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161 Almost Naked Animals Almost Naked Animals Almost Naked Animals is a Canadian animated television series that is produced for YTV. The series premiered on January 7, 2011 on YTV.

This is not on nick. It's cartoon network. - Katildalover93

162 Space Ghost Coast to Coast Space Ghost Coast to Coast Space Ghost Coast to Coast is an American animated parody talk show, created by Mike Lazzo and hosted by the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Space Ghost.

Cartoon network dummy - adventurer

163 Those Scurvy Rascals

I am on a mission to comment on every one of these, so I'm just gonna leave this here because I have never heard of this - cartoonfan101

164 Wayside Wayside Wayside is a Canadian-American animated comedy television series developed by John Derevlany for Teletoon and Nickelodeon.

I've never read the books, but from what I can tell this is an example of not doing an adaptation right. I know there's has to be changes but not changes to everything if you know what I mean.

This is one of the worst adaptations ever. I loved the books, but I hated the show.

Read the original books. STAY AWAY from this abomination of an adaptation.

Wayside is the best thing on earth

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165 Alien Dawn

This Show Wasn't Good And It Only Lasted 1 Month On Nicktoons

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167 Kid vs. Kat Kid vs. Kat Kid vs. Kat is a Canadian animated television series developed and produced at Studio B Productions, in association with YTV and Jetix Europe for its first season and Disney XD Europe for its second season.

Even though this is on Disney, It's still a bad show. These shows Encourage Animal Abuse!

I actually quite like that show. Kat is cute, and may be my favorite and is an alien cat, and I adore cats. Coop tries to reveal the secret that Kat is an alien, and always fails. So this is why they get into a lot of fights all the time. Millie... well, all I know is that she loves Kat and probably doesn't like Coop going against him. That's all I can think of about her. It's been a long time since I watched this show! Haha - Katildalover93

This show was just bland, unoriginal, and boring to me. But remember it's just my opinion so don't get all riled up.

This show was very great.

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168 Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

They completely ruined the originally anime of yugioh it was a awesome show until the people thought of making a better anime version of it like who would see a blue floating ghost telling yugi to gather these powerful cards to unlock that ghost memory's back pathetic.

It sucks because 4kids dubbed it.

What's the deal with number cards? I rarely get yugioh cards any more, but when I do, I AKWAYS avoid number cards. And yes, I have Exodia and the God cards.

It was kinda stupid

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169 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

WORST yugioh spinoff ever

No, Yugioh 5ds is the best anime of yugioh. it is more developed and doesn't have an annoying high pitched teenager as the main character. yusei fudo is the grown version of the annoying yugi and I honestly prefer him. the show has a better plot as well

GX was the best

170 Dusty's Treehouse

I think I can say for everyone that I don't even know what this show is.

What was this? plus I am on a quest to comment on everyone one of these and some of them I don't know about - cartoonfan101

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171 90's Are All That

The 90's Are All That is a great block on TeenNick witch features all the great 90s shows from the Nickelodeon channel. the only thing that's wrong with it is that it only airs 5 shows on it. Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, CatDog, Kenan And Kel, And All That (90s). There all good but it's not the same without all the other shows on there. Nickelodeon should have TeenNick air all the other 90s shows on there to make it better again.

They also air Ren & Stimpy. And I Remember seeing Clarissa Explains it All on there a few times a while back. Oh and I think they've shown Are You Afraid of the Dark? Once or twice.

Actually, That was a dumb move to make, The 90's Are All That should've reran on Nicktoons, not TeenNick, TeenNick is for preteens and teenagers, and the 90's Are All That was for kids and adults, It's not a problem to have Invader Zim rerun on TeenNick because it had that kind of content, especially in the episode "Dark Harvest". - nelsonerica

They renamed it the Splat and it's not always the same stuff. I really wish I lived in the '90s with childhood T.V. shows because I love all of the older nick shows, in fact I like Clarissa Explains it All even better than Full House, at least with that show the title shows you that the show is about Clarissa.

