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Team Umizoomi is an American computer-animated musical children's television series with an emphasis on preschool mathematical concepts, such as counting, sequences, shapes, patterns, measurements, and comparisons.


Yeah you people are right! I mean most sophisticated shows like Every Which Way have one plot line and go with it but team umizoomi is just mixed up and have the most ridiculous plots I mean one of the plots was the ice cream truck broke down and they had to fix it with their "mighty math powers" and then make the last ice cream pizza and they also count things that have pretty obvious answers like if there is three something they're like "count with us one, two, three, oh, it's three! " oh and the thing I said about ice cream pizza, a total misuse of pizza! Team umizoomi is the worst show ever!

Lovely, another show I despise.

Team Zero-Plot is about a group of tiny (What? ) Superheroes that save kids from... A Birthday Party with no cake... A Milk Delivery Man without Milk... and a Group of... Dinosaurs. Everything in the show is very bizarre.

The "Learning" in the show doesn't make sense either. So what if you can build anything with Shapes? It's been done before and better.

In my opinion, it does manage to input SOME learning, but it's still pretty random, useless, and has no plot.

A mockery of real problems when team umizoomi meets backstage they see the future at first they see a little 5 year old who left her pointless stuffed animal at school. They all go,"OH NO THIS IS A DISASTER WE MUST SAVE HER FROM HAVE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND GET IT OR BUYING A NEW ONE SO WE COULD MAKE IT ROCKET SCIENCE AND HAVE TO GO DO OTHER STUPID STUFF ALONG THE WAY THAT NEVER WOULD HAPPEN IF IT WAS REALLY LIFE! " Then they see that a terrorist attack is gonna happen at the twin towers,"so..."

They look like toad and toadette + ice climbers = two stupid morons and a green dumb robot

This is what Nickleodeon can only come up for a show that could "Make" kids to love math and to "help" others. None of the episodes were helping. In one episode, they went to another land where everyone expect the evil guy loves numbers in order to unlock a freaky king out of a tower. So, first they travel to find 3 keys to unlock the tower and blahblahblahblahblahblah... Ugh! Here, let me show you examples "great" things they've done in the show
Warning:Not a spoiler because I made it all up so you'll all can understand by not making a spoiler
Helping a family that needs to buy food but can't leave the house because their extremely lazy, Lighting a candle in a kids birthday cake eventhough there are lots of adults there, and many more "emergencies" that are actually not emergencies! Cancel this crappy show! It's needless and what will kids learn out of this show? That it's okay to be lazy as long as the "team umizoomi" are there to help you?! This show will make kids in the ...more - MLPFan

Why are shows like this even on the list? There isn't anything wrong with this show! My niece loves watching it. This isn't a show aimed towards the people that are old enough to leave reviews, so it's no wonder that you don't like to sit down and watch this show. It isn't meant for you to watch! It is a show that a parent can let their child watch without worrying about the content of it.

More like rolled over by a car. laugh out loud. ;) but seriously. It's a horrible concept. There is NO way to make math fun. Kids don't learn anything from this, and I should know, my brother (who is 6 and is already really smart for a kid his age) LOVES this show, and hasn't even learned crap. - username34

They are so annoying! They think that simple things like losing something or no yogurt, and just because a boy can't get what he wants is an emergency! And how is the cars somehow alive? They can't even eat cake, yet they give them cake! This episode is just stupid.

Dude it's just a kid show for little kids. You are not going to like it and it's not suppoesed to have a plot because it's an educational show and it's not for older people like you all to enjoy. THIS is really stupid that you all are even watching this show because it's obvious that everyone who votes on this list are preteens, teens or adults and really if you don't enjoy this show, it's because your to old duh.

At least DORA is better then this excuse for a kids' show. If The Powerpuff girls use their powers and Caillou use his whining to kill and bleed people's ears in the show I would call it SAVING THE DAY.

When I was little, deep in the dark recess of my childish mind was this dumb show. My brain was taken over, and I actually watched it without being cringed! I can't believe I used to like it! By the time I was 9 years old, I started to hate it! It finally made me cringe! All the characters and the car looks like complete imbeciles! The description is so funny by the way! ;'D lol! - Katildalover93

God... I was everything but cast out of the family for say I hate this show! Shapes? Really? How much time do we need for this lesson? They pretend to be relevant? Imagination, huh? ' delusional!

Its about these tiny people that save the world with math ( I hate math )and first of all the milli geo and bot are animated second of all the city and people are real but milli geo and bot are animated WHAT THE?

Don't call them "super heroes" they are just retarded! It takes them 20 minutes to do something simple like get there friends bike back while Superman can do everything they did in every episode in 20 seconds!

If I ever have a kid and I saw these rats helping him I'd stomp their ass until they are a pile of ketchup

This is a kid show literally. Why you posting bad stuff about are you a kid?

All they do in this show is like"oh my god! Look at the shapes we found" and its also very uncreative like peppa pig

Umm, the reason it's not that good to us is because it's for 6 year olds

It's a little kids show god dang it people!

Boring as crap! I'd rather watch Blaze and the Monster Machines than this atrocity. - Powerfulgirl10

Dan Lacey Rooney head the Spanish teacher hates Dora for doing Spanish

I remember it I bet SpongeBob and The Fairly OddParents are on this List Nickelodeon sucks altogether nowadays in 2018. - PatrickStar3

As to quote Judge Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame "He shall smite the wicked, and plunge them in the fiery pit! "

I want to throw myself out a window whenever I see this name, can't believe I liked it as a baby

You do realize it was made for little kids right