good, but got slumped due to low ratings, putting this show on the crown of Nick's best modern show of the modern generation, As SpongeBob SquarePants and The FairlyOddParents had their humor and quality messed up a while ago, and as Nick took away their classics a long time ago, There was only one good show, In 2014 and later, there are now 3 good shows, but a lot more shows on Nick are still bad, Every Witch Way is the best of the 3 good shows, It has a real plot, It's camera quality is very clear and more affordable, It's acting ...more

Nickelodeon has been making really bad shows lately, but in 2014, and this year, the network has improved a little, but not as much as Disney Channel and Cartoon Network did, This show, along with The Legend of Korra, 100 Things To Do Before High School and Harvey Beaks is Nickelodeon's first improvement after all these years of horrible shows, First off, like The Legend of Korra, 100 Things To Do Before High School and Harvey Beaks, there is a real plot, there is no laugh track, there's no bathroom humor meaning no butts, the acting is better than the acting on the other shows of today (at least for Season 2 and Season 3 of this show), and there's action and suspense unlike any other show now besides Korra, and there's decent dialogue and this is the first time in years that Nickelodeon has made a show that drew MILLIONS of people that are fans, and also unlike the other shows, it's no going downhill and it's episodes air every night during a season except the weekends.

Harvey Beaks is NOT an improvement, it has the same butt jokes and gross out humor that Sanjay & Craig and Breadwinners have, but 100 Things To Do Before High School and Every Witch Way are, they're the only two good shows on. - nelsonerico6

Harvey Beaks is not for kids, it's for 17 and up just like Sanjay & Craig and Breadwinners, it has the same humor as those shows, but the main difference is it's animation, Every Witch Way and 100 Things To Do Before High School are the only TWO GOOD SHOWS we currently have on Nickelodeon. - nelsonerico6

Every Witch Way and Harvey Beaks are HUGE improvements for Nick, Harvey BEaks has little butt jokes and lots of good lessons for a cartoon and Every Witch Way has everything good for a live-action show. - nelsonerico6

Every Witch Way is such a good show, and it highlights the beginning of a generation in which Nickelodeon has changed their attitude, the morals, the plot, the characters, and the clean humor, yet the lack of a laugh track, all of that showed us that Nickelodeon has gotten a little bit better, but it's still nowhere near as good as it used to be, This, Harvey Beaks and 100 Things are quite decent shows, but Harvey Beaks and 100 Things are nothing compared to the classics, but this show is above average for a good Nickelodeon show, and everyone that's smart and trustworthy will be severely depressed to the point of suicide when this show ends so soon, It ran 4 seasons, which is above average for a Nick show, since most Nick shows only run for 3 seasons, but there is a spinoff of it coming and we all hope it turns out good, lets hope at least one of the Every Witch Way characters are one it, the one thing every innocent person including me is worried about is the ratings/viewers, It ...more

People keep critisizing Every Witch Way because they think the acting is always bad and they interpret it as a rip-off of Wizards of Waverly Place, but none of that's true, at least most of it's false, Every Witch Way is an awesome show compared to the others we have now, the acting has gotten a lot better and anyone who hates it obviously has no taste in television, it's also not a rip-off of Wizards of Waverly Place either, It is a U.S. adaptation of a Nickelodeon Latin American show called Grachi, A Latin American Nick show that is not like the dumb, boring Spanish shows you typically see on Spanish channels including Telemundo, there is also a good plot and the battles are for lots of things, besides Emma's heart, they are also for the world and all humanity and magic creatures, and there are good lessons on it too, they love each other for who they are and it matters more than their looks, and not everybody who watches it takes the witchcraft thing too far since they know it's ...more

It's a very good show and it has good acting for a modern nick show, especially season 3, it's very good and has a story that doesn't happen on the other shows, which have just plain stereotyping garbage and laugh tracks, but this show has none, it's hi-definitely and has no laugh tracks, and there's a good plot and good lessons, anyone who hates it either hasn't seen enough episodes or has no taste in entertainment and knowledge by watching too much of Dan Schneider's latest shows, from Sam & Cat and onward.