It's basically a crappy block that only lasts four hours, and it's just two episodes of Hey Arnold! And one episode of Rugrats and CatDog from 12-2 am, then from 2-4 am, it's the same episodes played over again. They do occasionally show Rocket Power, but they also need to show Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, the Wild Thornberrys, and the Angry Beavers. Plus, we get WAY too much of 2000's and 2010's shows like five episodes of Drake and Josh, five episodes of Victorious, six episodes of iCarly, seven episodes of Zoey 101, four episodes of Big Time Rush, and four episodes of Ned's Declassified. It's just so unfair.ūüėĘ

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172 Mia and Me

This is a good show. it has a story line unlike rabbids invasion. Like come on guys you can't keep saying that every nick jr show is annoying

May I draw the bracelet with the keystone from Pokemon?

I don't understand-- sounds like a lot of older teens critiquing nick jr shows.

It's an awesome show for nick jr watchers and actually has a story line!

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173 Pinwheel

The majority of you weren't even ALIVE to see this show.


174 PopPixie

I can't Believe why this isn't higher. This is the rip-off of Winx Club.

Not only is it a rip-off of Winx Club, it's also worse than Winx Club.

WHy is this lower than winx club?

I remember this show... - lincolnloudness

They should make a second season of PopPixie. This show is amazing

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175 Max and Shred

More stereotypes. Hey, what a surprise. The idiot show-off who gets every girl to drool over his looks, and the intelligent science guy who never gets a break. - Garythesnail

Not funny at all, Drake and Josh but younger and less funny, stupid characters, yogurt place as the hangout...

Just a wannabe Drake & Josh show. The only good show on Nick are the reruns from 22:00 till 04:00.

Catscratch, Back at the Barnyard, As Told By Ginger higher than this?
Whoever vote for them don't know anything about T.V.

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176 Digimon Digimon ‚ÄúDigimon‚ÄĚ is a term commonly used to sum up several Japanese anime series based on the Bandai virtual pet brand ‚ÄúDigimon‚ÄĚ (Dejimon). As of 2017, there are 7 series: ‚ÄúDigimon Adventure‚ÄĚ (1999), ‚ÄúDigimon 02‚ÄĚ (a.k.a. ‚ÄúDigimon Adventure 02‚ÄĚ) (2000), ‚ÄúDigimon Tamers‚ÄĚ (2001), ‚ÄúDigimon ...read more.

I like both digimon and Pokemon they were my childhood - lincolnloudness

They copied Pokemon and it's obvious that the digimon characters were taken from Pokemon some of them look just like Pokemon.

Its on nick toons, also it literally stole Pokemon

Digimon is part of my childhood. And its different than Pokemon. You can understand the digimon, you don't have to fight a digimon to make it your friend because you already have a digimon, and most digimon don't stay in one digivolution forever because it is shown that the main Digimon characters go back to their rookie forms, instead of staying in their champion, ultimate, or mega digivolutions. - Isis2557

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177 My Life as A Teenage Robot My Life as A Teenage Robot My Life as a Teenage Robot is an American animated science fantasy television series created by Rob Renzetti for Nickelodeon.

One of Nick's decent shows, back then Nick was great, this show shouldn't be on here, but now it sucks.

But this show was awesome! Take this off the list!

I actually like this show a lot!

I love this show! Great characters, great plot, this is awesome. Wish it can make a comeback one day. Jenny reminds me of Hatsune Miku a little. - Katildalover93

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178 Allegra's Window

This was my childhood. - Katildalover93

179 KaBlam! KaBlam! KaBlam! was an American sketch comedy television series that ran on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000. The series was created by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb, and Chris Viscardi.

I like this show

One of my complaints I have towards this show is Loopy. What's to like about her? Yes, even the utterly recent Admirable Animation 52: Life With Loopy [Ka-Blam] didn't help give me a new light towards this character. Disregarding Angela Anaconda which niversally debuted on KaBlam, I really like this show for Nickelodeon standards. It had different genres of animation.

180 Paradise Run

This is actually an improvement, it takes back to the good days of Nick's Games and Sports, but the big problem is that Nick still overuses the live action format on shows.

This show looks good, but the thing that ruins it was the part about poop.

Poop just the worst thing ever its boring what IN THE WINTER!.

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