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Sam & Cat is an American teen sitcom that originally aired from June 8, 2013, to July 17, 2014, on Nickelodeon. It is a crossover spin-off/sequel of both iCarly and Victorious.


This show SUCKS! ICarly was bad, Victorious was worse, but this is the worst! The guy who made Drake and Josh developed all the ideas and got THIS? The characters are unlikable! The episodes get way stupider, and so do the characters.

Sam - Whinier than she was on iCarly! She used to be tough in a funny way, but now she's tough in a mean way. She doesn't even babysit. Sometimes the kids bleed on this show. Sam is a liar, and has expressed violation. And her new best friend Cat is also getting violated. No friendship, humor, or anything except child abuse! I'm surprised people watch this!

Cat - also a victim of child abuse. She's a dumb redhead who should be in a mental hospital. And Nickelodeon is just making Ariana Grande use a fake high pitch voice. They gave her that lung infection. Ok, so the shows annoying, and the top actress has LUNG CANCER because of it. Way to go Nickelodeon! (Sarcasm)

Dice - what is wrong

First of all, I've seen the reruns of drake and josh and that was pretty good. My favorite show on nick was I carly. It was awesome! I was quite sad when it ended. But it has a strong fan base. I'm glad that I carly was a good and successful show when it was on. It didn't get cancelled, it just ended. Those were the good shows on Nickelodeon. But than I heard Nickelodeon was making a new show "called Sam and cat" and I watched it and I was bored and and disappointed what I saw it. Sam is a jerk, cat is stupid, dice is useless, goomer is drunk, and every other character on this show are stupid. I'm glad this show got cancelled. But Nickelodeon is going downhill. There is nothing left but stupid shows like sanjay and craig and rabbids invasion. Why Nickelodeon, just why?!

Sam & Cat is one of the worst show Nick has ever made, it's very immature, it makes kids torture innocent people and kids were even traumatized when they saw what Cat did in the last episode, Dan Schneider ran out of ideas during the making of this show, after Victorious got cancelled for it's near 60 episode run. - nelsonerico6

Holy crap these idiots think that they are so smart. They seriously went to their favorite show's studios when it ended to go tell them to put it back on. My little sister acts like a smartass now because of this show. Sam and cat should have been spanked hard when they were kids (especially Sam)! They have to learn that they can't get everything they want!

It's actually true that Sam & Cat will always stink, it was so horrible and too immature and not one bit funny.

It was a horrible abomination, nobody at any age likes it or will EVER like it, it's so stupid and gross. - nelsonerico6

I was expecting something good or at least decent. But, nope. We get Cat being 10x the dumbass she was in Victorious (she attacked, and nearly killed a girl in the last episode because she thought the girl was wearing a wig), and then Sam acting cruel and extremely out of her character. Then there's that weird kid dice who's tacky and a ten year old version of Freddy benson. There was also an episode where cat got stuck in a box, and sam just left her there and on the street. I just don't understand this show. It's a wannabe iCarly. Also no plot whatsoever. They only babysit in like 6 episodes. The rest is just them complaining and hurting people for no reason.

This show is sooo boring. What is the plot? They take care of kids. There is nothing unique and fun about that. Cat is unbearable! She made her voice too nasally and whiny and she moans sometimes. MOANS! I don't want my children watching a 20 year old girl acting 9 who moans. Sam got old with her sarcasm and mean attitude. It isn't even witty anymore. Dice is a fail. That man character is stupid. Wow. This show is so damn terrible. Victorious worked because of the various unique personalities. There was a character for everyone to relate to. Icarly worked because the characters had great chemistry, Spencer really helped (great actor) and the plot was unique. Even nevil was interesting. Sam and Cat FAIL!

Hey, it's me again (the one that said "these idiots think they're so smart"). By idiots, I meant Sam and Cat, not the haters. There was actually an episode where they got mad because their favorite show got cancelled, and they went to the studio to scream at the people making it to put it back on. It just pissed me off how they wouldn't just let it go and HAD to have it their way. That's what I meant, sorry if I confused anyone.

That episode was a perfect example of what Nickelodeon's modern generation is like, the modern generation sucks. - nelsonerica

THIS SHOW SHOULD BE AT #1! I mean, I thought iCarly and Victorious were bad, THIS show is even WORSE! It's already bad enough we had iCarly and Victorious, but... WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU DO THIS TO US, Nickelodeon?! Sam & Cat is one of the worst Nickelodeon shows EVER! I really hate Cat's voice! I can't STAND SAM & CAT! STOP DOING SAM & CAT!