It's very good and the morals are good, and the improvement in acting is also good, so is the plot and camera quality.

It's a good show, it's plot is not repetitive or overused and there are good morals.

Every Witch Way is awesome, anyone who hates it has no taste, Cartoons are good, but so are live-action shows, Nickelodeon is supposed to have a balance, same thing goes with Disney Channel, but not Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon has gone down the crap drain and has very few good shows, one cartoon over one live action show that's good and a bunch of live action shows that are bad as well as 3 bad cartoons (formerly 2 bad cartoons), The good cartoon is Harvey Beaks and the good live-action show is Every Witch Way, and I heard that another good live-action show is coming very soon, it's 100 Things To Do Before High School, it's based off of the movie, but it's going to be good compared to most of the live-action crap we have, it will probably be the replacement for Ned's Declassified, considering it's format.

Every Witch Way is better than all of the crap we have in this new generation, which started in 2008, For one thing, it doesn't use the abominable laugh track that people hate and find distracting in every point and term, Plus, there's even a plot and there are even jokes that are original that no one ever heard of before, The camera quality is the kind that should've been used on Nick and Disney Channel shows since the invention of HD, same with the camera quality on the new Nick show that just came on yesterday, which has nowhere near as good of a plot as this and the classics, It is the best show Nickelodeon has ever made since the 2000's shows as a matter of fact, for the technical and truthful minded, please read this comment and agree to reply positively and truthfully, but Nick still needs to come back to making a balance between live action and animated programming like they used to and they need to bring back the slime and the splat logo (maybe with a tiny modification) as ...more - nelsonerica

I agree with why some people like this show, it's a good show with a good plot, the ideas aren't overused, there's no laugh track to make it bad like the other shows, there's a balance between action, fantasy and sci-fi (family & kid-friendly style), there are even good lessons on it and I agree about the acting, they started taking acting classes when they were much younger than they are now, and that they're getting much better, and also that you and I can tell a big difference between the acting in season 1 & season 3, the special effects are no outdated and the variety of plots overshadow the romance, it's a good show and I'm glad that Nickelodeon has finally made a good choice for once after a long time of failure at making good shows. - nelsonerico

It's true, it's a good show and everything good about it is true, there's a good plot and good dialogue. - nelsonerico

It's a very good show with a good plot, good dialogue, good quality and good lessons. - nelsonerico

It's a very funny show and there's a good plot, yet I agree with all of that, it's very awesome. - nelsonerico4

Every Witch Way is an awesome show compared to the others we have now, and it's nothing like those other shows, except that it's live-action, but there are things that differ from the other shows, first off, the show is in telenovela format, meaning that you will see a new episode every weeknight, yet it's based off Grachi, a Nickelodeon Latin American show, also the acting on this show is improving in a good way that even those who don't care about it will change their mind, Season 3 has a huge difference in acting from Season 1 in terms of improvement, there is no potty humor at all, which is good, there is no laugh track to ruin the show or prevent it from being enjoyable and funny, the camera work is not bad or blurry, but the animation is blurry, there's a plot and good plot twists, there is drama that is happening the right way and not the stupid way that you usually see on modern kid shows, and on top of that, there are life-learning lessons that are positive.
It's a very ...more

I agree with the quality and everything else about it, it's good unlike the others. - nelsonerico

It's a very awesome show, which I agree it is, it's very fun and funny, yet I has good outcome. - nelsonerico4

Every Witch Way is an awesome show, and those who are defending it are very right, they know why people like it, there's a deep plot along with a lack of a laugh track, it has morals that teach you positive things, which Nickelodeon has hardly ever been doing in this generation, yet there's no butt or fart jokes and no drugs, Also, it's so good in fact, that it was the first one in a couple of years to run 4 or more seasons, since it's successful, remember that there's a spinoff, which SHOULD turn out about as good as this show, and I hope the spinoff doesn't get trashed like The Legend of Korra did, It's a good show when you compare it to the piles of garbage that Nickelodeon has been airing over the last few years.

