The Mighty B!

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The Mighty B is an American animated television series co-created by Amy Poehler, Cynthia True and Erik Wiese for Nickelodeon. The series centers on Bessie Higgenbottom, an ambitious Honeybee girl scout who believes she will become The Mighty B (a superhero) if she collects every Honeybee badge.


I agree with the person below me.
I might've lost half of my brain cells, too. Not in one minute, though. In ten seconds. During the theme song.
During that, I was just like o_0 what did I just watch...?
I hate that really pompous mother, like what the heck, and I hate that girl that wears, what, ten pounds of makeup? With the snottish voice? Didn't even bother to remember the name.
Most of all, I hate B. Bessie. Whatever her name is. I mean, it's cool how they were trying to pull off the whole tomboy-girl-scout thing- but they made the tomboy an idiot, too. Tomboy does not equal idiot. Non-tomboy does not equal blech.
They failed so horribly at this show. The only person who is only slightly tolerable is the dog, partially because he doesn't talk in an irritating voice that makes me want to scream and cringe and want to hide in a hole.

I can see why people hate this show... I will tell you my story of why I hate it too. One day I was just in the living room. My brother looked up episodes of mighty B. Then the episode Hen And Bappy seemed like an interesting episode name. It was at first but then the microwave and that creepy music came on and then they morphed together to make this disgusting mob of... Whatever it was! I was scarred for life when I saw those ugly creepy things. I could not sleep that night and that was maybe 2 years ago. I tried to overcome it but once I saw one morph I cried. I fear that episode and this show to this day. Ever since then, all cartoons did the same thing and I ended up watching them. There was adventure time, Almost the amazing world of gumball and SpongeBob! This show did all of that to me. That's my opinion on this stupid show.

What? How did this end up in the top 10? At least the animation was good, and it was actually somewhat funny. The next to last episode "Bess-E" is more enjoyable than any of The Loud House's Season 2 episodes. That episode reminds me a lot of The Angry Beavers. That's just my opinion, though. I completely respect your opinion if you don't like this show. I'm just shocked that it was this disliked.

This is where Nick went downhill. If we look back, the others shows on during mighty bee were shows like Brain Surge (End of Nick Game Shows Forever In My Heart), Penguins, and Ugh Fanboy & Chum Chum. Now, Penguins wasn't as great as the movie but was decent for a spin-off show, but Mighty Bee Spoiled 2009-Today.

When I first starting watching this I was 5 or 7. And I sorta liked I at the beginning I still thought it was stupidt. But now I'm 14 and I was flipping thru the channels and I saw it. So I watched a little bit of it. I hadn't had such a bad time watching a show since keeping up with the kardashians. She would talk to her finger and her dog. At she would bring her fat ass brother on her "adventures".

Damn! Is every Nickelodeon show on here! Unfortunately, Nick has become a Disney Channel knockoff but, at least Disney has Some good shows to throw out there (Kick Buttowski I.M. O, Gravity Falls... Wow, is that really it. I mean... Really! Is that all I could think of).

This show is such a disgrace to Nickelodeon... Why the hell is iCarly on here? It's the best show they've had since Drake & Josh

are you kidding me? This is way stupider than Avatar theres an episode where they fricking talk about farting the whole damn time! I wanted to blow up the tv! The worst show hands down

one episode of this is all about farting and in the end they come to a happy conclusion that everybody farts and whoever smelt it dealt it. You don't see Avatar shows as dumb as that, now do you?

This is like the worts show ever, she shouldn't even be a bee. She about as sophisticated as a hot dog bun. Seriously, that was a fail. I watched like 2 episodes and it was the worst show that like I've ever watched.

The mighty bee is a stupid show about a girl who does nothing and is always an idiot! Nickelodeon doesn't know whats funny and whats not I like the commercials better than than mighty stupid

Oh no. I loved this show. I loved it. I lived the characters, I loved the theme song. I live the risks it took. I loved everything about this show.

Avatar is amazing ( why else would they make a $150 million movie about it ) "mighty bee" sucks.

The most horrible cartoon ever created... Nickelodeon I can't believe Nickelodeon didn't cancel the show the first day it war aired... seriously the worst cartoon I have ever seen

The Mighty Bee is pointless. I don't understand a single word their lead character says (she lisps every word she says! ), their jokes are a million miles away from funny, and a whole episode about her constipated dog?! FOR REALZ? This deserves the top spot.

I respect your opinion of you hate it or like it. It's not really the best in my opinion, but I don't find it that bad though. Please just give me some respect.

The commercials promoting the show were bad, nothing redeemable.

Why is Avatar ahead of this Avatar Rules Mighty B Drools. Avatar is the best nick show

Mighty B is the best show I us to watch it all the it when was little the best show has to be mighty B

Thanks for terrible episodes and bad references like we got the bee

This show doesn't even make any sense. It's just some stupid little girl running around talking to her dog. (But I love dogs. ) And what is 6teen doing on here? That's not even on Nickelodeon!

When she first met happy I felt bad for him he really didn't want to be with her at first but I wouldn't want to be near this stupid girl.

Most boring show ever. I knew some crappy shows but this one was crappy and boring.

Avatar is awesome, but The Might Bee... Don't get me started. The most stupid show EVER! I watched one episode and saw commercials for it. Worst. Show. Ever. - Jammer196

This is the girl version of ren an stimpy! Mighty Bee is an example of gross humor! Betsy is like the girl version of Stimpy!