This show is not the worst on Nickelodeon even though it is quite bad. However, one of the episodes featured one of the poorest acted British accents I have ever heard, when two English girls were being looked after by. Firstly, they said that they were going to get "jelly doughnuts" which are actually called jam doughnuts in England. Secondly, I have never heard a British person speak in that way before!

It was "one of the worst", it sucked and had terrible acting and poor, fuzzy and choppy quality like the the other Dan Schneider shows, even the directing was bad, like the lack of camera motion compared to what you expect on a documentary or reality show, or even a YouTube recording, the lessons were bad too and only taught people how to be dumb and insult innocent people, Overall it was a bad show and one of the worst shows Nick has ever made.

Ariana Grande can't even act in it and her voice is the most annoying thing ever.

It didn't came in a second season only one season great! Sam is more meaner and out of control! Cat is acting like she is five years old and the dumb voice she makes her that annoying voice to be stuck like that good think it stop and horrible ending cat got to jail and Sam didn't get her out of jail! Good ending NOT

I want Cat to DIE! I hated her in Victorious. She is so stupid and teaches kids that they can be ditsy and not pay attention in life. I really hate this girl. I hope she realizes that she will never be able to get a good acting role in life.

Why is Icarly higher than this show. I don't mean to say this but Icarly doesn't deserve to be on this list because it wasn't that bad like this show. This show ruined Icarly. I really hate this show. I mean I used to like it,but now I hate it. Why did Nickelodeon waste time ending Icarly and Victorious for this crap. This show should be at number 8. I can't believe that Icarly is higher than this show. Dan Schneider was good with shows like Drake and Josh and Icarly and then he decided to make this show. It Sucks and I'm glad it got cancelled,but can someone please take Icarly off this list because it was a great show and a lot of people are sad that it ended. Please don't hate this show because think about it,Sam and Cat ruined my childhood and you should be hating on Sam and Cat instead of Icarly.

Look, Sam was way better on iCarly, and Cat is just annoying. They aren't themselves and the producer cancelled iCarly and Victorious to make this! It really sucked, and I'm glad it's over!

All the characters are extremely bland. They are either an antagonist or they are comic relief (as if two comic relief MAIN characters wasn't enough).

I find it amazing that Sam was good in iCarly (as a sidekick), and Cat was good in Victorious, (as a sidekick), but as soon as nick gives them an opportunity to have their own show, they are suddenly God awful. Oh, and Dice's hair is stupid, he looks like a glorified clown.

I don't like how they took two characters from two shows that I like. Sam from Icarly and cat from victorious. They made Sam more of a jerk and cat more dumb. I don't really know the plot of the show but hate it and don't find it funny at all.

Stupid and annoying. Cats voice is 10 times annoying than on victorious. PLEASE NICKELODEON TAKE IT OFF!

I have realised Sam and Cat have swapped personality places!

Victorious- Cat was sweet and lovable
Sam and Cat- Cat is now mean and wants to argue! WHY DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?

iCarly- Sam was mean and wanted to get in a fight!
Sam and Cat- Sam is sweet and is always there to help! WHAT DID THEY DO?

I'm so disappointed with the outcome of this show! I thought it was going to be a mix of iCarly and Victorious and it's not!

I thought this show sickens me. Sam & Cat is simply one of the worst sitcoms ever created on Nickelodeon. Thankfully, this trash sitcom never got renewed for a second season or Western Civilization is doomed. Sam & Cat is finally cancelled for good!

The show is actually a bit stupid. Cat is always stupid. Sam is always mean, dice is 12 and he sells unnecessary things, goomer is stupid and too nice to be a fighter, and Nona is always boring. And the bots are all stupid. And the whole show I don't even get in stupid messes. And now one is even smart. So I don't get this show at all. It is all stupid and dumb.

I was a huge fan of Icarly and Victorious so I gave this a try. It was terrible! Sam wasn't funny like on Icarly, she's evil! She treats everyone except her friends like crap. Cat went from dumb and slightly funny to even dumber and NOT funny. I can't believe my friend a cousin likes this show. Thank god it got cancelled!

This show is bad. Sam and cat do not go well together. Sam was good in I carly, and cat was good in victorious but the two together. Bad. I carly is so much better.

This show mostly consist of children being badly treated, usually by Sam, and dumb plots. In iCarly, Sam was a jerk who was nice deep down and had the potential to be a better person. She became a much worse person since being separated from Carly. - neigh

They should've just added Sam to Victorious. Both of them aren't funny and the show is way too unrealistic. Why doesn't Cat still see her friends from Hollywood Arts? Why doesn't Sam ever video chat with Freddie or Carly? I'm glad this show is ending.