People constantly keep critisizing Every Witch Way because they believe the acting is bad and they interpret it as a rip-off of Wizards of Waverly Place, That's not true, Every Witch Way is a great and awesome show, the acting is better compared to that of the other shows, it's also not a rip-off of Wizards of Waverly Place, It is a U.S. adaptation of a Nickelodeon Latin American show called Grachi, Grachi is nothing like the dumb, boring Spanish shows you typically see on Spanish channels, there is also a good plot and the battles are for lots of things, besides their souls, they are also for the world and all humanity and magic creatures, and there are good lessons on it too, they love each other for who they are and it matters more than their looks, and not everybody who watches it takes the witchcraft thing too far since they know it's fictional, their parents tell them the difference between reality and fantasy, and last but not least, due to the amount of ideas Nickelodeon has ...more

It's true, it's a good show and you should not hate it, if you watch it more, then you'll like it, if not, then you have no taste, both the 90's-200's shows and Every Witch Way are great and you should know by now, yet most of the actors took acting classes before they were 10.

The show is good and better than the others, the acting isn't as good as the acting on movies, but it's good for a modern Nickelodeon series, especially in season 3.

So accurate, from someone who knows how good the show is, unlike the others, which stink like filth, those shows are a waste of money and ideas, but not this show.

What is this crap, you ask? It's the most stupid thing Nickelodeon has ever aired. HORRIBLE acting, the camera quality & the sounds are just horrid, and after watching the first 10 minutes of this show I couldn't watch anymore because I may just fall asleep. Bad effects, and the storyline is just the worst. It's a total House of Anubis and Winx Club (which are amazing) rip-off, obviously. Old Nickelodeon shows like iCarly, Drake & Josh, Anubis, Victorious, Zoey 101, Un-fabulous, Rugrats, Avatar etc. were something I really watched and loved, but this has come way too far. I cannot stand the acting especially, and the characters are so annoying. Hopefully this show will get canceled after its' 2nd season, because as I said, there are more entertaining shows that need to come back to Nick before this (sorry not sorry) washes off our youth. Older shows like HOA, iCarly and all of that were entertaining and taught a lot, this is just a fantasy horror. And by horror I mean HORRIBLE.

Every Witch Way is not a pile of crap like you said, but all the other shows are, this one is the other way around.

It's better than the others nowadays as a matter of fact except 100 Things To Do Before High School, the best shows were the classics and the first 4 seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants and the first 6 seasons of The Fairly OddParents, the acting is very good compared to the other shows and the first 2 seasons of this show, the plot is not boring or repetitive, there's good lessons, which the other shows don't have, it's the least racist in years, and it drew the most fans in years of this modern decade. - nelsonerico

It was a show that technically showed a sign of improvement for Nickelodeon, The first season was crazy in behavior and acting, but the next seasons were big improvements for the show, the fourth season was the best until the series finale, which was a huge disappointment for the whole show, where as Emma not only took away Daniel, but also all of his memories of Emma, even the other friends don't remember what happened since the beginning of the show, it seemed like the show only began at that part, what a horrible ending to one of Nickelodeon's last good shows.

Every Witch Way does NOT deserve to be on this list, it's not bad enough to count as any of the worst shows on Nick, it's good, there are good things on it as well as big improvements, such as the acting and good lessons being added, as well as well as other stuff, Also, the quality is worth it, it's what you see on any HDTV even on a/an SDTV, and the behavior has gotten better, but the edited scenes do need improvement because they're laggy compared to the unedited scenes, interpolation needs to be added to those edited scenes to even the quality out and make it more watchable, but most of all, the plot, dialogue and lessons are all good and something many people want on Nickelodeon since the channel has gone downhill, it's the best show since House of Anubis and any show in 2004 except the two most popular shows.

This show HAS to be taken off of the list, the quality is accurate, the acting is various, the the plot is original and there are good lessons, like it matters who you are, not because of the way you look, that's a very important lesson, and there's drama and real comedy mixed together, you don't have that laugh track to mess you up and the show comes on every night during each season, from mondays to friday each week, like a serial, which even ends with cliffhangers, it definitely has better acting and camera work and quality than the other shows, and if you research it, you'll find out that it's a U.S. adaptation of a Nickelodeon Latin American show called Grachi.

Everything positive about this message is true, not false or opinion, it's the best show Nickelodeon has in years and the last good show they will ever make, when this show ends, Nickelodeon will once again be worse than Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

The acting is various alright, some act better than others, and the acting changed dramatically from season 1 to this season.

Very true and I'm not the only one who loves it, millions of others love it too and some of them are adults including me.

Every Witch Way has been hated by so many people, even though it was good, it has just about all the components needed for a live action show on Nick, and to any of those who hate the acting and camera quality, They are currently wrong, the good comments perfectly describe their acting, how they did it and the camera quality, the camera quality is not terrible like some say, it's very clear and, in fact, better than on the other shows, it's very sharp and smooth, there's no visible blur (except for the editing) and it almost perfectly captures what our eyes see, the other shows don't they look very blurry, choppy and flat, and even have unrealistic lighting compared to this show, it's also a good thing and it's because the show is shot on Digital HD cameras, which have more frames (interlaced and progressive) than Film or "filmized" cameras, the other shows are either "filmized" in all parts or are shot in Film, which looks ugly, fake, 40 years old and lower quality, People need to ...more

The absolute worst thing Nickelodeon has ever aired. It's not even good enough to be a web series. The acting is stiff and just awful and not improving with time. The writing is juvenile (akin to bad fanfiction). The characters are annoying and bratty. The film quality is an embarrassment, it comes off like everyone is standing in front of the green screen. The sets don't look convincing, the bright colors are too loud. The editing and flow of the show is sloppy. There are mistakes in the audio and the special effects. The special effects themselves are outdated and add nothing of quality to the show. And to top it all off, the part of the show with an actual plot is not at all original or interesting. But I think the worst part is that it continues to air and will probably continue to air because for some strange reason people are actually watching this heaping pile of crap.

Every Witch Way will always be Nickelodeon's last good ideas, the acting and script are nowhere near as bad as on the other new shows, why hate a show that's better than others? It's better than the yucky stuff on the other shows lately, it's different from the nasty shows that air on the same year, nobody wants to replace Every Witch Way with a nasty show, there aren't any plot holes like the others on Every Witch Way, Every Witch Way will always reign supreme as the best live action sitcom on Nickelodeon these days, so stop hating it please.

Every witch way is awesome Your just a HATER SO TAKE YOUR HEAPING PILE OF CRAP SOMEWHERE ELSE. You hate everything I suppose you hate yourself so I know you don't like it but it is not a pile of crap hater so if you call this a pile of crap then your one too

It's good compared to the other shows we have now, but if you want to see more great shows, then go back into the 90s and end in 2004, when SpongeBob went down after the movie.

Every Witch Way is the best show we have in this decade, and it's better than the others, it has a good plot and teaches you good lessons to go through, yet there's acting improvement that doesn't happen anymore in other shows, it's better than anything else we have right now. - nelsonerico

Every Witch Way is better than the others, except for 100 Things To Do Before High School, It will always be a legend for this decade on Nick since the other shows are crap and went downhill, the plot on this show is good and so is the acting in season 3, it's more watchable than the crap that's currently playing. - nelsonerico

I agree with this and 100 Things being better than the other shows we have and better than iCarly, but not as good as the classics. - nelsonerico6

It's an awesome show, and since the format of the 100 Things movie, it's also going to be a good show. - nelsonerico6

Every Witch Way was a big hit, it started a moment where Nickelodeon can start making good shows again, There's no toilet humor at all, and there's no laugh track, it's not racist like Make It Pop and it has morals, the biggest moral was that you should move on and enjoy the friendship you have, it's good that Nickelodeon aired it, and think about Harvey Beaks or 100 Things To Do Before High School, those are good shows also, If Every Witch Way didn't air, neither of those shows wouldn't even exist, Every Witch Way started the generation of making good shows again, But Nickelodeon still needs to kick up on making more good shows, and since it's having a spinoff, The W.I.Ts Academy, Lets pray and cross our fingers and hope for the best that it will also be good.